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Yahoo! , the publisher behind many iOS app (Yahoo! Mail ,Yahoo! Screen ,Yahoo拍賣 - 免費刊登,安心購物 ,Yahoo! Cricket ,Yahoo Livetext - Video Messenger ,Yahoo! Search), brings Yahoo! Weather with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. Yahoo! Weather app has been update to version 1.0.1 with several major changes and improvements. App release that improves performance, provides several new options.
  • This is probably the best weather application available on the App Store..
  • Love the background pics and easy access to lots of good weather info..
  • Google and Facebook should take lessons on UI design from Yahoo..
  • Together with multiple sites makes this App great for travelers..
  • More detailed weather app without scrolling several pages..

Overall Satisfactionc85
Best weather app out there very accurate& fun to use.
Probably the best weather app UNTIL they added ads.
Great weather ap with radar & up to 10 days.
so at this point it's not a reliable weather ap.
I love the background pictures and how the change for time to time.
Plus the background picture doesn't always match the weather conditions.
Thanks Yahoo for this cleanly built and useful app.
Thanks yahoo was a great app until the ads.
Love the background pics and easy access to lots of good weather info.
Yahoo needs to dump the annoying ads so it stops crashing.
Much much better than TWC or accuweather.
Love the changing photos that are representing the different areas.
Fun & Engagingc93
Beautiful pictures to go with an awesome weather app.
so at this point it's not a reliable weather ap.
Yahoo well done and awesome design for a weather app.
Definitely the most comprehensive and useful weather app I have ever used.
so at this point it's not a reliable weather ap.
Everything you need in a weather app is provided here.
isn't accuracy what you need in a weather app.
Useful information of weather and elegant picture of different city.
Tells you everything you need/want to know about the weather.
Helps me plan for out of town business trips and vacations.
Simple clean look that provides loads of helpful info.
Repeat Valuec91
Could use pollen levels and maybe a tide chart.
The only thing I might add is Pollen Levels.
Production Valuesc94
Nothing lacking in this app: good information and beautiful graphics.
Visually stunning - the weather app you've been waiting for.
Gorgeous interface and useful information make Yahoo.
This is the most visually stunning app I have seen.
This is a fantastic weather app: beautiful user interface and useful information.
New improvements in radar animation are spectacular.
Looks great but inaccurate and lacks radar animation.
And it offers a ton of information with cool graphics.
Ease of Usec91
This app is unarguably the most eye-pleasing and simple weather app.
so at this point it's not a reliable weather ap.
Beautiful simple layout.
Beautiful intuitive user interface.
Excellent weather info with a pleasing and intuitive design.
Provides all the vital weather information in a simple easy to read format.
simply weather in a useful easily readable format with easy navigation.
and the weather information is accurate and easy to read.
connection issues.
Ads not Intrusivec14
Yahoo needs to dump the annoying ads so it stops crashing.
Updates & Supportc56
Great app make an iPad version also.
5 stars if you guys make an ipad version.

I was really enjoying it until my widget stopped working. found in 15 reviews
Apparently the radar is unable to show snow or freezing rain. found in 22 reviews
Also the current location feature is currently broken. found in 324 reviews
I gave it 4 stars because for me the radar doesn't work. found in 37 reviews
Also - Please remove need for location services for the widget. found in 145 reviews
This WAS a great app until they added these huge ads. found in 29 reviews
Widget doesn't work with iPad mini with retina display. found in 39 reviews
But the radar map needs serious work. found in 14 reviews
but the widget needs a lot of work. found in 14 reviews
Atleast give people option to pay to get rid of ads. found in 59 reviews
Update: so basically the new update was for more annoying ads. found in 54 reviews
I've had many connection issues lately and cannot get the forecast. found in 12 reviews
Only wish the Radar map was better and had more detail. found in 21 reviews
Please fix the radar and it will be a 5 star app. found in 18 reviews
Radar needs to show what's happening to what will happen. found in 26 reviews
OK but no pushed severe weather alerts and ugly app icon. found in 379 reviews
My only complaint is that it fails to update quite often. found in 13 reviews
Then somehow these obtrusive ads appeared that disrupt the user experience. found in 43 reviews
rather there's no option to even pay to remove them. found in 129 reviews
Except the horrible icon you gave to this cool app. found in 30 reviews
All good until they started sticking huge ads in it. found in 70 reviews
But the default " current location " is consistently wrong. found in 324 reviews
The Notification Center widget is completely broken. found in 184 reviews
and then wait for the radar image to load. found in 49 reviews
but give terribly inaccurate wind chill or "'feels like" readings. found in 59 reviews
New giant ads breaks the whole design of the app. found in 43 reviews
at least until the Yahoo Weather widget works again. found in 52 reviews
Weather app works but the notification widget stopped sending images correctly. found in 38 reviews
These ads ruined a once decently functioning app. found in 48 reviews
Loved it before recent updates now widget doesn't work on iPhone 6. found in 39 reviews
Beautiful functional app ruined by ads. found in 46 reviews
These ugly ads have ruined my favorite weather app. found in 52 reviews
Crashes on iPad mini when the satellite/Doppler map is selected. found in 85 reviews
Constantly using location services since the latest update. found in 145 reviews
The problem I am having is actually worse than obtrusive ads. found in 43 reviews
Weather widget doesn't work on iPhone 6 plus. found in 44 reviews
At least provide an option to pay to remove the ads. found in 129 reviews
Yahoo needs to dump the annoying ads so it stops crashing. found in 54 reviews

If you are iPhone and iPad owner,you now can download Yahoo! Weather for free from Apple Store. The application is supporting different languages: English, Bokmål, Norwegian, Chinese, Croatian, Czech, Danish, Dutch, Finnish, French, German, Greek, Hebrew, Hungarian, Indonesian, Italian, Korean, Malay, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Slovak, Spanish, Swedish, Thai, Turkish, Ukrainian, Vietnamese. It weighs in at only 8.8 MB to download. The new Yahoo! Weather app version 1.0.1 has been updated on 2014-11-26. For ensuring consistency with the device you should take into account the following app compatibility information: Compatible with iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPhone 5, iPod touch (3rd generation), iPod touch (4th generation), iPod touch (5th generation) and iPad. Requires iOS 5.0 or later. This app is optimized for iPhone 5.
More Info: Find more info about Yahoo! Weather in Yahoo!`s Official Website :

The forecast is beautiful. See the weather like never before - only Yahoo Weather combines stunning photos with the most accurate forecasts. Favorite Features: - Beautiful photos that match your location, time of day, and current weather condition - ...
The notification widget doesnt work anymore Beautiful pictures and lots of details my go to app but please fix this           Great but
Crisp clean and clutterfree Very easy to use                 Great
One of my favorites apps well made and updated                 Great app
Miff said                 Only wear her app on my home page
Its been a sad descent into oblivion for this once great and beautiful app The gorgeous imagery isnt enough to make up for the horribly inaccurate forecasts and puzzlingly off current conditions Add to that the inability to actually detect my current location and usefulness has gone out the window I cant rely on this anymore so Ive started using other less visually appealing apps that can provide me with the weather info I need     A Once Great App But No More
Since the update it says the wind speed is 4MPH and the barometric pressure is 2914 Its been stuck there since Sept 4              Wind barometric pressure are stuck
Notification shade widget has been broken for weeks        Notification shade widget has been broken for weeks
This has been THE weather app for a couple of years but lately about the last half month or so the temps are not right I dont mean it said 75 and it was 70 I mean it said high of 69 and it was 94 Dont know what happened but sadly its not reliable anymore Please fix this           Beautiful App but lately
Yahoo coders are doing something right Design and execution are tops And the data is accurate This is my goto weather app                 I like it a lot
Beautiful animations great weather radar easy to understand language and forecast Would recommend to anyone                 Amazing
The temp can vary as much as 1020 degrees between Santa Monica and woodland Hills in the San Fernando Valley The up date on this app doesnt take that into consideration The old version let me get the temp In my location but not anymore Consequently the readings are never right Today the air temp in Santa Monica is 79 degrees in the Valley its 99 degrees The old version was much better     LOS ANGELES
Good Perhaps slow sometime catching up with current time Good quick info              Yahoo Weather
Im very satisfied with this weather app its always very accurate                 Great app
I really miss the words that describe the weather for the day following Please restore this feature and I will restore two stars           Need WORDS
Application Crashing on start up Current iOS Crashing Crashing Crashing Crashing Crashing Crashing     Application crashing
Great app                 Good stuff
Worked great on IOS 8xx but total fail on IOS 9     Does not work with IOS 9
Love it No matter where in the world I use it its always there for me                 Great
I really dont like it when a developer decides to change or get rid of something What happened to the short todaytonight forecast in the details section Really missing that        Some features are gone
Otherwise it would be a 5 star app     Ads still persist
I would recommend this app to anyone who wants a detailed yet aesthetically pleasing account of the weather              reliable and visually pleasing
I have enjoyed using this weather app while traveling around the world and throughout the US The inability to see hourly weather for more than 12 hours ahead is a bit limiting but I like the new notifications Then photos beautiful but not perfect there is no need to see a snow photo in the summer              Works well but
Love this Photos are great appreciate moon phases and sunrise and sunset times                 Great
The best of the best                 Best app ever
I love the 10 day forecast feature and this app is very accurate                 Yahoo Weather
Greatest weather apps used Cant start the day without it                 Mr Omni
Great app ever                 Love it
Each update to this app they make some stupid change This time they removed the Details from the forecast This was the text description of the weather which was a nice breakdown of the forecast Hope Yahoo brings it back in another update        No weather details
Really like this app It has lots of information Use it daily                 Great app
I love the app however I get the enable locations or add a city on your phone Both of those have occurred and I keep getting the error message Please update to hold the location and it would be 5 stars           Does not work reliably with Apple Watch
I love this weather appBUT it is very inconsistent The notifications work 50 of the time and the percentages of precipitation appear inconsistently How about an update to make the app more stable UPDATE Im deleting this appcompletely unreliable     Inconsistent deleting app
Do not upgrade Against my better judgement I upgraded This update with bug fixes and other performance improvements is really their way of saying were going to place a big fing advertisement right in the middle of your weather report Its absolutely disgusting This app was once a work of art a must have Now its a must avoidremove Remove the ads and Ill download it again Thanks for freeing up space on my phone jerks     Ads
Im a weather buff and am always looking for Nice weather sites that give me the info I need to know right now This site is great Thank you for the design                 Weather Weather Weather
Funny this review is old but I came to update it because THE APP STILL DOES NOT WORK in the Notification Center Fix this I would love to give you a better rating I wish I could give this app zero stars Fix your WIDGET Why cant Yahoo get this widget to work It just flashes then says cant load Every once in a while it will work but 90 of the time it is useless Shame for such a great app     Widget still does not work
The widget seems to have a little bit of an issue that the temperature number over laps other information              Nice app but
Beautiful app Shows pictures of location with current weather                 This is gorgeous
Its just easy                 Love it
This app is simply elegant if without the annoying huge ads I wish theres a subscription or paid version to get rid of the ads It could also be better and more useful if I am able to see the weather of the previous day Then I can compare and decide if today is warmer or colder even if I didnt look at the weather report yesterday                 Simply Perfect
One request would be to put a forecast in for more than the current day Other than that its a pretty good app              Well written and performing
Great weather app Has all the information Has some information you wouldnt even think about                 The best weather app
Im using this app for multiple cities around the world its most accurate and reliable especially the 5 day forecast and I love it You just have to make sure your CURRENT LOCATION and other locations are correct or youll wonder why youre get tin inaccurate info                 Reliable
Last update has ruined accuracy of temperatures no longer getting precipitation percentages        What happened
I like everything from Yahoo Dont sell the company to Google                 Nice job
The app is good however the photos of my locations are MOSTLY inaccurate              Nice app
Yahoo Weather does not change locations automatically I have to force it to change My other two weather apps change locations automatically wo the headaches     Rate One Star
Ill take this over AccuWeather any day                 Just beautiful
My only addition would be an arrow to barometric pressure Otherwise a sweet app                 Very nice
Really works well and we use it all over the United States Recommend it to any one                 Great app
This app is very nice and its nice and simple to use I like how when you pull down to refresh the screen the scenery changes                 Beautiful and simple weather app
Easily the best weather app                 Best Weather App

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