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Tailworks , the publisher behind many iOS games (WordBrain ,Paintfeud), brings WordBrain with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. WordBrain games has been update to version 1.0.0 with several major changes and improvements. Games release that improves performance, provides several new options.
  • Increasingly challenging puzzles use common vocabulary words..
  • This game is highly addictive and mind challenging..
  • It's nice to have a different type of word play..
  • Is pretty fast paced and you can move up pretty quickly..
  • A great mind bending thinking game for all..

Overall Satisfactionc92
I love puzzle games and this one really challenges you to think.
This is one of the best word games I have played in a while.
I highly recommend this game to anyone looking to exercise your brain.
Pretty much ten times better than words with friends.
I like that it's fun and challenging without being overly complicated.
This is a must for an word game lover.
Downloaded today haven't put it down since amazing game extremely addicting.
Fun & Engagingc90
This is a fun and challenging game that really makes you think.
Fun game to play while using your brain at the same time.
Very addictive and challenging at the harder levels.
Awesome game that really challenges your brain.
This is super fun - my kids enjoy it too.
Hard to put down when you get on a "winning streak".
Good concept and fun way to kill some time and make you think a bit.
A refreshing new game that is challenging and fun.
Family Friendlyc92
Great challenges that keep your brain working and great for the whole family.
and my family loves trying to solve the puzzles with me.
This is a great game for kids to adults.
It is a great game for kids and adults.
Replay Valuec89
This is a fun and challenging game that really makes you think.
Great brain teaser for adults and surprisingly fun for kids.
good brain workout and keeps you coming back for more.
Love this games and how each level becomes more challenging.
Need more hints awarded otherwise a pretty good game.
no more hints unless you pay.
It gave me 10 free hints to calm me down.
Easy to play and higher levels get more challenging.
Addicting and challenging once you get through the first few levels.
Social Aspectsc90
Pretty much ten times better than words with friends.
I love Words with Friends and this game is helping me.
Instead of wasting time on mindless games and social media.
escapist games on social media.
I love word hunt games like scramble with friends.
A nice alternative to Scramble with Friends.
Ease of Usec88
Starts out easy & levels get more challenging as you "evolve".
Easy at first and gets progressively harder to I enjoy the challenge.
Starts off easy enough and then it really gets the mind churning.
Enjoy having to think and process such seemingly simple words.
Puts my brain to work -- deceptively easy at first.
Easy to get hooked on this great word puzzle game.
Not too easy not too hard.
Ads not Intrusivec99

Great word game with just the right amount of difficulty. found in 1647 reviews
This game is loads of fun and really makes you think. found in 75 reviews
Great brain exercise and it's hard to put it down. found in 614 reviews
Awesome game that really challenges your brain. found in 489 reviews
Mind boggling fun game that keeps you wanting more. found in 25 reviews
Awesome critical thinking game simple idea complex task. found in 106 reviews
Love this game as it actually makes your brain work unlike other games. found in 146 reviews
Keeps you on your toes and definitely challenges your mind. found in 39 reviews
Makes waiting rooms and flights and sleepless nights fly by. found in 18 reviews
My new favorite time waster and brain challenge in one. found in 45 reviews
It is a great mind exercise and very entertaining. found in 25 reviews
This is a great mental challenge given it's unique spin. found in 32 reviews
Quick game that can challenge when you least expect it. found in 23 reviews
Engrossing game that truly gets brain muscles working. found in 18 reviews
I really enjoy this game while building my spelling skills. found in 18 reviews
It's addicting and incredibly mentally stimulating. found in 17 reviews
A lot of fun very addicting and a great way to keep your mind sharp. found in 217 reviews
I gave WordBrain a try and now have a new addiction. found in 75 reviews
Great brain teaser for adults and surprisingly fun for kids. found in 655 reviews
A great brain game that will keep you busy for hours. found in 806 reviews
And I have to use hints - it's fun and frustrating at the same time. found in 65 reviews
I just wish they had more opportunities for hints. found in 12 reviews
Very Challenging and frustrating at the same time. found in 17 reviews
My friend showed me this app and I haven't stopped playing it. found in 20 reviews
It's a game that keeps you thinking and never gets boring. found in 10 reviews
Forces you to think beyond the obvious and beyond the easy answers. found in 17 reviews
This is so addicting and frustrating at the and time. found in 18 reviews
Wish they gave more free hints but still awesome. found in 10 reviews
Not a bad game to keep the old synapses firing. found in 15 reviews
This is a simple but challenging game. found in 23 reviews
then I got to a higher level- now I feel dumb. found in 10 reviews
It's a fun game which makes you think and problem solve. found in 12 reviews
It really is addictive and fun and frustrating all at the same time. found in 8 reviews
If you're tired of timed games and impossible challenges. found in 5 reviews
It would be nice if there were a larger variety of words. found in 8 reviews
Fun way to test your problem solving skills. found in 27 reviews
It's similar to Ruzzle but without the annoying ads and commercials. found in 13 reviews
sharpens the brain but wish the hints were given out more. found in 7 reviews
Wish the words were associated instead of two random words. found in 28 reviews
Great way to waste a few hours while waiting. found in 51 reviews
Now there always seems to be a network problem. found in 7 reviews

The WordBrain is now available as a free download on Apple Store for iOS owners. The application is available in multiple languages: English, Swedish. It weighs in at only 8.1 MB to download. The new WordBrain app version 1.0.0 has been updated on 2014-11-25.
More Info: Find more info about WordBrain in Tailworks`s Official Website : http://www.tailworks.com/wordbrain-game/

WordBrain is game for the true Word Genius. It starts easy but gets challenging very quickly. Quick-paced with hours of fun ahead.
Easily fooled at the challenge till you get in a few levels Good brain game              Me
Addictive So much fun                 I do it for the HINTS
This game is fun Keeps my mind stimulated              Fun
Love this game Keeps me thinking and my brain working              Addicted to Words
Great game                 Fun addicting
Yay                 Yay
Woooooord                 Yup
Love it time flies and it makes me feel smart                 Fun
Hope it gets harder           Okay
Its an addicting game                 Lots of fun
It is now 1 am Still playing because I cannot stop It is that addictive                 Way fun word puzzles
its a very addicting game its a little frustrating because you think its that word but it isnt but it makes you use your brain a lot to think              a little frustrating but a fun game
Great game is challenging but moves quickly once you get the hang of it                 Great game
I thought I would be pretty good at this and it wouldnt be overly difficult Im really good at word searches and jumbles This is much harder than it looks and I love it It challenges me and keeps me thinking Would definitely recommend              Harder than it looks
Addictive Challenging Fun I downloaded the game a few weeks ago but didnt have time to play until now I have been missing out The letter combinations and word possibilities create an addictive challenge to get the right one Cant stop playing                 Hooked
Cant stop playing                 Lots of fun
Fun but difficult              Review
Words could be tougher but I like that you have to work through exact sequence of letters to use              Fun game
Love it                 Great app
Great game to keep your brain working           Fun
Mesmerizing                 Great game
Fun game                 Fun
Like it              Good game
At times it can be more frustrating than anything but that only makes it more rewarding when you finish a level This game challenges you to think outside the box and test out new patterns which makes it a great brain trainer Not to mention its perfect to do in your down time                 Great time passer
Great brain break game Very addicting                 Love it
Lots of fun but would like opportunity to start over and or sign in as a new user              Good fun
Fun Addictive ThoughtProvoking                 Fun Addictive ThoughtProvoking
Of course the first few levels are easy then they get progressively harder But the funny thing isnt what the word is although thats a huge part of it its how you find it you can go in a snake formation the traditional diagonal horizontal and it definitely makes you think I love this game and would recommend it to people that want to challenge their minds to new ways of figuring out a crossword puzzle because this isnt your traditional puzzle                 Great game
Great game                 Great game
Very fun game                 Muy bueno
Great game to kill time                 Love it
Enjoying this game              Fun Game
Spinach tv was hilarious I have not used any hints as of yet                 Fun and makes you think outside the box
Good stuff              Good for the brain
good game                 good
Best mind game ever                 Love
Sometimes it doesnt take a valid solution spot instead of spot even though it works              Pretty cool
Good              Cat
I really enjoy this game until I get to a puzzle I cant solve without getting a clue And then I tell myself I should have seen that                 Word Brain
Very entertaining                 Brain fun
I am absolutely addicted to this game                 Addicting
So fun                 Addicting
I love these kinds of games Have to use the noggin a little Very fun                 Addictive
Enjoyable romp              Fun
love this game keeps me entertained                 really fun
Love it                 Wordbrain
The game looks simple but really makes you use your brain                 Addictive
It definitely stretches the brain Fun to play                 Fun Game
I am enjoying this challenge                 Fun and Challenging
Certainly good fun and keeping my brain going as well              Lots of fun

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