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Weather Underground , the publisher behind many iOS app (WunderMap ,Weather Underground ,Weather Quickie ,Wunder Radio ,Who is Hot?), brings Weather Underground with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. Weather Underground app has been update to version 1.2.1 with several major changes and improvements. App release that improves performance, provides several new options.
  • Has everything I want including animated radar..
  • I always know what to expect from the weather because of this app..
  • the variety of information provided and the accurate weather forecast..
  • I especially enjoy the hourly breakdown of temp/precipitation/wind..
  • Very detailed information and includes local weather alerts..

Overall Satisfactionc85
Best weather App out there blows the other ones away.
You guys ruined the best weather app that was out there.
The radar is a 1000 times better than weather channel app.
Love being able to see the temperature etc only 2 blocks from my house.
Towards the bottom it also provides air quality /pollen counts.
Thanks WU for listening to your customers.
Love the new interface and update speed of both the application and widget.
love the graph view of the weather showing precipitation and temperature.
And of course it's better than the standard one that comes with iPhones.
Fun & Engagingc94
This is an awesome weather app that I can always trust.
This is the most accurate and awesome weather app.
This is simply the most accurate and useful weather app available.
Everything I want in a weather app and easy to use.
Most useful information on one page for quick daily weather checks.
Love the responsiveness and always up to date info.
Weather Underground has excellent local weather that is accurate and up to date.
accurate application that helps me plan my day activities.
Tells me everything I need to know and is very well organized.
Use it almost every day to make ride/don't ride decisions.
Production Valuesc60
This design is a little plain compared to the old interface.
I say bring back the old interface.
Love the new interface and update speed of both the application and widget.
I also love the new interface and dark theme.
The maps and the radar animation are fantastic on my phone.
Really like the radar animation and also the hourly graph.
The new graphics and pinpoint are very nice features too.
Takes forever to load and new graphics are horrible.
Ease of Usec90
one for easy to read format and the other for more detailed info.
Very easy to read format and high quality quick updates.
easy navigation and weather information provided.
I enjoy the easy navigation and simple layout.
It is also very simple to navigate weather in different locations.
Overlays very simple to navigate on map.
Tons of good info with nice layout and easy interface.
Easy interface and intuitive use.
intuitive and informative more accurate more radio.
The app is intuitive and informative.
Ads not Intrusivec91
There's no option to restore the in-app purchase to remove ads.
Updates & Supportc28
because their customer service via email is.
Repeated inquires to customer service have been useless.

I find it is way more accurate for my area than Weather Channel. found in 19 reviews
I like the hour by hour forecast and it is very accurate. found in 112 reviews
Wunderground has been my goto weather app for years. found in 488 reviews
Works great and tells me everything I need to know to be prepared. found in 8 reviews
Weather underground app is my primary weather app while working. found in 63 reviews
It has wonderful crowd sourced radar and temperature. found in 29 reviews
I like this MUCH better than any other weather app because it is clear. found in 67 reviews
Most other weather sites and apps give generalized weather reports. found in 68 reviews
Amazingly spot on with the hourly weather in my neighborhood. found in 24 reviews
Best weather App out there blows the other ones away. found in 5415 reviews
Watching the satellite is essential for planning outings in Portland. found in 28 reviews
This is the most localized weather app I have yet found. found in 15 reviews
Weather underground provides the most accurate weather forecast and snowfall depths. found in 148 reviews
Love the responsiveness and always up to date info. found in 24 reviews
so I kept trying different weather applications that people would suggest. found in 82 reviews
This is absolutely the best weather app on the market. found in 64 reviews
Anything created by weather nerds for weather will surely rise above. found in 20 reviews
Best and most accurate weather app available for iPhone. found in 438 reviews
I feel this is more accurate and informative than other weather apps. found in 25 reviews
Plus WU shows the correct moon phases each day. found in 25 reviews
my default station is suddenly not reporting accurate temperatures. found in 7 reviews
- Laggy feel to it. found in 109 reviews
Please bring back the previous version. found in 12 reviews
I've also noticed that it no longer shows the wind chill. found in 37 reviews
No other app attempts to show past precipitation totals. found in 30 reviews
10. found in 5 reviews
but please bring back the old widget or an option to switch modes. found in 49 reviews
the widget no longer works without constant access to my location. found in 7 reviews
Plus the widget needs more data like pressure and wind information. found in 5 reviews
Widget stopped working after last update. found in 6 reviews
No icon badge for current temp
99 to remove ads Cons:
Needs a no ad version would be happy to pay to remove ads. found in 10 reviews
Best Weather App but needs iPhone 6 support. found in 8 reviews
Great app but but needs iPhone 6 and 6 plus support. found in 8 reviews
1 Widgets and push not working on iPhone 6 plus. found in 45 reviews
0 is a big step backwards for this previously excellent weather app. found in 8 reviews
But having to pay for no ads is too extortionist for me. found in 22 reviews
The latest version is a step backwards from the previous one. found in 5 reviews
- UI is crowded
why does it keep prompting me to turn on location services. found in 60 reviews
Not a real fan of the new layout of the app. found in 7 reviews
No icon badge for current temp 10. found in 66 reviews
Refuses to show my PWS and shows one 30 miles away. found in 30 reviews
Notification widget too often just doesn't even show up. found in 25 reviews
Please bring back the old widget with the temperature and precipitation graph. found in 49 reviews
What happened to the old weather widget. found in 32 reviews
The forced location services is for ADVERTI$ING reasons. found in 60 reviews
If it ain't broke don't fix it. found in 13 reviews
Lack of time stamp on radar is a glaring omission. found in 13 reviews
but paid version still doesn't remove ad banner or ads. found in 16 reviews
NEEDS pins to indicate favorite cities. found in 14 reviews
why is the wind chill missing on the observed weather page. found in 37 reviews
Don't like the new widget or new overall look. found in 25 reviews
The main problem is finding the chance of rain. found in 34 reviews
Doesn't automatically show weather for current location. found in 62 reviews
I wish it could get my home location right. found in 21 reviews
There's no option to restore the in-app purchase to remove ads. found in 109 reviews
and the display is difficult to interpret. found in 14 reviews
Do Not Update if you like the today widget. found in 28 reviews

The Weather Underground is now available as a free download on Apple Store for both iPhone and iPad owners.The application is supporting English language. It weighs in at only 7.9 MB to download. It is highly advisable to have the latest app version installed so that you don`t miss out on the fresh new features and improvements. The current app version 1.2.1 has been released on 2014-11-26. The Apple Store includes a very useful feature that will check if your device and iOS version are both compatible with the app. Most iPhone and iPad are compatible. Here is the app`s compatibility information: Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iOS 4.0 or later.
More Info: Find more info about Weather Underground in Weather Underground`s Official Website :

The Internet`s first ever weather site, Weather Underground has built a reputation for providing the most reliable and in-depth weather data for locations across the world. With our unique network of 22,000+ neighborhood weather stations our ...
Clever design although a little bit cumbersome and slow to go see the info from one location to the next It otherwise exceeded my expectations with a lot of information and hour per hour forecasts nicely presented love the graphs                 Well designed app
This is the ideal weather app for people who like lots of data Information is presented on way to read line graphs that run 3 days back and 10 days forward I switched from the a weather Channel app after its ads got to be too much for me The ads on this app are less obtrusive                 Best weather app
Great job by the team Full featured yet practical                 Nicely done
I recently had to do a restore and setup as new in an attempt to clear an issue with my phone All of my other paid apps reactivated automatically or by a single click in the settings menu These people require you to sign into an account with an email address and password In addition the password recovery function doesnt work           Unable to reactivate paid membership
I use it everyday great app                 Underground weather app
I like the app but the widget loads no data and is blank I use the widgets a lot Please fix     Widget doesnt work
No complaints A bit more on the advanced user side vs other weather apps but basic features are easily and quickly grasped              Fast reliable and customizable
Interface is easy enough to learn and it helps me navigate the screwy north Georgia weather                 Good reliable forecasts
I have 5 weather apps and this excels over all                 Best one
Very pleased with the layout content and user friendly application Close proximity of stations to my residence is also a plus              Local and well thought out
I dont have anything against The Weather Channel but this app used to be a better alternative to it and now they are the same Check it out for yourself The new bad direction likely originated in the same office I prefer not to use either They do not present information efficiently or effectively for me as Weather Underground once did Ive been checking on revisions and improvements for too long and now Im done checking All because Weather Underground became a subsidiary of The Weather Channel did not mean they had to adopt its course and design Why do you think people started using WU anyway Enjoy all of the cool graphics that take longer to load as you scroll down for even the most basic information     Subsidiary of The Weather Channel
Since the iOS 9 update the today widget doesnt work right Sometime it takes forever for the wether to show up sometimes not at all Doesnt matter what I select in the app for the widget details or graphics This has to be fixed     Today screen widget
Excellent app all around                 Accurate wgreat features
Lots of good detail Best weather app Wish a purchase for no adds lasted more than a year I would buy then                 Thanks
Been a fan of Winderground for over 10 years and even though the first development of the app was not the hottest i knew it was only a matter of time for it to reach its expected level Easy to use clear fast scary accurate I couldt ask for more                 The search for the best ends here
The widget wont since the update iOS 9 The radar widget loads just fine still It was five stars before this     Widget stopped loading
Pretty much the only reason I have this app is for the widget and its broken        Widget doesnt display after ios9 update
Works well but does not work in notifications              Nice AppBut
Great app but please fix the issue with the notification widget Shows a blank space                 Accurate
I use it several times during the day I like to check the temperature and rain probability I have in the notifications center for easy access The best app I have on my phone                 The best whether App
Great go to weather app                 Great app
I absolutely love this app because it gets me the most accurate weather in my area Since I updated my phone to iOS 9 the screen locks up causing me to have to reboot my phone every time I open the app PLEASE FIX THIS since its the app I can find to give me the accurate weather Im looking for           Love this app but
Now it just says unable to load     Ios9 broke the widget
Hour by hour info and its accurate                 All the info I need
Why did the widget stop working Switching to accuweather           Widget stopped working
Very good app                 Cool
Look this app is annoying me for location data many times while I use it Why I dont need to provide that for use I look at weather in several places Stop being so annoying     Continually bugs me for location data
App is great unless you want to see the radarCRASH every time     Just Dont Use The Radar
Better than default app              Great App
App is always on point even with crazy Chicago weather                 My goto weather app
The addition of data sucking intrusive ads on this update is unfortunate I use this app for all kinds of planning weather forecasts This latest update added a few minor features but includes large chunks of ad space that eat up data Wunderground or Weather Underground for cheeky Dr Masters has had no ads in the past and has managed to thrive so whichever doofus thought slapping users in the face with ads would be a good idea should be canned Dont think for one second that this app is unique enough to justify these shenanigans        Ruined by intrusive ads
Great app which is very informative and has great features Very easy to use I would actually pay                 Love this App
This app is more accurate than the one that comes on the iPhone by far Love the accuracy                 Excellent
I have 5 weather apps This one is the most reliable                 Dependable
I really like the amount of information presented and the way that its presented in this app The timeline graphic showing expected temperature and precipitation overtime is a really great way to display this information and is very quickly and easily comprehended The most recent update however has broken the Today Screen display so that now there is just a blank area rather than presenting some information Please fix this                 Really Great App but Apple Watch Extension Needs Work
Everything you need in one App This App has everything you need to know about weather a whole lot more Its very informative I highly recommend the Weather Underground App to Everyone                 Awesome Weather App
The readings on this app are the closest to what my home weather station says                 Closest to accurate
This is a must have for all bikers especially when on a trip Wish I would have had it on the last one                 Bikers
The charts are incredibly useful and so interesting The radar maps help plan the day and are so easy to use Everyone should have this app but especially people who enjoy thinking about the weather                 For people who love weather
But I really like this update Maybe its because Im a long time WUnderground subscriber I used the old telnet interface The amount of detail available in this app is unsurpassed And it keeps getting better                 Yes its a little different
Contacted the developer and I have not heard back The widget worked great on iOS 8 Now it says unable to load on both my iPhone 6plus in the family     Widget is broke on iOS 9
liked the old version way better        widget broken
Using an iPhone 6plus and Widget not working again Fix and youll be back to being my go to weather app Edit month later and widget still unable to load     Please fix widget
Best weather app out there                 Great app Very detailed weather updates
Upgraded the os and now it wont open     Doesnt work with iOS 9
This is the best of the free weather apps                 Really nice weather app
The latest update IMO did this app injustice Wish I could go back        Update killed it
Overall seems to be as accurate or more so than our local weatherpeople Sometimes the stated highlow temperatures for a given day seem to be off by 1015 degrees even after the high or low temperature for that day has been reached           Helpful
iOS 9 version is infuriating compared to iOS 7 version     This app used to be awesome
This is the perfect weather app Extremely accurate always Even the predicted storms are on time I use it daily for delivery business and wont use anything else Global user photos are beautiful                 Always Perfect Weather

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