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ClickSpace Technologies Inc. , the publisher behind many iOS app (Tap Forms Database Lite ,Tap Forms HD - Database for iPad ,Tap Forms Database), brings Tap Forms Database with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. Tap Forms Database app has been update to version 2.1.13 with several major changes and improvements. App release that improves performance, provides several new options.
  • I use it to keep track of complex system configurations installed at customer sites..
  • One of the best productivity Apps available..
  • keep records of labor expenses and on and on..
  • Tech support was immediate and personal..
  • Use it for so many different data management reasons..

Overall Satisfactionc93
Easily the best database app available in the App Store.
This is simply a great user friendly personal db app.
Best iOS Database with Cloud Sync.
I enthusiastically recommend Tap Forms.
One of the best productivity Apps available.
Fun & Engagingc93
They folks really care about making an awesome database app.
It's very nice and awesome database application for iphone.
With AWESOME support.
Awesome Support.
This app does everything I need.
Tremendously useful database of customizeable forms and records.
I find it more useful every day.
I use it for everything I track in my studio.
This is one of my most essential apps on my phone.
An Indispensable App.
Production Valuesc100
Ease of Usec78
Although it took some time to set up.
Easy to input & customize.
and when I tap a field to input data nothing happens.
Very Flexible and easy to use.
Such a simple thing.
This application is powerful yet easy to use.
Security & Privacyc100
their fields are designed for website passwords or credit card numbers.
security questions.
Updates & Supportc100
After reading about Tap Forms I tried the lite version.
customer service handled it with outstanding timeliness.
Developer very quick to respond on the sites forums.
Developer support is fantastic.

TapForms is the single most useful app on my phone - by far. found in 1 reviews
I am a small business administrator responsible for five dump trucks. found in 4 reviews
This is the best mobile database available. found in 3 reviews
customer service handled it with outstanding timeliness. found in 6 reviews
I can see that the developer is very responsive to the community. found in 3 reviews
Its potential is limited only by your imagination. found in 4 reviews
I switched because FileMaker is dropping support for Bento. found in 8 reviews
Great features like very user friendly GPS location tagging. found in 11 reviews
this app needs Dropbox syncing as an option. found in 2 reviews
Great app for my database needs. found in 2 reviews
Great App just needs alert / reminder function. found in 1 reviews
copy and lock function needs. found in 2 reviews
but still lacks sync. found in 1 reviews
I have one feature request. found in 1 reviews
Freezes and shuts down. found in 1 reviews
Great app but has bugs. found in 1 reviews
You can't make the file export blank again. found in 2 reviews
Needs work with iCloud. found in 2 reviews
syncing is unreliable. found in 1 reviews
But the export and backup features belong in DOS. found in 1 reviews
App stops working - doesn't accept input. found in 1 reviews
Export fields with check marks are buggy. found in 3 reviews
This worked until AppleWorks was no longer supported. found in 2 reviews
Great app few minor updates needed. found in 1 reviews
Not sure if it's iCloud or Tap Forms causing the problem but. found in 2 reviews
Now the bad: the app crashes like crazy. found in 2 reviews
The app is crashing when you try to add notes. found in 2 reviews

If you are iPhone and iPad owner,you now can download Tap Forms Database for $4.99 from Apple Store. The application is supporting different languages: English, Arabic, Chinese, Dutch, French, German, Greek, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Polish, Russian, Spanish, Turkish. It weighs in at only 10MB to download. The new Tap Forms Database app version 2.1.13 has been updated on 2014-11-26. For ensuring consistency with the device you should take into account the following app compatibility information: Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iPhone OS 3.0 or later.
More Info: Find more info about Tap Forms Database in ClickSpace Technologies Inc.`s Official Website : http://www.tapforms.com

Securely keep your life organized like never before with the most powerful iPhone database app yet Customizable up the wazoo and with the newly added Dropbox integration for sharing files you'll wonder what took you ...
Like many others I was searching for a Bento replacement without having to upgrade to FileMaker and pay another 300 After loading Tap Forms on both my Mac Pro and iPhone and using them for about 10 days now I am sadly disappointed The sync is very clugy and it crashes and shuts down constantly on my iPhone Not a Bento replacement in my opinion        Disappointing as a Bento Replacement
Been using this app for a few years now I still use it more than any other app accessing it several times every day It keeps my life organized and at my fingertips This is a must have The ultimate and smartest organizer                 Still Love Love Love this ap
The most comprehensive app of its kind on the App Store Beautifully designed welldeveloped and expertly supported A gem among productivity applications Ideal for home or business use                 Best In Class
Still the same problem with latest update I have a database of about 6500 records and every time I try exporting to either CSV or Excel format the app just crashes This behavior is exhibited on both the iOS app and the Mac app Please fix this problem Once fixed this app would be fivestar as this is in my opinion not a small problem     Crashes when trying to export records
I have been using this app for a couple of years and it has been faultless Since the last update it crashes when customizing or deleting fields A signature field would also be a nice addition           Good app but
Im using the iPhone version of Tap Forms 40 on my iPad and I can no longer sync Ive tried rebooting and reinstalling and no luck     No longer able to sycn
Tap Forms came into my business two years ago Proper use of this application will not only promote your professionalism it makes life much easier I use it for database style record keeping marketing and scheduling Its since found its way into my personal life with the same success Tech support is the best I highly recommend this application                 Small Business Owner
I love the ability to sync between my apple devices as well as to iCloud Other programs make you export your data and then you have to delete your previous copy and rename your files Most developers do not keep the app updated with each new release in IOS And I like the ability to set longer complex passwords This is my go to application for my most sensitive information                 Most secure Best sync
Updates getting better and better Love all the personal preferences I can edit on the graphics and interface options Consistently has been one of my top two apps for the last 6 years Not sure what I would do without it Incredible versatility I have absolutely no problem with the price tag which others may consider too steep since this app does the job of at least 20 other less capable apps Very well executed thoughtfully designed Developer responds almost instantly to email when you need tech support or any other assistance not that the app is problematic only that I made a mistake of my own when importing data Would give it more stars if I could Thank you Brendan                 Priceless
I have used it for many years for varied purposes I am always amazed each time I create a new database form at the varied field options and features I know if I need to keep track of something create a database tap forms is my go to application Also the support is first rate I have always received a very prompt response with a solution I cant live without this this app If it anytime I wish that the app would support a certain feature next thing you know theres an update which has that feature Thank you tap forms                 Tap Forms is the Best
I love Tap Forms for Mac I figured it would be worthwhile to be able to sync the data base between my phone and laptop I discovered a great deal of difficulty in trying to sync an iOS 8 app with Mavericks I spent 5 hours trying to make it work Life is too short to have to spend all that time for no results It has turned into a waste of time and money     Waste of 9
Tap Forms is a fantastic app that keeps improving dramatically with every update The developers have been incredibly responsive when Ive had any kind of questionissuesuggestion Overall Tap Forms is an ideal replacement for Bento Like Bento it can be used independently on iPhone iPad or Mac it can also be used on multiple devices I currently sync between iMac MacBook Air iPad and iPhone No need to go into all the features but here are a few highlights for me Manytomany and onetomany relationships are quite easy to set up Date calculation fields If a project always has a due date of x days from the start date you can set the due date field to be filled automatically as soon as you enter the start date plus the start date can be set automatically to be the date that the project record is created So basically both date fields can fill themselves as soon as you create the record Customizing the view of forms on the Mac is basically a matter of dragging things around and resizing them so its easy to make your forms look how you like or just split up information for forms that have many fields On the Mac files can be linked from the hard drive like aliases or actually copied into the database With the files copied in you can view them on other synced copies of Tap Forms without previously having those files stored This is especially handy to be able to view those files on the iPadiPhone which dont really have their own file management although perhaps be wary of the size of the database in that case depending on how much space is on your iOS device Syncing via iCloud or Dropbox right now you need to push changes up to the cloud but this seems likely to improve into an invisible syncing process Watch app synced from iPhone I cant imagine working without Tap Forms                 Your data on all your devices
Great for home or office It is secure and easy to adapt for multiple uses Well designed and supported Easy to sync between my IPad and iPhone Highly recommend                 Great easy to use database application
Very intuitive and simple database app TapForms is also very powerful fast and is only limited by your need and imagination Nice backup and restore feature Easy to use and save search rule options are what makes this app valuable Try it                 Best iphone database app
I was an happy Bento user but since they are no longer supporting it and it doesnt seem to work well if at all on Yosemite I started using Tapforms Great program It does almost all of what Bento does and I find it a bit more flexible for set up and forms Its not as user friendly as Bento but very very close I have it on 2 Macs my iPad and iPhone and all sync well together Ive had one issue and Brendan responded quickly while in vacation no less and helped me resolve the issue I have quite a few databases within Tapforms all brought over neatly from Bento using the built in Bento import You can print out all your forms within a database you just have to select them all I saw something didnt think you could do that so wanted to clear that up Overall Im very happy and hope to use this for a long time                 Very happy Bento to Tapform user
This is a fantastic database app and syncs with no special conduit addons or extra purchases It works great and has proven to be very stable and quick when doing searches It is great to be able to pick up any of my devices and make a change or add a record knowing that change will be available on any other device Lots of field types to record just about any data and the record linking makes for powerful relationships Ive tried many of the iOS databases and this is the one I keep coming back to it works it syncs it allows me to create databases to meet my needs and its proven to be very stable One of the best apps on iOS today in my opinion anyway                 Syncs data between devices extensible to meet your needs stable
I have been using Tap Forms on my iMac for about 6 months nowIt saved my bacon after Bento was no longer supported in Yosemite I am a painter with lots of info on each painting in each record Sometimes I am asked questions about an older piece and now all of that info is available to me on my iPhone It works and syncs to my iMac like a charm I did have a few installation questions and support was back to me within an hour of writing my email I only regret not having bought this sooner                 Wow
Been using this for years for storing all sort of data With every update it just gets better and better Ive downloaded every similar app on the Apple store and none come even close Thank you guys and gals for all the hard work                 Best Database by a Mile
TapForms was one of the first apps I ever purchased and it is an essential tool in my iPhone arsenal The features are amazing and the support is excellent Highly recommended                 One of my essential apps
Best database program I have ever used on any format Period Even though I was concerned a few times about problems with certain updates customer service handled it with outstanding timeliness If you are looking for a database this is the program for you I will admit the learning curve is a little steep sometimes however its well worth the effort It will help organize you business and your daily life 6stars                 Best database out there And Ive used many
Ive gotten to the point where I have an awful lot to keep track of books movies email aliases where storage items are located and so forth Tap Forms is great for this but what really sets it apart is the iCloud sync I bought the app for iPhone great for adding pictures iPad and Mac and have yet to find a similar app capable of syncing between all three Normally I use spreadsheets for these sorts of things but mobile data entry is much better with Tap Forms as is picture support I highly recommend the app and its flexible enough that it probably caters to a lot of use cases I havent thought of yet                 Great for keeping track of anything
I have used this for more than a year now No problems with it However this app very much needs a Windows Desktop version so we can create and add to the forms Was told by the author when I got this there would be a Windows version made Hope it comes soon This guy is great everytime I fire off a question I get an answer right away              Great App
The iOS software and its OS counterpart software are full featured DB programs that perform incredibly well I am using this with over 5000 records that include files pictures and over 25 fields The performance is excelent I have tried everything on the market including Filemaker This on balance outshines all the others I have tried If you have a question or need support the responsiveness is supurb                 Great fullfeatured software seamless syncing and responsive support
This is a major app for me Daily use to track things Ive been a user for years Easy to construct databases and I like the security settings                 Go to app
A very useful well thought out app I use it for cataloging photos recipes records Invaluable and really helpful                 Excellent Database
What makes this app so awesome is its extensibility Its potential is limited only by your imagination I purchased it in 2010 when I needed an app to store website passwords securely Most password apps have a dedicated fixeduse their fields are designed for website passwords or credit card numbers and nothing else because the fields cant be customized Youd need separate apps to store the different data fields that are unique for websites banking insurance and credit card accounts security questions phone numbers renewal and expiration dates names mailing address group codes etc Tap Forms is nothing like other data storage apps It didnt take long to realize this app is in a class of its own I created new forms or customized the builtin forms to track just about anything I could ever want passwords for more than just websites like computer logins and application systems at work serial numbers for home appliances and valuables any type of account info credit card savingschecking investment healthhomelifecar insurance home utilities clothing sizes padlock combinations recording episodic data and multiple variables to export for trend or statistical analysis vehicle oil changes and your last haircut travel expense reports even take a picture of the receipt and a voice memo of who attended The magic of this app is that its really a minidatabase on your iOS device allowing you to create about any form using a wide variety of data types Examples calculation field type performing simple numeric or time math using data from the other fields GPS location drawing file attachments transfer to your device using the builtin web server and link to other forms The importexportbackupbuiltin web serverDropBoxiCloud support allows you to share and protect data You can encrypt the entire database or select fields Theres a Tap Forms for Mac too and itd be great to have my data everywhere but I dont use the computing platform This is a great app                 Extensibility is its secret power
I just started as a real estate agent and I am overwhelmed at all the paperwork I need to keep on file Tapforms allows me to put all of that paperwork right into my iPhone 6 plus Instead of taking paperwork home from the office I now take pictures of it and enter into the appropriate database I setup This is my favorite app for work hands down I found it is easier to create databases on the iPhone then to create them on my Mac iCloud feature is nice so all of your information and databases are pushed out to all of your devices If you ever have trouble or questions about the app the developer is great about responding back to you You will not find another database app like this one                 Pocket office
I bought this when it first was offered in anticipation of my present need Every time I try to create a file or category or anything it shuts down Just stops working I open it back up and continue but it is very frustrating I am trying to customize a db for inspections so I need to constantly adjust how things are listed Any help     Crashes on every function
I use Tap forms on Mac and iPhone to organize a large collection of notes on various topics It is very flexible and allows ranking and sorting of ideas according to categories that I choose It has actually been an extremely valuable tool for organizing my life The syncing feature through dropbox works very well as opposed to the iCloud syncing feature which is a constant source of headaches not the developers fault Fortunately you have the option of choosing the syncing service that works best for you The developer is extremely responsive and helpful through his website if any problems are encountered Thank you Brendon for creating and constantly improving this highly useful tool                 Great database for organizing ideas
Everything I wanted but even after wasting my day reading ever forum page on the net I cant make it sync to any of my other devices     Syncs of st
Buy this app I use this app everyday it is so fine I keep finding a new use for this app everyday Great app                 App just gets better the more I use it
Now that the Bento is the longer supported by Filemaker Tap Forms is an excellent replacement Syncing to the cloud is flawless It operates like a true relational database It is much more functionality than Bento and even easier to use Importing from Bento is relatively easy but not all fields will import Related fields and password fields wont import You can import password fields if you convert them to text first in Bento Overall Tap Forms is an excellent product and worthy as a Bento replacement              Excellent replacement for Bento
I use to use Bento until they started with all of there glitches and I need something that is glitch free and that is 100 reliable since I use it for work Ive had this app for six months and had no problems great job with this one guys                 Great App
Limited and has very frustrating settings First no radio buttons or toggle buttons Thats kind of embarrassing for a Form creation app Especially one with Tap in the name Second why even have pick lists of you can edit the text in the box If you dont tap on the list icon just right it takes you to the edit text box field Third if you associate photos with your form the exported CSV file does show the name of the photobut its the most insane naming convention for photos Ive ever seenabout 35 digits long This app is way overpriced considering the lack of functionality        Extremely limited
I like keeping track of things that I borrow or lend the serial numbers on things that I buy important dates and many other things but the stand alone apps out there were often too limited for what I wanted to do and it seemed strange to have separate apps for those things Tap forms is my go to app for keeping track of anything and the best part is that I can customize the lists to suit my own needs For example I have a home inventory form in Tap forms where I made fields to keep track of the items pictures of them and pictures of the serial numbers purchase dates purchase prices and vendors I also have a field to add the receipts I even have a small field that I fill in if I sell the item and as soon as I enter the selling price another field calculates the gain or loss of the sale Great and very useful app                 Best datebase app out there
I have used Dbase and Microsoft Access extensively in the past and know the complexities of database programs Do not let the ease of use of Tap Forms fool you the developers have created an intuitive UI that is easy to learn and has vast potential tailorability and power that the big boy databases have at a fraction of the cost The uses are limited only by the imagination                 Amazing Value
Very good product Responsive and thoughtful developer Compared to other buidyourown database apps Ive researched TapForms has the best balance of features and ease of use                 Attractive and functional
Read the reviews I wholeheartedly agree This program can replace multiple other apps Endlessly worth the price                 Simply The Best
This has got to be the very best database for use across Macs and iOS platforms I run it on my iMac my MacBook Pro my iPad my iPad mini and my iPhone With the advent of iOS version 40 Ive got my databases synching among my various devices via Dropbox and for me its working beautifully As far as Im concerned this is a gottahave app And ready for my Apple watch when it arrives Kewl                 Dropbox Synching woot Woot
Title says it all                 Useful dependable adaptable
Most robust in features of the database apps out there User defined categories that can be shrank into Headings Tap to open your user defined fields Reduces scrolling to a folderfield Color coding fields and foldersvery useful And the fastest tech support I have ever encountered from any company Worth every penny                 ROCKS
Let me by saying I am not a power user but have been using simple DB programs since AppleWorks on a II GS in late 80s I have been doing monthly reports for between 100 150 people Basically the same group with minor variations What changes is the month and statistics for that month In AppleWorks I duplicated form and did universal change basically find replace on date field from month to month This worked until AppleWorks was no longer supported Used Bento from inception No universal change feature but in list mode was able to work around copy paste in date column Because Tap Forms has no universal change feature the find replace feature is active only in note field and columns can not be chosen only individual cells accessed dates would have to be changed manually and individually each month That my friends is very time consuming For that reason the Tap Forms family of programs only gets a 3 star rating iPhone and iPad versions are only support tools for my Mac version which I was looking forward to using in particular because of cloud sync I also had problems importing date fields from Bento Attempted to match date format but lost data each attempt The import Bento template appears to work well preserving data I will probably have to change dates in Bento make template then import template to Tap Forms Three step process but certainly beat manually changing 150 dates each month By the way duplicate forms appears to only preserve form structure with no data For my needs this programs has many deficiencies Many areas it has power potential but just not where I need it           Nice but lacking very important feature for me
I have half a dozen databases with hundreds and hundreds of records in them They are all synced between 2 iOS devices and my laptop I love being able to search and modify them at my desk or on the go                 Fabulous adhoc database solution
Absolutely fantastic app so far using it to inventory my artwork but really You have to pay 9 on each and every device Come on guys its 2015 There are many apps out there that I pay 1 for and can share with the whole family via family sharing and have on all 3 of my iDevices 18 for just myself is a little steep I understand and appreciate your hard work but come on That said I really do love the app           Awesome But
I am a database programmer and I love the advanced features of the app such as parent child relationships but everybody will find this app very useful for collecting any type of data                 Great database up for the iPhone
I just got the App yesterday Today I created to very detailed forms to organize my wifes business This is a great easy to use App that I would recommend to everyone It was so good that I had to right a review                 First Review Ever
Been using TapForms for a while now and ran into a little sync problem this weekend after adding a third device Support directly from the developer was prompt and professional and most importantly effective Im back in business with 3 devices syncing perfectly                 Great App Superb Support
The iPhone Mac apps seem awesome Im a new user but I love it So grateful because I really needed a Bento replacement And the developer has replied to me same day within hours to each question Ive had and Ive sent him a bunch Thank you                 Fabulous
Great app Very versatile in types of fields Syncs between devices easy to export data Easy to navigate                 Great app Very versatile
I spent a lot of time trying various apps to build a simple inventory management system for my online bookstore This app did everything I wanted and nothing else came close                 Its Pure Awesome Sauce

Tap Forms Database Business Forms Database Credit CardTap Forms Database Business Forms Database Credit CardTap Forms Database Business Forms Database Credit CardTap Forms Database Business Forms Database Credit CardTap Forms Database Business Forms Database Credit Card

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