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Kiloo , the publisher behind many iOS games (WHAC-A-MOLE FREE: Ninja Action Smackdown ,Stormblades ,Spellbinders ,Bullet Time HD ,Tesla Tubes ,Frisbee® Forever 2), brings Subway Surfers with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. Subway Surfers games has been update to version 1.2.1 with several major changes and improvements. Games release that improves performance, provides several new options.
  • You people need to wake up and smell the coffee..
  • This is the most entertaining fast paced game I ever played..
  • The most amazing game I have ever played..
  • Awesome game couldn't get any better then this..
  • Awesome game the updates are awesome and kid friendly..

Overall Satisfactionc84
Way better than temple run and I'd recommend it for everyone.
I love this game it's so fun you earn much coins it's awesome and fun.
I luv this game it's so fun when it doesn't crash.
One of my favorite games better than my 5grade teacher.
Bad glitch won't load it was my favorite game till now.
Just love to play this game when I get a break from my work.
I would love to play this game update it to stop crashing.
The most amazing game I have ever played.
Could be an amazing game but instead it's lazy and boring.
I would highly recommend this game to anyone who enjoys the game "Temple Run".
I can't recommend this game due to the problems it's having.
I totally recommend this game to anyone and everyone.
they should have more missions and upgrades.
Fun & Engagingc88
Awesome game couldn't get any better then this.
This would be a really awesome game but it lags CONSTANTLY.
I love this game it's so fun you earn much coins it's awesome and fun.
I luv this game it's so fun when it doesn't crash.
Wonderful game super fun addictive too I love it.
A fun addicting game that you'll be playing for hours.
It is a addicting game but freezes to much.
The funniest game ever I love playing this game I play it all the time.
Used to play perfectly fine but now lags every game I play.
I think this game is awesome my cousin half a million she is good.
Yo this game is soo banging i loveeeeeeee ittt.
they should have more missions and upgrades.
So addicting I play it every day even my dad plays it.
I play it every day and it is the best game ever.
I play it everyday and I mostly love the challenges.
I love it I play it everyday cause it's awesome.
#AWESOME # everything is awesome.
Chatacters Everything Is Awesome.
Family Friendlyc87
Great game for kids and adults hours of entertainment.
Freaking awesome this incredible game the whole family loves it.
Suggestion: a lot of little kids like to play my game.
This game is so addictive me whole family plays this game.
Value for Moneyc74
with coins/keys - would not pay real money for them.
Super fun and everything for real money.
Replay Valuec89
It is way more fun and challenging than temple run.
Its a extremely fun never gets old and its bozs.
Hopefully there's more levels than the one we've been on forever.
Or maybe add new levels or something.
No new levels same CORNY MUSIC.
Social Aspectsc75
I dont like the prices for boards or for new people.
Get new people get new boards collect coins.
I can't figure out how to earn new people.
its really cool on being able to compete with friends on facebook.
This game was cool cause you can compete with friends and family.
Wish I could connect to Facebook to compete with friends.
Can I play with my friends in this game or not.
And I love how I get to play with my friends.
Production Valuesc90
Really awesome graphics and smooth transition between cities awesome game.
Really Cool Graphics in this London version.
s has better sounding sound effects and music In the end.
Nice game keeps me busy to achieve daily challenge.
Game keeps crashing and laggs it won't swipe to the sides.
The game keeps freezing and glitching.
Security & Privacyc90
I always pretend I'm running from an actual security guard.
How can that fat security guard keep up with me lol.
Updates & Supportc50
I'm in love with the new Halloween version it's awesome.
I like the new Halloween version.
I can't play it with the new Halloween version.
Especially now that they updated it to the Christmas version.
The Christmas version was starting to get a little old.
I'd like to make a new update for Korea.
Can u make a new update for.

I can barely play anymore because it glitches so much. found in 21 reviews
This games great but slow on iPod touch 4. found in 203 reviews
Super fun but annoying crash problem on iPod 4th generation. found in 370 reviews
Please make a new update it freezes too much. found in 24 reviews
Please fix the lagging problem on the iPod touch 4th generation. found in 78 reviews
Awesome game but glitches a lot on ipod/iphone 4. found in 108 reviews
but freezes waaaaay to much and it takes to long to load. found in 52 reviews
Im unable to connect my facebook and subways surfers. found in 88 reviews
I have iPod 4th generation and it's impossible to play. found in 242 reviews
Every time I open the game when it finishes loading it crashes. found in 53 reviews
Just wish it would let me log into Facebook. found in 37 reviews
either it lags and crashes or the app just quits. found in 66 reviews
It's a good game but its lagging for the iPod touch 4th generation. found in 275 reviews
This game is amazing but it's impossible to play on itouch 4. found in 42 reviews
Worked great till Christmas update now it is super glitchy. found in 23 reviews
I love this game so much but it crashes everytime i try to play. found in 101 reviews
Lags a lot after passing certain score please fix this. found in 166 reviews
This game always crashes and lags its really annoying. found in 33 reviews
I cannot connect to Facebook with the new update :-/. found in 334 reviews
But it lags too much this needs an update bad#personinneed. found in 67 reviews
It's a great game but lags horribly on the iPod touch 4g. found in 93 reviews
It Doesn't open in my iPod Touch 4th Generation with iOS 6. found in 203 reviews
Lags too much and crashes in iPod 4 gen. found in 132 reviews
Game keeps crashing and laggs it won't swipe to the sides. found in 208 reviews
Wish I could connect to Facebook to compete with friends. found in 334 reviews
It ALWAYS forces closed or freezes on my IPod 4th generation. found in 370 reviews
My game keep freezing every time I play and I keep dying. found in 187 reviews
This game lags a lot can't function at all fix please. found in 166 reviews
If it takes me back to the home screen I will delete this app for ever. found in 142 reviews
Also when I try to jump it won't let me sometimes. found in 119 reviews
It can't even load to the home screen before it crashes. found in 348 reviews
I never get to play the game sometimes because it crashes so much. found in 110 reviews
I have an iPod 4g and it always crashes always. found in 193 reviews
Everytime I try to play this game it crashes every time. found in 101 reviews
Every time i update the game it keeps on crashing. found in 95 reviews
Won't open with the iPod 4th generation with the iOS6 update. found in 242 reviews
I've never played a game so bad waste of my time. found in 88 reviews
Its ok but it glitches a lot on my ipod 4. found in 108 reviews
The game keeps freezing and glitching. found in 208 reviews

The Subway Surfers is now available as a free download on Apple Store for both iPhone and iPad owners.The application is supporting Language: English language. It weighs in at only 33.9 MB to download. The new Subway Surfers app version 1.2.1 has been updated on 2014-11-24. For ensuring consistency with the device you should take into account the following app compatibility information: Compatible with iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPod touch (3rd generation), iPod touch (4th generation) and iPad.Requires iOS 4.3 or later.
Bottom Line: For more information about Subway Surfers check developer Kiloo`s website :

DASH as fast as you can DODGE the oncoming trains Help Jake, Tricky & Fresh escape from the grumpy Inspector and his Pitbull dog. Grind trains with your cool crew Colorful and vivid HD graphics Hoverboard Surfing ...
My baby cuzo and everyone I know like doesnt have a problem so much so 5 STARS for me                 Great but ifee sometimes
Bsisusyabe                 Jenejene
I recommend you this game because its very fun and it is not boring                 Really great game
I really like cows Do you Subway Surfers is really cool because when the little doggy too barks it sounds like a cow I love cows Once I saw a cow when I was playing Subway Surfers and the cow snorted at me That means that this frogalicious game is good luck for ME Tell me if you like cows too And children remember never disobey Frogos Choices           Cows
Its a fun game but I am stuck trying to find 3 keys I run and run but not 1 key appears I dont like skipping missions but this game is fun but not worth all the effort I ran do 300000 meters an nothing I only find other power ups        Hard to complete missions
I love it                 Addictive
This app wont work and Ive given this app two many chances and I read every review and most of the reviews are not good also Ive been trying to get it to work but it wont play If its going to stay like this Im deleting this app     Bad
Love it              Good game
i like it but i want a new update preferably miami                 Cool
So super great                 So great
With dezz world tours there is TOO many updates You see u WILL take up SO MUCH STORAGE                 TOO MANY UPDATES
Its just glitches a lot And it messes up everything              Its really glitchy
10694                 10694
I love this game Its just awesome I recommend you get it                 Fantastic
Hey awesome game guys all five stars yaaaaas                 Subway surfers awesome
My favorite                 Subway surfer
I love this game and playing itin fact I just got a new high score of over 3000000 wasting all my hover boards and KeysI come and check on my subway surfers 5 days later and everything including my high scoreis goneThis is not the first time this happened to mePlease fix this glitchI cant keep getting keys and hover boards and losing them all Please help me     This game is good but
So I just got the update and I really want to play it but every time I try to play one I click a add two it just blacks out and goes back to the home screen and three its really slow PLZ FIX IT           Fixes bugs
The great                 Perfect
Its really addicting I love it Though it does kick me off sometimes after watching a video to get a key or money points But its still really fun              Addicting
such a great game I love to play it in my spare time or whenever I can                 Subway Surfers
In the past two months since the New York upgrade the app consistently crashes conveniently 2 seconds before the ad ends thereby making me watch ads 56 times before giving me keys Why dont just make it watch 5 ads to receive two keys At least I would know what to expect from this app Just I a fit of pique i might stop using your game if this issue is not resolved soon     Hire many freaking times do i have to watch ads to get two keys
This is a great game The problem is it keeps crashing whenever I try to open it on my iPod Touch 4th gen Please fix this bug I would give this game five stars if it wasnt for the crashing              Problem
Ok when I play subway surfers it ALWAYS glitches and it started when it had its last update and its annoying me because I get caught when it glitches              Glitches
Eh this game is glitchy weird and kinda boring the coins are boring and there is barely anything good I suggest DO NOT BUY THIS     BAD
A while back I used to play it all the time Then I updated it and it started crashing midgame Eventually I got sick of it and deleted the game Today I decided to get it again           Disappointed
This app is awesome I play it every day if I have time It is so addicting My family all has subway surfers and we like to compete against each other I recommended this app to ALL my friend cause it is SO fun Thanks for the wonderful app                 AWESOME APP
This game is great its just I dont like all the upstates sometimes it messes up my phone I hope they fix this and maybe not do so many updates              Its great but
You guys REALLY need to add something where if you accidentally press the home button while youre paused it doesnt automatically bring you to the home screen Add a menu that says are you sure you want to exit your run And then add a yes or no option This would be very helpful considering I was on a 3000000 point run and I paused the game for a second and my thumb accidentally hit my home button and I had to say goodbye to those 3000000 points              ADD THIS
Good                 Good
I absolutely love this game it is so much fun and addicting The only thing is that it requires a lot of MB But I still love it                
Good game but minor coin glitch                 Good
You cant seem to fix the glitch where either you go into the app and it crashes as soon as you start to play and the glitch where whenever you CAN play it is extremely laggy as in when I swipe the screen my character does not move please try to improve the performance of the game It was not like this before I dont know what happened           Very very glitchy
CANT WAIT for the halloween update Monstober is right around the corner                 halloween
Subway surfers Is a good game but it gets to hard And its hard to get money                 Good game
Subway Surfers is awesome I would very much recommend it It is just like temple run It has awesome power ups like the super sneakers magnet 2x star power jumper jet pack and the mystery box You can collect mystery boxes on the trail Then after the run is over you get to open the mystery box and you get prize Subway Surfers is a awesome game I would highly recommend                 One of the BEST Games I have
I love the game so much I love Dino the best person Its so much fun I play it everyday                 Awesome
favorite game to play but since the NYC Update its glitchy character doesnt always move when I swipe anymore very frustrating PLEASE FIX wont continue to play like this           Glitchy after NYC Update
Hope you guys make characters like Sydney comeback                 Good game
Kiloo fixed the problems with game counters failing to work with its interim update but I noticed that after accepting the new iOS 9 update there is a bad stutteringlagging problem that was not evident with 841 This graphics problem is appearing in an onagain offagain reiterating sequencemore like a repeating pattern where the games runs normally for a brief time and then enters the problem phaseover and over again Please debug and patch this in your next app update                 Game lagging intermittently after iOS 90 update on iPad Air
Love the game                 I love the game
This is an awesome game so addictive                 Awesome
Cant even play anymore since IOS9 update Game lags too much and it goes in and out of lag always choosing to lag just as your about to hit a train              Lag since IOS 9
I was high score added new 9 update for iphone now it wont connect with Facebook I have deleted fb and tried to connect still wont I have deleted surfers app and reloaded It still didnt reconnect I now have to start all over again Might delete the app for good Before all trouble was a 5 star           New update wont connect to facebook now
The game doesnt reflect me bumping into barriers or signals to advance multipliers        Cant complete missions
I think you should add one day of each month everyone gets to use any character on the selection I think you should do this just to give someone whos about to spend all their hard earned coin so plz think about it and name it freedom                 Plz plz add
The app keeps crashing     Crashing
Ive noticed that when you need a particular item you can never find it I was looking for the jet packs couldnt find them but had plenty of sneakers Now that I need the sneakers I find plenty of jet packs It seems that way for all the missions What you need is never there and what you needed on the last mission is there in abundance           Missions
Great game                 Cool

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