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6waves Lolapps , the publisher behind many iOS games (Cinderella World ,Oh!Monster ,Splode FREE ,Galaxy Ranger ,Slots in Time ,Dueling Blades), brings Strikefleet Omega with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. Strikefleet Omega games has been update to version 1.2.2 with several major changes and improvements. Games release that improves performance, provides several new options.
  • It's a very fun strategy game that suits mobile extremely well..

Overall Satisfactionc84
I like tower defense games and this is a great one.
Is there supposed to be an update with more levels.
Probably one of the best games I've downloaded in a while.
I recommend this game.
Best IOS game I have played.
Fun & Engagingc78
Is there supposed to be an update with more levels.
This game is awesome.
Fun game but crashes.
Awesome space RTS.
Really fun game with good game mechanics/balance.
Super fun.
The artwork is great and the gameplay is very addictive.
It's fun and challenging.
Value for Moneyc53
Almost gets me to spend real money on it.
I ran through the entire game without buying in app stuff.
Replay Valuec86
Is there supposed to be an update with more levels.
although replay value is still quite good.
It's fun and challenging.
It's very addicting and challenging.
Strategic fun.
It's stupidly addicting.
Production Valuesc90
gorgeous graphics.
Simply Stunning.
Ads not Intrusivec36

I like tower defense games and this is a great one. found in 8 reviews
It's fun and challenging. found in 2 reviews
One of the funniest games available for iOS. found in 1 reviews
Probably one of the best games I've downloaded in a while. found in 3 reviews
This is a fantastic game and I love the game mechanics. found in 4 reviews
Addicting and a good time waster. found in 1 reviews
I beat the game today actually and when it said. found in 2 reviews
The art is great too. found in 2 reviews
It's sort of like a star wars strategy game. found in 2 reviews
More space combat games need to be like this. found in 3 reviews
It's like combining Flight Control and blowing stuff up. found in 5 reviews
Keep up the updates. found in 1 reviews
Sort of like a tower defense slash RTS game. found in 2 reviews
just be prepared to spend some money. found in 1 reviews
Get's Incredibly Difficult Really Fast. found in 1 reviews
but my credit card was charged. found in 1 reviews
Please update for iPhone 5. found in 2 reviews
In game volume controls would be a plus. found in 2 reviews
either that or I'm a complete noob and don't know how to play. found in 2 reviews
Awesome game but crashes plz fix. found in 3 reviews
Fun but pay to win and crashes get old quick. found in 6 reviews
There is no need to pay real money for upgrades. found in 2 reviews
Once this problem is fixed. found in 2 reviews
Awesome but please fix. found in 1 reviews
Poor for an iPhone. found in 1 reviews
Great game but no longer works. found in 1 reviews
Game keeps crashing. found in 4 reviews
Is "compatible" with the iPad but does not support the iPad natively. found in 2 reviews
it crashes and all progress is lost. found in 2 reviews
Crash PLEASE FIX. found in 1 reviews
You cannot advance very far without spending money. found in 4 reviews
Crashes after first mission. found in 3 reviews
Fun game but crashes. found in 3 reviews

The Strikefleet Omega is now available as a free download on Apple Store for both iPhone and iPad owners.The application is designed for use in English language. It weighs in at only 40.3 MB to download. The new Strikefleet Omega app version 1.2.2 has been updated on 2014-11-24. For ensuring consistency with the device you should take into account the following app compatibility information: Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad.Requires iOS 4.3 or later.
Bottom Line: For more information about Strikefleet Omega check developer 6waves Lolapps`s website :

From Harebrained Schemes, creators of Apple`s Benchmark Game of 2011 & s Best iPhone Games of 2011, Crimson: Steam Pirates, comes STRIKEFLEET OMEGA Earth s finest fleet, Humanity s final hour. Creative & Evocative Totally ...
Mine continues to shutdown when I choose my perks and hit launch           Shutdown
One of the funniest games available for iOS Its right there with angry birds Looking forward to new levels although replay value is still quite good                 Amazingly fun fast paced and addictive
But other than that not bad           Controls are a bit clumsy
I like the game a lot but it keeps crashing on me It would have been a 45 star rating if it didnt crash so much        Fun game but crashes
Good game like he fact you can warp in ships different kinds only thing I dont like is you have to constantly direct your fighter they should put in commands like patrol search and destroy for each seperate squadron or defend then you select a ship or you can manually direct them otherwise amazing game                 Great game
This has been my favorite game to play by far for a couple years now I had it on my Droid X first and then I switched to iPhone and couldnt remember the name of it for the longest time Ive got a horrible memory for names but realized after I got my iPad Mini that all my app purchases on Google Play can be viewed under my email account Anyway the game is awesome fun challenging and has great graphics Also it reminds me of my favorite book Enders Game If you like the story line of this game you should read the book to see what I mean and its fun to pretend sometimes that Im playing out part of the story in Enders Game with this game sometimes                 Love this game
I like this game but good goddoes it really have to be this hard Im not kidding this game is hard either that or Im a complete noob and dont know how to play The game sends fifty enemies at you at once most of them being nearly indestructible and very powerful for example FOUR FRIKKEN BOMBERS AT ONCETHATS INSANE But other than that I like this game its cool challenging and the art is great just needs to knock down the difficulty a bit though           Good but
Great game and quite addictive                 Very fun
This game is fun and hard It is really enjoyable Love it                 Awesome
Needs more than 6 warp slots prices of the ships are too expensive miners are always too weak enmities are stronger no matter what level my fighters bombers or interceptors are theyre too fast only 1 free slot there are NEVER free offers for free megacreds so its almost impossible to get them the alloy reward is ALWAYS too low        Dont like it
What I whould to see in this game if you could comand your EFF comand ship and tell it where to go also give you some mission where you comand strike fleet alpha                 Awesome game
Its every thing your looking for in a game              Best game ever
Every time I try to play level 11 it crashes immediately after I start it Needs to be fixed           Crashes
Please fix it                 Second level crashes
The game is near perfect It has a unique and fun game mechanic awesome art and enough story to keep me interested in what happens next The various ship types also allow different strategies artillery ships are my favorite making every play different To those that say that say that the transactions are required to play no offense but theyre most likely casual players All that is required when things get tough is to start micro managing your ships The ships have a pretty consistent flight path that you can definitely use to your advantage That and just learn which ships are the most effective against the target that youre trying to destroy If you see an exclamation point on the edge of your screen youre going to want bombers artillery ships etc Having said that there are a few things that would make the game even more awesome When setting the paths for ships I would like the area to draw the path to be bigger Its a touch frustrating when you go to draw the path and you end up moving the screen instead Also at times the game can start crashing a bit The crashes are probably the only thing keeping me from making inapp purchases Lastly and this is more of a suggestion than a complaint it would be sweet if you could zoom in and out during combat maybe make onscreen buttons in a corner somewhere if it would interfere with the touch screen                 Near Perfect
Able to get all the way through without any extra purchases              Awesome game
This is a fun well paced game I wish I could buy it for a set price rather than buy coins for upgrades A zoom out function would also help make it less hectic and more enjoyable But the graphics are colorful and fun and the game mechanics work well for the platform Great job                 Great game makes good use of iPad
This game is pretty impressive I almost feel like the captain in command of an entire fleet taking the fight to a couple of nasty insect alien beasties from another world ignore all that              Epic
Fun free game but Difficulty ramps up fast killing replay value unless real money is spent Get the free version and waste an hour or two having some scifi fun        Good for an hour or two
It was a fun first level shame that it continues to crash              It was a good first level
This is the best game I know for phones even if I had to pay 10 dollars I would pay for this game                 Best game I know
This game is awesome I have played and beaten this entire game without spending a penny and the replaying of just a few levels Having literally downloaded this game 3 times on both my phone and tablet because of the amazing replay value I must say its a bit addictive Its only downside is that it has had no new levels or storyline with the new update which I myself have been waiting for since this game came out over a year ago                 Amazingly great
When I first played this game I really enjoyed it The slowdown got kind of rough on later levels but it was entertaining Now trying this out on the iPad mini with Retina display it crashes constantly The game is all but unplayable     Used to be good
Just beat survival wave 80 early on and get the best shipsalways warp in a mining carrier firstthen interceptors and then bombers no matter what in case theres an emergency and finally more carriers Great game easy to play                 How to not pay
This game really can make you think with the capital ships bombers and others to worry about it got me 45 million subscribers to my YouTube channel but tends to exit itself that needs to be fixed                 Strike fleet awsome
Normally Im not a fan of strategy games but this makes me love it But the only issue I have with this game is megacreds earning rate is low if you just increase the spawn rate of saucers Thatd be great                 Great
Opening the game causes a loop that repeatedly opens the FB app then Safari to a screen that says Ive already approved the app AREPEATED LOOP The game wont start now           Was fun but now
Excellent strategy game Wish it didnt crash so much Also love the mission name references              Pretty cool game
I cant even start mission 1 on the brand new iPhone 5s     Crashes
Amazing how intense this game can get And makes you so much better at strategic thinking                 Strategic fun
I have been playing for awhile Now whenever I am about to warp into a zone to fight the game crashes I am on the iPad Air        Game keeps crashing
Okay guys Heres whats up I normally dont give reviews to any games but this game is different I beat the game today actually and when it said to be continued i was shocked U guys must make a sequel or another game that comes after this This game is too good not to play or add an update to If u guys at six waves dont do this u just lost yourself 5 stars Plz plz plz update or sequel                 Best strategy game ever
Very fun game Unfortunately the game is as glitchy as it is fun It crashes on me non stop and ruins the game Also I purchased some in app content before it started crashing havent been able to use it since They also dont reply to any mail asking for help        Sigh
This is a really fun game but it keeps crashing when I try and play a mission I just got it 2 minutes ago Please fix it              Good game but
The most fun game I have ever played on iOS A must have for everyone                 Awesome
This is a pretty good game but at level 23 it gets insanely hard and some of the higher level upgrades that you have to get just to survive require an ingame currency that you can buy with money or that you can excruciatingly grind to get in survival mode and for some reason survival mode gets harder and harder on my very first run on survival I got to wave 93 but now I can barely survive wave 40 and my ships are far better than they were when I went through the first time and I still can make it half as far as when I was a scrub anyway the game is good a bit to hard but good              Good but
Really fun game with good game mechanicsbalance Dont need to do in app purchase to win the levels so far One star lost for crashes at start of level              Super fun
The game mechanics are wonderful I hold no regrets in that regard beyond being able to set how fighters patrol or move but thats computer rts level What this game does that most rtses is dont is the lack of sexism so there is much to laud there on top of having compelling characters and explaining game mechanics without the tutorial being obvious and unimmersive My only complaint is that there are noises in space but then that is my only complaint of most scifi games and films involving any sort of space combat including Star Wars                 To go boldly where none have gone before
Really awesome concept terrific art and units Interesting level progression There are a LOT of nags for pay to win but you can do well with the baseline units Wish the pause would let you pan around and see the edges Wonder whether it wouldnt play better on iPad over the phone Gets a bit crampedchaotic when youve got all seven ships in and youre routing fighters bombers and interceptors every which way Scrolling the screen can be problematic as positioning fighters is a similar gesture Pretty great little game for a buck though           Amazing But Flawed
Keep crashing to IOS when starting game and Im on an ipad air not an old ipad or anything Seem to be a software bug and not a resources related problem Game got dinged another star for being portrait format only I hold my ipad exclusively in landscape Not sure how this built even got past Apple QA If not for the format and crashes this would be a 4 stars game        Kinda fun but buggy
I cant beat lvl 9 it is way to hard seriously        Why
ADD a mode like sand box where u can do what ever u want make like 99                 BEST GAME YET BUT PLS ADD
Good luck winning without paying them Also nags constantly for reviews     IAPbased CRAP
Fun real time strategy sci fi touch game                 Good fun
I ran through the entire game without buying in app stuff All grinding loweralready played warp points to farm alloy very easy I would like to see the next galaxy released soon please              Good game campaign is to be continued
Awsome                 Strike fleet omega
This game is a great time killer Runs great and is a well put together game I recommend this game                 Unique and persistent combat
This is the second time Ive downloaded and played this game so that should tell you something Dont mind paying for creds not the case with most other games Needs a big upgrade or maybe a part 2 Keep the creds reasonable though                 Killer
This was a great game I got to the queen beat her now it just crashes I cant play it anymore Please fix     Stopped working
Apparently some people dont know how to play a strategy game I beat the game without using a single megacred survival mode or death blossomdestroys all enemies on screen You just have to plan ahead              Good strategy app

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