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Sports Tracking Technologies Ltd , brings Sports Tracker with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. Sports Tracker app has been update to version 1.7.3 with several major changes and improvements. App release that improves performance, provides several new options.
  • helps and support me to track my workouts and fitness program..
  • Been looking for a GPS tracker for my walks..
  • Nice to share my bike ride with my friends..
  • the gps function has worked quickly and flawlessly..
  • Simply the Best sports tracking GPS .

Overall Satisfactionc89
A significant advance over every other workout app I've tried.
I love the GPS feature and the voice response.
By far the best accurate app for runners thanks.
Love the British female voice.
Best exercise tracker I've found.
it's the best one I've tried.
Way better than run keeper in regards to the GPS.
Fun & Engagingc87
I look forward to trying this app for biking.
An awesome tracker indeed.
it will toggle between even when standing as still as possible.
It tracks EVERYTHING you would want for a workout.
I use every day to track either Biko g or running.
Interesting to check up the useful information such as average speed.
It's awesome very useful.
I use it almost every day and I love it.
Helpful feedback.
Value for Moneyc81
I think they want you to buy that heart rate accessory.
Can wait to buy the HRM and try it out.
Social Aspectsc64
The option to share workouts with friends is excellent.
and social media.
Production Valuesc68
Comprehensive free app with beautiful interface and web interface.
Beautiful interface.
Ease of Usec100
This app is so easy to use and very practical.
Simple to use and accurate.
Intuitive and Useful.
Seems to be fixed now.

Sports tracker definitely keeps me motivated and pushes me to go farther. found in 23 reviews
but doesn't stand in for GPS watch. found in 1 reviews
heart rate monitor does not work with iPhone. found in 3 reviews
Don't know why but it won't sync with Facebook and Twitter. found in 4 reviews
for some reason it cannot connect to twitter. found in 4 reviews
but the GPS tracking accuracy varies considerably. found in 17 reviews
Needs to have elevation gain in the workout summary. found in 5 reviews
and love how it keeps a diary to log it all. found in 8 reviews
but don't love I can't turn off GPS map when sharing. found in 1 reviews
iPhone 5 crashes. found in 3 reviews
but overall does a pretty good job. found in 3 reviews
Can't sign out too. found in 3 reviews
technical support is poor. found in 3 reviews
Please quit reminding me to turn on Bluetooth. found in 12 reviews
even if they have to charge for additional features. found in 3 reviews
Product frequently gives inaccurate workout data in certain areas. found in 6 reviews
Please improve accuracy and stability. found in 2 reviews
I only wish I could control the notification volume. found in 2 reviews
Sports Tracker worked great until it unexpectedly quit working. found in 3 reviews
Fix GPS and then it will be very good app. found in 2 reviews
Please fix the layout resolution for iPhone 5 with iOS 6. found in 3 reviews
It is poorly made and doesn't work with iPhone 5 properly. found in 3 reviews
And if u take a pic the same thing. found in 2 reviews
All my data disappeared. found in 2 reviews
This is crazy and needs to be fixed. found in 5 reviews
Tired of the app crashing mid workout so often. found in 3 reviews
how did they miss GPS tracking so bad. found in 17 reviews
Does not track my miles correctly. found in 2 reviews

The Sports Tracker is now available as a free download on Apple Store for both iPhone and iPad owners.The application is supporting English language. It weighs in at only 8.1 MB to download. The new Sports Tracker app version 1.7.3 has been updated on 2014-11-26. For ensuring consistency with the device you should take into account the following app compatibility information: Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iOS 4.2 or later.
More Info: Find more info about Sports Tracker in Sports Tracking Technologies Ltd`s Official Website :

Turn your mobile into a social sports computer with Sports Tracker now finally on iPhone Track and analyze your performance, share workout data and photos with your friends, and most of all get ...
I walk around the local mall Its 1 mile and I walk it 4 times Today when I finished I had walked 7 miles with an average speed of 45mph The map use to show the layout of the mall now it shows a dot on the state Also I turn it on and then put my shoes on One day I walked 12 mile without leaving the chair           Great when it works
5 stars                 great app for workout
This review will be short and sweet as previously I wrote an explicit review about how bad this app is but when I sent the review a popup came on to let me know that the user name I had chosen was already taken and deleted my long review The app crashes There ya go     Bad bad bad
App will not open an iPhone Surprising this is lasting more than a few hours let alone a few days     Still broken September 6 Eastern US time
Current fix makes it crash Unable to open it since the las update     98 still unable to open it
I have used this app for over three years and have maintained a workout log I recently switched from an iPhone to a galaxy 5 and whoa The same routes I walked are now registering at about 25 less distance What is up with that Who is correct If it is using GPS coordinates and a signal why the difference Anyone else seeing this besides me           Use it but is it accurate
Im a big fan of this app Ive been using it for quite a long timehowever recently it crashes during my workout It happens quite frequent Hope the tech team can work this out Thank you              Crashes easily after the update
New version wont open on IPhone I missed logging several workouts Hopefully a fix is being developed soon     Sports crashed
Completely fails to open Does not do anything the description says     Does not open
Great app for walking running and cycling However it only counts calories in kcal despite everything else being in custom units of measure 1 kcal 1000 calories If this were true then I just burned 160000 calories on a 3 mile bike ride Yeah right              Needs a fix
I use SportsTracker 35 times per week including biking cardio elliptical machine strength resistance training and occasional walking rounds of golf For the most part it has been great If the Heart Rate Monitor was less finicky Id rate SportsTracker 5 Stars              Great fitness app
Crashes Every Time     Crashes Every Time
Why not check to see if your update will break the app for lots of users before releasing it     Update broke app
This is a pretty solid app One consistent bug seems to be the audio feedback Sometimes it works sometimes it doesnt That is a very handy feature so I hope the developers can figure out why without explanation the audio feedback simply turns off Otherwise very happy with it In conjunction with the web portal you can slice and dice the data any which way For those who believe that what gets measured gets done this is the app for you At age 44 I am probably as fit as Ive ever been in my life including when I was in the military in my 20s This app is a big part of that              Good app
I use this walking and cycling It stops working most of the time I send reports every time Also I dont believe the mileage This is an excellent idea if it would work        Cant trust this
This is the only app that Ive downloaded for my excercise tracking and it is definitely worth it Lack a few features that I would like to have like HR monitoring audio feedback etc but overall does a pretty good job Its a free app and as you would expect technical support is poor Just hoping they take it to the next level even if they have to charge for additional features Update Nov2012 The app now has HR monitoring audio feedback alarm per HR zone etc It finally caught up with the best HR training monitors in the market and best of all it continues to be free A must download if you are a beginner or a serious runner This app is easy to use and has all the features you need Update May2015 I continue to use the app as my first choice It pairs now with the iPhone fitness dashboard which is great Continues to be intermittent posting to FB                 Worth the try
This app is not accurate at all it tells you that you ran four miles when it was much less     Dont get this
Crash when open this new version     CRASH
A simple to use app that keeps track of the distance I walked with my dogs I havent had any problems using it and it works every time It stays working even if I use the phone or text someone              Works great
Great app I use it for biking I would like to see the option to change to a white background with bolder black characters                 White Background
No longer opens Crashes immediately     Not happy
Ive been a long term user of Sportstracker I like that you can export and import GPX tracks using the web interface Problem at the moment is that the application is misreporting altitude using my iPhone 6 with latest iOS release Today hiked a 640m altitude climb but the app reports 1586m ascent this bug needs a fix Still duplicates 26 Apr 2015     Misreporting altitude demoting to 1 star
I track my bike rides and skateboard rides with this app It is free and does what I need so why would I not give it 5 of 5                 Best app I have
Not worth the time or energy Have spent hours trying to get it to do ANYTHING its supposed to do I even upgraded the app and it still does nothing Going back to map my run     Dont bother
Great tracking app Been using for 2 years for biking and running with iphone and never had a problem Accurate mileage and data Easiest to use of the several Ive tried                 Excellent
Wasted money on this one I guess Worked for about a week now no longer     I want my money back
I use this for running It is simple user friendly and provides useful tools My favorite is the chart showing both speed and altitude and how the increased incline usually results in decreased speed for me anyway Also useful is the integration with maps so that you can see where you ran right down to crossing a street or path I note that others have said the audio doesnt work That happened to me too until I figured out that if you have it set on custom lap distance it gets wonky Keep it on a quarter mile half mile or mile and it works fine letting you know your lap time and pace Im very impressed with the free version of this app and look forward to using it frequently                 Great App
This app was great at one time and it even made me love running even more Now it seams Im always resetting my settings I got to keep turning on my friends so they can see my runs I also need to keep changing the settings on voice command for telling me my time for 1 mile increments        Used to love this app
This app is a complete joke Itll tell you youre walking 20mph Its no good Whoever created it must not know much about creating apps Must be their first time out Maybe some college student Whatever the case the app doesnt work Theres no way the speed is correct 20mph Come on guys Back to the drawing board     Terrible terrible terrible
Was working fine until the update After the update it would not even open Like other reviewers why not test to see if it works or not before releasing it     Update broke app
Way to go quality control Honestly how hard is it to double check that it will at least open     Broken
Lets see how this version is           Fixed the crash
After update it does mot work When I run app just logo showed and exit     Crash Does not work
Still love it but it stopped sharing to facebook              Monthly fee too high Please allow us to buy one time
Unable to use on IPhone after update I have paid for the premium version Please advise on how to get a refund if unable to fix this problem     NEW VERSION NOT WORKING
I dont appreciate yr new update where is my map red for tracking the distance of my Workouts Please bring this option back I hope I dont have to go shopping for new App PLEASE FIX Loved it the old way much better     Where Red map of my workouts
Never records if you think pressing 10 buttons are never records then when it does it will not record drops when your cell dies To many hiccups adding stress to your workout is not worth it     Press 10 times it never records
excellent app                 Manuel
Its crashed on me during a work out the last three workouts Ive lost work out info because I didnt know it crashed Sent errors reports but I doubt Ill keep using it Time to look for a new app I guess     Used to work
I find this app to be pretty accurate and I like the data it provides during my runs I started using it with my Apple watch which is great For some reason the workouts dont show up in Apple Health which is a problem because I dont want to manually input For the watch functionalitymy main problem is the app goes away and the watch home screen comes up after only a few seconds then you have to try to quickly double click the button on the side to bring the app back up to check your speedtimedistance This is challenging when youre out there in the middle of a big run and all sweaty and winded I wish the App would just stay on the watch the whole time you use it like the apple workout app that comes on the watchor if the Friends button could be used to bring up the app that would help I also find it hard to use the watch touch screen to stop when Im all sweaty Again the friends button could be utilized I would just use the apple workout app instead of this but I find this to be more accurate and also this provides both average pace and current pace while the apple workout app just gives you the overall average of the whole run I really feel that I need to know how fast Im going at a particular moment as well as my overall average Of course the lack of heart rate from apple watch is an issue but I think they know that already and are working on it              Works well but could use some updates
App doesnt even open     What happened
App will not open since last update Please fix ASAP     Crashing since update
The app works great but elevation data is calculated incorrectly Its usually double of actual elevation Until this is fixed I wont buy the app I have example workouts saved where is said I went from 200 feet to 2100 feet when it was actually 200 to about 1300           Overall good
First time using the app and it only tracked my first 2 miles then stopped recording Which was a bummer because it was my first time on my new bike with clips and I wanted to see the data     Poor recording
The last couple updates I have not been impressed by On several runs the app has just closed on me not tracking my performance Really frustrating The audio feedback also isnt working half the time and my settings are all on Starting to not trust this application     New update stinks
Does not open Please fix it     New version crashing not working
Never on my iphone 5s ios 83 and Half the time it thinks its a headset Rately on my ipad mini 2 ios812 and you have to switch back between Bluetooth settings in the app Even then very rarely picks up a heart rate I even tried electrical conductivity gel instead of water also to be of any real you so you need to pay a monthly fee better off paying the extra money for a better device perhaps when it is in heaven comfortable strap maybe one that actually gives you your blood pressures as well or sleep data     works 01 of the time best Dont get
Love it so far Great app for free                 Works Great
Premium features not quite good enough to pay a monthly subscription yet I did like the summaries that are available in the premium pricing model Annoying to edit older workouts because after you save it takes you back to the most recent workout I have almost a decade of workouts so it takes a long time to scroll back even a year ago Still waiting for the ability to edit a workoutall too often I forget to turn off sports tracker after the excel use and it keeps logging my drive homebig pain to have to take time to fix all the incorrect data individually would be much nicer to just trim off the bad end of the workout I just updated it and it crashes immediately Very unfortunate I cant use it at all right now                 Excellentuse it year round for many sports
I really like the features of this app                 Great app

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