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Capcom Interactive, Inc. , the publisher behind many iOS games (Zombie Café ,Cash Cab ,Dark Void Zero ,Snoopy`s Sugar Drop Remix ,Lil` Pirates ,Smurfs` Village), brings Smurfs` Village with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. Smurfs` Village games has been update to version 1.2.6 with several major changes and improvements. Games release that improves performance, provides several new options.
  • great for kids to learn how to earn money..
  • This game is the most funny game I love it..
  • Lots of phone and actually a good stress reliever at times..
  • brings back some of those " old school " feelings..
  • Jan 2013- a wonderful game for kids and adults..

Overall Satisfactionc93
I love the Smurfs and this app is absolutely wonderful.
Not liking that at all but i love the smurfs.
The smurfs by far is one of my favorite games I love playing it.
It's an amazing game extremely fun and entertaining.
Reminds me of how much I loved the Smurfs as a kid.
Jan 2013- a wonderful game for kids and adults.
My boyfriend loves this game and he got me hooked.
Love all the new ideas coming out and the new smurfs being added.
Love it's graphics and game play way better than Farmville.
Fun & Engagingc91
Awesome game excellent updates build up your swoof planet.
Was an awesome game until it randomly crashed.
My daughter and I have fun playing this game together.
We loved playing this game until the latest update.
It is the most fun and addicting game I've played yet.
Super fun even without paying for extra berries.
Very fun game it's easy n interesting keeps me busy.
i find it hard to put down at the end of the day :.
We play it all the time and we just love the cute little people.
It loads of fun even after more than a year of playing.
Me and my friend verizon play this game everyday and we love it.
You can't play this game with out spending money.
Still play every day frequent updates keep it interesting.
They also need to stop having everything cost smurf berries.
but now everything costs berries=$$.
Family Friendlyc90
My boyfriend loves this game and he got me hooked.
Jan 2013- a wonderful game for kids and adults.
The grand kids like the movie and so did I.
Our whole family plays Smurf village and we love it.
Value for Moneyc65
Crazy how much you can do without have to spend money.
would not want to spend money I do not have.
but having to spend money on the berries is silly.
But there should be ways to earn smurfberries without spending money.
How can I get more smurf berries without spending real money.
Impossible without spending $$$$.
Although I wish we didn't have to pay REAL money for smurfberries.
I wish we didnt have to pay real money for the smurfberries.
It tries to get you to pay real money.
Replay Valuec84
wish for more journeys once you reach higher levels.
Lower level tasks at higher levels is useless.
New stuff comes out regularly enough so it never gets old.
I especially love the new levels and the new challenges.
No new levels again.
thank you for the hours of entertainment.
Social Aspectsc91
Production Valuesc91
This smurf game great my little sister loves it.
Very good game great graphics enjoy playing.
Cute graphics and adorable little smurfs.
Cute graphics and nostalgia galore.
Ease of Usec84
Fun simple game play with easy to follow storyline.
Great simple game where you live as a smurf.
This game keeps you busy and it's addicting.
The game keeps you coming back for more.
I updated the application yesterday and the game keeps crashing.
wow Bugs bugs bugs some are fixed some are forgotten.
Security & Privacyc42
I don't have not do I want a twitter account.
I made a twitter account just for smurfs.
there are options to make purchases through your itunes account.
password protect your itunes account and keep it to yourself.
Updates & Supportc62
Beeline has a excellent customer service.
Your customer service is truly a 5 star.
I get so excited for each new update.
Getting better with each new update.
the crashing gets worse with each new update and no fixes.
It always loads well and the updates are awesome.
The new updates are awesome - as always.

This game is for kids and kids don't have twitter accounts. found in 49 reviews
Not a bad game if you follow it. found in 15 reviews
such as the tweet for the daily news is getting absurd. found in 14 reviews
A little boring after the first few hours of play. found in 14 reviews
Every time I try to open the game it shuts me out. found in 35 reviews
Awesome and cant stop playing it. found in 22 reviews
But it keeps shutting off once you press play. found in 23 reviews
I don't Tweet & don't want a Twitter account. found in 88 reviews
Since the os update I cannot connect to facebook in this app. found in 24 reviews
This game shuts down almost every time I try to get on. found in 16 reviews
Can't play anymore because too many items cost Smurfberries. found in 19 reviews
Please bring back the daily rewards WITHOUT having to use twitter. found in 127 reviews
Overall it's a good way to waste some time :. found in 52 reviews
Wish I could play off line and synch. found in 11 reviews
So please fix the glitches. found in 11 reviews
Since the last actualization the game crashes at startup. found in 81 reviews
Also some notifications don't work and then your strawberries wither. found in 6 reviews
Wish you could earn smurfberries faster and crops didn't wither so fast. found in 19 reviews
Big fun but keep social media out of games. found in 22 reviews
It shuts down before i even press play. found in 23 reviews
and suddenly my game back to level 12. found in 56 reviews
after reading other reviews a lot of people don't tweet. found in 88 reviews
When I try to play the game it is so glitchy. found in 44 reviews
but now everything costs berries=$$. found in 24 reviews
This results in your twitter account getting banned. found in 155 reviews
Please update the game so I can get my pervious game back. found in 25 reviews
Don't let your kids play this game. found in 27 reviews
Smurfberries really cost you and are charged to your iTunes account. found in 24 reviews
I can't open the game at all since the update. found in 35 reviews
The game crashes everytime after the thanksgiving update. found in 81 reviews
An additional attempt to contact customer service has been ignored. found in 36 reviews
it just crashes and goes back to my home screen. found in 43 reviews
I don't have twitter and will not be getting it. found in 49 reviews
The new update prevents daily rewards unless you twitter. found in 127 reviews
Charges your credit card with no warning - don't do it. found in 38 reviews
It wouldn't let me sign in through Game Center. found in 78 reviews
Impossible without spending $$$$. found in 48 reviews

If you are iPhone and iPad owner,you now can download Smurfs` Village for free from Apple Store. The application is supporting English language. It weighs in at only 10MB to download. It is highly advisable to have the latest app version installed so that you don`t miss out on the fresh new features and improvements. The current app version 1.2.6 has been released on 2014-11-26. For ensuring consistency with the device you should take into account the following app compatibility information: Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iOS 3.0 or later
Bottom Line: For more information about Smurfs` Village check developer Capcom Interactive, Inc.`s website :

Gargamel found the Smurfs village and scattered the Smurfs far and wide. With Papa Smurf`s guidance, it s up to you to build a new village for the Smurfs to call home. Based on the original ...
Awesome i missed playing this                 Awesome
Been smurfing for years now The updates never stop Its an awesome game more addicting than youd think                 Smurfs
Would like it if it was easier to get recourses It is hard to build things with out them                 Review
Still loving the game                 My Smurf Village
Why doesnt Brainys island house remove withered plants                 Smurfy
I Love Smurfs                 My Lovely Game
Smurfs Village is my world I love this game so much                 I love this game
After the latest up date I cant even get In to the game I wish that they would get that fixed     Disappointed
I used to play this game years ago and loved it then Decided to start playing it again and its even better Very addicting and fun to play to pass time                 Fun Fun Fun
Great game                 Great game
I love this game Except when it crashes and I cant play it Or when I lose progress                 Smurfs Village
I have been playing this game for a very long time and enjoy every minute of it                 Smurffs Village
Game is awesome Support always helpful too                 Great
Ive been playing this game for years and I still love it                 I love this app
Love the smurf game and all the quest we have to do it so much fun                 Love this game
I love the smurfs so this is one of my favorite games Keep the updates coming              Love the Smurfs
Generation Xkid missing the days of Saturday morning cartoons Im not the FarmVille type but find competitive self wrapped up in The Smurfs Beware it could get pricy but totally worth reliving my childhood                 Smurftastic
The updates help keep the game fun but theyre not fixing all the bugs For the last month or two the game freezes if I visit the mountain before I go to the planet to fulfill planet quests such as collecting dye or wood Exiting the app and restarting helps unfreeze it yet it still happens when I try to complete the quest Please fix this soon        Great game always addicting
Thank you for the village expansion You deserve 5 stars for that Please expand the Mountain I dont have room to add the new wonder and specialty smurf huts I love this game                 Thank you for the expansion
So much fun Love playing different activities                 Love it
Addictive but I wish there was a page that explained what everything was and how you earn berries Would like to buy smurfberries with gold coins Not just real money              Smurfs
I think you need more space for building an maybe the things we use smurfberries for be less but I love playing the game                 My smufy view
Dear Papa Smurf Game maker Why are you taking all my smurf berries You took my whole game away and I had to start over I like that game but u took 100 smurf berries that I paid for Shelley              Never
Been playing for almost 5 years Like it One complaint though the gifts r getting boring when all the same Also every now n then you could throw in a challenge that gives something that cost smurfberries                 Smurf
This is an amazing game                 Amazing
This started out as an app for my kids and then I got sucked in Its a fun guilty pleasure for me I used to give 5 stars because you could do so much without smurfberries now you need them much more The thing that I really dont like now is how so many things have to be built in phases I have all of these projects started that were part of challenges from Papa Smurf I will never have enough resources to complete them They just look bad and take up space              Keeps getting better
Cool game Brings back childhood memories of all the smurfs You build your village grow crops and play mini games Love it                 So fun
Its relaxe game I like it                 Smurf game
I like it              Very nice
Awesome game                 Amazing
My favorite game Im addicted to it and Im 24 lol                 Addicting Beware
Have fun                 Love this game
Im really into this game its really fantastic game Im loving it                 Fantastic village
Without question this is the best Smurfs game ever made But it still needs more villains like Hogatha Balthazar the Wartmongers and Gargamel Really the game needs a whole new villains area The Exclusive Offers like the Bird Feeder hut Puzzle Smurf Fortune Teller Smurf Smurfling Present Drop and other Exclusive items that have special features make the game a lot more fun Love the paintable items in the game and being able to gift Game Center friends Overall this is one of the best games on the iPad I just love it                 Outstanding Super creative fun and totally unique
I love this game The smurfs have been apart of my life since I was young                 Smurfy
Love the game Have been playing it since it started Dont know how to connect with other players though Also make it possible to get more dog bones frequently              Smurfylou
Great time with the kids                 Great time with the kids But Ive become addicted to it too
Love this game Brings back childhood memories                 Mike
The game is not working plz fix it     Problem with the game
My kids and i love to be on the smurf Always playing We lose track of time                 Smurf
AppS fun                 Asewome Game
This game is the smurfiest only downside is if youre not playing with real money then it will take you FOREVER to level up get smurfberries and materials to build Otherwise if youre patient then its a fun distraction from life              Smurftastic
It is a great game                 Great
This game is fun for all ages and the quests are challenging yet fun Even my kids love playing this game                 Fun
Love this game But adding friends is very difficult Please make it easier to add through Game Center as a lot of people dont like to add random people to their Facebook That would be the only thing Other than that its the best game ever We love it Keep the updates coming PS Since they have the mountain the island and the planet to go to maybe next you could add a farm where they could raise animals and crops That would be SO AWESOME Just a thought                 Five stars
Ive had this game since the beginning and its progressively gotten worse The new items are really cool but add so much clutter its hard to level up and the new update crashes and wont even take me to the main page The one plus thank god they got rid of the ads that wouldnt let you close them     Why bother
I use to love this game But some how I lost about three years of data and had to start over and they could help me with I know Ive spent so much money on smurf berries Ugh what waste to have to start over Sad and broke                 Smurfs village
I really enjoy this game its lots of fun Actually my grandchildren really got me motivated playing I love it i have one on my iPhone when I go see them I always make them add something or do something extra to it We love this game                 Smurff Village
I love the game Its so addicting and really is so much fun I could play it for hours I only have one complaint Moving and rearranging your layout can get very difficult and annoying at times I wish there was an easier way to rearrange my land For example in clash of clans you are able to remove everything at once and then put things where you want them one by one A new system to reposition everything would be a great idea Other than that the game rocks              GREAT GAME BUT
It jut keep crashing even before it opens     Smurfs

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