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Fenrir Inc. , the publisher behind many iOS app (Sleipnir Mobile Black Edition - Web Browser ,Mosa ,Inkiness ,Sleipnir Linker ,Inkiness for iPad ,Sleipnir Browser), brings Sleipnir Mobile - Web Browser with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. Sleipnir Mobile - Web Browser app has been update to version 2.0 with several major changes and improvements. App release that improves performance, provides several new options.
  • I like the full screen mode..
  • For a complete browsing experience you should add a download manager..
  • Something that could be added is a private browsing mode..

Overall Satisfactionc91
This is the second best browser I've used.
leaps and bounds better than safari.
Better than any paid version.
best is yet to come.
Fun & Engagingc88
Overall this is an awesome browser.
This is an awesome browser.
Security & Privacyc71
with seach engine configuration and password locking is also available.

Ive tried all the others and keep coming back to Sleipnir. found in 1 reviews
especially the tab management and simple navigation between tabs. found in 5 reviews
This is a great browser and has replaced Safari in my dock. found in 3 reviews
The tabbed browsing experience is MUCH different than all other browsers. found in 4 reviews
This is the second best browser I've used. found in 15 reviews
I think this is the best web browser I ever used. found in 14 reviews
leaps and bounds better than safari. found in 9 reviews
so this app is great for me to keep track of interesting sites. found in 1 reviews
I would appreciate being able to save photos to the Camera Roll. found in 1 reviews
Full screen option would be nice like Mercury browser. found in 1 reviews
But it can crash a lot with too many tabs open. found in 10 reviews
Tapping the location bar and tapping open in safari. found in 2 reviews
Weird but cool. found in 1 reviews
Privacy Issue. found in 1 reviews
Can u guys make it switch tabs without reloading. found in 2 reviews
one bug: it wont keep me signed into twitter. found in 1 reviews
web page loading is very slow sometimes. found in 1 reviews
Crashes on my iPod 2g. found in 1 reviews
but when reading a long page. found in 1 reviews
everything else needs work. found in 1 reviews
but I look forward to the upgrade. found in 1 reviews
I've never been able to open it since. found in 1 reviews
please add password function. found in 2 reviews
but need some changes here and there. found in 1 reviews
Good but need some improvements. found in 1 reviews
Multitouch gestures in full screen mode would be awesome. found in 1 reviews
Please please fix this issue. found in 1 reviews
8 - all it does is crash back to the home screen. found in 1 reviews
still no way to contact devs. found in 3 reviews
pop up window error. found in 1 reviews
Can't sync bookmarks as it crashes every time it tries to. found in 6 reviews
The multiple tabs are great but performance needs optimizing. found in 1 reviews
No way to contact the developers for support besides Facebook or Twitter. found in 3 reviews
Still no omnibox or autohiding nav bar. found in 1 reviews
If only I could change language to english. found in 1 reviews

If you are iPhone and iPad owner,you now can download Sleipnir Mobile - Web Browser for free from Apple Store. The application is supporting English language. It weighs in at only 3.2 MB to download. The new Sleipnir Mobile - Web Browser app version 2.0 has been updated on 2014-11-26. The Apple Store includes a very useful feature that will check if your device and iOS version are both compatible with the app. Most iPhone and iPad are compatible. Here is the app`s compatibility information: Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iOS 4.0 or later.
More Info: Find more info about Sleipnir Mobile - Web Browser in Fenrir Inc.`s Official Website :

Page control at your fingertips. Fully synchronized bookmarks. Sleipnir Mobile is an iPhone/iPad web browser that allows quick and easy switching between pages no matter how many tabs you have open. Just flicking the page right ...
I need to know where black edition is Help Me              Help
Im someone who regularly has 50 tabs open in desktop browsers I could never settle for eight tabs in Safari so I sought a browser that met my bookmarkshirking needs This browser does the job although memory management could be improved a bit Ive got it on all my mobile devices and I dont plan on looking for a replacement Bottom line wonderful interface good memory management and all the tabs your tabhoarding heart could desire                 Love This Browser
It works perfectly with my JavaScript music player One of the few that does Full screen option would be nice like Mercury browser              Love it
I really like the app as u can have multiple tabs open Which is great Perfect browser for those needing multiple tabs However need to make sure to turn on iCloud back up otherwise it does not not save your info if u have to reset your iPad              Useful But
On the new version released on Oct 30 the web service links has stopped working I tried to share a web page on FB or save it on pocket but somehow it doesnt work I also went to the settings but it syays connection error every time I try to change something of the webapp settings Its an awesome browser otherwise so a fix is needed asap           Bugfix needed for Webapp linking
请增加以下功能 支持Safari ActionOpen in Sleipnir让用户可以在Safari中直接切换到Sleipnir中访问当前网页 请支持1Password让登录变得更简单 请支持通过微信wechat分享当前网页 请支持发送到Thingsapp evernote等更多app 请联系sk at linskcn仅限中文           太爱你了所以只能给3星
As a polish user I expected a nonpolish app to launch in English but it launched in some asian language which I DO NOT UNDERSTAND If only I could change language to english this browser would get 5 stars     How can I change language to English
I dont normally write reviews but I had to for this app What makes this app great is one thing tabs They are much more convenient than in safari they just stay at the bottom of the screen no they do not get in the way and one must simply swipe down a tab to close it Also you can have different sets of tabs Otherwise the app is at least as good as safari Try it                 Best browser for iOS
One of the best things is the fast scrolling feature Something that could be added is a private browsing mode and the ability to customize gestures                 Great browepser
Just wow                 Wow
Thanks for the update good new look But the Site Update page is really annoying Give me back my thumbnailfavorites page At least put it there as an option        iOS7 Update
Not able to open crashes on load Ipad 4th wifi     Crashes on opn
Great app use it all the time But it can crash a lot with too many tabs open Right now It has a bug where it crashes every time it opens up no matter which you choose to either clear tabs history or to not clear Please fix this soon              Bug
Its looks good at first sight but I dont know how to access settings or finding a button or switch to change to another user agent to use as desktop browser The one who design the UI must be really stupid or hes trolling us     Stupid UI
I have used this app for quite awhile now Works great your new interface though The tab boxes are absolutely annoying and should have the option to remove them all together Its giving me a reason not to use it I understand they go away but they pop up to much to accept           Will 5 star if
Awesome web browser I installed it to have native user agent choice Keep up the good work                 Awesome
really now gestures completely uncontrollable when paired with a website with links or buttons or anything else that requires one to touch the screen terribly frustratingyoure hitting a button and the browser goes to the slepnir page and of course the stop button goes missing bottom always on bar obscures content if you want to I suppose you could learn the browser and discipline yourself to only touch the screen just so But why     two thumbs down
I love the idea of having my desktop and phone connected But I cant sync bookmarks and the app keeps crashing When I try to access the how to use sleipner start page it keeps skipping the videos and going back to the start page        Not ready for prime time
This browser is very fast Easy to customize Doesnt have pop ups or open pages you dont want to see like some other browsers The devs Work at making it so it works the best for the customer                 Best browser
Downloaded specifically for this purpose did not function Tried desktop agents for Safari Firefox and Chrome with no success Sites still serve mobile version even after restarting the app Seems like an interesting browser but being unsure how they generate revenue makes me uneasy Deleted     User agent setting not respected
Every time I open this app my iPad Mini freezes completely There is no sleeping it no ability to force restartit just remains frozen until my poor iPad crashes entirely This browser is best used on desktop period     Unusable
Can link browsing with my Mac Beats Safari              Good browser
Sleipnir is one of my favorite browsers better than any big name browser for sure Never sell out Sleipnir Anyways I just want a more easy way to manage the slides Thats all But I use this browser for any tough job Ive got going on                 My utility browser
Works well and easy to use Becoming one of my favorite apps              Very nice
Seriously Everything is so fast and you can organize your tabs very easily I love it                 Best internet browsing I have ever used
Love the layout of thus browser Functional colorful very handy Just wish it didnt crash so much           Not Bad
Great browser I tried for a week and did not disappoint Very fast and reliable I like the full screen mode I am surprised that is not better known                 Fast and clean
I needed an alternative to mobile Safari I think this app is a pretty good alternative I like that it can handle rogue ads that randomly opens websites or the App Store                 Simple Meets my needs
There are many gamechanging browser innovations here The tab bar is great and useful as is the simple downward swipe for closing tabs Gesture support is a nobrainer for mobile And Sleipnir wisely borrows advances from other browsers like thumbnails for Usual Sites on the new tab page and Safaris minimalist disappearing address bar at the top of the screen But the haphazard way all these features are crammed together results in a browser too busy and complicated The Site Updates combined with Usual Sites on the new tab page is too busy and really only serves to distract from whatever task you opened the tab for There are at least three versions of the combined addresssearch bar undoing the simplicity gains youd otherwise get from combining them Stacking the tab bar and the toolbar at the bottom steals too much screen real estate the gestures should really eliminate the need for the toolbar The settings are horrendously complicated And Sleipnir has eliminated the only gesture Safari already has the iOS 7 system gesture for swiping from the left side of the screen to go back this is unforgivable as it really prevents Sleipnir from truly feeling like an iOS 7 app There are some great concepts here but the result is a browser way too complicated to go mainstream Hopefully some of these innovations will be adopted by other browsers like Safari But serious thought needs to be given to simplifying and organizing Sleipnir before it can be an everyday tool           Collection of clever browser innovations
Especially for custom useragent switching                 Great
Great              Great
With iOS 9 it keeps crashingthe app is now inoperable please fix        Please update
The best browser out there Gesture control is great and tab management though simple changes the way to think about browsing I dont do the synch between devices so nothing to say about that Great product                 Love it
I am personally more of a fan of the desktop version of Sleipnir because it appears to be more polished and it has most of its kinks worked out but this app is a handy companion for that I love Sleipnirs ingenious approach to tabbed browsing and all of their trackpad commands are perfectly complementary to the iPhone Definitely give this one a try and be sure to familiarize yourself with the commands they will really enhance your browsing experience                 Best web browser out there
Update still buggy still no way to contact devs Cant sync bookmarks as it crashes every time it tries to No way to contact the developers for support besides Facebook or Twitter which I dont have        Poor support
I mean it                 Awesome Bar NONE the best mobile browser in existence
I like this app a lot I just started to use it and it is just as good if not better than Safari I recommend it to anybody who wants a reliable browser So far no complaints Works very well and I like the speed                 Great browser
Good and easy app to use                 Good
but now all it does is crash Really disappointing as the app has so much potential Will give it one or two more updates then Im uninstalling Such a shame     Used to be my favorite
Excellent browser                 Cool
I like it Its not bad           Not bad
This really helps when searching different subjects                 Group tabbing
This top browser should be on everyones devices Its easy to use fast feature rich and works reliably without crashing Love it Bravo Well done                 Better Than Chrome
As someone who has a huge amount of tabs open at all times Sleipnir is by far the most usable web browser on iOS Ive tried all the others and keep coming back to Sleipnir Thank you developers                 The best iOS web browser
The tabs are probably the best thing about this app but everything else is mediocre You cant push buttons web page loading is very slow sometimes           Good design everything else needs work
The update seems to have affected performance negatively Having multiple tabs open at a time causes the app to run sluggishly which is obvious but prior to this update it was almost never an issue Now having multiple tabs open at a time cause all tags to constantly refresh and sometimes the tab you are currently on will go blank randomly     The multiple tabs are great but performance needs optimizing
This browser is amazing The gestures make browsing very smooth                 Incredible Browser
I really love this browser the UI is lightyears ahead of anyone else combined with the desktop browser and the sleipnir linker app its a great experience highly recommended                 truly amazing
This is the second best browser Ive used Everything is speedy and smooth for when Im browser the web but theres a couple things thats missing 1The ability to view files that you downloaded I noticed that you can open files in other apps but I believe you should be able to view files within the app itself If its not too hard maybe try to get a built in media player VideoAudioImageTextetc 2 You should be able to download any file by holding down the download link Right now if you try that it will open the link to a new tabSo far you can only do that with pictures This needs to happen with video files audio files etc Whenever I tried to download a video or audio file it would view or stream it No option to save it Thats all I noticed for now If you could fix those problems above youll be the best browser ever Until then Sleipnir will be my main browser to surf the web and iCab mobile will my browser for downloading files                 Almost there
I really love this browser but it would be nice to have a language option I find that logging into sites forces the browser into German which is really annoying and it would be nice to be able to keep everything in English           Excellent app but one problem

Sleipnir Mobile - Web Browser Utilities Sleipnir MobileSleipnir Mobile - Web Browser Utilities Sleipnir MobileSleipnir Mobile - Web Browser Utilities Sleipnir MobileSleipnir Mobile - Web Browser Utilities Sleipnir MobileSleipnir Mobile - Web Browser Utilities Sleipnir MobileSleipnir Mobile - Web Browser Utilities Sleipnir MobileSleipnir Mobile - Web Browser Utilities Sleipnir MobileSleipnir Mobile - Web Browser Utilities Sleipnir MobileSleipnir Mobile - Web Browser Utilities Sleipnir MobileSleipnir Mobile - Web Browser Utilities Sleipnir MobileSleipnir Mobile - Web Browser Utilities Sleipnir MobileSleipnir Mobile - Web Browser Utilities Sleipnir Mobile

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