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SkyGrid , the publisher behind many iOS app (Touchtv ,SkyGrid), brings SkyGrid with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. SkyGrid app has been update to version 2.5 with several major changes and improvements. App release that improves performance, provides several new options.
  • Easy way to keep up with current affairs and follow specific interests..
  • This is my favorite news summary in iPad..
  • very user friendly and i love the instant updates and notifications..
  • "BEST" news resource app hands down..
  • This is my own personalized news service..

Overall Satisfactionc87
By far the best news app out there in the app world.
Best news app trash now.
This is rapidly becoming one of my favorite news programs.
You destroyed my favorite news app.
Love Sky Grid for Breaking New's.
Besides being able to follow from among many pre- selected topics.
Great and fast way to stay current on the top news.
Thanks SkyGrid & kudos to your developers.
Fun & Engagingc87
most well rounded and user friendly news ap I've seen.
Its there and you get the updates of the news all the time.
I think skygrid is awesome man.
Up to date all the time.
Great app for up to the minute news information from different sources.
I check this site out daily for up to date news & information daily.
This app everything you will need to stay informed.
Great app get all your news on everything in one place.
Great way to keep informed on current events from multiple sources.
I get to read everything written on my favorite subjects.
Saves time finding up to date news info.
Social Aspectsc87
Love the integration with social media.
only access is via social media which I don't subscribe to.
Very easy way to stay in touch with the events you care about.
Good app to stay in touch with the news when you're busy.
It easily incorporates social networking such as Twitter for easy sharing.
even your social networking sites.
Production Valuesc78
User interface is simple yet beautiful.
Interface is simple and elegant.
Ease of Usec82
It's totally simple to set up and follow subjects.
There's no place to set the style to a list view.
It even allow you to follow news on a specific person.
Easy to configure and use.
Easy navigation.
It easily incorporates social networking such as Twitter for easy sharing.
User interface is simple yet beautiful.
Very happy with the easy format and up-to-date articles.
Updates & Supportc10

Tells about top news stories from various news sources. found in 46 reviews
By far the best news app out there in the app world. found in 613 reviews
This app has become my Go-To app for current events. found in 59 reviews
Has everything you need in news in one app. found in 54 reviews
Great app for up to the minute news information from different sources. found in 41 reviews
Sky Grid replaced all of my other news apps. found in 227 reviews
but after a little use it becomes clear. found in 2 reviews
Titles on tiles don't always match article when pressed. found in 4 reviews
Good but need update for iPhone 4 high res. found in 2 reviews
Had been working- now articles don't match. found in 4 reviews
That alone is why I'm already considering deleting it. found in 3 reviews
REALLY needs landscape view & more font options. found in 4 reviews
This app has always been crash prone. found in 5 reviews
Formerly a home screen app - now with the worst upgrade - slower. found in 12 reviews
Pretty good but please get page to load faster thx. found in 25 reviews
if you choose not to let it send you push notifications. found in 9 reviews
Latest version keeps crashing on iPad 1. found in 2 reviews
It tries to be more than OK but fails. found in 1 reviews
you have article headlines that link to unrelated articles. found in 17 reviews
Useful app for a quick news fix. found in 5 reviews
Would love to have landscape view for my aging eyes. found in 15 reviews
and it takes me to a totally unrelated story. found in 5 reviews
Please give us the ability to rotate to landscape mode. found in 4 reviews
Since this last upgrade I can not open to the story. found in 8 reviews
The load more button seems to load less than before. found in 25 reviews
the app no longer opens on my iPad 1. found in 5 reviews
Needs settings for font size -UPDATE SOMETIME. found in 5 reviews
Doesn't work update on iOS 7 on iPhone or iPad. found in 17 reviews
globalresearch. found in 5 reviews
The sad thing is most fox news viewers believe its raining. found in 11 reviews
If you want to avoid "politically correct" news feeds
" You don't need to say anything to rate an app. found in 11 reviews
ALOT of the news article link go to websites completely unrelated. found in 25 reviews
Crashes constantly on iPad 1 - unusable. found in 9 reviews
I click on an article and am redirected to something completely irrelevant. found in 5 reviews
half the links takes me to a completely unrelated article. found in 17 reviews

If you are iPhone and iPad owner,you now can download SkyGrid for free from Apple Store. The application is supporting English language. It weighs in at only 10MB to download. The new SkyGrid app version 2.5 has been updated on 2014-11-24. The Apple Store includes a very useful feature that will check if your device and iOS version are both compatible with the app. Most iPhone and iPad are compatible. Here is the app`s compatibility information: Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iPhone OS 3.1 or later.
Bottom Line: For more information about SkyGrid check developer SkyGrid`s website :

SkyGrid - The News App for Info Junkies A Featured App, Staff Favorite, Top 100, and one of the highest rated apps in the App Store. Most Popular Features See What's Hot Right Now. (Featured Streams ...
Awesome interface upgrade for my favorite news app                 Amazing Update
It crashes every time I try to open it Works on iPhone 6 though Problem is that I view Skrgrid 999 of the time on my iPad Air Please fix quickly Thank you     The New 30 Doesnt Work on iPad Aid
The most basic feature ability to choose either landscape or portrait is gone You call that an improvement        Wheres portrait mode
I dont like the new navigation Alert stays active even when there is no new news     Lastest update
Pulling stories from lots of different sources And having the first part available without having to open the source periodical with the attendant flood of ads Though the full source is also available Very cool                 Really like this app
Been using it for a long time Too spotty Many bugs misdirection to wrong stories Cmon and fix this or will delete and find a better source     Lots of bugs could be good App
Too many adverts new story notification doesnt stand out but the biggest problem for me is that it keeps crashing Old format was a lot better and I never had a problem with it     Keeps crashing
Titles on tiles dont always match article when pressed FAIL        Needs fixing
Mail first SkyGrid second Trouble is that some things Ive followed are dropped by the source and they stay around and it would be nice to block certain sources but its a darn good news app              Second app I check every morning
Love the new update and look                 Love the new update and look
The new interface for sky grid is far superior to any that I have worked with in the past its sleeker its smoother and faster than any previous version Perfect for research topic specific browsing and fast referencing when you need to prove you are right                 Dramatic Improvment
This is a great way to get news Multiple outlets all in one place and personalized to meet my needs                 Excellent way to get news
Yuck     Yuck
version 30 is AWESOME                 SkyGrid
A lot of news that you dont see anywhere else              Great App
Far better than just news reviews and social chizmax It can be very focused and very technical to very artful I like this apps As always there may be room for perfection Kudos                 Excellent Apps
Ive been using this app for a few years and its served its purpose for me However for the last few months it show links to outdated stories More frustrating is that clicking on a link to a story takes you to something else Its simpler to google the story afterwards Im going to look for a new newsreader for now hoping the developers get their act together on this one        No longer works as well
I have tried several news aggregators but none have worked this well It is easy to set up change and get it to the way you want and without a lot of hassle It will keep you abreast of the days events                 Works as advertised
I cannot begin to express my disappointment with this upgrade No portrait mode and all favorites jumbled I want to go back     Bad
I actually love this app and have been using it for years but lately it has gone wonky Some of the links are incorrect and it crashes I miss this app though since it stopped performing well Ive always liked the way you could gather news on topics youve chosen           Needs update
Terrible update No grid anymore now you have to scroll Where are the sections     Where is the grid
Keeps me up to date on news I need to be informed about              Great
Crashes instantly on my iPad Air Works ok on my iPhone 6plus     Doesnt work
Took my favorite everyday app and messed it up completely Ads come up like news lost my layout and links within stories dont work Awful and so sad     Recent upgrade awful
Excellent update Watch out Flipboard                 Awesome
Great app                 My source with everything in 1
New interface is awful Trending news is terrible Old interface was just fine Complete fail     Horrible update
Easy to search and use Works great                 Nice
Keeps me up to date and informed                 Great for What Matters
Advertising How can that be better     Im out
App now crashes EVERY time after latest update Ipad air 2 ios 841     Crash
Have enjoyed this app for years Todays update is much less user friendly and the links to full articles do not work Go back to the previous version until this is ready     Remove the update
Enjoy it                 Great app
What happened to this app Used to be a neat way to catch up on news from many sourcesnow you click a link and get a totally different article than the one you wanted Was bad enough when the icons didnt go with the story now the app is pretty much a waste     what the heck
After the update the app just keeps crashing     It USED to be to great
I put up with the glitchy links that took me to wrong stories but now I see that they are sinking into the publication of profanity headlines Im guessing to appeal to the low lifes among their readership The God Fxxx Russell Wilson was the last straw for me Delete Download other news reader that doesnt disrespect the reader     After using for couple years I deleted this
I was using this app multiple times a day but its been close to a year with no update and as a result I have seen it slowly deteriorate and now its so buggy that I deleted it I hope they find a way to monetize on this app so they do continue to update it because it was awesome     No update since 042014 so real buggy
I used to use pulse but now LinkedIn changed it so much that it is not very usable and therefore trying out alternative readers This can work but I wish the news is in grid scroll horizontally for the articles in the same feed and scroll vertically for different feed sources Please consider this as a feature enhancement           It is OK but wish for more
When I first installed this apps it was the best out there Im not sure if the developers are riding on past success or what but increasingly the links take you to a wrong page Not sure why but its frustrating Actually have been looking for a different app thats to collect my news Difficult as the political leanings of the developers many times come out in the sources their apps choose to report the news        Bad Links
I was really thrilled when i found this app It was an efficient way to get updated on the news that is important to me However it is not dependable so you want to have a plan B when this app screws up I have seen the app go for weeks without updating the stories Most recently as others have pointed out clicking to read more of a story often takes one to an unrelated story instead And there is no way other than this to report a problem Wish the developers were interested in keeping the app problem free and getting notified when there is a problem           Like the AppWish it Worked Well
No grid view for your view Liked the old version better Simpler and was easier to use     Disappointed
Been a Skygrid user for a long time and have been using it to keep up to date on things I care about I love the new update Skygrid needed a fresh new look with some modern appeal and the developers are definitely on track Looking forward to the progress                 Great update looking forward to more
The best way to get your news because its the news I want to follow Love it                 Love it
Ive used this app for quite awhile It was outstanding but now its nearly useless When I click on my news feeds to read something it has nothing to do with what its showing Please fix this problem or Im going to have to delete the app        Use to be great
Ive been a SkyGrid user for a long time and what I loved about it was the UI easy to see all the stories easy to access All there all at once crisp and attractive SkyGrid 30 is none of that Nowhere is this more apparent than the news page which now features a metoo format scrolling list of stories in a narrow strip on the left annoying enough with 23 of the screen dedicated to one big pane Please just make it go away Everything I utterly despise about most interfaces And the Your News screen while retaining the general matrix format is now a matrix of Jony Ive style unbordered boxes with runon edges The new icon is also in Apples rather sad flat lost in the 3 year old aisle in ToysRUs style Yes I pretty much hate everything about the change You had a unique interface Now you are just a copy cat Off to find a better app     New UI is hideous Please give me the old one back
i use this app everyday to keep up                 very useful
For a long time multiple times every day I have enjoyed the news through Skygrid With the new update Skygrid crashes immediately upon opening it What can be done     I Miss My News
Great app but a bug that miss labels some of the links wrong story in link with no way to get to the correct one keeps me from giving 5 stars Please fix Thanks           Great with a bug
this is not skygrid it should be a different app altogether one that I wouldnt use please rerelease the previous more superior version and release this as I dont know NewsinPictures or something Looks like its for gradeschoolers     its not skygrid

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