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Logik State , the publisher behind many iOS app (Sand Slides Free ,Sand Slides), brings Sand Slides with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. Sand Slides app has been update to version 1.9 with several major changes and improvements. App release that improves performance, provides several new options.
  • SandSlides : Game to Keep Your Brain Awake..
  • and line drawing..
  • Good hi speed strategy game..
  • A simply entertaining time passer that anyone can play..
  • It's definitely entertaining and easy way to kill time..

Overall Satisfactionc89
Not as mindless as some simple free games.
I would pay for this amazing game.
Have and would recommend this game to anyone.
A nice game and smarty it's from my best games ever.
Wonderful game.
should be some sort of power ups tho.
No power ups.
Best iPad game in a while.
Fun and addicting - will keep you entertained for hours.
Fun & Engagingc88
Very addictive and just a blast to challenge yourself.
Awesome game addictive and I got it for free.
A challenging game that keeps u coming back.
Great app it runs awesomely and good way to pass time.
Hard to put down especially when you learn tricks to improve score.
Super fun and grafics really make use of iphone4 screen.
This game is verrrrrrry addicting and fun.
But I give it a 5 for addictive game play.
Great graphics and challenging game play.
It doesn't swipe when in game play.
Replay Valuec86
A challenging game that keeps u coming back.
Easy to learn hard to master.
yet fun challenging and addictive.
It never gets old.
More Levels and More Sands Collors Plz.
Easy yet challenging-repetitive yet great replay value.
Production Valuesc64
But I give it a 5 for addictive game play.
It doesn't swipe when in game play.
Plus the graphics are amazing and when your playing.
Ease of Usec85
Very addictive and quite easy to play.
It's basically impossible to play this game now on my 2g.
Easy to learn hard to master.
A simple concept that you would think would become boring quickly.
For such a simple idea.
It starts easy & gets more challenging even on the easy level.
Easy to get caught up in.
Easy learning curve.
Easy yet challenging -repetitive yet great replay value.

A nice game and smarty it's from my best games ever. found in 8 reviews
Just plain addictive and keeps you on your toes. found in 6 reviews
Excellent game - unique controls and really addictive. found in 8 reviews
This is sooooooooo fun for a time killer. found in 15 reviews
I wish all of the games out there where this nice. found in 34 reviews
Just like any great puzzle game. found in 5 reviews
I'm continually trying to beat my best score. found in 11 reviews
Very addicting and a great time waster. found in 17 reviews
But there isn't any winning or losing so it gets old quickly. found in 2 reviews
If crashing you must delete game and reinstall. found in 1 reviews
-- The biggie: make it compatible with iPod music/podcast listening. found in 2 reviews
Why did I pay for ads. found in 1 reviews
Marathon is no fun tho. found in 2 reviews
-- The biggie: make it compatible with iPod music /podcast listening. found in 2 reviews
Not a bad game pretty interesting worth playing. found in 3 reviews
It's fun at first but I does get boring after a while. found in 4 reviews
but overdue for Retina version. found in 1 reviews
If you are red green colorblind. found in 2 reviews
It's fun but after awhile it gets boring. found in 9 reviews
Needs to be hd. found in 1 reviews
A simple concept that you would think would become boring quickly. found in 3 reviews
Love that it is somewhat addicting and frustrating. found in 1 reviews
-- The biggie: make it compatible with iPod music/ podcast listening. found in 2 reviews
Good game but could be better. found in 1 reviews
It could be slightly more exciting but it's still fun to play. found in 2 reviews
No power ups. found in 4 reviews
Crashes a few seconds after I launch the app. found in 2 reviews
if only it stopped crashing when I tried to play it. found in 2 reviews
but fun at first. found in 4 reviews
gets boring in about a minute. found in 9 reviews
You can't get it for the iPod anymore :. found in 2 reviews
It doesn't swipe when in game play. found in 12 reviews
No support for color blindness. found in 4 reviews
no winning or losing. found in 2 reviews
This game gets boring quickly and only has one type of game. found in 3 reviews

If you are iPhone and iPad owner,you now can download Sand Slides for free from Apple Store. The application is designed for use in English language. It weighs in at only 10MB to download. It is highly advisable to have the latest app version installed so that you don`t miss out on the fresh new features and improvements. The current app version 1.9 has been released on 2014-11-27. The Apple Store includes a very useful feature that will check if your device and iOS version are both compatible with the app. Most iPhone and iPad are compatible. Here is the app`s compatibility information: Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iOS 3.1.2 or later.
Bottom Line: For more information about Sand Slides check developer Logik State`s website :

Sand Slides is the new fantastically addictive puzzle game of 2010. Featuring Logik States unlimited particle engine, fantastic music and water effects. Sand Slides will have you on the edge of your seat as you race ...
Really good game Hate the ads though                 Good game
Fun and addicting game                 Awesome game
Its really fun but sometimes it gets tricky Try it I dont care what other reviews say but try it              Pretty good
I love this game I have several good games but this seems to be the one I play most                 Addictive
Relaxing fun that can verge on addictive In fact it IS a bit addictive Nice challenge and you can imagine what updates might include                 Clever design and gameplay
Entertaining addictive competitive game                 Lots of fun
As well it is useless on an iPhone needs to be on the iPad And really the game is actually and ad catalog with a touch of game thrown in When its not force quitting Play ad freeze repeat     All it does is ad freeze ad freeze
I really like this app because its kind of challenging but fun Im 7 years old I love it                 Awesome app awesome awesome APP
Its a good game my only problem is that it drains my average of 7 hour battery life in less than 2 hours                 Good
Loved the old version of this app His one is unplayable        Crash crash crash
Insane level is the best for a challenge              Great game to pass time
This game is a challenge When I play it it relaxes me in a good way You should definetly get this game                 Awsome and calming
This game does not work every time i turn it on it loads then takes me back to my home screen it is a waste of money     Not working
Sand Slides is intense It keeps you on your toes                 Awesome Fun
Many levels                 Great fun game
Well written loads of fun not frantic Love it                 GREAT APP
Fun fo r whilebut no new setups or strategy options           Okay
Awesome game                 Cool game
It doesnt open it just cltiches out rite away     Hi
Thats 72 hours I can never get back Red bulls and nodoz my gosh man cant put it down                 Late to work
Cannot even open game As soon as it loads initially it crashes Waste of money do not buy     DO NOT BUY
Omg I would pay to not have ads in this game The game is fun and I like its calming ocean background but just to quote a previous review sad its just ads ads ads all over the place Its like someone relaxing in a pool only to get slapped every time you pause or start or even end the game           Advertisements much
Simple game but addictive Gather and funnel three different sand colors to the correct bucket I like to play this in long mtgs              Fun
Nothing like itreally challenging Great one player game                 Brilliantly conceived
Loads See progress bar then dies This isnt even beta ready     Crash on boot
Great game but could use some choice of backgrounds                 Natt50
Wont even start     Help
The tutorial would not even work right Worthless     Deleted immediately
Whenever I clicked on the app it just went back to the home button this is a waste of money    
Not an outstanding game but fun to pass the time with Despite what all the negative reviews say its completely playable There are a lot of adds but it doesnt interrupt gameplay if you dont like advertising go get a job              Completely playable
I only gave this app three stars because I dont really like it I didnt really get this app Thats why I dont like it that much           Sand slides
Good game                 Very addictive I like it and so do my kids
Its nice looking and fun           Good
This so has needed an upgrade but it seems to be all ads now No thank you Deleted     No more love
Love it                 Great
Gets boring after a few times playing and I hate the adds        Meh
Love the game great physics                 Great fun
This update does nothing but add a ton of nonstop ads popping up Seriously Youre passing this off as an update Time to delete Needed more room on my ipad anyway     Seriously
Dont get     Bad
Sad sentiments are worded exactly how I feel and the frustrations I now have with this game I used to love it rated it 5 stars Sadly its changed for the worse The complaints Sad has are spot on Same problems here Its a shame because this was a nice relaxing game and Ive had it ever since it came out Now because of all the pop up ads and locked up game play forcing you to check out ads for other paid apps has got me thinking its time to delete this one Sad indeed        Read Sad belowused be 5 stars
This game turned a lot more complex than it appears at first with many ways to manipulate the board Harder difficulties reward precise drawing and the game is a great time waster Find your favorite game mode and keep beating that high score I had no technical issues and the ads are not too bad for a free game              Surprisingly complex good for short rounds
I have enjoyed playing this game very much It challenges your mind to keep track of all of the slides Recommend                 Challenging and entertaining
Got this game when first came out years ago Devs seemed proud of it then It was beautiful and serene A pleasure to play and I enjoyed telling people about it Now they should be ashamed Start full screen ad tap a full screen ad tap play another full screen ad etc etc Thats in addition to the banners At the end the scores screen just sits there with no way to continue Nothing to tap except an ad I had to close the game and start over each time Games are VERY VERY short now so you have to go through the whole ad routine constantly Tapping to close ads takes longer than a game is Words like Done Play etc ALL click to a full screen ad which half the time you cant avoid and end up tapping So youre sent off to the App Store and theyve made some more money I loved the game enough that Id have been willing to pay extra to keep the ads off all they had to do was ask But not when its done this way Time to delete     SAD
Gets kinda boring after a while I think if you changed the backgrounds after a while and gave people a break every once in a whole it would be better Also if you could vary things more it would go a long way Like if you started with 2 sand fills then progressed to 3 then 4 and so on it would get progressively crazier and harder too I dont like the limit on lines you can draw Wish I could draw as many as I need Beautiful background love the water Better if you could go with the sky and some clouds moving in background and some other moving pictures as well to spice it up           Kinda Redundant
Its really leggy and u cant even put the thing that holds it without u having to do 2 times but by the time u do it already is falling     Nope
I LOVE this game GREAT GAME One of the only games I ever purchased in the app store Worth it                 Great game
This game is very enjoyable and requires a lot of strategy and thinking a good way to pass time              Very enjoyable game
I just updated the app and whenever I go in I get to the loading screen the the menu but then I immediately close out I restarted my iPad but it still didnt work I deleted the app and got it again but it still didnt work I deleted everything in the drop down menu and the recent app section but it still didnt work Please help me                 Help
I wish I had looked at this versions reviews before I purchased this game It crashes a few seconds after it opens     Cant play

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