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Dorada Software Ltd , the publisher behind many iOS app (LED Power Meter (Optical Electricity Meter Reader) ,Speed Graph ,RSSRadio Podcast Downloader (iOS7 Edition) ,Dictaphone Voice Recorder for iOS7 ,Shared Calendar 2 (prev. Custody Calendar)), brings RSSRadio Podcast Downloader (iOS7 Edition) with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. RSSRadio Podcast Downloader (iOS7 Edition) app has been update to version 1.0 with several major changes and improvements. App release that improves performance, provides several new options.
  • Love this app for listening to podcasts while I'm out and about..
  • Love the download feature..

Overall Satisfactionc94
But I thing this must be the best podcast app I've used.
So much better than the iTunes podcast app.
Do you want the best iOS 7 podcast player.
Best improvement since the new IoS7 upgrade.
Best RSS manager I've ever used.
Better than the native Podcast App.
Fun & Engagingc88
I listen to podcasts all the time.
As someone addicted to podcasts.
Awesome podcast app.
Truly awesome app.
I have used this app everyday for years.
I use it everyday to listen to my favorite radio shows on my own schedule.
Ease of Usec62
simple app.
Updates & Supportc60
the initial iOS 7 version was a bit clunky.

It is still the best podcast manager and player by far. found in 15 reviews
I didn't have to restart the app or my phone. found in 2 reviews
Best podcast downloader EVER. found in 1 reviews
Efficient and functional. found in 1 reviews
Kudos to you guys. found in 2 reviews
import and export show files to other apps. found in 1 reviews
This version is better than the previous one. found in 1 reviews
This is a much better than Apple's podcast app. found in 6 reviews
So much better than the iTunes podcast app. found in 3 reviews
fully supports password protected podcasts including 1password support. found in 2 reviews
I have used this app everyday for years. found in 2 reviews
like "add to play queue " and "archive". found in 5 reviews
Must have for avid podcast listeners. found in 1 reviews
This developer supports the app well and updates when required. found in 3 reviews
Great for devices with limited capacity. found in 1 reviews
Great to organize your podcasts. found in 1 reviews
but now it deserves 1 or 2 stars. found in 1 reviews
The author is very quick responding to issues I find and report. found in 1 reviews
I would really like to see this added in a future release. found in 1 reviews
Deleting this app today. found in 1 reviews
Difficult to manage podcast subscriptions. found in 1 reviews
Podcasts don't download right. found in 1 reviews
Do wish I could skip forward in greater time increments. found in 1 reviews
Needs better delete and multi-part handling. found in 1 reviews
yet it is apparently no longer supported. found in 1 reviews
Quite good despite unintuitive UI. found in 1 reviews
Unfortunate update. found in 2 reviews
But the recent interface changes have mostly reduced the quality. found in 1 reviews
that an annoying splash screen pops up. found in 1 reviews
but when I searched for the app in the ITunes Store. found in 1 reviews
Poor design team that came up with this UI. found in 1 reviews
Not so with RSS: actions force navigation from one tab to another. found in 1 reviews
or it needs to be clearer if there. found in 1 reviews
but if it doesn't get better I will try something else. found in 1 reviews
horrible new UI. found in 1 reviews
Super buggy and crashes very often. found in 1 reviews
especially in the poor handling of multi-part podcasts. found in 1 reviews
Major step backwards. found in 1 reviews
Major Downgrade. found in 1 reviews
I don't want to manually delete old episodes. found in 1 reviews
Huge downgrade. found in 1 reviews
Frequently plain black screen when I launch. found in 1 reviews
Horribly unstable. found in 1 reviews

The RSSRadio Podcast Downloader (iOS7 Edition) is now available as a free download on Apple Store for iOS owners. The application is supporting different languages: English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese, Russian, Simplified Chinese, Spanish, Swedish. It weighs in at only 2.8 MB to download. The new RSSRadio Podcast Downloader (iOS7 Edition) app version 1.0 has been updated on 2014-11-24.
More Info: Find more info about RSSRadio Podcast Downloader (iOS7 Edition) in Dorada Software Ltd`s Official Website :

RSSRadio7 is currently available only in iPhone English, an iPad version and internationalisation are coming soon (RSSRadio has iAds and limited subscriptions, you can upgrade to unlimited subscriptions and remove the iAds with a simple one-time ...
Back up you files Share your pictures etc                 Dropbox speaks for itself
This app is just simply everything you need for podcast listening I thought mistakenly that Overcast was the only app with DSP smart speed Well this app offers all those features plus an EQ setting that I find useful for different voices in podcasts Plus this app has streaming with DSP affects video podcasting Im just shocked this app developer is that good Awesome job love it                 Awesome Replaced Overcast
This is by far the best app for podcasts The play queue is awesome works amazingly The ability to change the playback from X5 all the way up to X20 is nice sometimes 2 is too fast for some podcasts so its nice to be able to dial it back down to 14 or 15 Recommend this to everyone and recommend paying to get the full access to all features Keep up the good work guys                 Best app for podcasts
I love this app for my podcast                 Great app
It rocks Thanks                 Love it
Far and away one of the best apps for listening to all your subscribed and even unsubscribed podcast Support is given in a very timely manner without hesitation or problems I even once had the developer contact me directly to lend a hand with some problems I was having As long as they keep putting it out there I will always use this app for my podcast listening pleasure CEH III                 Excellent
I cant survive without this app and the new look and feel is great I upgraded immediately                 Just as good as the past version
I came here to finally leave a review but when I searched for the app in the ITunes Store it seems to me that there are two of the same app I am slightly confused by this since after downloading the second app they both look and appear to function alike Overall I like the app a lot The one thing that I keep noticing is that when I leave the app open for a long time it is my most used app that an annoying splash screen pops up              Two of the same app
Truly awesome app great customer support and nice regular updates                 My favorite podcast app
Great app              Excellent
I used the developers previous app for a long time long past when he released this new app That was a mistake This podcast app is vastly superior to his previous app which I loved and others that I tried out The interface with a bright or dark option is intuitive and attractive There are many choices for your default subscription settings and can be easily changed when you add a new subscription My current favorite recently discovered feature is auto queue which places a newly downloaded podcast into the current play queue This is a great app and I use it every day                 Spectacular App
Podcasts dont download right Ive had to delete and resubscribe to several of them loosing anything Ive tried to save and then it only works once or twice Podcasts do not archive when theyre out of date according to Settings New podcasts do not even show up on some feeds Your original version did not have this problem yet it is apparently no longer supported Ive liked your apps for a long time now but this is aggravating This is where a commuter like me can keep up on news world events when were out of signal range Please fix this           Problems
This app does a great job organizing my different podcasts and has been continually updated                 Great App
I have had this app for about 3 years or so but have been having numerous problems lately It has been buggy over the last several months with its recent upgrade I have the latest OS for my IPAD installed The problem I have is that the app will hang when the RSS logo display appears and I have to either reboot my IPAD or usually hit the home key to exit the app I was able to eventually use the app by turning off cellular service and WIFI connections I guessed that perhaps the database had become corrupt so I deleted the podcasts that were on the default playlists There does not appear to be any other way to delete downloaded podcast There were close to 4500 minutes available on the playlist so it took several hours to delete old downloaded podcasts that were no longer wanted After I deleted the large number of podcasts to about 75 minutes I was able to turn the WIFI on and also use cellular service to actually download podcasts again This worked for about 5 days or so but today RSSradio app is once again locking up on the RSSradio logo and NOT allowing me to get into the application and listen to my downloads Help information on RSSRadio on fixing problems is nonexistent from the support page for Dorado I would be interested if anyone else has had similar experience and if there is another Podcast download app that works any better I have been happy with this app for many years now but now am quite disappointed with its performance I would have given the app 4 or 5 stars initially for the first several years of use but now it deserves 1 or 2 stars I have numerous apps on my IPAD with no problems as I have experienced recently        RSSRadio problems
Great app Much better than the apple podcast app                 Thanks
Ive tried maybe a half dozen podcast apps My favorites were Apples Podcast app for ease of use and iCatcher for power user features RSSRadio7 offers the best of both worlds It stands out for ease of use polished user interface customization options and responsive developer                 Polished UI responsive developer
Been using this podcast app for almost a year now and big fan Two main features that I like are the silent skip and add single files Silent skip will let you finish a 60 min podcast in 50 minutes with no speed up at all Amazing I get a lot of hour long speeches off the web and very easy to just pop those into rssradio and add them to a playlist                 Great app that is constantly updated
This is definitely one of the best Podcast apps available for the iPhone Ive been impressed at the level of functionality built into such a clean simple app The easy access to a darker night mode matters to me I play the ESPN PTI podcast as when I lay down to sleep and other players are too bright Ive never cared for the icon weird how little things can annoy us isnt it but Ive found everything else to be near perfect                 Stellar
Powerful podcast app that is technically solid and feature rich The UI isnt as easy to understand as it could be with various settings and options hidden in weird menus and frequently used commands like download or play not as easily accessible as lesser used things like add to play queue and archive for example Still it gets the job done and has some perks like a sleep timer and the ability to browse by popularity by network or see what has been newly released              Quite good despite unintuitive UI
It took me a little while to understand settings Otherwise solid podcast app                 Excellent app
The DSP effects are very unique and a big part of why I like this app If you like to tailor each show to your listening preferences this app has the powers to do that with tons of automation like skip intros speed up remove noise loudness boost and a few other goodies Its a smart practical app The other reason I like it is that its been reliable and doesnt get bogged down and slowwhich I found is typical with other podcast apps Ive used There are a few minor issues like the speed you set the podcast to play at doesnt display correctly on the play screen and I wish that I could delete all of the downloads in a podcast all at once instead of having to do it one by one But overall I recommend this app              My Favorite Podcast App
Easy to use nice features and rarely crashes                 Great podcast app
Absolutely superb app Does everything I need and more I know this isnt really a review but unfortunately Im pressed for time You wont be disappointed with this app Ill tell you that                 Awesome app
This app is in a league of its own Full of functionally Well written No crashes Developer very responsive This app is well worth the money                 Nothing comes close
I got this app as a replacement for the crappy apple podcast app I have been happy with it ever since and went for the paid version to get rid of ads and get better features Kudos                 Great look and feel
I have used this program for two years for subscribing to dozens of podcasts It is the most configurable app I have on my device hands down Never crashes Always works The options to keep archive start at custom point to avoid opening bumper noise custom playback speed skip length forward and back make it totally cool to tweak how you desire to hear your shows Several options for sharing filtering by keywords to avoid shows by certain people or subjects is awesome I use this app nearly 247 Even go to sleep listening Cant even touch all the features I like about this app Im no shill I never review apps if they dont force me too This one is different If youre serious about RSS the premium version was one of the best spent purchases Ive made in the App Store Ever                 Best arts app
Get it              Great
Feature for feature this app has all the ones you need and an easy to use interface Podcast playlists made easy Auto download What else do you need This app probably does it Did i mention you can sync the playlist to iCloud without saving every file                 Best Podcast app on the App Store
Great app I highly recommend this app                 Highly recommend
Interface is easy to use while biking or driving Clean and simple but with great depth in the settings                 Great podcast app
The big thing for me is the hands off management I subscribe to feeds and then they get polled and added to my play queue automatically Then after its played it is automatically removed Completely hands off Works perfectly for my flow Thankfully the apple podcast app is such crap or I never would have found this gem                 Exactly what I want in a podcast app
Great for podcasts Can set preferences to only download when youre on wifi                 Great for downloading podcasts
Great app                 Awesome
Ive been using RSSRadio for a while now It is always kept current especially with the rare bug fixes While it contains a vast feature set there are new features being added when applicable It is very flexible when it comes to subscriptions RSS feeds organization playback and backup Highly recommended                 Continually proving to be the best
This app has actually had a huge positive impact on my daily life Yes there are several podcast apps which could deliver the same content and similar features but this one contains all the features I could want in one app Plus I appreciate how customizable it is                 Part of my daily life
Alway improving The best gets better Thats the long and the short of it                 My favorite only podcast player
Developer has been very responsive when contacted regarding issues As to new UI it is different and after using for a few days I prefer it to old UI Its less cumbersome and easily customized in settings Also the ability to set icon size is nice I enjoy the autoqueue and default capabilities I have a 20 something cast list and it handles it beautifully on an iphone 4S I like being able to set my own playlist The FAQ in settings was very useful to better understand most features                 Customer support
I love this app I listen to podcasts all the time This developer supports the app well and updates when required This is a much better than Apples podcast app I have used this app everyday for years I thank the developer for all his attention to this software                 Awesome
A really superior app Please add more touch gestures like double tapping to skip to the next item on a playlist                 Fantastic
Nice interface and easy to use                 Very nice
This has been my default podcast app since its stable loads quick The developer constantly improves to keep the app lightweight and takes suggestions on how to improve the app And heres the biggest kicker he actually took one of my ideas and had it working within a couple of versions No other app personally compares but to be honest I havent even bothered looking at the competition once I made this my default app Have not had an interest to since it works so well and controls so easily                 Default Podcast App
My only negative point is I havent figured how to integrate it with the Sonos                 Best podcasting app
I have used this app for a very long time Lately the banner ad is covering the volume button That shouldnt happen Its a good app otherwise              Ad covers the volume button
Despite the fact that the name is a bit of a mouthful this is far and away a MUCH better app than the native Podcast app for iTunes from the people who invented the podcast no less It is better at managing your history and makes skipping rebroadcast shows like NPR reruns during holiday periods a breeze The app notifies you when a new episode has been downloaded and even lets you start listening before they are done The play queue is great for driving because it makes it easy to just keep listening Best of all syncing to iTunes or updating the app doesnt ruin all your settings like Apples app does There are a few minor annoyances and such but none really worth mentioning mostly limitations due to the iPhones locked down nature              Better than the native Podcast App
Awesome app Easy to use and never fails Just the best podcast app Ive come a crossed                 Awesome app
Very good easy to use Nearly perfect great support              Very good
In the prior version the one with the blue icon you were able to add shows to play cube by simply getting a little button and can no longer do that Further now it adds every show downloaded to a play queue So I just downloaded 700 segments of a podcast all of which were added to the play Q when I only wanted to listen to about 10 of them This thing is really frustrating Unfortunately I cant download the old version which worked perfectly I upgraded to this version because when I downloaded iOS 9 the old version would not work any longer Then I paid the 399 to remove the ads and of course the ads are not removed Stay away     Latest version is many steps backward
It takes some time to get the feel of this app but once you do it is fantastic                 Great app
I waited for a while just to be sure about this app But I thing this must be the best podcast app Ive used Great to organize your podcasts The ease of use is great I could use it easily without having to dig around to figure things out                 Great
Very solid app even better if can allow pausing downloading from a channel or set a download folder size limit                 Solid App

RSSRadio Podcast Downloader (iOS7 Edition) News Ios7 EditionRSSRadio Podcast Downloader (iOS7 Edition) News Ios7 EditionRSSRadio Podcast Downloader (iOS7 Edition) News Ios7 EditionRSSRadio Podcast Downloader (iOS7 Edition) News Ios7 EditionRSSRadio Podcast Downloader (iOS7 Edition) News Ios7 EditionRSSRadio Podcast Downloader (iOS7 Edition) News Ios7 EditionRSSRadio Podcast Downloader (iOS7 Edition) News Ios7 EditionRSSRadio Podcast Downloader (iOS7 Edition) News Ios7 EditionRSSRadio Podcast Downloader (iOS7 Edition) News Ios7 EditionRSSRadio Podcast Downloader (iOS7 Edition) News Ios7 Edition

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