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Facebook, Inc. , the publisher behind many iOS app (Sound Clips for Messenger ,Facebook Camera ,Moments – Get the photos you didn`t take ,Riff – Make Videos With Friends ,Strobe for Messenger ,Facebook Poke), brings Paper – stories from Facebook with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. Paper – stories from Facebook app has been update to version 1.0 with several major changes and improvements. App release that improves performance, provides several new options.
  • Best UI design I've seen for an application..
  • Expect to read news in my larger screen ipad and mini..
  • I love the sleek design..
  • the combination of world news and private stuff is good..
  • Twitter feed wish..

Overall Satisfactionc83
So much better than the original Facebook app with his extra messenger app.
I enjoyed this interface a lot better than the regular Facebook app.
Could be an even better app with iPad support.
there is no ipad support.
Paper is the best Social Media app on the App Store.
Paper is the best thing to happen to Facebook since Facebook.
Pro: amazing UI and layout.
An amazing new way to view everyone's favorite time waster.
I have tons of friends who LOVE the new interface.
Fun & Engagingc76
FB Paper is awesome.
Really nice app with awesome UI and easy navigation.
Impressive UI makes it easy and fun to navigate on Facebook.
and everything Facebook really should think about being.
The best thing Facebook has done in over 3 years.
Awesome job Facebook you made something beautiful and useful.
Effortlessly Beautiful and Useful.
Social Aspectsc94
Paper is the best Social Media app on the App Store.
The most amazing social networking app ever made.
Best Social Networking App I have ever used.
Production Valuesc81
A little harder to navigate than a traditional Facebook interface.
How do you turn off sound effects.
and sound effects are always on cannot be switch off.
I have tons of friends who LOVE the new interface.
Streamlined and visually stunning.
I love the animations and the way that the app functions.
Ease of Usec91
Simple beautiful design.
I really enjoy the easy navigation and interactivity of paper.
This is a well thought out complex app that's easy to use and looks great.
Page's interface is beautiful and intuitive.
I love all the intuitive gestures.
Updates & Supportc88
Why Facebook won't make an iPad version is beyond me.
But when are you going to bring to the iPad.

a Facebook client with a gorgeous design. found in 8 reviews
I love the animations and the way that the app functions. found in 4 reviews
This is wayyyyy better than regular Facebook and I love it. found in 4 reviews
I really enjoy the easy navigation and interactivity of paper. found in 6 reviews
Seriously this is a breath of fresh air from a UI standpoint. found in 3 reviews
Far beyond what I ever expected from Facebook design wise. found in 5 reviews
I'm excited to see what future updates bring to this already awesome app. found in 5 reviews
Nice and New way to experience Facebook and other content. found in 16 reviews
It's amazing and I love the flow of it. found in 4 reviews
Awesome job Facebook you made something beautiful and useful. found in 4 reviews
It's more than just an alternative for the Facebook default app. found in 11 reviews
This actually makes the Facebook experience much more enjoyable. found in 5 reviews
very modern and specialy super amazing. found in 9 reviews
and a refreshing change of pace for viewing Facebook. found in 6 reviews
This is easily a masterpiece from the Facebook team. found in 20 reviews
I love the format and find Paper easy to navigate. found in 7 reviews
This is a well thought out complex app that's easy to use and looks great. found in 5 reviews
Paper blows the Facebook app out of the water in practically every way. found in 11 reviews
This app will turn the way you interact with Facebook upside down. found in 4 reviews
Much less junky than the original face book app. found in 5 reviews
Ohh yes download today & Delete your Old boring Facebook App. found in 8 reviews
Great app but fix push notifications. found in 3 reviews
You don't need to download facebook messenger to chat. found in 11 reviews
but it's just easier/more natural to scroll vertically between posts. found in 62 reviews
also why can't we tag friends in pictures. found in 19 reviews
but in the app I have no notifications or messages. found in 6 reviews
Anyone else having video playback issues
I still can't tag friends manually in photos or use auto-tagging. found in 37 reviews
I'm thankful they fixed the annoying sound. found in 3 reviews
Great app but notifications broken in iOS8. found in 15 reviews
I'm not a Facebook fan. found in 8 reviews
Just a little key and basic features are missing. found in 8 reviews
For instance you can't post pictures or search for friends. found in 13 reviews
Missing some key topics to choose from like "music" or "automotive". found in 5 reviews
but I wish you could edit comments and statuses from it. found in 15 reviews
but crashes every time I attempt to save to Instapaper. found in 10 reviews
Beautiful app to replace facebook app but needs ipad support. found in 22 reviews
Only giving 2 stars since push notifications are broken. found in 78 reviews
The news sections are all loaded with liberal propaganda news sources. found in 56 reviews
TIME pages are difficult to scroll down without closing the page. found in 7 reviews
Also there is no option to select most recent post. found in 26 reviews
similar to Flipboard in substance and presentation. found in 32 reviews
there’s no way to refresh it and get recent posts to appear. found in 35 reviews
However if you’re using the Facebook Messenger app as well. found in 31 reviews
Push notifications broken in iOS 8. found in 15 reviews
Unable to Delete Messages from Paper. found in 14 reviews
But now the push notifications feature don't even work. found in 78 reviews
Hate the voice guide auto play. found in 25 reviews
but it literally looks like poo on my ipad mini. found in 12 reviews

The Paper – stories from Facebook is now available as a free download on Apple Store for both iPhone and iPad owners.The application is designed for use in English language. It weighs in at only 56.6 MB to download. It is highly advisable to have the latest app version installed so that you don`t miss out on the fresh new features and improvements. The current app version 1.0 has been released on 2014-02-03. For ensuring consistency with the device you should take into account the following app compatibility information: Requires iOS 7.0 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. This app is optimized for iPhone 5.
Bottom Line: For more information about Paper – stories from Facebook check developer Facebook, Inc.`s website :

Explore and share stories from friends and the world in immersive designs and fullscreen, distraction-free layouts. Paper includes your Facebook News Feed and sections about your favorite topics. Browse stories from your Facebook News Feed ...
I have been using Paper since day one By far the best feature is being able to write messages without having to install messenger The UI is gorgeous and it rarely crashes But there are issues that still have been not addressed 1 Notifications Although I get notifications on my lockscreen I cant find some of them inside the app And I dont mean that I dont know where to find them they simply dont show up in the notifications tab There is also no way to mark a notification as acknowledged in order to get rid of it you have to open the notification 2 You cant edit your posts 3 You dont have the option to save videos nor do you have access to the ones you saved on the Facebook app        Many flaws
I have been using this app for awhile now and I love it It is so much better then the boring Facebook app I love all the swipe gestures and the fact I dont have to install a different app for messages I also love the different news sections especially tech Thank you Facebook for giving us an awesome alternative choice compared to the mainstream                 Love this app
An app that is meant for reading articles yet crashes every time you try to read an article And now you took sections away Close to becoming an obsolete app And I dont have the regular Facebook app installed And I wont install it So if I delete this app     A lot of potential
Whats going on Facebook have you stopped developing this app It is literally my favorite app and one of the best I talk it up to all my friends But now so many features dont work with the release of iOS9 links dont workof every kind Links to profiles websites etc fix please     Not working
It only took me a few days after downloading this app to delete the main Facebook app and use Paper as my default The UI is great I love the news sections and its much more enjoyable to use That said there are a few little bugs and features missing better photo management tagging better search Please dont continue to neglect this app           Love it but please update
Now it is time for update Paper cannot show comments in the comment It cannot use stickers and feeling in a status Please improve it           Please update
Ive used this application forever but Ive noticed bugs that havent gotten fixed and it really causes such frustration when using the applicationfrom pictures not loading to the application constantly freezing I really assumed Facebook would fix this app at some point but it seems like the same old problems Ive had ever since I downloaded the application Deleted it today when I tried to view a post and suddenly the app froze Quite upset with how much dedication and updating this app has gotten     Frustration
Update Aug 15 What happened FB What have you done From five stars Ive just demoted you ONLY FACEBOOK would screw something that was great Thanks for nothing This app makes FB mobile addictive Well done and organized Even people such as I that done really care for FB much anymore can find it useful reading news app Im shocked this app hasnt already replaced FBs boring interface        Much better then its regular FB app
The more I use it the more I like it Impressive Easy to navigate so far UPDATE on week 3 of using this and it is by FAR better to use than FBs Great app Definitely in my top 3 apps for social media Great job guys Thai is what FB should be If I were FB I would be all over this trying to buy it UPDATE Gong to ios8 kind of hosed a good thing Locks up and is real quirky at times Update Sometimes it shows maybe 10 posts and then thats it Also I get alerts saying someone responded to my posts I go to check the post and theres just no way to see who responded to my post Update This app just crashes now Not sure what happened here Used to be a great app           Excellent kinda
i love this app so much but cant use it in my iPad can you please release this for iPads too                 not available for iPad
This used to be a really unique app with great articles on the arts and city fashions etc but its all been trimmed out into something far more generic     Used to be great
There used to be a financebusiness section but for some reason Im not seeing it anymore that was the selection I read the most so Id like to see it come back     Topics pulled
You guys need to add a science section for things like space           Not enough of topics
I used to like getting a quick newsfeed on my Paper app But the selectionscategories of news have been changed and now barely include anything worth reading The arts and equality sections which were actually interesting have been replaced by LOL and family Ugh Please bring back real content so we can try to elevate the level of thought and discussion being exchanged on Facebook Everyday I scroll thru 50 boring posts about a YouTube baby spitting up food or picture of a sunset with a dumb quote on it We can do better Start by bringing back more interesting content FacebookPaper        Why did you remove Equality
I need to be able to edit posts and Id like to get notifications when I get a message At this point I cannot delete messenger because it lets me know I have a message Please add           Missing features
This used to be my go to news aggregator especially for Tech which Id open and peruse daily Recently Facebook reduced the number of sections and stopped regularly updating the stories to as little as one per day making this a poor place to read my news Go get Prismatic which asks about and then learns what I like and has tons of relevant content Sort it out Facebook     less sections content news updates
Paper reignited my interest in and use of Facebook when it first became available on iOS 7 To this day I havent spent more than a few random minutes in the standard app since Paper launched I would actually say its one of my most used applications for my iOS devices I love the sections feed which allows me to read actual news on Facebook and gives me routine updates from legitimate sources specializing in my chief areas of interest including science and politics However I am on the verge of deleting the app because of its absolute failure to evolve and because one social media outlet should not require every user to regularly run THREE separate applications just to get a well rounded feed a friendly interface and a private messenger Paper needs to make some improvements and Im not the only one who is ready to call it quits is some progress isnt made SOON This was once an almost unanimously 5star application Yeah it ganked some features from Flipboard and used the brand recognition of FB to horse in on that enterprises audience but thats business What bothers me and everyone else is that my home screen is full of Facebook apps I still cant edit posts my sections are edited without my knowledge or permission the touchy interface opens and closes stories all over the place responding to every motion that is even slightly directional and sometimes my posts just disappear while Im writing them Just poof Oh well I didnt really care about that tirade I poured the last twenty minutes into I kid People really do care about what they write and the loss of unrealized work is a feeling of universal suckitude that everyone can relate to So Im more or less done Just make it better or goodbye Remember that public opinion is all you have If we stop coming to FacebookPaper these apps lose all meaning and marketability and cultural significance You cant sell make money by selling adspace in an empty lot with dirty syringes all over the ground slam     Time to step up your game
You pulled all the news sections options that contained any information of value ie Art environment politics etc This app has zero value to me now Its disappointing to see that petty topics such as sports and pop life are still supported        Loved this app until
The news feed component of the app allows pictures of topless women to show up ex Miley Cyrus in Paper Magazine a few weeks ago and the current story on topless day in NY I guess thats fine if you click on the story it is the internet after all but I dont need it randomly popping up on my phone     Better Settings
This app was the best I would use it more than my Facebook app but with recent updates certain sections were removed I especially liked the cute section but with so many sections removed I have no reason to use this app anymore I dont understand why certain sections were taken away It was so easy to customize which sections you wanted but I guess they wanted to customize it for you The app is still a unique way of using Facebook and some people may prefer it If you want a different Facebook experience then this app is for you Unfortunately this app isnt for me anymore     Updates ruined this app
I just started using this app again after about a year I use Flipboard now but remembered how awesome this app was Good overall but please add See this first personalization of my newsfeed        Please add new features
I really like this app usually but recently Ive been receiving notifications that are simply people posting a status or a new picture I dont think there is a way to change it in settings pretty annoying to get notifications like this and they arent even directed toward me like being tagged in a post or something this should be fixed           random notifications in recent update annoying
I recently found out why my phones battery has been terrible My Facebook app is using 80 of my battery in the background app refresh section EVEN THOUGH I had turned it off So far paper has been the cleanest overall alternative but I have some qualms Please add the ability to sort by most recent instead of top stories That is my biggest hatred of Facebook that I cannot default back to that option If Im missing something and I can do that its not easy to find Also please add the ability to edit posts and edit notifications inside of posts Sometimes I comment on something and it becomes a popular post so I end up with dozens of notifications I can turn off per post these notifications Other than that it is a great app              Please keep adding features
This is okay app but there are some problems need to fix And its really long time no update I dont know why           Needs some improvement
Deleted within minutes The newsheadline sources are a jokeonly have options from liberal unreliable sources like CBS LA Times and my favorite msnbc Really     Dont waste your time
This makes me believe Paper is nothing but marketing     Wont work with AdBlock app
Its a great app I love it as an alternative to the Facebook app Its unique and interesting to use and very focused on my content Its been a while since theres been an update I hope Facebook hasnt given up on this app                 Great app
Great app Way better than the original FB app Hard to believe Facebook hasnt really updated it since launch and hasnt even released a compatible version for iPad Whats going on                 Paper is Excellent
It hasnt been updated since March and Im wondering if its because Apple came out with their own news app and flipboard was pretty big too Paper is amazing and I wish Facebook would keep it alive                 Amazing App but
Good just doesnt beat Facebook original app I wish that Facebook has the design and little things from paper but still keeping it fast and easy              Good but not quite Facebook
I am changing my original review from when I first downloaded the app Finally a social app that has everything that Im looking for in the same place Runs so smooth I instantly fell in love Has facebook messenger and articles in whatever interests you have This is the best thing to happen to Facebook or social media as a whole Im addicted a MUST download FIX THE APP you have a whole team of brilliant minds and loads of cash Keep a team updating and fine tuning this app like you do the Facebook app updates every 2 weeks this app has a huge fan base and Im sure it will expand when the 6s comes out imagine how beautiful live photos will look please improve the app try new interest tabs Thank you              Stunning
I love this app But I have noticed that you cannot see all pictures someone has posted You have to log on to mobile or get on a computer to see all of the pictures in an album           Cannot see all pictures posted
Hey am just wondering why dont you include an option to stop a specific posts notifications after we comment because it still pushing a notification on others comments all the time so we get only one choice to delete our comment              Why
How come Facebook and Facebook messenger get updates constantly but this app hasnt received one in about 7 months Why isnt this app being worked on anymore     Updates
I have been a loyal Paper user since release Please update soon It is very difficult to read long threads on Paper because many users are using the reply to comment feature available on other interfaces When these comments are read on Paper the are just listed chronologically and does not make sense Please fix              Replies to comments
News sections disappeared over time and can only view Facebook feed now Dont need three apps this ONE was fantastic It allowed me to read external news message friends and post all in one Please give me back my UX freedom        Hoping bugs are fixed
Its better than the Facebook app but it could be a lot a lot better with some improvements such replying to comments etc If it was updated with some cool features Facebook app has it could be the kingqueen of all apps ever it could simply be the bomb     Could be better
Paper is so easy to use Smooth transitions and gets to the point very quickly Love this app                 Love it
Cant upload pictures I keep tapping the picture icon but somewhere between your app updates the functionality stopped working What happened Using iPhone 6     Picture Upload button doesnt work
This app is good enough to replace Facebook app just need some enhancement First please enhance the performance of open website it takes more time to open the same website between internal frame and safari Second please add function of modify post content thanks Third app is unstable after upgrading to iOS 9 please help to release new version compatible with it Thanks a lot              Good can be better
Facebook please keep working on paper it seems like your abandoning it This has so much potential but it seems like it was just an experiment to see which features you could implement in the main app           Please keep updating the app
Downloaded was flipping trough topics tech family food and then Gay Pride You must be joking No thanks I dont want to read about child molesting perverts Its absolutely foul and sick that they would put that subject in there What if a child puts this app on their iPod touch or iPad Promptly deleted Ive just about had it with Facebook anyhow and Im just one of 20 million that have deleted there account this year You support pedo gays I dont support you     Disgusted
cool application better than usual Facebook application                 Great app
I downloaded the Paper all almost immediately after it launched in early 2014 Conceptually it was literally everything I could have asked for Visually it was a breathtaking gem that truly revolutionized the social media medium I deleted the original Facebook app the same day have exclusively used Paper since a decision I became even more proud of once FB spared Paper users from me being forced to download Messenger However I am at a complete loss at how Paper has so magnificently fumbled management of Sections a core function of the app providing broad access to news sources thus differentiating it from competitors I loved Paper for its ability to keep me abreast of national international news business enterprise news tech news in addition to other tailored interests But then sections started disappearing the rate at which existing sections updated with new content seemingly decreased Why were so many incredibly vibrant diverse sections summarily deleteddiscontinued across the board From a communications standpoint why did the FB Paper team think that it would be acceptable to make this announcement with such a simplistic and unthoughtful posting Dear Enterprise Reader Dear Ideas Reader etc Since at least June 2015 the creative direction of this app has taken a turn for the worse it is deeply disappointing I want Paper to have the resources needed to resuscitate it from this place of neglect a status quo that it never should have descended to in the first place     Paper The Devolution of a WorldClass App
I hope this app gets as frequent updates as other two Facebook apps App needs several features from main Facebook app PLEASE THIS IS FAR BETTER THAN APPLE NEWS APP ON iOS 9 Roll out frequent updates and features or bye bye I will go to apple news              UpdatesI switch Apple News
You need to add edit post It freezes a lot mostly once I post a photo I have to exit and clear the app from the background if I want to continue to post more photos But add edit post Its annoying thats why I gave 3 stars or Id give 4 till you add edit post and more editing capabilities Hey maybe you guys can add Bible as an extra news feature to add to sports earth ex ex Peace I like Paper Since I first tried it I didnt go back to the FB app and thats when Paper REALLY was far behind needing to badly do updates So you guys are almost there AND YOU GUYS have to add the same microphone option you have available for the message inbox You know how you could speak into the mic Well I think its about time to add that feature for the general status updates so instead of writing we can speak and just say what we are up to If you finally add the extra editing modalities that FB has which Paper is still lacking along with a Mic option for the status updates then Paper will be a 5           Ill write a short critic4now
I am really glad Paper is on iPad The interface of Paper is so much better than regular Facebook I am however really disappointed that you removed some of the best sections What happened to the one with the amazing images Really miss it           Great that its on iPad where are the missing sections
The edit post option and I want to see most recent stories its a good app for reading but not posting           Great but missing
The best part about Paper was the sections The best ones are gone now If they take anymore out Ill consider deleting the app           Missing sections
I love the concept of this app however it can be buggy at times Also newsfeed content arent updated that fast as compared to facebook app           Great comes with flaws

Paper – stories from Facebook Social NetworkingPaper – stories from Facebook Social NetworkingPaper – stories from Facebook Social NetworkingPaper – stories from Facebook Social Networking

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