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Dynadel , the publisher behind many iOS app (Lease Miles ,SMS Messenger ,OvuLite ,Baby Gender ,Fertility and Ovulation ,Phony), brings Ovulation Calendar with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. Ovulation Calendar app has been update to version 6.4 with several major changes and improvements. App release that improves performance, provides several new options.


The Ovulation Calendar is now available for $2.99 for both iPhone and iPad owners.The application is designed for use in English language. It weighs in at only 10MB to download. The new Ovulation Calendar app version 6.4 has been updated on 2014-11-26. The Apple Store includes a very useful feature that will check if your device and iOS version are both compatible with the app. Most iPhone and iPad are compatible. Here is the app`s compatibility information: Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iPhone OS 3.0 or later.
More Info: Find more info about Ovulation Calendar in Dynadel`s Official Website : http://www.ovucalendar.com

The Ovulation Calendar helps you determine your fertile days of the month, so you can either achieve or avoid pregnancy. The calendar is based on the date of your last period, the average Period Length ...
Wish I had not spent 5 on this There ate better ones out there Save yourself the money     Not a good app
Not every woman is 100 regular Thanks for nothing     Sorry I wasted the money
I have had this app for almost a year I was attempting to give it the benefit of the doubt Through all the various updates that have been made over the past few months there has not been a great change in the function of this program Womens periods can sometimes come early late just because Thats nature and this app should be able to adapt to that fact but it doesnt Anytime my cycle varies from their prediction it completely erases any information that I had stored previously Ladies just save your money and go to WebMD because apparently these developers are never going to get it right                 Not Worth 500
Ive used this app for about 3 years now I like it because it is user friendly but there are a few things that could be done to improve it The bbt chart should show by your cycle not by months because usually it is split between 2 months so you dont get a good picture of all the temps together for the one cycle The bbt chart should also show somehow where you got a positive opk test Those would be 2 big improvements that would make it better Im considering switching apps just because I need my chart to be better for me to look at and my doctor to evaluate and its kind of hard to do that when one cycle isnt all on one screen But other than that its great for anyone not really needing the bbt charts           User friendly
Does not work for women with irregular periods please try to update not everyone is regular We also need to keep a record for our irregular periods     Irregular track
While I got pregnant the second month I used this app in 2011 Im now frustrated with the fact that if you have varying cycle lengths it changes everything in your history to that new cycle length which does not at all give you an accurate history if you are trying to track This needs to be fixed           Does not support varying cycle lengths
I deleted it off my iPhone cuz its useless     lame update
This version is terrible not friendly and the option of gender was missed really this is not an upgrade it was a mistake     Last version was better
I paid 5 dollors for this app WHY For the price of it it should be way better Does it even save data or be able to put notes I like to see inprovments on this application before I change my rating on it        Could Be Better
Dont buy this it is was to much money for the crap you get     Do not buy
Is it true that I can not customize my period duration for each cycle Was this developed by men     Seriously
Please add capabilities to retrieve history when updating software     Updated to ios 5 version and info deleted
Im still waiting for an update Is there any hope in my future     Still waiting
I agree with the ladies It would be nice if it would record your past periods and allow for some irregularity It would also be great if it could learn from your history and give a broader or smaller range of nono days for the people who doesnt want to get pregnant                 Needs to store history
Can you update this app to have selections for a shorter luteal phase Some people have 10 day luteal phases and can still conceive Thank you           Update with shorter luteal phase please
The whole reason we bought this was to track when to concieve a boy I updated and now the option is gone I want my money back     Bad update
Right after going off birth control I purchased this app Im not pregnant and I havent even been using the app for a month I cant believe how accurate it is                 Im pregnant
After 2 months of using this app I bought an ovulation kit it matched my most fertile day to the same day the app predictedwith that my husband and I knew which days were our best day to conceive and I am now happy to report that I am pregnant                 This app really works
The application often calculates menstrual cycle incorrectly     Incorrect cycle calculation
Used the first version ALL the time would have given it a strong 4 stars I was excited for the update but now it wont even open Please help figure out this problem 5 is an expensive app to just look pretty on the home screen UPDATE Seems the same company is marketing a new app that has the same features Wish they would fix the original rather than making of inoperable Scam     No longer opens
This app was great at first Then I started having many problems with it First I tried to change my cycle from 35 days to 28 and the future predictions wouldnt reflect the change I tried everything I ended up getting pregnant I dont blame the app for that and havent used it in a while Now Im trying to set my cycle back to 28 days and it keeps crashing So over the app     Downhill fast
This update erased all my data Update is awful and confusing Please bring the other back I paid 6 for this and am not satisfied     Awful
Fix it or give me my money back This app used to rock till the weake update     Lame
They killed this app with their updates so you can buy their newer app Greedy people     Updates corrupt app
This app is so convenient and works My husband and I conceived on our first try following the ovucalculator calendar                 I am pregnant
put a reminder in your calendar same effect wasted money     no functions no use
I had regreted purchasing this app a month ago but the update has made it much more useful for me Worth 5 now              Thanks for the update
I love this app Love the boy girl symbols I use it was pregnant once miscarried used it again I am pregnant again Also the second time used it along w baby centers ovulation calendar they were the same w an ovulation test it was right worth 5                 Love this app
When I bough the app it was terrific They they radically changed the app so that it is not suitable for me and it also wiped out my data It looks as though Dynadel has a separate product that is identical to the older version that I knew and loved and at the same price Why did they have to update it And why couldnt they have updated without wiping out my data     NOT what I bought
So my husband and I have been trying to have a baby for about a year not hard but trying I bought this app 2 months ago I repeat 2 months ago and I just found out Im pregnant on Christmas Im 5 weeks 4 days today and due August 29th Cant wait to see if the gender will match up Once I find out Ill let everyone know                 BEST APP EVER
I like the interface but was disappointed to learn it does not keep a history Without a history you cant tell how regular you are if you accidently entered in a date wrong or several other historical type things Having used Women Mobile on a Nokia phone in the past I guess I just took it for granted Visit their web page for more info that might help you determine if this is for you        Nice Interface but
GREAT App Now I dont have to record on paper Next time you do an update would you shorten the Luteal Phase I ovulate just before menstruation Thank you for a COOL App                 Luteal Phase
I bought this and have been using it without success to get pregnant I just ckecked 3 different medical websites and the time of ovulation is all wrong No wonder Im not conceiving     Dont buy it
Guys I had this app for over a year and here are some of the biggest challenges I have and unless they change that its A waste of money 1 Does not back up your data Meaning if you get a new phone all your data is gone 2 Does not sincronize with the computer app Wich is such a shame because I spend over 10 getting both and they dont sink so there is not reason to have this two platforms 3 My period has never ever been in the date or length it was predict 4 Has not have any big updates in months 5 Cost to much for been so bad and not been able to provided a account that store your data 6 The developers could be making lots of money by creating a email data base while proving the people te option to have a profile 7 missing the option of summarize your periods to show the doctor 8 missing graphics Hope that helps     Dangerous app waste of money
Ive been on birth control for awhile now so my periods are pretty regular So I have not really experienced the downsides that someone with an irregular cycle has with this app I love the look of this FREE app It gets the job done for me     Great App
This app is easy to use and has a great interface but as detailed in many of the other reviews it has some serious limitations cannot deal with irregular cycles loosing data slow to load One I cannot understand is why can the data not be exported the graph feature in the app is useless so i found my self having to keep temperatures on both the app and my laptop Save your 5     Desperately needs a data export feature
I downloaded it Saturday and I was pregnant by Monday Lesson ladies do a preg test before you waist 5 wish I had                 It worked
I have no clue why they updated this application Its horrible I thought updates were suppose to make things better not worsethe update made tuis application difficult to use and pointless Wheres the gender predictor Thats the whole reason I bought this applicaion Also the calendar was much easier to read befor the update I would not recommend this applicaion to anyone unless they change it back and I hope they do     Update killed It
Its a nicelooking application but needs to be able to account for women with irregular cycles enter history etc Also for those trying to get pregnant would be cool if we could note when attempts were made o           Good start needs much improvement
Is true that it might not work with women with irregular cycles like me but I still went ahead and got it hoping that with an update it will improve It needs to store a history and the ability to store events specially when woman use the temperature stick or saliva microscope to check for fertile days I record those in the iPod calendar So far is accurate with the fertility days given by the ovulation calendar when checked with the other methods I use           I know it will get better
This is the 1st review Ive written and its only because I care I really like this app but need it to be changed a bit to accommodate for my irregularity My cycle lasts 38 days and it only goes to 34 I am hoping that this can fixed cause I really want to get pregnant On a positive note I looked at many other similar apps and selected this one because of its design and ease of use I really like the app Please help              Please help
Please give back the earlier version that showed the days not to do it     Update ruined the use of this prg
Needs much work     Marginal
I really do like this app better than all the other ones out there I felt the price was a bit much however it was the one I decided would be best for me However password protection is definitely needed on this app I have personal info in this app and I dont like the fact that anyone whos checking out my iPhone can tap in to the app and check it all out Please add password protection              Password protection
Has a lot of symptoms to choose from so it is pretty helpful However User should be able to add in other symptomsetc There should also be an option for when sex occurs more than once Wish it would load faster              Ok app
Great to predict cycles Used this app and conceived on first try                 Ovulation calendar
This app is good but only for someone with regular periods If your slightly to extreme irregular this is not for you Wont work        Needs work
This app must have been made by a man Its difficult to change the length of your cycle on this app and it doesnt update automatically if your cycle changes Dont buy this app you will have better luck using a free app     Made by a man
Cons I have a 40 day cycle but I cant imput that because this POS app doesnt allow a cycle beyond 34 days Also I hate that I cant customize how long a period was for different cycles Some periods can be shorter than others and the app creators need to realize this Pros Simple and easy to use I like that its not overy cutesy or flowery It will also predict your next periods and ovulations which is nice and will even tell you when the best time to have sex is if you want a boy or a girl which is fun if youre trying to concieve           Period length doesnt go beyond 34 days
Definitely worth the money I got pregnant my second month off the pill I bought an ovulation kit the first month as well adjusted the luteal phase to make the dark green day match the day that I got a happy face on my ovulation kit The second month everything matched the ovulation app calendar and bam Pregnant We are waiting to see if the gender predictor is right or not but Im only 8 weeks so we have a bit of a wait Two of my friends have downloaded this app on my recommendation Buy it                 Perfect App

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