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The New York Times Company , the publisher behind many iOS app (NYTimes Real Estate ,NYT Cooking - Recipes from The New York Times ,NYTNow ,纽约时报 T杂志 ,NYTimes Election 2012 ,OpenPaths), brings NYTNow with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. NYTNow app has been update to version 1.0.1 with several major changes and improvements. App release that improves performance, provides several new options.
  • Beat news aggregation..
  • And it's extremely user friendly..
  • digestible way to peruse the Times' massive selection of articles every day..
  • Excellent selection of stories..
  • Nice way to get headlines..

Overall Satisfactionc78
There are a lot of aggregate news apps out there.
I can't recommend this app from my favorite news source and.
The app has changed the way I read the news.
Fix it so we can read the news.
Thank you NYT.
Fun & Engagingc50
Delivering relevant and important information to keep you up to date.
Easy to stay up to date with current happenings.
Tells you everything you need.
Production Valuesc52
& Cool New Interface.
Ease of Usec100
Easy to digest information.
timely and easy to digest.
Simple and smart.
now slow and buggy on iPhone 5.
Updates & Supportc49

The best news app for iOS. found in 2 reviews
that every reading app should have. found in 2 reviews
from the #1 most respected news source in the United States. found in 12 reviews
Replaced all other news apps. found in 1 reviews
last thing at night. found in 4 reviews
s the fastest way to get caught up on what you need to know. found in 3 reviews
Tells you everything you need. found in 1 reviews
The app offers quick updates on what's going on around the world. found in 2 reviews
Easy to stay up to date with current happenings. found in 7 reviews
Delivering relevant and important information to keep you up to date. found in 11 reviews
Somewhat Boring. found in 2 reviews
but Today widget needs work. found in 3 reviews
Been out for a while and still no iPad optimized version. found in 1 reviews
Buggy on iOS 8. found in 1 reviews
Before the recent loading issues. found in 3 reviews
Constantly freezes when updating content. found in 2 reviews
Notification widget not loading most of the time. found in 1 reviews
But the bugs make it unusable at times. found in 2 reviews
Please add an option to change font size. found in 2 reviews
And many times new stories never even load. found in 2 reviews
the Notification Center widget is a complete disaster. found in 8 reviews
Frequently I'm unable to scroll through a story and it freezes. found in 17 reviews
recent updates have made the app slow to load stories. found in 2 reviews
the concept is great but the execution is lacking. found in 2 reviews
Frequently freezes --or long waits for loading. found in 2 reviews
Add to that the constant freezing and reloading when scrolling through articles. found in 2 reviews
now slow and buggy on iPhone 5. found in 2 reviews
But it's basically unusable because it takes forever to load new content. found in 2 reviews
Scrolling freezes for seconds at a time making the whole experience annoying. found in 3 reviews
I've subscribed to NYT Now since it was introduced last year. found in 4 reviews
it blocks the main thread making it impossible to scroll. found in 3 reviews
Can't read using IPhone 6 Plus. found in 6 reviews
There's no way to browse sections. found in 5 reviews
I removed the app from the notification center. found in 8 reviews
But the current performance on my iPhone 6 has been unacceptable. found in 24 reviews

If you are iPhone and iPad owner,you now can download NYTNow for free from Apple Store. The application is available in multiple languages: English, Bokmål, Norwegian, Czech, Danish, Dutch, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Russian, Simplified Chinese, Slovak, Spanish, Swedish, Traditional Chinese, Vietnamese. It weighs in at only 5.8 MB to download. It is highly advisable to have the latest app version installed so that you don`t miss out on the fresh new features and improvements. The current app version 1.0.1 has been released on 2014-04-02. The Apple Store includes a very useful feature that will check if your device and iOS version are both compatible with the app. Most iPhone and iPad are compatible. Here is the app`s compatibility information: Requires iOS 7.0 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. This app is optimized for iPhone 5.
Bottom Line: For more information about NYTNow check developer The New York Times Company`s website : http://www.nytnow.com/

Introducing NYT Now from The New York Times, a new way to get caught up on the most important stories of the day. Featuring the day s biggest stories, summarized by a team of editors in ...
Due to the many pop ups that take over the screen reading articles becomes a tedious time consuming and frustrating experience        Nearly Unusable
I want to be able to save links to Pocket or Instapaper Im surprised this isnt a feature           Pocket
Pretty good replacement for Circa Desperately needs an iPad app              Replace
App works well and I use it everyday Not all of the stories are NYT calibre journalism though And I suppose thats the only downside Theres also a lack of diversity with points of view in the articles I suppose I should be happy that I agree with most of the opinions of the editorialized articles but I do miss NYT giving us a a variety of perspectives Many articles are a good readbut hardly legit journalism Still I do enjoy this app           More diversity of opinions please But good overall
Im 15 years old and I use the nyt app every day Every article is interesting and has something to offer Also its free Can you believe that the most prestigious news source in the world is giving its news away for freei hope they can afford itI just love the New York Times My goal eventually is to get a job at the New York Times If they are still in business I went to New York last summer and I visited the Times headquarters I just hope that it can adapt and survive in the digital age                 Best
USA today lets you expand photos on iPhone This app does not My subscription money is not enough           I subscribe paying s and cant enlarge photos
The new free version is less pleasant to use than the older version The size of the ads plus the occasional large banner on opening the app proclaiming it to be sponsored by delta are intrusive and lame The app remains very slow Also the integration of nytimes articles with articles from other sources where before they were in a separate feed takes away what I liked about the other articles All in all a big downgrade I would prefer to go back to paying and may just stop using the app        Used to be better
Not what I was expecting not many articles no real way to organize or sort by category Incorporates other news sources but not in a way that is immediately clear or from sources I necessarily want I will probably delete this app     Not very good
This is one of the best ways to get your news on an iPhone They have done a great job of presenting the articles in a smooth easy to navigate format And its free                 Great news app
Great app but videos played inapp dont rotate so they cant be viewed fullscreen        Fix videos
This app is amazing By far the best news app right now Always displays interesting articles and has never had a performance issue on my iPhone 6                 Best news app for iPhone
I absolutely love the Night Mode setting on nytimescom and I would really appreciate it if the developers added that option to this otherwise wonderful app as well              Night Mode Please
I like it           Good
Im currently in college and find it difficult to catch up on all of the events happening around the world But having this app allows me to quickly see the worlds events without much of a time commitment Good job NYT                 Great Modern Day News Source
As a journalist I think of this app as not only a great source of news but as an indispensable tool of my trade The Morning Briefing is the first thing I read every morning and I love the alerts it sends for breaking news which has meant being the first to know about everything from the legalization of same sex marriage to the recent Volkswagen scandal I also love that the apps editors curate great stories from other publications and in turn expose me to great journalism outside the Times This app has made me a much more informed and present person and I cant wait to see how the Times continues to iterate on it                 Wonderful
I was informed these articles were handpicked by editors of which comprised of an article of Kardashian taking a selfie with Hilary Clinton following coverage of a Republican debate No world news appeared as well I dont have to elaborate on the lack of informativeness this app provided I quickly deleted it and returned to rummaging the NYT website as before        Frivolous articles
Have Several NYT apps as well as online and actual paper Tried this app Headlines TOO big Pictures ads too big Lotsa unneeded scrolling to get to the info Could be better           Good idea but
I really enjoy the content presented but the latest a update has caused the delta intro screen to show up multiple times after the first launch and for the entire app to have a roughly 50 chance of locking up after I exit out of an article     Latest update is infuriating
The layout and the navigation of the app is great its easy to scan headlines and the 2line summary then read what youre interested in With the new update however theres more content from outside sources Unfortunately its changed the balance of information from international political and science news towards entertainment and gossip Im going to switch back to the regular ny times app for the sake of quality content        Love the app hate the content
This is definitely one of my top three favorite appsand I have a lot of apps I open it at least twice a day great variety of stories love the mini crossword puzzle And its free                 Love This App
Currently I am a senior in college and dont have that much time to watch the news or pick through articles to read Because this app picks the most important articles to read for you its quick and easy to see whats going on in the world Love this app so much                 Best News App for Students
I love the design Its minimal but has the content right there for you I love the days in review All around awesome app and design                 Awesome app
Love the nyt now app Use it all the time The latest version has two frustrating features 1 Love the daily briefings on photos but sometimes cant swipe away the text to reveal the picture or advance to the next story The app requires enough space to swipe it away and sometimes it is difficult to find the space Please make it easier to see and remove the text overlay on the briefing photos 2 Sometimes the daily briefing morning and evening have bold face of interesting stories but no way to link to more info or longer stories Some stories I want to get more info on Please add a link to the longer story Thanks Otherwise five stars But those two features really bug me           Great except for two things
Great design                 Great app
Seriously are we in 2nd grade large type and silly pictures This app needs to grow up and remember who the Times readers are This is an insult     Simplistic
It is great to be able to find all of the top stories from the New York Times in one spot without having to sort through the whole newspaper on those super busy days However the thing that keeps me coming back twice a day is the best of the net They come up with gems from all over the web                 Best of the New York Times and web in one app
In NYC this app is too dumb to be able to recognize when it is connected to Verizons LTE Nobody needs more untested alpha garbage like this     Too stupid to know when it is connected
A seriously well done app One of the few I use daily                 Well Done
Provided you get some true balance elsewhere ie NOT Fox this app is a great way to catch both breaking news and interesting articles The size is just rightyou cant get lost literally or figurativelyand theres a diverse selection of articles some from outside NYTimes Just remember the editors have their politicultural biases and enjoy                 Most useful news app
Great app for getting just the top headlines I like that it only posts a limited selection of stories so Im not overwhelmed with things to read I get a brief glimpse of what is going on                 Beautiful design great content
Wonderful distillation of top news They seem to be tweaking it and making it better over time Thanks                 Great App That Just Gets Better
Ive already got what I consider two of the best news apps AP and NPR Both come without gimmicky bells and whistles and best of all both fully cache all of the stories for offline reading AP app is expecially fast at loading for offline This NYT app is a scaled down version vs their web version and all the articles do not fully cache for offline reading Plus the scaled down list of articles is very similar to main topic articles in AP andor NPR I rate a 3 star and have deleted off phone           Not bad but not impressed either
Cant even select a tile in the mini crossword Super annoying     Crossword is broken
I love the format I love the quick focus on what is relevant day to day I find myself going to it at least twice a day for clear concise news delivery                 A great news source
I use it every morning                 Great app
Now when I go to look at the app I see a sponsored ad first before the articles show I would rather NOT read articles from here than see AD banners or billboards of ADS all in the app     SPONSORED ADS SCREEN
New update doesnt work with Instapaper share extension           Buggy
NYT has a great simple app design The NYT Now editors do an excellent job of sharing worthy news stories most of which come from outside the NYT This app and these stories are worth your time                 Good curated news stories
This app is absolutely fantastic I have no time to read long news articles but I very much like to keep up with current events and trends in concise and simple language An occasional laugh or smile caused by a unique story is an added bonus This app is the perfect solution for me and its free too Cant do without it Thank you NT Times                 Phenomenal Fun News Source
Love it Visually stunning expertly curated and if youre not a subscriber dont worry Its free                 Beautifully Crafted
I check in daily usually morning and evening Although I turned off notices of breaking news I did try it I found that it truly alerted me for the big stuff and only the big stuff I just did not need notices Great news overview No complaints at all                 Excellent
Dear people who built this app you nailed it I love how seamless it is to access the articles vs jumping to webother appsome other place I love the microinteractions Those blue dots and the way they disappear are the best And mostmostI love the way you punctuate each news briefing with a Thats it No infinite feed I know Im done for now That feature is amazing This is a perfect app for I need twenty minutes to read the news so I can chat by the water cooler So many virtual high fives coming your way I love it                 Nailed it
it is the best news app ive seen so far                 perfect in function and looks
Please add Apple Watch support for daily brief summary                 Apple Watch Support
The content is still good but it was much better when the service cost 799 per month Also please make sure an outside link has a mobile friendly website           Was better as a paid service
I love the content and the notifications when important news is published and Im not bothered by it being a truncated version of the main site I get that thats for subscribers only I do find it strange however that when you go to share an article it only shares an image of the article not the written content What is the point in that           Great for reading not for sharing
Ambitiousundertaking is right I use this NYT product everyday for the simple reason it is relevant brief and a perfect balance to the weighty content of the daily NYT                 UNUSUAL PRODUCT
This app has all the news you need to know in a nicely curated list Bitesized information with links to full articles should you wish to dive in deeper The quality is topnotch and appears to be refreshed throughout the day                 Sleek innovative news app

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