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Shuksan Software, LLC , the publisher behind many iOS app (NOAA Radar US+ - SuperRes Level 2 Weather Radar and Forecasts ,Dual Radar US - NOAA Weather Radar, Warnings and Forecasts ,NOAA Radar US), brings NOAA Radar US with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. NOAA Radar US app has been update to version with several major changes and improvements. App release that improves performance, provides several new options.
  • Storm tracking is a must when we're out filming..
  • It's Great for real time radar and current precipitation..
  • I am a Commercial Airline Pilot..
  • I never know when to expect rain in the summer..
  • Better than any other weather app I've found for an accurate radar picture..

Overall Satisfactionc91
super fast and very accurate - the best radar app out there.
This is the best weather radar app I have found by far.
This app is one of the best weather app I have used.
I love being able to see weather as it approaches from across the country.
This is by far the best and most accurate weather radar out there.
I love the zoom from state size to neighborhood.
I like NOAA's radar better than TWC or others.
the ability to have more frames.
Good simple app but needs more frames.
Fun & Engagingc87
This is the best radar ap I've used.
Best weather Ap I have ever used and seen.
the ability to have more frames.
Good simple app but needs more frames.
Lot's fun and great immediate information.
I keep my eye on the weather all the time.
Would recommend for someone looking for a quick and up to date radar.
Not up to date radar it's useless for me.
Helps me plan motorcycling trips on a daily basis.
With kids spread all over the USA I use it almost every day.
Best weather Ap I have ever used and seen.
Gives up to date info and great for following severe weather.
I use this app frequently and it is very accurate and helpful.
I'm in the northern Catskill Mountains & was really helpful during Irene.
Enjoy app use it everyday.
Production Valuesc96
This one has excellent graphics and amazing accuracy.
This app has excellent graphics.
Easy to use and good visuals.
good visuals.
Ease of Usec92
Easy to move around the country and zoom in & out.
Simple app that does what it claims.
Very good display and easy to manipulate.

This is the best weather radar app I have found by far. found in 305 reviews
I ride a motorcycle and this app gives best info on southern storms. found in 11 reviews
Best radar app out there fast accurate and reliable. found in 11 reviews
Most reliable and up to date weather radar I have found. found in 12 reviews
super fast and very accurate - the best radar app out there. found in 674 reviews
updates quickly also Use it to track storms during inclement weather. found in 75 reviews
This is the best wx radar app thus far. found in 19 reviews
one of the best radar apps in the App Store. found in 26 reviews
it's all there -- a great app for planning outdoor activities. found in 36 reviews
I love being able to see weather as it approaches from across the country. found in 19 reviews
This is one of the best weather apps on the market. found in 21 reviews
Went to radar composite and made changes there. found in 51 reviews
It has kept me dry while on the golf course. found in 14 reviews
This is the beat radar app I've seen so far. found in 23 reviews
Use it several times a day especially during storm season. found in 9 reviews
Fabulous for outdoor activities I use it all the time. found in 35 reviews
This is an excellent weather radar application. found in 41 reviews
Highly valuable tool for boaters with instant update on weather conditions. found in 12 reviews
NOAA Radar - Accurate & East to Use. found in 33 reviews
It's still the best for the most accurate & up to the minute radar images. found in 62 reviews
Would be very useful for aviation users. found in 3 reviews
quick load time and accurate. found in 6 reviews
Poor mans in- flight radar. found in 2 reviews
Very quick loading with a short history loop. found in 17 reviews
This radar app is fast to load and easy to use. found in 4 reviews
Whenever any type of weather is coming or near by. found in 24 reviews
Often says can't connect to Internet when Internet connection is fine. found in 9 reviews
OK but wish it could filter out ground clutter. found in 8 reviews
Great when a storm is coming to the area. found in 6 reviews
Freezes during active storms. found in 2 reviews
Good simple app but needs more frames. found in 4 reviews
The warning boxes are my favorite feature. found in 17 reviews
Very nice but could be a bit more comprehensive weather resource. found in 2 reviews
Not working shows no storm patterns help maybe I'm missing something. found in 5 reviews
The color coded warning system is nice too. found in 4 reviews
Would like to see water vapor. found in 2 reviews
Very good for seeing when the rain is coming. found in 7 reviews
I really like that it shows severe warning areas. found in 8 reviews
I think that a remove clutter button is badly needed. found in 3 reviews
there is no option to remove clutter. found in 3 reviews
Don't understand why map shows rain using various sizes of rectangles. found in 3 reviews
Ruined By Apple Maps. found in 2 reviews
When you open the app it doesn't show the political map. found in 1 reviews
Useless in Alaska and Hawaii. found in 2 reviews
No hurricane coverage. found in 3 reviews

If you are iPhone and iPad owner,you now can download NOAA Radar US for $0.99 from Apple Store. The application is designed for use in English language. It weighs in at only 1.5 MB to download. The new NOAA Radar US app version has been updated on 2014-11-26. The Apple Store includes a very useful feature that will check if your device and iOS version are both compatible with the app. Most iPhone and iPad are compatible. Here is the app`s compatibility information: Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iOS 4.2 or later.
More Info: Find more info about NOAA Radar US in Shuksan Software, LLC`s Official Website :

Now with severe weather warnings Want to find out if a thunderstorm is headed your way? Or if it`s going to rain soon? Or do you just want to unleash your inner meteorologist? Then give NOAA ...
Quick reference Essentially the first app I go to to assess the weather situation Controls and menus are easy to use Updated to keep current Overall a success                 First App I go to for weather
When all your other weather apps disagree trust this one Sometimes predicted storm boundaries may be a bit inaccurate but only slightly A keeper                 The Best
This app has very quick response times and exquisite explanations for video overlay choices Bravo Best on ease of use Reliably provides a fast response of the weather picture                 RadarUS
Just an effective functional app                 A useful tool
Useful app to keep up with ever changing weather conditions in the Midwest                 Like this app
Would be nice to have for that vacation to Hawaii or Alaska Other than that a nice app Radar seems to show less data this year in my area Pennsylvania than some other apps but maybe it is my settings in the newer version                 No radar data for Hawaii or Alaska
Love this app Straight to the point My family relies on this anytime the weather looks badThe only improvement that I could see would be the radar lag time is a little slow but other than that awesome app                 Life saver
This is the best app for weather radar and maps I use it more than any app I have I find it quicker than google for locating an address a city or a lake I cant recommend it highly enough                 Radar and More
I use this app while boating to keep an eye on approaching thunderstorms and squall lines Its also advantageous while riding my Harley                 Excellent APP
Im finding that this app is a great replacement for the local weather report My area is rarely discussed or even shown on the local report which focuses usually on Orlando and points east And I can check the weather radar anytime day or night and decide instantly whether to walk outside or in the gym                 Sorry Tony
Very easy to use and dependable Other services are all over the board but this one tells it like it really is Hard to believe this is a government owned entity Which the rest of the Feds were as accurate and trustworthy                 Very dependable map
Crashes constantlyworthless     Crfman
Ive used lots of weather apps for local weather over the years But RadarUS has been there through it all Its the only weather radar app youll ever need                 The Best Weather Radar
Very accurate at times has 1 minute past radar Ive used this app for nearly three years and coworkers come to me to find out if when and how long rain will last Nobody mentions the complete world map which Ive used while driving to try and miss flooding or head through open storm areas This and the full radar and forecasts from noaa full web pages are the mainstay for planning the dayevening                 Excellent
If you live in an area that has thunderstorms you need this app Weather depictions are clear and easily understood Weather warning areas feature noteworthy                 Must Have Safety Tool
They show up on iPhone 5S and iPad but roads dont show up on iPhone 6 Not very useful without knowing where you are        Maps arent working right on iPhone 6
I bought this app about 6 months ago and seemed to be an accurate app but in just two months it is never accurate and never has an update Dont waste your money     App is junk
Ive had this app for 3 years now and its the best whether app on the market                 5 stars
This is my goto app every day now for storm patterns Love this                 Great App
I use to see if it is going to rain and how long it will last Also like the no ads More for the in the moment weather tracking Very useful if that is what you need                 Great app very useful and fun to use
Does everything a weather radar app should do plus it loads quickly and is stable                 US Radar
I use it on my motorcycle trips lets me know whats ahead of me                 Very good app
I have about a dozen weather radar apps and this is hands down the best Amazing map with the clearest and most accurate storm tracking                 Amazing The Best
I like to see the weather across the whole country This app is great for that Also shows storm warnings                 Radar is great
We live in Tornado alley This app is so awesome                 Great app
Yay                 Great
As an avid outdoors person trucker and sports enthusiast having this radar is crucial and it works very well                 Great app
Since I discovered RadarUS it has been the app I rely on for watching storms in Texas The other apps are second rate compared to this It loads extremely quickly                 Fast
Better radar than the local news apps have                 Much improved
Id love to have the option to specify how many minutes or hours back to include in animation or a way to input a start datetime end datetime              Animation Options
Very happy with this app compared with others I have tried in the past It loads promptly and provides accurate easytointerpret information                 Great app fast and accurate
Best weather app                 I love it
This program works very well I use it every time I go out I live in Florida and the weather is constantly changing                 Good radar app
I like this app a lot I love that I can see the storm tracking towards me so I have an idea whats really coming vs what the local weather forecast predicts for the area And its fun to watch too when you can look at whats going on at other places                 Entertaining and useful
It is 100 reliable and accurate I use it every day even when I travel You can predict rain almost to the minute A very useful app One of the most often used apps I have                 A Great App
Good warnings                 G
Ive used this app at least 2 years Its very easy to use                 Pedro
Love it I use it all the time                 Five stars
LOVE the app but could you have it so you can see the lightning strikes If you do that i will rate 5              Needs some fixes
I travel a lot and this app has been most helpful Its the most accurate and the easiest to use                 Helpful with travel
Best radar app hands down There is about a 25 minute delay but is the best Works alive the world                 Awesome
Great app Loads quickly and provides accurate info Like the viewing options and the ability to look at future weather models Highly recommend                 Go to weather app
Here in stormy Florida thunderstorms happen almost every day this app is perfect for having a quick look before heading out the door to see if you need to take an umbrella The zoom is an excellent feature and I enjoy being able to see the entire US weather pattern at will                 Solid app use it every day
Love it It has been my go to radar on my 4 4s and now my 6 I like the new features                 Great App
As a pilot and simple weather guy its great to see base radar that shows the actual precipitation that is hitting the ground Too often many are confused by composite radar which shoots higher and may indicate precipitation or intensity that may not actually be hitting the ground So this a great app for seeing the weather actually occurring an that may effect your picnic              Great weather app
I ride a motorcycle Ive had other apps predict no rain And when I open this one it shows a storm moving in This app has saved me from a soggy ride many times                 Clear Skies
I have a number of choices but use this almost exclusively especially when I hear thunder My goto app for weather on the Gulf Coast                 Go to app
Great app It works and is so easy to use Great resolution                 Awesome
Great app shows clouds right above my house and really gives you a good idea how storm will be                 Spot on
Very accurate Seems to provide more detail than others Worth the minimal cost                 Top Notch

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