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Yiming Shen , the publisher behind many iOS app (iCare · 吃药提醒 -- 关心最重要人的健康 ,福 · Fu 2013 - 蛇年春节贺岁 ,iDaily · 2013 年度别册 ,每日星座运程 · NowNow 闹闹的女巫店 HD ,周末画报·iWeekly ,中文摄影杂志 for iPad · PhotoMagazine), brings MyWeather - 10-Day Weather Forecast, Realtime Temperature & Widgets with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. MyWeather - 10-Day Weather Forecast, Realtime Temperature & Widgets app has been update to version 1.0.1 with several major changes and improvements. App release that improves performance, provides several new options.


The MyWeather - 10-Day Weather Forecast, Realtime Temperature & Widgets is now available as a free download on Apple Store for both iPhone and iPad owners.The application is available in multiple languages: English, French, Japanese, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese. It weighs in at only 23.0 MB to download. It is highly advisable to have the latest app version installed so that you don`t miss out on the fresh new features and improvements. The current app version 1.0.1 has been released on 2015-09-03. For ensuring consistency with the device you should take into account the following app compatibility information: Requires iOS 7.0 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. This app is optimized for iPhone 5, iPhone 6, and iPhone 6 Plus.
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MyWeather is a beautifully crafted weather app providing you with realtime temperature, AQI, 10-day forecast and accurate time-trend. Powerful weather forecast, covering 50000+ cities. Specially for iPhone & iPad, multiple well-designed themes. = Special Feature = ...
The app works great but push notifications do not 1 since the last update I have not been able to receive SunriseSunset notifications Im also requesting that these have the exact time shown in the notifications text 2 Daily forecast notifications are showing incorrect dates usually by the previous day though the notifications are set to alert me early on in the day where the forecast SHOULD be for the current and not previous date as well as late in the evening where it should be showing the NEXT days forecast not for the current day Id like to see these issues fixed The app is showing promise but needs more work           Notifications still need work
Its got a nice clean interface and everything is organized well I just wish there were an option to change the time format to 12hr              Enjoying it so far but a suggestion
Since Im in college and have random classes spread throughout the day I like to know the weather by the hour This app lets me know extended hourly forecasts to give me an idea of what to expectbring The themes are an added bonus that brings cuteness and the watch app works great as well                 Wonderful
A very nice app that has the basics down and is very easy to understand and use Also they are very helpful and fast with the feedback option Thumbs up to these guys Good work                 Sweet and simple
I love the look I love the themes I like the layout and the little graphs and the hourly temperature breakdown I thought that having the current temp available as a notification was brilliant But none of that matters because the temperature info is always wrong Like 810 degrees off So Im deleting it for now But maybe Ill try back in a few weeks maybe theyll update And for the record I live in Las Vegas so a very large famous city not Smalltown        Soooo cute but worthless
Love this beautiful elegant UI                 perfect
Love the interface of this app and the ability to change themes Hope more themes comes out Dont have a problem with connection at all so not sure what others are talking about And lastly this isnt a big deal because my job uses 24clocks but it would be nice if the developer allows different clock formats Other than that its a great cute app                 Great app with a great interface
符合我对天气类 App 的所有预期                 很好用
Super amazing weather app                 AMAZING
You should add settings I noticed its using military time and we should be able to change it to 12 hr time                 AWESOME but
This app has the best looking compact widget to check the weather in the Notification Center Unfortunately the temperature shown is way off most of the time Tomorrow will be 80 its showing 57 Maybe somethings wrong with the Fahrenheit conversion When its fixed Ill be happy        Great widget Inaccurate weather
Even a small towns weather can be expected I am in Morges Switzerland                 great
I love this app So beautiful and cool My favorite feature is that the widget can have location services off I wish my widget would change to Fahrenheit instead of Celsius                 Love the widget wo location services
Cant get it to work for current location I always get the above message Otherwise great design I wish it worked Will change review once fixed     Whoops lost touch with the Weather Station
Its horrible iOS 7 crash bug when start the app Dont working    
I want to use it but it will crash unless I update it to iOS 8 in which for some reason doesnt work on my phone     Never opens
Found my city ok but would only say whoops can load It also cannot find your city by zip code Update 992015 App now displays the correct information for my area but I do not find that it offers anything special It is missing a radar function           Could not connect to weather in my city
I like the simplicity and the graphics and I was pleasantly surprised when it notified me not to go out without my umbrella I am enjoying My Weather              This has become my fav weather app
This is a GREAT weather app I just downloaded this about 10mins ago My city was NOT on the list of cities to choose from I NOTIFIED THE COMPANY RIGHT AWAY I am NOT KIDDING within LESS THAN 2 mins the developers emailed me they told me MY CITY WAS NOW ADDED TO THE LIST BEYOND EXCELLENT CUSTOMER SERVICE Thanks for this app PLEASE PLEASE let us have the option to change the TIME from MILITARY to 24HOUR                 EXCELLENT WEATHER APP
I installed this app looks like its everything I was looking for in a weather app I got to the point where it tells me to enable my location and thats where it stopped whoops lost touch with the weather station really Ill keep trying but Ill delete it if it continues        I hope to love it When it decides to work
This app is beautiful but it never displays the correct weather which is irritating The        Beautiful app but inaccurate
App Needs a larger font and the ability to switch to 12 hour format for time overall not a bad weather app           Not a bad start
This app could not make contact with my locations weather information and I never could get any information of any kind about local weather etc I got Paris New York and London even Dubai but they could not find my town in the State of Maryland And the name they assigned to my home location was a name that Ive never heard of In other words I was told I lived in a town with a completely wrong not even close name of a town where did they get that Ive never heard of and when I manually entered the correct name of the town they could not make a connection with any information about the weather forecast etc locally Back to The Weather Channel It may not be the most attractive to look at but I can get a weather forecast     Failed to make connection weather forecast not possible
What a lovely weather app                 Cute app
只是啊这个图标总觉得伞有点难看像素点觉得怪怪的                 真的很完美
设计很漂亮内容细节也安排得比较有用不过运行的时候手机比较热              很漂亮
求改变主logo风格现在看着不太严谨              求改变主logo
UI挺好看的不过紫外线好像有点不准widget有周预测很喜欢              还不错城市很全
The weather is not accurate the badge for AQI does not work Push notifications does not work        Needs work
Its a small piece of app and only has very simple functions but I like the way it shows the weather which makes you feel the beauty of life              Cute Sweet
Honestly when I decided to download this App I felt like that its just an weather App with its beautiful UI design and thats all But soon I found myself wrong It not only has the beautiful design but has the powerful features as well Like the Notification Center it provides different widgets that make me clearly know which one is what kind of information that I need And they works a lot on details I think it the most powerful and beautiful weather App Ive ever used Good beginning                 Its all about amazement
This is my new favorite weather app I love the themes It works great now Thanks for the update                 I love it
Nice app Thanks                 Nice
Thanks for the update                 Very cute weather app
As a product designer I got this app thinking it had a very cute and lovely UI I learned the hard way how bad the weather forecasting in the app was MyWeather told me it was going to be a high of 64 degree Fahrenheit in San Francisco When in fact it went up to 89 degrees Fahrenheit today The other weather apps on my phone had the correct temperatures     Weather is not accurate
This is a beautiful weather app with a highly customisable layout                 Absolutely Gorgeous
Interesting design and sharing options Nothing particularly new as far as a weather app goes but the interface and design are pleasing An option to pick the time format would be nice           Interesting Weather App
Failed to update no weather Looks like its primarily there to sell other apps     Did not work
Its been the same temperature for 72 hours Yeah they added my town but not sure its recording my towns data Its at least 10 degrees F off from my thermometer outside and at least 5 F off of forecasts from my local TV station           Good app but
Very good and friendly app                 Cool
Doesnt somebody test the app before its released Let me answer that for youNO Pathetic piece of programming     Doesnt work
I downloaded the app and was dying to use it but it wont even start     Wont start
Nice                 Da
Unable to find my citystate and cant hold a connection Worthless app     Poor connection
Initially it took a while for the app to connect and find my location and weather Im not sure how long it took because I put it away for a while But the next day I checked and everything was all connected The design is clean and uncluttered and I love how cute and simple the different themes are I think if the developer ever wanted to expand the app a radar would be a neat feature but for me this nofuss app is just perfect                 Super Cute Weather App

MyWeather - 10-Day Weather Forecast, Realtime Temperature & Widgets WeatherMyWeather - 10-Day Weather Forecast, Realtime Temperature & Widgets WeatherMyWeather - 10-Day Weather Forecast, Realtime Temperature & Widgets WeatherMyWeather - 10-Day Weather Forecast, Realtime Temperature & Widgets WeatherMyWeather - 10-Day Weather Forecast, Realtime Temperature & Widgets WeatherMyWeather - 10-Day Weather Forecast, Realtime Temperature & Widgets WeatherMyWeather - 10-Day Weather Forecast, Realtime Temperature & Widgets WeatherMyWeather - 10-Day Weather Forecast, Realtime Temperature & Widgets WeatherMyWeather - 10-Day Weather Forecast, Realtime Temperature & Widgets WeatherMyWeather - 10-Day Weather Forecast, Realtime Temperature & Widgets WeatherMyWeather - 10-Day Weather Forecast, Realtime Temperature & Widgets WeatherMyWeather - 10-Day Weather Forecast, Realtime Temperature & Widgets Weather

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