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2K , the publisher behind many iOS games (Bioshock ,XCOM®: Enemy Within ,WWE SuperCard ,WWE 2K ,NHL SuperCard ,NBA 2K15), brings My NBA 2K16 with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. My NBA 2K16 games has been update to version 1.0.151961 with several major changes and improvements. Games release that improves performance, provides several new options.


If you are iPhone and iPad owner,you now can download My NBA 2K16 for free from Apple Store. The application is available in multiple languages: English, French, German, Italian, Spanish. It weighs in at a hefty 228 MB, so make sure you have plenty of free space on your iOS device. It is highly advisable to have the latest app version installed so that you don`t miss out on the fresh new features and improvements. The current app version 1.0.151961 has been released on 2015-09-30. For ensuring consistency with the device you should take into account the following app compatibility information: Requires iOS 7.0 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.
More Info: Find more info about My NBA 2K16 in 2K`s Official Website :

The companion app for the award-winning NBA 2K franchise is back, with MyNBA2K16. Packed with awesome new features, MyNBA2K16 makes it easier for you to stay in touch with your console version of NBA 2K16 ...
Its addictive but yall gotta fix the VC The whole point of this game is to earn VC when Im not around my system           Fix the PSN signin
The entire reason I play this is to get more VC for my actual 2k game I logged in through PSN hoping it would connect my VC to the game but as I turned on my system it is not there Can anybody help              How do I transfer VC
Needs some work Especially with the psn or xbox sign in It will load but the screen is frozen and i wont be able to type I have a brand new iphone 6 And its not a problem with my phone Sometimes the sign in wont even load So please try to get this fixed as soon as possible           Needs alot of work
Its more of the same from last year with a couple of fun update which is fine However its buggy right now Its annoying that I have to sign in to the system Facebook andor Game Center every time I launch the game It appears it not saving my credentials Needs to be fixed before I change my review They also changed how you get credits honestly its just a money grab now It used to be fun but now its terrible Ill only use it to get my free 2k VC Shame CD shame on them     Needs to be fixed
Signing a pro player is much more complicated this year and has ultimately made the game worse in a sense You should only have a contract and two of the same player not some wild cards or three of the same player The game is generally very fun and addicting but the creating a pro player should be altered to or similar to last years app              Great game and app but somewhat confusing
Login screen forever loads or freezes and forced out of game     Cant login to psn
Have been unable to login to my account Wont play until I am able too log in     Cant log in xboxone
Cant log in with my xbox account so I cant even use it FIX IT     Cant log in
After my first 5 star review I am now unable to log in to my PSN account 4 days running 4 days with no bonus VC Click ps4 doesnt let me type in info though     2nd review
The game is a good game but it is impossible to make a pro card Why do you need a wild card a contract and 3 of the same card to make a pro Thats ridiculous You should only need a contract and 2 of the same player for a pro              Good
Overall the game is good except that when I try to login for Ps4 to get vc it freezes or loads so long Please fix that but overall good              Cant sign in to Ps4 to get vc
I am entering my information for my Microsoft account and it says Failed to log into platform every single time Fix this as I want VC     Mobile to Console Broken
SnapchatRattie677 psnbandgangrattie TwitterMprmarcus                 Add me on any site
Once its fixed Ill rate it better but how am I supposed to rate an app if I cant log into it     Cant log in on my 6s
Can t sign cant play     Can t sign in Using iPad 128 Gb
I cant get my vc for nba 2k16 on xbox one it says the account is being used by another account even though I have a different account from my brother we have different logins so 2k come out with a update or else Also it says error11           Mehh
Every time I try to log in to my service Xbox it wont let me get in sighn in        Wont connect
Enjoyin it no problems really                 Pretty good so far
I dont think its saving my VC and transferring to my xbox Please hurry and fix this        Annoying right now
I used to love myteam mobile but it keeps getting more complicated and that ruins the game for me MyNBA2K14 was the best and the last 2 games havent come close     Go back to 2K14
Please fix this The game concept is awesome but the sign in features dont work half of the time I signed in with both FB and Steam and neither of which gets recognized to receive rewards This needs one heck of a fix     Crappy sign in procedures
This app would be great and worth playing if I could actually login to my xbox live Please fix this problem ASAP or Im deleting the app        Cant log in
Cant sign into my PSN account Screen freezes everytime Wish I could give it a better rating but I simply cant use the app Maybe its because I have an iPhone 5     Freezes
I cant log in most of the time Too annoying I keep getting error 70 or some type of error Not worth the headache        Too buggy
It wont let me sign in to my psn account it will just freeze or load forever     Cant sign in
Its not letting me connect to my psn account and has some minor bugs can you fix this Overall game is really fun          
The only reason I got this game was to get the free Vc and I cant even do thatOnce you select your platform to sign init lets you do it but when u press Nba 2k16 it doesnt workLast years version was so much betterThe card game is though       
It would be great to use this app because the 2k15 helped me out a lot with the VC but I cant seem to log in to my PSN without my phone freezingEVERYTIME I know the apps probably greatjust isnt great for me right now Please fix     Wish I could use this app
Awesome                 Best game ever not bad better than any other basket ball game so ya
My earned VC from the daily card pick isnt showing up in My Career on my PS3        DONT SEE EARNED VC ON MY PS3
This app is useless it wound let you sign in your console account     Cant sign in
They should rename this app Waiting on Network because thats all it does Unplayable     Waiting on netwrok
Terrible game Instead of a card game please give us ACTUAL BASKETBALL to play if baseball and soccer and football can do it SO CAN YOU     Horrible
It wont let me log into my Xbox live account which is the main reason I downloaded this to get VC for my My Career        Logging into Xbox Live
The worst app ever You dont get to play or get any coins unless you have Xbox live Worst game ever created They need to make it free     Terrible app
Ok so this will be my first review for those that want a honest one ill keep it short as possible SEASON Takes way too long Longer than 2k15 id say Rewards not very pleasing First place reward 1 card 750 RP CHAT Immature people kids Foul language Just like any other chat in most apps Suggest not to even go there at all AUCTION HOUSE Impossible to win a bid unless its available to Buy Now When trying to bid the last 30 secs it will not count your bid BUGSive come across Some crashes here and there Background music will cut off or have a static sound not often this will happen When biding last minute in a auction a pop up message showed up saying bid didnt go thru and still took my RP points so be careful happened to me once but thatll be in my next review Other than those minor problems Its still playable and i will keep playing as its just beginning im sure there will be plenty of updates and bugs will be fixed at some point just give it some time MyNBA2k16 brings a fresh start with more additional abilities and more in depth with your cards when upgradingtraining them new stats on the players and good deals on card packsthrowback thursdayrookie stars etcid say give it a try Dont forget you can always delete it if its not your cup of tea I would give it a 5 star but to me a 5 star would mean a perfect app win no problems at all Sorry for the chaosspelling i hope my review helped somewhat              My First Review EVER
Good game not a fan of the process to t make a card pro though I have a ton of contract cards and match players but cant find any wild cards to fill the other two spots Waiting for 4 of the same card just to combine is impractical          
The App appears to be upgraded based on menu detail but I havent played any matches because I want to connect MyPlayer My Account to make VC The PSN signin option freezes and prevents me from typing on my iPhone 6        PSN signin FAIL
I cant login in to the game It freezes every time I try to login with PSN The game I will assume is great because previous versions were however this one needs work so far           I am giving 3 stars based on previous versions
Needs to have some events and this game really needs all the cards back like stars and playoffs           Good game but missing things
I play on Xbox 360 and it says Im signing in but the Vc Im wining doesnt transfer to my console           Vc for 360
When i try to sign into psn the screen freezes and i cant put down my information     It wont let me sign into psn
I like how you can view you MyCareer MyGM MyLeague and stuff like that but I wish you could manage that stuff Not actually play the games but sim them or maybe do some trades in the MyGMLeague modes App would be amazing if you could include these updates           Update suggestions
Every single time I open the app I have to click the Xbox button to sign into my gamertag Make this auto log in noobs     Fix the log in every time issue
Free vc                 Good way to get extra vc
Cant sign in Played the game before and loved it Now Im not earning any VC because I cant sign into PSN     Would be nice to sign in
This game is overall fun but it still needs some improvement Making a card pro is really confusing It says to combine a card you need a max out card of the card you want to combine the same card and a contract This confused me a bit Also the season uses all 3 lineups I personally think the season was better when there was 2 lineups and a resting lineup Finally the game is confusing I like how simple it was to level up your player the MyNba2k15 it was simple On the other hand MyNba2k16 is confusing There are multiple things you can upgrade which is really confusing and training a player takes forever This game has some awesome features though The auction house is out on release unlike MyNba2k15 which had the auction house come out midway through the NBA season You also dont have to pay to put a card up on the auctions There are mini rewards you cam do like collect 3 rare players Overall the game is fun but it lacks some requirements and improved on stuff              MyNba2k16 is on the same level as MyNba2k15
Love the game But its not transferring the VC I win on the app to the Xbox game that I have of 2k16 Please fix Im missing out on a lot of VC              VC isnt transferring to Xbox
Every time I go to the Sony screen to log in it just freezes        Cant login to my PSN account
Very great game but I tried to place a bid on a card and it wont let me play now Maintenance error              Error

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