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Boreaal , the publisher behind many iOS app (LetterSchool ,LetterSchool Lite), brings LetterSchool with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. LetterSchool app has been update to version 1.0.1 with several major changes and improvements. App release that improves performance, provides several new options.
  • One of the best apps for toddlers..
  • I have tried many alphabet apps for my 4 year old..
  • this is the best app for kids to learn the alphabet..

Overall Satisfactionc90
My daughter who is four years old loves this.
This is definitely one of the best educational games I know.
My daughter loves this app and it has helped her tremendously.
My boys love this app.
Both my soon to be 3 & 5 year olds love this app.
Fun & Engagingc95
Awesome educational app.
It makes learning to write fun.
never getting bored.
Now he's addicted to it.
and it's just fun all around.
" I even had fun taking it for a test drive.
Family Friendlyc94
this is the best app for kids to learn the alphabet.
The kids are hooked on handwriting.
a fantastic app for this Homeschool family.
Production Valuesc100
The graphics and animation are so fun.
Beautiful images and cute animations.
Updates & Supportc83
great customer service from this company.
try the LetterSchool Lite version - that's what it's for.

My boys love this app. found in 2 reviews
It was well worth the price in my opinion. found in 1 reviews
There are three fonts the teacher can choose from: Zaner Bloser. found in 3 reviews
Great learning tool for my daughter. found in 3 reviews
My 13 month old loves it. found in 2 reviews
Awesome educational app. found in 3 reviews
Great letter tracing App for preschooler. found in 2 reviews
and I recommend it for parents to use at home. found in 2 reviews
This is the best tracing app I've found by far. found in 4 reviews
This app is soooo cool. found in 1 reviews
You can choose between fonts and also between upper and lower letters. found in 6 reviews
uppercase and lowercase letters using three levels of difficulty. found in 2 reviews
My 3 year old niece LOVES this game. found in 1 reviews
5 year old's favorite "game". found in 2 reviews
This is definitely my favorite app for young children. found in 2 reviews
This complements the handwriting without tears curriculum at his pre-k nicely. found in 8 reviews
the Oo doesn’t start at the top but rather off-center. found in 1 reviews
But it's not an app for phonics really. found in 1 reviews
one little problem. found in 1 reviews
If the letter name was repeated more often. found in 2 reviews
if I could change one thing. found in 1 reviews
If the developer can make this change in the settings. found in 1 reviews
Any idea how to fix this. found in 1 reviews
iOS 7 doesn't supported. found in 2 reviews
good with one problem. found in 1 reviews
but he's still basically on target. found in 1 reviews
Cool App but it stopped working. found in 1 reviews
But when I upgraded my iPad the app became frozen. found in 1 reviews
If they fix these few bugs it would be perfect. found in 2 reviews
Problem using on iPhone. found in 1 reviews
Couple of bugs but great ap. found in 1 reviews
Only problem is the app randomly loses sound as if muted. found in 1 reviews
It says it's no longer available. found in 1 reviews
Please release an update that fixes this bug. found in 1 reviews
but ever since I upgraded to iOS 7. found in 2 reviews
Please update to support the new iOS. found in 1 reviews
Was an awesome app but now it keeps crashing. found in 1 reviews
DOES NOT WORK ON iPhone 5s. found in 2 reviews
Extremely frustrating to pay for an app that's a dud. found in 1 reviews
It crashes at opening every time. found in 1 reviews
A ton of crashes with iPhone 5S and iPad Air. found in 2 reviews
please fix this and I will change my review accordingly. found in 1 reviews

The LetterSchool is now available for $2.99 for both iPhone and iPad owners.The application is designed for use in English language. It weighs in at only 25.9 MB to download. It is highly advisable to have the latest app version installed so that you don`t miss out on the fresh new features and improvements. The current app version 1.0.1 has been released on 2014-11-24. For ensuring consistency with the device you should take into account the following app compatibility information: Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iOS 4.2 or later.
More Info: Find more info about LetterSchool in Boreaal`s Official Website : http://letterschool.com/

An amazing, intuitive game to learn all about letters and numbers: writing, counting, phonics and more. "What a fantastic job these developers did This app is a great addition to your kid s toolbox for life" ...
Son loved your appdid an update now there is no sound Please fix     Disappointed
I have had this app since April 4 of this year and have already seen an improvement in my 3 year old daughters letter writing skills So wonderful She loves the game and I love that I can see which letters she had finished I do have a suggestion though add the option to write their own name                 Excellent
My daughters almost in tears that we cant run LetterSchool now Choosing 50 of the letters immediately crashes the app here are the letters that crash A C E G I K M O Q S U W Y 13 letters out of 26 and every other letter in the alphabet Again this crashes on three different devices all running iOS7 Dont buy until is this fixed     A ton of crashes with iPhone 5S and iPad Air
My grandsons love this app But it stopped working months ago It crashes as soon as we touch the screen when the music stops I operate it on iPad Air 2 if that matters Finally deleted it to stop the tears and tantrums Hope it gets fixed soon Was great while it worked        Stopped working
Not worth 499 More like 199 Good for children learning to write and fun to look at but its too easy For the price should have levels once its finish with writing letters and numbers it should encourage to write words Or maybe asked how many is on the screen and you should be able to write to correct count Well The free app was worth it Thats all Just wish theres more to it           Good app But
My boys love this app Would you please make one for cursive writing also It would be amazing                 Love this
My son is 7 and has special needs this app is the most fun of all the handwriting games weve tried Hes using a stylus on the ipad with this game now that weve been playing it for awhile I wish it had the ability to turn off error sounds and all sounds off and step 1 only step 2 only step 3 only my son figured out how to cheat Other than that its perfect                 Great app
This is one of my alltime favorite apps for my students to practice handwriting It is too bad that the price has been raised so much This app was 199 last year Now at 599 it is too expensive for me to purchase for my classroom set of ipads I wish that the price had not gone up so much What a shame              app has gotten too expensive
I just purchased this app for my toddler its so much fun to see how he enjoys playing with this app Really well done                 Great app
Mission accomplished kids are learning and the Tracing feels like PLay so well done                 Educational and great design
Love this app so much Is there a cursive version anywhere              Cursive
It could be great if it worked Keeps crashing right after clicking on a letter Extremely frustrating to pay for an app thats a dud     Keeps crashing
Crashes after pressing the green arrow This is unacceptable since we paid for this app Prior to this problem my daughter age 5 loved this app and it has improved her handwriting and love of it immensely Very disappointed please fix this and I will change my review accordingly     Crashes now Fix this unacceptable for a pay app
Needs an update Crashes on my 5s as soon as I press on a letter Please update     Crashes on 5s
Im a schoolbased OT It both cracks me up and horrifies me to see the complaint that this app is restrictive in how it makes children write the letters THAT IS THE POINT I guess it has been so long since children were actually taught that there is a way you are supposed to form letters and not just draw them however you can figure out yourself that people have forgotten there is any such thing Anyway this app is so inherently motivating to many children that it can get them to really work hard at learning to control their movements and learn to form letters when games promised rewards modeling by peers cheering by adults etc failed It has some magical draw that makes children keep wanting to work on it And I love that you can set it to Handwriting Without Tears style letters I agree about the Lefthanders though There should be a way you can switch it so that you can form the horizontal lines righttoleft And I wish it didnt keep it from working properly if you stabilize the side of your hand down on the screen while writing but that is a complaint I have with every tabletbased visualmotor app                 Love this app
So I have a 2 year old who knows his letters upper and lower case and most of the phonics associated with it Heres the rub I dont think letter ID and sounds at 2 is important at all I teach kindergarten so I have a skewed wordview We worry WAY too much about literacy in this culture and start kids way too early So whereas most parents would be pleased at how smart their kid is I see it more as a scatter skill that brings him great joy But hey who am I to argue with a 2 year old                 My 2 Year Olds Opinion Obsessive Love
The graphics and animation are so fun Im not sure my kids realize they are learning I really like how my kids can try writing the letternumber and they will be given several tries and then arrows to guide them if needed This app seems well thought out with what is appealing to kids without being over the top Hope the designers will create more apps                 Worth the money
This is by far the best app to teach your kid handwriting Each letter offers a three step process to learn the way to write them The animations are great and varied keeping my 3 year old interested                 Best handwriting app
I have always loved this app since I got it for my daughter who was 2 at the time Im pretty sure she learned to write her letter on this game It has always worked great but since the update and change of the icon it has been crashing every time my kids turn it on Theyre disappointed and wed love to have it back My son is 3 and has learned to form his letters from the app as well Please fix it              This app has been one of my favorites
Every time it starts up it crashes iOS 8 not compatible Please update     Wont work on iphone 6
My students and clients love Lettersçhool When provided with other occupational therapy techniques I am seeing huge gains for many students                 Great OT app
The app crashed on my ipad Customer support gave me the advice to delete the app from my ipad an install it again And it worked My kids cant stop playing this app Definitely worth 499 and thumbs up for customer support                 Crash fixed Great app for handwriting
So incredibly well done Two niggles 1 Need to repeat the names of the letters more And could use with a rotation of a few more example items that feature that letter to keep thing interesting 2 In landscape mode the bottom of some letters are too close to the second level star These are VERY small points on an otherwise awesome App Worth every penny and beyond The best App we have for our 25 year old                 Must have App for preschoolers
My son loves loves loves this app It has helped him learn to write letters IN THE WRITE ORDER meaning start an A from the top and do the left side first then the right side then cross from left to right I learned about this app because they are using it in the kindergarten classes here They said they tried many apps and this was the only one that only allowed letters to be written in the right technique                 Fun and educational
This is not just one of the best letter teaching apps Ive seen but it might be one of the best educational apps Ive ever used It nudges the child in the right direction if they are confused The rewards for doing a letter are fantastic The way it gradually makes getting a letter correct more difficult with each iteration I couldnt be more impressed Buy this for an example of a stellar app                 Im so impressed by this app
I really bought the app for my 4 year old who is just starting to recognize letters and show interest in letter formation He is also a lefty I think so I figured this app might help since holding a crayon or pencil is sort of awkward for a beginner anyway Well he loves the app and as soon as my 7 yar old dtr tried it she loved it too She is a great reader and very bright but her handwriting is pretty bad and her teacher complains that her letter formation is incorrect They literally both played with it for an entire 45 min car ride yesterday on seperate devices Hopefully the letter formation on the app is cosnistent with how they want them to do it at schoolwhich I actually have not verified But regardless I like feeling like they are enjoying an electronic activity that doesnt shoot anything or make silly body noises My only suggestion for improvements is that it would be fun i the item that retraces the letter could start with that letter For instance have the train come to trave over the letter t as reinforcement of the sound Just a thought                 4 year old and 7 year old alike love this app
As a teacher this is one of my favorite apps to use with kids that are just learning how to form their letters and numbers Unfortunately several months ago the app stopped working As soon as the intro song is finished the app crashes Every time I have updated to the newest iOS restarted my iPad tried everything to get the app up and runningand it wont work My kids miss using this app Please release an update that fixes this bug Once there is a fix that returns this paid app to a working app I will change my review to what I wish I could give it 5 stars Thanks     Please update soon
This is a great app it offers visual and multiple ways of doing each letter which I think helps with memory Only wish it would repeat the letters name each time it comes up to trace or draw Worth the money                 Love it so does he
Love how the app provides support as needed especially the fading of arrows as the child writes It has been very helpful for my special needs preschoolers in helping them focus slow down and creating muscle memory I also like the progression from demo with starting points to independent with disappearing line The last one can be challenging but the app provides support prompts I agree with the reviewer who suggested changing the g sound to a hard g sound but the app deserves 5 stars and more                 Wonderful and engaging
3 year old loves the app But would be nice if it would say what the letter is Also could be a little lenient about the tracing She gets a little frustrated after trying a few times Other than that great for her to practice           Couple of improvements
Was an awesome app but now it keeps crashing Very frustrating When its working Id give it a five but obviously I gave it a one because you cant do anything now     Letter school
My kids know their letters but dont necessarily know how to write the letters This app is great and a fun way to teach them the correct steps on creating a letter                 Great preschool writing app
I love this app It makes learning to write fun My kindergarten students enjoy it and I feel it reinforces correct letter formation I have some suggestions for future updates First of all I would like to see lines for the lowercase letters The kids need to learn letter placement and the app is not teaching this In addition I would prefer the letter g to have a beginning sound word like game instead of giraffe I would also like to be able to make each child their own account in the game to track their performance              Suggestions for Future Updates
What a great app My youngest kid cant stop playing this game especially the lawn mower animation is appreciated Hope to see more apps of this developer                 Highly recommended
This is a great app Very well designed and fun My preschooler likes playing and learning with it My only complaint is that the tolerance for tracing the letters is a bit too tight for my little guy He traces a letter most of the way but then his finger inevitably wanders off the line just a tiny bit but hes still basically on target and the app makes him start over This frustrates him and he ends up asking me to do it for him Is there a way to set how strict the tracing is Otherwise excellent app highly recommend              Very good one little problem
When the whole point is learning lettersnumbers by tracing leave it to this game to have completely missed the mark It actually traces it for you Your kid neednt bother So stupid and Im so angry to be out 499 I WILL get my money back if its the last thing I do as its a matter of principal     Stupidest game ever
This is by far the most well designed clean and creative app on the market for learning letters and numbers My son has been enjoying it since he was 10 months old Its by far the best app and worth every penny                 Hands down best letternumber app
This app is a must have I 2year old has improved dramatically since using it I dont have to be with him or even talk to him while hes on it The app does all that for me while I get things done Thank you Letter School                 A must have App
Crashes Cant swipe to change caps to lowercase to numbers without it crashing     Crashes
I love this app but when I downloaded it to my new iPad air it shuts down on certain letters A C O E to name a few Please fix I am an occupational therapist and frequently use this app with my patients              Please fix
We have tried several beginner letter number tracing apps and this is one of the best Ive found and the price is reasonable Helps promote correct form and is entertaining without being too obnoxious                 Great letter tracing App for preschooler
This app can make handwriting activities more interesting but I wish there was a way to select letters individually to skip between levels rather than completing the whole alphabet first                 Nice
My daughter looks forward to working on this app everyday but asks mom where did the music go 2 yo responds best to musicbring back the sound and u get 5 stars Update quick     Great app but
We love this app but it doesnt open     Please fix
This is our favorite letter game but now it wont work It crashes at opening every time     Loved and lost
My son used to love this app but ever since I upgraded to iOS 7 it keeps crashing on him Please update to support the new iOS     Bugs
My daughter loves this app and it has helped her tremendously The reason why I do not give it five stars The one major area of frustration is that she is lefthanded as am I For instance the letter O forces the user to make the circle in a counterclockwise motion As a lefthanded adult my inclination to make the letter O or Q etc is to draw the circle in a clockwise motion Having the choice to make alterations from left to righthanded such as this would be far less frustrating for parent and child If the developer can make this change in the settings it will get five BIG stars from me              Terrific with one improvement suggestion
This app is so simple in use that very young children discover by themselves how to use it without any help This is definitely my favorite app for young children They go on and on playing for ages and their handwriting improves by leaps and bounds                 Simple and highly efficient
After reading other reviews I purchased this app as it seems to be a fun app for children who are exploring writing My child is 4 years old and knows how to write his name and simple words But this app is very restrictive in how to write each letter Not very child friendly who are learning how to write This app would be more appropriate for older children 5 and up But then whats the point of this app as these children know how to write If this app is targeted towards younger children 5 and under they need make it easier and not restrict to a certain way how to write a letter There are more ways in writing letter than just ONE           This is a good app if they change few things
The app is great                 Great learning tool for my daughter

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