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MindSnacks , the publisher behind many iOS app (Learn Japanese - MindSnacks ,Learn English (Korean) - MindSnacks ,Learn Portuguese - MindSnacks ,SAT Vocab - MindSnacks ,Learn English (Simplified Chinese) - MindSnacks ,Apprendre Anglais - MindSnacks), brings Learn German - MindSnacks with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. Learn German - MindSnacks app has been update to version 2.5.15 with several major changes and improvements. App release that improves performance, provides several new options.
  • This is a great supplemental tool..
  • The customer service for the App is very Helpful and fast..
  • It a good way not to pay attention in class..
  • This was a fun way to learn a language and easy to understand..
  • It's a best German learning software for a beginner like me..

Overall Satisfactionc95
Bottom line: this is the best language learning app I've ever tried.
It's a best German learning software for a beginner like me.
Regardless this app is amazing and fun.
And I love the daily reminders and German word of the day.
Wonderful way to learn a language.
Purchasing this was probably the best thing I've done with my life.
I would recommend buying all the lessons-- it's only $3.
Best bang for a buck.
Fun & Engagingc91
This was a fun way to learn a language and easy to understand.
The games are fun and the information is easier to retain.
The games are easy to understand and super fun.
Thank you for making such a fun and educational app.
I'm officially addicted to learning German because of these games.
and I'm looking forward to trying the new mini games.
Flash cards in disguise-- totally fun and addictive.
Other than that its an awesome game.
And that is what you get with this fun and useful app.
Very fun and useful.
Entertaining and useful.
Replay Valuec67
First off you CAN go back and play previous levels.
You can't even go back to previous levels and play the learning games.
Amazing and recommended for people who have problems with memorization:.
Updates & Supportc70
The customer service for the App is very Helpful and fast.
I've been waiting for a German version of this.
So I went and got the Spanish version too.
Awesome customer service.

This app had been amazing with learning vocabulary. found in 10 reviews
This has been an excellent learning tool for the price. found in 23 reviews
It is great for beginners building vocabulary. found in 4 reviews
This is such a good app for beginners. found in 4 reviews
Ich liebe MindSnacks. found in 5 reviews
With this app I'm able to learn words and phrases during my commute. found in 11 reviews
Great for the price. found in 1 reviews
The "Review" section is helpful for refreshing the information. found in 3 reviews
Great way to brush up on ones German skills. found in 9 reviews
An excellent supliment to any beginning language learning program. found in 4 reviews
and I'm looking forward to trying the new mini games. found in 6 reviews
The games are really fun and keep you on your toes. found in 2 reviews
I switch back and forth between German and French. found in 2 reviews
And I love the daily reminders and German word of the day. found in 2 reviews
when learning the days of the week and colors. found in 6 reviews
I bought the full versions of Mindsnacks German and Chinese. found in 12 reviews
I don't really like the new update. found in 1 reviews
I love this app but it doesn't work well. found in 1 reviews
but the lesson sound doesn't work. found in 1 reviews
but I wish it would let me change my email. found in 1 reviews
too bad there's no way to test your pronunciation. found in 4 reviews
but I was dead wrong. found in 1 reviews
but good vocab review. found in 2 reviews
Doesn't work with iOS 8. found in 1 reviews
You learn german/ horrible glitch. found in 1 reviews
If you're just starting out. found in 2 reviews
Sound fix. found in 1 reviews
Ok but could be better. found in 1 reviews
It has crashed a few times but other than that I love it. found in 2 reviews
I highly recommend this to anyone attempting to learn an additional language. found in 1 reviews
Fix the glitch with the word birds portion. found in 1 reviews
Loved this app until iOS upgrade. found in 2 reviews
It asks for your facebook email. found in 1 reviews
Great app but could you please bring back the male voice. found in 2 reviews
New Update is No Longer Educational. found in 1 reviews
Please bring back the old version. found in 1 reviews
Requires online account. found in 1 reviews
Couldn't even sign up to try the app. found in 2 reviews
We hate the new update. found in 2 reviews
when i try to sign up. found in 3 reviews

If you are iPhone and iPad owner,you now can download Learn German - MindSnacks for free from Apple Store. The application is supporting English language. It weighs in at only 19.7 MB to download. The new Learn German - MindSnacks app version 2.5.15 has been updated on 2014-11-26. The Apple Store includes a very useful feature that will check if your device and iOS version are both compatible with the app. Most iPhone and iPad are compatible. Here is the app`s compatibility information: Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iOS 4.1 or later.
Bottom Line: For more information about Learn German - MindSnacks check developer MindSnacks`s website : http://mindsnacks.com

MindSnacks German includes a free level for your enjoyment If you like the game, you can upgrade to get all 50 levels MindSnacks German is a one-of-a-kind language learning game. It`s the most enjoyable and exciting way ...
Dont be a baby It clearly says that it has inapp purchases Apps that are free clearly dont have it 20 for access to about ten apps vs 4 or 5 or whatever for access to one app isnt that bad Dont abuse one star ratings                 Free vs freemium
This app is fun gets you through a good bit of vocabulary quite quickly and has a very large number of words for you to learn but the words wont stick in your memory very well Theres no spaced repetition no chance to use anything in any kind of context nothing to make them stick for more than the time it takes to do a lesson For 499 its a little underwhelming Still as a supplement to a much more rigorous program of study it can be kind of helpful and certainly more amusing than exhaustively memorizing adjective declensionsit just wont teach you much actual German           Fun not the best
Some of the pictures are REALLY unclear Otherwise a great app The games are fun and the combination of them makes for well rounded learning Overall good language learning for beginners              Fun but
Great app It helped me learn a lot                 Best app for german
I love it its easy and fun but i cant get it on my google play store can you please try to put it onthank you                 Great
What gives I already have a problem and I havent even used the app yet Setting up the account through FB registration and I have a frozen blank screen Now what do I do I guess Im deleting this one Not happy     Its stuck on a blank screen right from the account set up
Im obsessed with playing the games and beating the levels Oh yeah Im learning German quickly too                 Addictively fun
I love this app and so do my kids You learn a lot with different fun games that make you think and respond quickly I thoroughly enjoy the games and again my kids 78 love it I love that they can go at their own pace It is well worth the few bucks to get the 50 lessons Have fun learning German                 Great for kids and adults
I use this to supplement my German Rosetta Nice way to get more exposure in a quick easy way I wish there was an advanced version or a way to add more vocabulary                 Great helper tool
I used to like this completed all levels but after ios8 it doesnt work as it should This is a paid app Please fix it           Doesnt work with iOS 8
Knowing a second language is priceless so the price that Mindsnacks names is almost nothing for their unique form of teaching us German I have learned so much since I downloaded this app and plan on finishing all the lessons If you are interested in learning Deutch simply download the app and you will see for yourself how effective this app is Danke                 Great App Highly Recommended
Its good and fun to learn D Im at lvl 12but when I try to play the quest with the parrot it wont show the game plz fix this                 Good but
Its ok if an application isnt free but not post it as a free one make people make an account to later on say theres only one free lesson so they can pay for the rest Boo Sneaky cheap app     Lies
I love it Its greatly enhanced everything about my current state of Deutsch                 Awesome
I am completely new to the language I just wanted to try it on for fun This app has been just that Very fun smooth running app                 Tried this app for fun Not disappointed
Still one the most polished and fun of the language learning apps even if its not as in depth as some                 Fun
I use MindSnacks daily as a complement to Duolingo Mindsnacks keeps you motivated and is really fun I was having a hard time learning German but now I am progressing much faster and am enjoying it too Great little app                 Fun way to learn
Incredible app for anyone that wants to learn German regardless of prior knowledge As a multiyear German student and a visitor of the country I know quite a bit of German but have found myself learning even more with the aid of this app Ive turned friends onto mindsnacks German all of whom have no prior knowledge in the language They have all found that the games in this app are informative and help them learn Paired with the app Duolingo learning German has been fun and easy for me Definitely recommend using both simultaneously                 Wünderbar
Bought the full version a while ago Its great Ive had no problems The games are fun Id buy mindsnacks Hindi if they had it                 Awesome app
I love it                 Great
Great app for learning My only complaint is that it crashes a lot              Fun
No sound I dont understand why but I have deleted and download it again Whats the use if I cant hear the name of the words     No Sound Dont Buy
I coudnt even sign up to this and I just get an error message everytime Fix this please     Buggy
does one get the last fish in Bubbler Ive been trying to get it for the past 25 years with no success its a total bummer Other than that good app           How
This app is amazing i cant belive i have learned numbers in german Dont be suprised i am a begginer so my review is saying the app is awesome amazing fantastic fun learning plus it makes learning languages fun super fun I hope you liked my review                 Awesomeapp
Bbg              Ok
This is the best app for learning a language You set up a free account but get only one free lesson Their are 50 lessons in all You can buy all 50 for 5 dollars I think But really trust me Those extra 5 bucks are DEFINITELY worth it                 Amazing
This game is so fun but right before you get to level 6 you cant level up anymore I was having so much fun to     Disappointed
Mindsnacks is a very healthy addiction It is really fun to learn new words and expressions Quests are also fun In 12 days I finished 14 lessons                 Addiction
Had a problem connecting my account and they fixed it for me quickly checking with me to make sure it was what I wanted I got this app so I could speak German to my grandpa and it works I love the game design and how you can go back to review things if youve gotten rusty Well worth the paltry 5 for all 50 lessons                 Awesome customer service
I paid for the full version but the games do not know how to spell the German words correctly and it erroneously gives you errors telling you it is spelled wrong I have contacted support but no response The free version is fine but DO NOT pay for the full version as it will cause confusion when trying to learn German words Bummer     Spelling Issues
Loved this app until iOS upgrade now it no longer works Sad since I had just purchased in app to get more lessons           iOS update
Very creative process                 Innovative
I get an error message every time I try to sign in to the app Would love to use but is impossible Please fix     Cant sign in
I am learning german i know all my numbers and its FUN                 Amazing
I cannot sign in to my account after updating to iOS8 please fix it     Not compatible with iOS 8
This app is awesome I have the German Chinese and French versions The games are really fun and make learning the words no problem at all But please add Korean There arent any apps like this for Korean so I think that a lot of people would buy Mindsnacks in Korean                 Korean Please
So much fun Its like Rosetta Stone but a really fun game                 Love this app
even if you have a good grasp of the language the time limit and complexity of several of the games makes them impossible to complete Its great for learning colors or days but when you get to how are you and youre supposed to spell that quickly Not worth the 5 bucks I paid for the full version        Fun for basic vocab but
Best app in the history of universe multiplied by 222222222                 Cool
The frog game makes learning new word easy Then the other games keep me playing and strengthening that knowledge                 Fun which keeps me returning
I love these apps so much I first downloaded the French one and then decided to try German instead They make learning so fun and I love the little side quests as well The only complaint I have is that I feel the words are mastered too soon I dont feel like Ive fully learned the words when the app says I have Its not so bad with single words but I wish it would take longer to master the phrases or that words and phrases from previous lessons would come up more frequently However there is always the option to go back and review previous lessons so its not a huge deal Still love mindsnacks                 Love love love these apps
If you want to learn German you should get this app It is really fun and you can learn tons of German words                 Great app
I love using this app to learn German This paired with Duolingo has been huge in helping me learn German and improve my memory I love that if you keep the sound on it says the words out loud Super fun way to learn a new language Absolutely worth the money to learn more words and keep leveling up                 Great app
The app crashes when trying to login rendering it useless     Crash
This is such a good app for beginners I had no experience in German what so ever and now I can have a conversation in German Amazing app Very pleased                 Really helps me
Please Add Korean                 Please Add Korean
I love this app Thx for introducing it                 Very helful app
This word game is a blast Im using it as a supplement to my other german learning methods I like that there are various games that require you to recognize words and grammar under pressure and a time limit It also sets different goals and incentives for practicing I love word games and this is my favorite game app that Ive downloaded yet Thank you for making such a fun and educational app                 Learning has never been so fun
I use this German app and Rosetta Stone Im very happy with this app I play it often Im level 30 I never have any issues with it The sound works perfect and it never crashes Thank you                 Love it

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