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Glu Games Inc.
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Requires iOS 5.0 or la

Description - Kim Kardashian: Hollywood

Glu Games Inc. , the publisher behind many iOS games (Deer Hunter: African Safari for iPad ,The Lord of the Rings: Middle-earth Defense for iPad ,Samurai vs Zombies Defense ,Toy Village ,Star Blitz ,Eternity Warriors), brings Kim Kardashian: Hollywood with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. Kim Kardashian: Hollywood games has been update to version 1.0.0 with several major changes and improvements. Games release that improves performance, provides several new options.
  • Amazing game the best game u could ask for..
  • This game is super fun and very awesome..
  • Cute game me and my daughter plays together..
  • I wish that u could get pregnant and start a family..
  • I would love to see the option of having kids happen..

Overall Satisfactionc84
I love the game it just need more fans.
I love the game HOWEVER it's got major issues.
This is my favorite game and I love playing this game.
I was playing this game religiously everyday until this morning.
Amazing game the best game u could ask for.
Amazing game but this glitch it really annoying.
This game by far is one of my favorite games I've downloaded.
Best game I'm addicted to love it and the kardashians.
I also think we should have more interaction with our spouse.
and there's no more interaction between the dates and the marriage.
Live the game but Needs to be improved.
Overall I would recommend this game to anyone and everyone.
Anyway I don't recommend this game to anyone ever.
Fun & Engagingc88
Awesome game with awesome graphics and game play.
I'm addicted to this game only thing it's take time to get engery.
I got addicted to this game and then bam it completely froze up.
This game is super fun and very awesome.
It was super fun and now it's boring.
I'm obsessed with this game it's like your actually talking to kim.
I was completely obsessed with this game until the new update.
It's really fun to play and not stressful lol.
I love this game I play it all the time and it's so addicting.
I also think we should have more interaction with our spouse.
and there's no more interaction between the dates and the marriage.
Im loving this game alot Its fun And entertaining.
I love this game I play it everyday it's so much fun.
Everything cost too many stars.
Over all good game but everything costs too much.
Family Friendlyc86
I wish that u could get pregnant and start a family.
I would love to see the option of having kids happen.
Once you are married you should be able to adopt kids.
Value for Moneyc58
I'm so addicted that I actually spent real money.
Again without purchasing anything w real money.
unless you intend to spend real money don't even download it.
However this one even makes me spend real money to accomplish goals.
The only way to successfully date is spend real money.
it's hard to continue playing without spending real money on it.
Need ways to get more energy quicker without spending money.
Practically impossible to get anything done without spending real money.
Replay Valuec79
I need more levels more merch expansion levels everything.
If there was anything I would change is the energy levels.
everything is to expensive and it becomes very repetitive.
It gets so boring after awhile.
Social Aspectsc73
meeting new people and performing other various tasks for Simon.
I'm very excited about new people coming into the game.
None of my contacts will load after I meet new people.
I Play many games and use many Social Media and Emails.
I could care less about her social media feed.
To have a regular social life and then become all famous.
good luck having a social life outside of it.
Please allow us to be able to play with friends using Instagram.
Love this game lots of fun to play with friends and stuff.
Can't play with friends :.
Love this game keeps me entertained on rainy day's.
The game keeps me interested for what's in store.
Game keeps crashing after I deleted and downloaded the app again.

Kim Kardashian: Hollywood is great for all ages. found in 22 reviews
Love ittt because I love the kardashions. found in 12 reviews
It's very nice game am enjoying it. found in 16 reviews
I am SOOO addicted to this game it has taken over my life. found in 51 reviews
I love this game so much it's my new addiction. found in 33 reviews
Awesome game with awesome graphics and game play. found in 917 reviews
it keeps me occupied and updated on the latest fashion trends. found in 34 reviews
I loveeee this game it's a very great game. found in 18 reviews
I love love loveeeee this game. found in 15 reviews
Omg I love this game a lot I just wish we can have babies. found in 50 reviews
get this game Bible I love this game. found in 11 reviews
Kim Kardashian game is amaze balls. found in 12 reviews
It's the best game in the world i love everything about it. found in 41 reviews
Most interesting game I have played for a long time. found in 59 reviews
I looveee loveee loveee this game. found in 21 reviews
and a great way to pass time or just chill and enjoy yourself. found in 192 reviews
keep the updates coming because this is literary the best game eva. found in 12 reviews
Every time I re- open the game it continues the same thing. found in 67 reviews
Please fix this cause I can't even play anymore. found in 42 reviews
Ok now it's getting annoying with the crashes. found in 30 reviews
The game is sometimes fun but it gets a little boring. found in 41 reviews
I would love that because the game would be so much more realistic. found in 16 reviews
I can't even the game anymore without it crashing right away. found in 41 reviews
And deff more interaction it sorta gets boring after awhile. found in 18 reviews
Energy needs to be obtained faster and easier. found in 96 reviews
It's a great and fun game but needs improvements. found in 105 reviews
I can't connect to Facebook and play with my friends from there. found in 48 reviews
I just don't like how long it takes to reboots my characters energy back. found in 22 reviews
I haven't stopped playing the game since I've downloaded it. found in 86 reviews
Just fix the energy thing and it would be better. found in 84 reviews
I just hate how long it takes to get more lightening bolts. found in 32 reviews
Boring but that doesn't make it a bad game. found in 27 reviews
I love everything about the game except the energy aspect. found in 72 reviews
Fix the energy and it will be a popular 2014 app. found in 47 reviews
I don't like having to wait for the energy to load. found in 36 reviews
Simon keeps calling me and afterwards the game crashes. found in 84 reviews
Addicting but needs bug fix & improvement. found in 16 reviews
but it's the same thing over and over. found in 59 reviews
I can't open the game because it crashes at the loading screen. found in 67 reviews
Repetitive and makes you not want to play anymore. found in 42 reviews
except the automatic phone calls for jobs from Simon. found in 42 reviews
Also the game crashes when I try to change into pants. found in 84 reviews
This was just so frustrating that I had to delete the game. found in 71 reviews
I don't wanna have to start over smh. found in 412 reviews
I no longer receive free stars for watching videos. found in 92 reviews
Halloween update is terrible. found in 50 reviews
Ok so since the update the game freezes every 10-20 seconds. found in 73 reviews
Over all good game but everything costs too much. found in 95 reviews
I can't get Facebook friends or Game Center friends to load. found in 64 reviews
unless you intend to spend real money don't even download it. found in 366 reviews
I keep randomly losing fans for doing nothing at all. found in 90 reviews
Game keeps crashing after I deleted and downloaded the app again. found in 165 reviews
It's the same thing over and over and "Maria" is the most annoying ever. found in 48 reviews
$400 for an 8 hour 5 star appearance is ridiculous. found in 228 reviews
You connect to Facebook and your friends are automatically there. found in 48 reviews

The Kim Kardashian: Hollywood is now available as a free download on Apple Store for both iPhone and iPad owners.The application is supporting English language. It weighs in at only 62.3 MB to download. It is highly advisable to have the latest app version installed so that you don`t miss out on the fresh new features and improvements. The current app version 1.0.0 has been released on 2014-06-24. For ensuring consistency with the device you should take into account the following app compatibility information: Requires iOS 5.0 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. This app is optimized for iPhone 5.
Bottom Line: For more information about Kim Kardashian: Hollywood check developer Glu Games Inc.`s website :

Join KIM KARDASHIAN on a red carpet adventure in Kim Kardashian: Hollywood Create your own aspiring celebrity and rise to fame and fortune CREATE YOUR OWN STAR and customize your look with hundreds of style ...
just download it its awesome                 love it
I honesty love the game but they need more ks and money love it by love ya girl and me and my boyfriend in the game needs to interact more like go to each others house and fall in love but I still love the game by love ya Kim ur the best                 Kim
Been playing since the 1st release last year and cant stop Mindless entertainment but addicting Couple suggestions with next update 1 Allow players to organize their closet however they want As the game expands and more clothing gets released its too hard to find items My OCD wants to organize by item color mostleast liked waiting to purchase etc 2 Release new NPCs with updates at various levels of popularity Id like to meet new people see the new clothes on them more opportunities to find better looking guys to date Ive played since the beginning so Im so tired of seeing the same NPCs 3 Let us create or design our own significant other Since Ive been playing for over a year the selection of decent looking guys is dwindling At minimum let us change their hair color and style and facial hair 4 Have pets randomly spit out K coins occasionally 5 Give an energy boost when visiting your house 6 When leveling and getting a free full energy bar please give it in addition to the energy we already have Stinks if we are already at the max then level up and lose out on the extra bonus energy 7 Change the weekend gift box items Do not give us less than what we wouldve gotten if we paid real money for the game cash or k coins Even if we dont get the clothing item at least boost up the K coins or cash we win so its an actual bonus and fun Also the items found in the daily free box that cost 10 k for an extra should not be included in the weekend boxes that cost 40 K coins 8 Have midweek 24 hr events that give some type of bonus an item hair style or k coins Or give more storylines that allow us to win something if we complete it 9 Have our spouse have an occasional storyline Theyre actually quite demanding and useless Same goes for the kids 10 Add more hair colors 11 Add more leggings in different colors for the women Love pairing them with the bath suit cover ups 12 Add scarves I loved the one released last Halloween I think thats it Hope these are actually read by GLU staff              Good app Suggestions for improvement
Im not sure why but now every time you use your last bolt of energy you get this annoying prompt that says youre too tired and asks you to buy more I am not exceeding my energy so it should not ask me this EVERY time I run out its very annoying Other issues are still prevalent some items are just way too expensive and seem unrealistic and like I will never own them unless I spend an insane amount of my own money I wish the photo shoot scenes would at least change so the same doesnt feel so repetitive Also boyfriends get discouraged so easily and I end up breaking up with all of them because there simply isnt enough time for them and 8 hour shoots everyday Please find a balance here           energy
I was pretty far in the game and then all of a sudden I lost my game I tried contacting customer service especially since I had spent money in the game never heard back from them and was never able to recover my game     Customer service is nonexistent
There seems to be a weird glitch in my game where it is making me talk to someone at the coffee shop and it takes 10 energys to talk with him However I pay the energy and talk to him and it will not stop I have to keep talking to him over and over saying the same thing I have tried refreshing however it does not seem to work PROBABLY WILL DELETE because I do not want to waste any more of my time on this game        Glitch
Its definitely worth the download Its an addictive game but its all in good fun A few issues I have w it are 5 minutes per 1 energy is too long Also having to reach at least 12000 hearts in your relationship before being able to have a baby is a bit excessive Overall its a good time                 Love It
It is grate                 Fun
I think the Kim Kardashian game is really cool so cool everyone should play it If your not playing this game your missing out                 READ ME
Awesome game good job                 AWESOME GAME
Love this game but everytime something good happens I should be gaining fans Instead if subtracts fans from my list Idk if this is SOME GLITCH or what but its really annoying and I cant get back to the Clist So say that I get 5 stars in an ad campaign Instead of 1345 fans I get 1345 fans or whatever Idk if others are having this problem but it NEEDS TO BE FIXED                 GREAT GAME BUT
Theres a glitch with the current version where tapping the bars to gain points in events dates etc looks weird and flashes the you dont have enough energy for this notification Otherwise the game is good The new bags from the designer is dumb but obviously a cheap ploy for money           Eh
I am so proud of kwean Kim kardashian for making this game The gameplay is so good and engaging and it makes me want to play it forever                 THIS GAME IS KRAZY
Love this game But wish it dont tAke so long to get life again To do stuff              Hey
This game is so fabo I love it its giving me goosebumps                 Fabtablabstab
I LOVE IT                 Speechless
I love this game but since the recent update mine isnt opening When you enter the game it starts to download after it reaches like 6 it starts all over again I havent played this game in days Please help              Its a great game but
I hate how I will sometimes run out of energy and it takes so long to gain it back and also things are expensive                 Its amazing but energy
This is a really good game I cant wait to be top 100 A with her in the game Luv the game u should all get it                 Kim my bestie
Its a great game and I love it But if everything costs KStars no ones going to play Throw a few more in for us once in a while and we would be more liable to throw a bit of cash in for more The way it is now people just completely disregard the stuff that costs KStars rather than actually working to afford it Just saying Also were given the option to be gaylesbian but then basically made to date the opposite sex to get more points Thats not really fair or equal I also think hairstylesclothes are so expensive Otherwise great game              Cool but
I love this game and its good to play in your free time                 Great
I am rating this game a five star because I am a big fan of Kim Kardashian I love everything about this game I love it that when your out of energy it lets you watch videos and afterwards it gives you energy so basically you never run out of energy I love how everyday you play the game it gives you gifts and all the clothes they use in this game is fabulous And by touching items in the screen example like the birds it give you energy as well so its awesome I recommend you to download the game                 SO ADDICTING
I LOVE THIS GAME But yall need to add more levels                 YASSSS
Good game but kinda ridiculous how costly it is to achieve K stars and clothes are pretty costly as well as furnishings for baby room houses and apartments But its a good game and its pretty entertaining                 Kim Kardashian
Awful the characters look like they r on crack its boring and whoring off like the family     Game suxxxxxxxx
The game is fun but I hate that cant sell houses or other stuff Ive bought in the game I also hate doing the other offers for stars when THEY NEVER COME THROUGH Projects should also be 5 hours max 8 hour projects just take way to long and if you forget your avatar credibility is screwed Either bump up the energy to 50 for full or bring max project time down           Neutral
Love love love                 Kim K
20 thumbs up                 Love this app its my fav
In love                 Perfect
Honestly this game is amazing though there are many things I dont like and others may share the same opinion I probably shouldnt start negative So here are a few good things I love the lookbook before I had to swipe n swipe now I can put on an outfit in one click I like that I can get married and have a child with my husband but I think that your husband should wear a ring I also suggest that we be able to choose how long the date is I think I have the right After all I payed for the wedding all by myself I love the quests even when I am packed as always Kstars evil I mean I get Kstars when I do a awesome quest or achievements but I had to watch 90 videos to get kstars and they are LONG For that type I think we deserve 5 kstars I dont like when simon tells me go to his office then Maria tell me go to her office and go all the way to london or something then simon says kim kardashion is waiting Call after call NOT COOL There are too many negeatives to say but way more postives to tell the truth it can be annoying but you will always have fun crushing people like Willow pape Crystal Fletcher and Chad Dylan Parker I believe his name is GET THE GAME              A good game Addictive
Fun game              Q
I Think We Should Get MORE Money On GIGs Starting At 800 The Price Of Living Is High                 Money
I like this game                 its cool
I love this game                
One word AMAZING This is like the best game of my life I understand the whole strategy and concept of the game and let me tell you its mind blowing As a player of the original version of Stardom Hollywood this is even better with the Kardashians CLEVER BUT BRILLIANT Im hooked 4ever LOVE IT LOVE IT LOVE IT                 Kardashian Hollywood 4 Ever
I love iti love it i love it                 Love it
This is the dumbest most pointless game ever yet Im still playing it           So dumb but so addicting
New update is glitchy        Meh
1 If were going to be getting more energy but still have barely enough to finish a quest then whats the point of more energy 2 Either SOs need to be less needy or they need to give us the option of how long we want the date to be 3 If everything is going to cost the stars then we need more places and opportunities to get them and more of them not just 13 at a time Other than that four stars peeps But you can make it five              Just a few changes
I love it                 review
Addicting              Awesome
I just love this game its so fun and shows you busy star life                 Love it
Great game Fun                 Fun
Kim Kardashian is a loser who doesnt deserve money for people playing this app She has literally done nothing to help anyone The game is terrible teaches people that Hollywood and fame is everything Its not fun and didnt hold my interest for more than 5 min If her name wasnt on it most likely no one would play it     WORST game ever
Quite a few bugs need to be squashed in new update 1 Out of energy even though 1 energy is left 2 Spouses not giving daily rewards 3 Daily gift box initially tapping on gift box does nothing Game improvements 1 Pets in all homes for energy or 2 2 Increase energy max level 34 is too little for 8 hour jobs I have a real 8 hour job so I cant play KKH all day I aint rich enough to play all day and buy items in the KKH game 3 All items should have cash and star cost Let us choose how we want to pay for items I have choices in RL 4 Dates let spouses be a part of gigs and allow the gig to count towards a date Kimye make together in RL Gig could pay less than non combined gigdate events and heart date points 5 Level bar can we see how many more points we need to reach the next level cant tell from the level bar 6 Sale on items once a month Everyone loves a bargain 7 Heart Star bonuses lets us know many bonuses we get for buying an item Guesswork makes me hesitate on buying any items 8 More hair colors styles and makeup options 9 Buying a spouse a gift should reward heartstar bonuses 10 Add more locations           Bug alerts Needs fixed
It is such a fun game But every time I load itit gets to a 100 then starts again              So funif it would load
The notification to buy more energy when you use your last one is SO ANNOYING I absolutely hate it It was fine the way it was when it would pop up when you tried to spend energy you didnt have Having to close that notification every time I use my last energy is beyond annoying and really ruins an otherwise great gaming experience for me The energy given is already barely enough to finish projects Its really off putting for the game creators to be like well BUY BUY BUY it every time I use my last one which is a lot Please do an update and go back to how it was              Love the apphate the new update

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