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Description - KICK: The Exclusive Barclays Premier League Digital Football Trading Card Game

The Topps Company, Inc. , the publisher behind many iOS app (Topps Pennant ,Garbage Pail Kids GPK Vol 2 ,Garbage Pail Kids Deluxe Stickers ,The Walking Dead: Card Trader ,BoJack Horseman Stickers Vol 1 ,Garbage Pail Kids GPK Vol 1), brings KICK: The Exclusive Barclays Premier League Digital Football Trading Card Game with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. KICK: The Exclusive Barclays Premier League Digital Football Trading Card Game app has been update to version 1.0 with several major changes and improvements. App release that improves performance, provides several new options.
  • This app is great for soccer fans and trading card fans..
  • JTF96LFCYNWA i play this game everyday..
  • It combines the best from card collecting and fantasy sports..
  • It is also fun to add friends and trade with them..

Overall Satisfactionc91
The addition of two more leagues makes it better.
The best fantasy football game on the App Store -DRAGOMIRFC.
Amazing game trading virtual cards is awesome.
I totally recommend this game to anyone on the verge of not downloading it.
I do not recommend this game at all.
I've an additional reason to follow the teams.
This is the best game I ever played in all the football games.
Its one of the best games I have ever played.
One last thing the new card designs are amazing.
Fun & Engagingc86
It's a really fun game to play.
Now it's an extremely slow frustrating game to play live.
The addition of two more leagues makes it better.
I recommend this awesome game to every sports fan out there.
Addicting game for die hard football fans.
You can trade or buy packs it's really tons of fun.
it gets boring and very tiring.
Loads of fun and very addicting.
JTF96LFCYNWA i play this game everyday.
that awarded coins and made me come back every day to check.
Value for Moneyc91
one those need to spend money to get anywhere in this game.
you will need to spend $$$ in app purchases.
If you don't have money to spend don't bother downloading.
Replay Valuec100
it gets boring and very tiring.
Trading with different people all round the world never gets old.
It never gets old with the new series' that come out.
Updates & Supportc20
Love collecting cards with my friends and the new update is awesome.
The new update is awesome.
I really like the new update.

They block out profanity which makes a better environment for all ages. found in 3 reviews
flow of the game scoring. found in 1 reviews
great way to interact with your friends by trading with them. found in 3 reviews
I started playing Kick at the end of last season. found in 7 reviews
you can trade with your friends and other people around the world. found in 3 reviews
Serie a and Ligue 1. found in 7 reviews
fluid game that keeps you coming back again and again. found in 3 reviews
I love this game PROBALLY the best soccer game yet - BALOISPATRICK. found in 1 reviews
Fun way to follow your favorite team. found in 5 reviews
I think the daily reward should increase a little. found in 4 reviews
One last thing the new card designs are amazing. found in 2 reviews
Great family fun. found in 1 reviews
This is the best game I ever played in all the football games. found in 4 reviews
it's an addiction now. found in 3 reviews
and with stunning new insert card sets released daily you x2019. found in 4 reviews
Really enjoy trading cards for some of my favorite players. found in 17 reviews
One of the best updates in App Store history. found in 2 reviews
A footie fans dream app. found in 2 reviews
OMG this is amazing. found in 1 reviews
which will only add to the fun of this already great game. found in 3 reviews
there are some minor technical issues. found in 1 reviews
Fun but connection issues. found in 1 reviews
Its fun but glitchy. found in 1 reviews
They have amazingly managed to release another update that introduces new issues. found in 1 reviews
But they should have included more leagues like the Spanish. found in 2 reviews
Great but a little buggy. found in 1 reviews
but now you can enjoy collecting players cards from Bundesliga & MLS. found in 3 reviews
GOOD BUT HAS BUGS. found in 1 reviews
Fan chat keeps crashing. found in 1 reviews
Especially when you only get a 1000 coin daily login bonus. found in 2 reviews
If this review was helpful. found in 2 reviews
Great but buggy. found in 1 reviews
My only issue is that I cannot seem to verify my account. found in 1 reviews
but overall a very entertaining game. found in 2 reviews
Give it a try if you are a Premier League fan. found in 3 reviews
I cant spend thousands of dollars. found in 1 reviews
The chase cards are essentially impossible to get now. found in 2 reviews
They steal peoples REAL money and give you worthless virtual cards. found in 5 reviews
This game is just horrible too many scammers. found in 2 reviews
Horrible Stability and Poor Customer Service. found in 6 reviews
DON'T spend your money buying coins. found in 2 reviews
You get a 200 coin login bonus daily. found in 2 reviews
Charged for coins I never got. found in 6 reviews

The KICK: The Exclusive Barclays Premier League Digital Football Trading Card Game is now available as a free download on Apple Store for both iPhone and iPad owners.The application is designed for use in English language. It weighs in at only 19.5 MB to download. The new KICK: The Exclusive Barclays Premier League Digital Football Trading Card Game app version 1.0 has been updated on 2014-11-24. For ensuring consistency with the device you should take into account the following app compatibility information: Compatible with iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPhone 5, iPod touch (3rd generation), iPod touch (4th generation), iPod touch (5th generation) and iPad. Requires iOS 5.1 or later. This app is optimized for iPhone 5.
Bottom Line: For more information about KICK: The Exclusive Barclays Premier League Digital Football Trading Card Game check developer The Topps Company, Inc.`s website :

Topps KICK is the exclusive digital trading card game of the Barclays Premier League 2013/2014. Collect, trade, and play your favorite footballers, like Robin Van Persie, Sergio Aguero, Santi Cazorla, and Juan Mata, in a ...
Amazing app very addicting fan name is THEDREAMCREW                 Amazing
I really liked the game                 Kick
This app has had its good days and bad days Overall I really enjoy playing the app You can trade cards and earn points Its basically a hand held version of fantasy football soccer or whatever Usually when theres an issue Topps gets on it right away I recommend that you go and download this game and give it a try And if you want to trade with me my fan name is ERIKRTSSS                 Impressed
On an iPhone 4s Updated to version 4 Still takes over a minute to load then crashes within 30 seconds of loading Not good     Still doesnt work
I appreciate the work they have done to speed up the app but there are so many bugs it is really a joke at this point And when you point out the bugs they dont even thank you They dont make things right for the customer in any case This is an alpha version of a product maybe beta and that should be the expectation but this is the 3rd year of the app so there is no reason they should expect customers to be this patient     Patience gone
I got locked out of my account and the topps staff are useless     App is great But is getting worse
I used to enjoy this app Its pretty fun until you have an issue that you need to talk to Topps about I get locked out of my account and try talking to them It takes forever for them to reply and when they do they never tell you anything helpful Anyway so I lost an account I started off on that had some pretty valuable stuff on it Tried to move on Then my friend gives me a free card that he has a duplicate of and Topps ban my new account Permanently because of suspicious trading and when I try to explain the situation they dont respond Not worth dealing with     Good App Terrible Customer Service
I like this game and all but its poorly programmed Fix that and it is incredibly slow Otherwise it is a great game lots of fun FIX THE LAG          
Notice how the only 5star rated reviews here are PAID they all give their username to try and win a prize Topps are obviously desperate to hide the TRUE reviews here Latest September 7 update is dreadful Why they think updating this mess is going to work I dont know If you put lipstick on a pig it is still going to look like a pig Poorly programmed Poorly designed Super slow Buggy crashes Totally ruined the PTS chase element of the game No updates to trading they actually made it worse Very hard to look through your card collection Have stopped using the app since their Kick 2016 update and many other users have also Avoid like the plague and dont even bother downloading Write to Apple and ask for ALL your money back that you spent on this app This is the biggest app fail update EVER     Absoluty Dreadful What were they thinking
Even with the latest update I find the application very frustrating I have to delete and download the application several times to resolve an Internet connection problem on the advice of Topps I have lost many rewards because of this The contest simply do not work I have entered 5 contests and have yet get any points I am not even listed in the standings I have contacted Topps several times and have not received any support on this topic The program also takes several minutes to open My settings for the app have been rest several times this week     The latest update is still buggy
I like how to new update looks its just that it crashes a lot whenever Im trying to open packs please fix this topps thanks                 Please fix
This game gave us another way to enjoy the game of Soccer and allow friendly competition within ourselves The release of weekly cards gives us the opportunity to chase the game to complete the team collections I just hope that that the game can give us a definite time of when the game changers and prize money will be released and when will the topps 11 be released Fan nameFABREGAS8888                 Great game with great graphics
Below youll find my review of the Topps Kick app from around half a year ago Now Its nowhere near as user friendly and even though the customer service has tried to help some my account is now just sitting there because I cannot get logged in Its dead The game was a lot of fun but now WOODRUMMA81 Is just a dead account with over 20000 cards Ive been very patient since it crashed on me early this week have sent multiple emails trying to get the problem fixed Alas the attempts to fix it has produced nothing except a new account which I will not use Im glad that I found this app It makes watching footballsoccerFútbol so much more fun Where I live there arent many soccer fans that I can watch matches with other than forcing my wife and kids to watch lol Ive connected with other fans from around the world and have a great time with the banter and trading cards Even though there are issues with the lag time on the app some crashes its still a lot of fun As someone else has said its an addiction now Hopefully the bugs will be sorted out asap and well have even more fun playing The best part to me is collecting the team sets limited card sets and tradingbargaining with other Fans to get what I want Thanks for creating this app Topps Fan name WOODRUMMA81     It was fun while it lasted
Ok the latest update has screwed up the game I love the new 2016 version but I cant sign in anymore its stuck at loading please fix this     Update Please
if anyone needs an example of how to completely ruin a good thing well topps nailed it this new kick 16 is horrible i do not recommend it     horrible app
Kick 15 had some issues but overall I enjoyed it very much Kick 16 is just awful The improved the design and added a bunch of sound effects Those are fine but really dont add much to the app at all They did completely change how the points chase works I can now no longer tell what teams are playing when That was simple before and a great part of the game Now it functions more like Topps Bunt which is terrible Everything with this app is clumsy and very laggy Overall this is a huge downgrade from last years version If improvements are not made soon I will be deleting the app Thats very unfortunate since I enjoyed the previous version so much     Major Downgrade
Does not open Ever     Wont open
It can take some getting used to and 5A Side is really fun MANUSANCHEZ44           Its alright
I love this game its just so fun to play ever since I download this game Ive been addicted to kick thank u topps for this great game SPORTSFAN178                 Kick
Latest update provided some improvements seems to work on all devices now Needs lots of tweaks but its rounding into shape nicely Ssamaco           2016 is getting there
This game combines trading cards and fantasy sports a unique idea that works well to create a fun and addicting game Trade with me ERICHTC                 Fun Game
I love this app its really addictive i like to spend my time on it love this amazing app app Fan name teeko810 l                 Addictive app
Hi this is actually my favorite app game by far The idea of fantasy football and the idea of collecting cards like panini books is brilliant I love this app to the max Keep it up Fan name Saints77919                 Topps Kick
Finally updated for iPhone 4s still crashes but I dont care              Thank God
Well this new update at least you can get to the home page it took about a month worth of updates to do that I like the additions to the app like champions league but I think stability should be priority number 1 right now The app has a load time thats longer than how long it can stay up without crashing Huddle and Star Wars trader never crash Take whatever page you need from their book I buy one pack and its guaranteed to crash every timethat cant happen        Crashes EVERY within a minute every time you sign in
The update changed nothing     Update
15 was amazing but there trying to get it right           Getting Better
I am still having a little trouble navigating with the new update but still love the app I have been playing for some time now and have some good players I am always excited about packs though It get me excited every time I open a pack even if I dont get a good player Keep up the good work                 Love this app
This app is amazing because it has everything what a card collector would want in a game You can play and trade them which is absolutely sick and you can maybe make new friend on their to Friend me OGMUDDBONE                 Amazing
As an American my first love will always be baseball but with the woeful season the Braves have been having Ive found a new sport to turn my attention to That sport as you may have guessed is soccer or as my new friends from across the pond call it Football And Topps kick is a phenomenal way to introduce yourself to the game and the amazing athletes that play this sport In its current version the leagues available to collect are the MLS BPL and the DFL With Europa and Champions league to come aboard soon With a wide variety of base cards and great looking insert cards the only thing you run short of is coins The game it self is quite fun with cards earning points for how players perform on the pitch as you switch them in and out of your lineup Sure it can be laggy at times and drive you crazy at others but overall a great way to follow along the matches and learn the players There are ways to earn coins by collecting certain cards and placing in contests You can also try your hand at 5 a side and play other kickers for pts and coins So sign up and send me a reasonable trade GARYIV                 Welcome to the world of Soccer
Fix the fricken store God all it says when I try to open it is I suspect something naughty what does that even mean Ive had lots of patience but Im done     NEEDS AN UPDATE FAST
The game is fun to play to pass time at work but needs work on the slowness and freezing Fan name jimbobjimbob              Needs work
For some reason whenever I go into my cards I try to look at my duplicates since Im more of a collector rather than a trader and whenever I try to view my duplicates it doesnt work now that I have a lot of dupes it is really tedious to have to scroll through searching for each dupe Please fix this issue Update After the recent update still cant sort by duplicates whats the point of a 110 MB update if you cant fix a simple sorting function Update 2 Still cant sort by dupes or needs really tedious to try trading if I cant get rid of my duplicates still leaving my rating at two stars as it is still sub par compared to the other topps apps but I like the effort at least Keep up the good work guys and maybe this app will be useable Update 3 Still no fix for the above issue this format pretty much blows and its astounding how all the other topps games can be so good and this one can be such trash     Cant filter duplicates
Before this recent update I really enjoyed this game had many problems but delt with them Now this game is just ruined even worse then it already was cant log in having so many problems The working staff is unreliable This is pathetic You would think with all the money they make they would be less cheap and make a half decent game Now ever since the update a lot has been fixed but this game still needs A LOT of fixing Maybe a suggestion is to let you click on the cards in each trade give an option for cards you need in each trade and cards the person youre trading with needs I really enjoy this game but I still think last years is way better     Ruined game
This game is for u football soccer fans this game is like FIFA but with out gameplay and the fun is every day u open packs fan name THE CHOSEN JAUN                 As good as FIFA
They should rename this app loading Because thats all it does Its bulky its slow its complicated Youre just not listening to your fans     Loading
Love the game Still not perfect but its definitely improving                 THEMAN35
The game is amazing good job on the game                 Awesome app
love the new update been here for over a year and have always been loyal have great customer support and the idea of the game is just brilliant if you love any part of Football this is the game for you I never really thought much of cards until now awesome Be sure to trade me Fan name Marcelo11                 Great
With the addition of this new update it makes the app run smoothly across all devices With improved stability and less crashing issues this makes the app enjoyable again There is room for improvement however the contests functionality shows promise but could use work with things like reliable refreshing and load times When you look at your cards in your gallery I would prefer the ability to swipe between cards instead of having to tap on each card individually and exiting out constantly With a few improvements this app will be 5star without a doubt Keep up the great updates Fan name CHRISMOREO              Newest update makes the app substantially better
Honestly dont get why you dont listen to your fans and go back to the old format Topps 15 was miles better than this app will be This new one has too much going on all over the place just keep it simple The filters are also messed up compared to before ex cards neededthey need Really liked this app but now its not the same     Go back
I loved the older versions of Kick but this one stinks It loads slowly constantly crashes and when it loads takes forever to start up Thank God Bunt and Huddle didnt mimic this piece of junk Please revert to the old layout     New Version is Awful
As a new player to this game I did not know what to expect When I played it for a week I was hooked But there is a few things I find weirdconfusing One thing is collections I have no idea what all the sets give you except for the ones that say you get coins I dont see the need to do sets and the ones I want to do have players that are sold out Second is the coins There should be an easier way to earn coins in this game I see the daily reward can work but that shouldnt be one of the three only ways of getting coins But overall I enjoy playing this game In game name Bmanthepic              Great game but
Take out the MLS and add the Liga BBVA like who the hell cares about the MLS honestly oh yeah and add more ways to play your cards besides 5aside           Add more Leagues
Cant properly use an app if it takes 30 minutes to load and then crashes once its done loading ffs     App blows
As a long time topps kick fan I personally do not like this new update It doesnt look that great and its not as good as last years If ur a fan of cards try it out but for me its not worth my time Honestly its that bad that it should be uninstalled        Last year was better
After the initial update to Kick16 I was considering deleting the app and sticking to other Topps apps However the small updates since then have greatly improved the operation as it is smoother and faster The only thing I would like to see changed is the ability to sort cards by need when trading other than that I am quite happy with where Kick is at this present moment LINKWYATT1981                 Nice Rebound
Good game                 Kick
I used to LOVE this game Until the 2016 version came out The latest updates have improved it somewhat at least it loads up now But the bottom line is that this version of this oncegreat app is still not working Crash crash crash I cant even see my cards due to crashes Not being able to get to your cards kinda defeats the purpose of a cardcollecting app doesnt it Old cards new cards it doesnt matter the app crashes every single time within 90 seconds of fully loading before I can actually get to the cards Also due to crashes I havent been able to participate in any pts chase or contests I really havent even been able to navigate around much of the app at all Did I say anything about how it crashes within 90 seconds every single time Apparently the new KICK is working for some people they probably have newer devices As for me Im keeping my good old 4s I guess Ill just have to give up on this game At least Im not spending on it anymore hah Onestar review due to the fact that it still doesnt work     Still Disappointed

KICK: The Exclusive Barclays Premier League Digital Football Trading Card Game SportsKICK: The Exclusive Barclays Premier League Digital Football Trading Card Game SportsKICK: The Exclusive Barclays Premier League Digital Football Trading Card Game SportsKICK: The Exclusive Barclays Premier League Digital Football Trading Card Game SportsKICK: The Exclusive Barclays Premier League Digital Football Trading Card Game SportsKICK: The Exclusive Barclays Premier League Digital Football Trading Card Game SportsKICK: The Exclusive Barclays Premier League Digital Football Trading Card Game SportsKICK: The Exclusive Barclays Premier League Digital Football Trading Card Game SportsKICK: The Exclusive Barclays Premier League Digital Football Trading Card Game SportsKICK: The Exclusive Barclays Premier League Digital Football Trading Card Game SportsKICK: The Exclusive Barclays Premier League Digital Football Trading Card Game SportsKICK: The Exclusive Barclays Premier League Digital Football Trading Card Game Sports

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