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TimBecca LLC , the publisher behind many iOS app (IP Port List ,iReformed Reference Library for iPad ,Galaxy Trek ,Bible•Dict ,RunBuddy ,iReformed Reference Library), brings iReformed Reference Library with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. iReformed Reference Library app has been update to version 1.30 with several major changes and improvements. App release that improves performance, provides several new options.

    Overall Satisfactionc91
    Wonderful Resource.
    thanks for this awesome app.
    Thanks for doing this.
    I love having this information at my finger tips.
    Fun & Engagingc100
    It's awesome and useful to use anywhere.
    It's awesome and useful to use anywhere.
    Glad everything is right there for quick reference.
    Ease of Usec93
    on scripture AND extremely easy to use via an intuitive interface.
    Beautifully designed and easy to use.
    The interface is simple and elegant.

    Thank you for the latest update that so quickly fixed the small font size. found in 1 reviews
    It was delight to find this and use it for devotions. found in 2 reviews
    The interface is simple and elegant. found in 1 reviews
    This has everything I want at my fingertips. found in 1 reviews
    Baptist confession would make even more appealing and TOC for the heidelberg. found in 2 reviews
    iReformed updates their app to include those three historic documents too. found in 1 reviews
    functionality and of course the content. found in 1 reviews
    It's awesome and useful to use anywhere. found in 2 reviews
    I've already used it a number of times when talking with people about Christian doctrines. found in 1 reviews
    Font size is fixed. found in 1 reviews
    Great for study and teaching. found in 1 reviews
    Easy to use wonderful resource to grow in the Kingdom of God. found in 1 reviews
    It is useful and beautiful. found in 1 reviews
    Gives a lot of resources in one spot. found in 1 reviews
    The recent addition of font size adjustment is a great improvement. found in 2 reviews
    Glad everything is right there for quick reference. found in 4 reviews
    Helpful to have all the information at hand from one source. found in 1 reviews
    The creeds and confessions open fine. found in 2 reviews
    no ability to jump to a certain question in any of the catechisms. found in 1 reviews
    It needs The London Baptist Confession of Faith 1689. found in 5 reviews
    Very handy for my iPod touch when I don't have wifi. found in 1 reviews
    no search function. found in 3 reviews
    Love the app - please add search. found in 1 reviews
    except when I want to look at a confession. found in 1 reviews

    If you are iPhone and iPad owner,you now can download iReformed Reference Library for $0.99 from Apple Store. The application is designed for use in English language. It weighs in at only 1.4 MB to download. It is highly advisable to have the latest app version installed so that you don`t miss out on the fresh new features and improvements. The current app version 1.30 has been released on 2014-11-26. For ensuring consistency with the device you should take into account the following app compatibility information: Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iOS 3.0 or later
    Bottom Line: For more information about iReformed Reference Library check developer TimBecca LLC`s website :

    Also check out the iPad version iReformed Reference Library is a collection of the key documents and confessionals of the reformed faith. The library contains the following references: - Westminster Shorter Catechism with Scripture Proofs - Westminster Larger ...
    Great app Wonderful to have the confessions at my fingertips It would be nice to have the option to switch to the modern English versions              Good app want one more feature
    I use this app on a regular basis its a great tool to keep us focused on Christ by means of historic Reformed theology                 A wonderful tool for redeeming the time
    It was delight to find this and use it for devotions Baptist confession would make even more appealing and TOC for the heidelberg Thx                 Heidelberg catechism
    Great way to have all these references in one place                 Perfect
    This app is great Comprehensive in containing all of the confessions catechisms I was looking for in a very readable format A search function would be icing on the cake but this cake is delicious even without icing                 Exactly what I was looking for
    Very good tool and right at your finger tips Great for study                 Excellent app
    Its well formatted and easy on the eyes                 iReform
    Works well and nicely organized                 Good app
    I use it daily to memorize the WSC Beautifully designed and easy to use                 Fantastic
    Great except that it still crashes when I attempt to access any of the cathechisms        Reformed Reference LibraryLatest Version
    As a Reformed Christian this app has been pivotal in the last few days since Ive purchased it It has been much easier to use this in order to access my catechisms than carrying a hard copy around Furthermore it is just as accurate as the hard copy of ones Westminster Confession and shorter and larger catechisms being that it has the Scripture proofs in full This app is also very helpful in studying some of the early foundational creeds and confessions that have been significant in establishing Reformed theology Rather than carry different texts via hard copy with this app one can access some of the most significant texts of Reformed theology digitally all within this one quick and userfriendly app My only desire is to see some way that one could quiz himherself on the catechism questions in a more unique way ie fillintheblank answers recital word bank answers or trivia This would definitely make the app that much more beneficial but all around as of now its a great purchase              Great purchase
    Reading statements of the Church is never a waste of time The idea that you can have these key confessional docs for this price is amazing and TimBecca sp has done a great job in form the aesthetic is great and a decent job in function proof texts and answers can be hidden for memorization purposes The only downsides that would be great to have rectified are 1 no search function and 2 no ability to jump to a certain question in any of the catechisms Until those two things are developed Logos and other apps will outshine this one Still for the price you should certainly get this app ASAP              iReformed is a must have
    A must for all reformed apple users                 Seminarians friend
    We use it for the kids and scripture memory Its awesome and useful to use anywhere                 Convenient and easy to use
    This is such a valuable resource                 Love it
    I love this app it was so handy when we went through the Heidelberg Catechism at church Thank you for fixing it so I can use it again Love it just as it is if you ever add modern translations please KEEP the current original ones Thank you again for this wonderful app                 Perfect again
    Can u add other versions of the Bible I want NIV or ESV Robert koh And please include a more modern version of the catechism where I can add more references              I like
    Exactly as advertised Stable year after year Solid purchase                 Fantastic app
    I have use this resource for several years The Heidleburg Catachism especially has been an encouragement Easy to use and move smoothly through Thamks                 IReformed Creeds and Confessions
    As a first year seminary student getting aquatinted with the historic reformed confessions for the first time I must say this app is fantastic a real blessing from the Lord Jesus Christ Im memorizing the Westminster Shorter Catechism on it and it is very helpful                 A must have for Reformed junkies
    Excellent tool have used a lot since downloading it Sunday school study devotional during a sermon it is great                 WCF and catechism
    It would also be nice to have access to the updated English versions of the text Other than that great app              Great Interface
    Easy to navigate extraconvenient placement of Scripture references My favorite app                 Great app
    good app                 easy to navigate minimal issues
    I love having this info at my fingertips Excellent app Very pleased                 Great App
    Very happy with this app As others have stated I would prefer ESV or other later scripture references                 Useful tool concise reference
    Very helpful to now be able to select catechisms from a list Also enjoying the WCF scripture proofs                 Great update
    It needs The London Baptist Confession of Faith 1689           Not complete
    I am so glad this app exists                 Another thing to praise God for
    I use it all the time                 Great app
    I have enjoyed the older style of these confessions and felt that the order and style is nicely put together                 Very well done
    As a pastor Ive often left my Standards and BOCO at home With this tool you cant do that its with youwell unless you forget your smartphone I use this app while preaching while doing Sunday School while doing family devotions we mirror the Bible and this app onto our TV and while counseling and making hospital calls I wish the ESV was an option for the Proof texts and I wish highlighting and notetaking were possible but its a great resource                 Cant Leave Home Without It
    Great app for all things on the go                 Thank you
    Well thought out and complete                 Wonderful reference
    I love this app All this info in one easy to use app                 Great app
    This a terrific app for all docs reformed To have all these precious documents in one place digital and mobile is wonderful Thank you                 Wonderful
    A must have for those of us who adhere to classic reformed Christianity              Great Resource
    Great resource                 Love this
    I support using this app              Great app
    THE definitive resource for those of us who are reformed in our faith An absolute must have                 Essential cornerstone
    This has everything I want at my fingertips Super helpful                 Excellent reference
    I have an iPhone 4 It works well except when I want to look at a confession shorter larger catechisms also Heidelberg     Please fix bugs
    Great for study and teaching Thank you                 Just the thing
    I teach 710 grades and i use this every day in class and have shared it with my students                 Teacher
    This app has been especially helpful with Tabletalks yearlong 2012 study of the Heidelberg Catechism                 Psalm 1054
    I down loaded the update and the Catechisms still do not work Kinda bummed since I really got the app for the Heildelberg Catechism I do love the instant cross references Even without the Catechisms it is a fantastic reference           Almost
    Ive already used it a number of times when talking with people about Christian doctrines                 Excellent resource
    Very easy to use well organized Any possibility to add Directory for Public Worship etc to Westminster Confession              Solid App Any possibility of getting a sharing feature with Catechism QAs
    Love having these readily available                 Great resources
    Ive been using this app for at least 4 years and it is so helpful                 Love this app

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