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Time Inc. , the publisher behind many iOS app (LIFE for iPad ,REAL SIMPLE Magazine ,THIS OLD HOUSE Magazine ,Golf Magazine Front9 ,LIFE Mobile ,TIME Magazine), brings INSTYLE Magazine with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. INSTYLE Magazine app has been update to version 3.2 with several major changes and improvements. App release that improves performance, provides several new options.


If you are iPad owner,you now can download INSTYLE Magazine for free from Apple Store. The application is supporting English language. It weighs in at only 2.9 MB to download. The new INSTYLE Magazine app version 3.2 has been updated on 2014-11-26. For ensuring consistency with the device you should take into account the following app compatibility information: Compatible with iPad. Requires iOS 4.0 or later.
More Info: Find more info about INSTYLE Magazine in Time Inc.`s Official Website :

InStyle brings you the latest fashion and beauty tips to help you create your own unique look. Each issue is packed with celebrity style secrets, hot fashion trends, best beauty buys, hair, makeup, accessories and ...
Stop guessing and choose the right color combinations Love the app and the mag ideas                 Get the fall colors app
I agreed to have push notifications for the first time and the app broke A window notice keeps tells me to go to iTunes for the setup I have tried everything including removal and reinstall I have changed all the settings within and outside the app and the pop up window wont go away I have a subscription but I like the digital version too Such a shame     Hung up on push notifications
Brings the mag to life                 Great app
Cant access my subscription after update Please fix     No Access
Please fix bugs App isnt recognizing subscriptions anymore     Not recognizing subscription
I already tried to review thistrying again I have problems every month It is ridiculous I have already paid for the print issue Very disappointed that I cannot download the issues without hassles EVERY month I will not be subscribing to any other of your magazines any time soon     You are kidding me
Frustrating app Soon deleting if these bugs dont get fixed     App not working
I subscribe to many digital magazines and this is by far my favorite because easy use and content Since the last Apple update I was having crashing issues with many of my apps InStyle included no biggie I just uninstalled app and reinstalled and they all work perfectly InStyle may even be faster now                 Works PERFECTiOS 802 update
I have been trying for the last week to access my digital subscription to know availability I have contacted customer service a few times and every time I have to wait 2 days for a response that doesnt solve the problem You would think such a company has all the kinks worked out before releasing an APP for people to download I am just going to delete and read the paper copy     Such A Disappointment
I am in love with this magazine                 I love technology
I have been reading IN STYLE for 15 years and always enjoyed having a hard copy to hold I finally gave in to trying the digital edition and Im not quite sure what to think of it To begin with this app is very flaky and unreliable although I do receive the correct contents the actual magazine cover never shows up correctly on my iPads screen I k ow this is a small issue to complain about but if Im paying for a service I expect to get the full package delivered instead of a half way service Very disappointed with the customer service too Ive written them numerous times and have yet to get any answer at all What kind of lousy service is this        Flaky App
Love it                 Love it
I love it so much thank you for all those Wonderful tips and stories Again thank you                 Instyle
I like the eversion of InStyle better than the print version I am looking forward to the fix so I can read the issue I paid for already              It broke again please fix it
I have a subscription to the print edition and according to the store I am entitled to access all I need to do is enter my account number No problem except that then Im thrown into a screen that will only allow me to set up online access if I RENEW What Even if I was going to renew this sleazy tactic means no way Either you offer digital access or you dont but trying to hold me hostage Instyle just means youve lost along term subscriber     I give up
Please fix your app I have a print subscription to your magazine which I give to local charities and I read the digital version or at least I did until your app stopped working Guess Ill have to cancel my print subscription and stop being charitable so that I can get a digital subscription to read NOT HAPPY     IM TIRED OF THIS
Have been reading instyle for 10 years To be more eco friendly decided to subscribe to all my favorites digitally Out of my five magazines this is the worst app The cover never shows it forgets I have a subscription and I have to attempt to subscribe fill everything in to be told I already have a subscription And even then I dont get the new issue Really disappointed All other mags you just click and a new issue appears you download and read Why     Why is it so bad
I keep clicking the button that says I want access to my issues and nothing happens I had no complaints before I updated my iPad besides a better way to bookmark pages and I dont like how its so hard to get the navigation to come up on the screen while youre flipping through the magazine     Cant retrieve my subscription
This app is acting up again I love instyle magazine and Ive already paid for the subscription Im going to request a refund because I dont have time to continue fighting with this thing     Crap
I used this app two years ago and it has only gotten worse It keeps on taking me back to the sign in screen and refuses to accept that I have a subscription Unfortunate that InStyle has in no way advanced technologically in the past two years its kind of ironic Please fix this Now I know why I stopped subscribing     Not worth it
I upgraded app and now it wont load I will wait a few days if it still doesnt work I am requesting a refund     New version wont load
Instyle needs to address this problem because my subscription is not over Im not going to pay for an issue already paid for     App doesnt credit my subscription already paid for
I tried to open the app it just crashed Then I got a bill for the issue I could not even get to it Please fix it and get me refund        Its broken
I have been a longtime subscriber and was hoping that goingdigital would allow me to bookmark my favs pin to Pinterest etc all I can do is view the magazine which I already have I will be deleting the app since there are no perks     What a disappointment
Like others its not recognizing my subscription Im so disappointed The app USED TO work great not anymore PLEASE fix this     Do I REALLY need to start lugging around a huge mag again
App doesnt work I have to remove it and download it every time I want to read it When I attempt to open the app it just takes me back to the Newsstand page I love the magazine Please update the app and I will resubscribe     Going to cancel monthly digital subscription
This app has no easily figured out way to unsubscribe It is extremely frustrating     Extremely difficult
Keeps crashing Wont load Super frustrated and thinking about not renewing     Seriously
Love reading mags on the iPad App works well for me                 Works great for me
Ive been a long time subscriber to instyle and have loved being able to read it on my iPad However the perfectionist in me gets very frustrated that the current magazine cover isnt shown in the newsstand app Ive been stuck on the color guide for monthsand I never even purchased it Much like my coffee table I enjoy being able to look at my beautiful magazine covers all laid out Please fix this minor glitch Thanks        Magazine cover in newsstand
Fantabulous                 Style
App no longer recognizes my subscription and only option is to buy another copy Please fix     Horrible upgrade
also tried resetting password got new confirmation code nothing works subscription was set to expire soon anyway will be cxl for the future horrible interface     app not recognizing subscription
They are not offering the print digital unless you pay extra through their website I purchased a 2 yr print digital subscription through another website and they are now not allowing it Total greed They lost a long time customer over their money grab Have some respect for your customers     They got greedy
Despite being a subscriber and using this app seamlessly the latest version does not recognize existing subscriptions Signed in signed out deleted app reinstalled appand nothing fixes the problem Now its even worse where the last two years of paid issues are now missing from my library and not downloadable Emailed customer support but no response fail     App not recognizing subscriptions
This app is not easy to read Some contentheavy pages do not allow me to drag and expand the page As a result I was not able to even read those pages Extremely frustrating I also dislike the navigation There is no way to skip pages or ads The per issue price is way too high for this aggravation It would have been easier to just go buy the print version At least that way I could actually read it I will be deleting this app What a waste of time and money     So Disappointing
Ive tried to get this app on iPhone 5 for 3 weeks and it has never downloaded Yesterday I purchased the Fall Color Guide and it is nowhere to be found along with my InStyle app That was a waste of 199 I expect better from InStyle very disappointing     Doesnt download
Kindly fix downloading and magazine cover will revise when remedied     October was fixed November is broken again
Ive just subscribed and paid my 12month subscription to inStyle Dont know about next month yet Well see But so far its working out great                 Brand new user App is working great so far
The cover never updates to the current issue but I love the magazine              Update the cover in Newsstand
Ive read InStyle for many years from beginning actually and I must admit not holding the magazine is quite odd Now I love my digital copies and I have zero regrets              Instyle digital
Magazine did not completely download     Disappointed
Favorites does not add the correct page to the list So far thats the only glitch Ive noticed           NBC656
Great app I just wish the icon would reflect the current cover           Great Appsome improvements needed
Does not recognize my subscription after I installed new magazine version after updating to iOS 8 The older version of this app that worked is not compatible with iOS 8 Please fix     Doesnt work anymore
Have reloaded this app umpteen times Have yet been able to read an issue as it wont even open most of the time I have 10 other magazine apps downloaded that work fine Cmon Instyle fix this crap app     Crap app
See below for prior review customer service did try to help but were unable to do so I called apple but they wanted upfront I checked for possible iOS updates and realized that I hadnt installed the most recent version on my iPad 2 Once I updated my iOS I was able to read all my current and previous issues Try that before giving up Only four stars because it seems like InStyle customer service might have suggested that Latest update wiped out all my prior purchases AND the help functions and restore buttons are totally useless FIX PLEASE I love this mag but the app update stinks              Updated Fixed the problem
I have missed two issues because the app does not open It has been the same since I updated to iOS 8 Help     I cant even open the app
This app is slow and cumbersome Navigation is clunky and difficult The menu does not have an option to manage your account InStyle app developers should study other apps Vogue Architectural Digest to find out what makes for a good user experience        Needs improvement
I enjoy reading magazines digitally The videos and additional pictures are a great asset Portability is great also              Great interactive app

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