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HeyLets , brings HeyLets - Social Guide to Capture and Discover Great Moments and Adventures with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. HeyLets - Social Guide to Capture and Discover Great Moments and Adventures app has been update to version 1.0.16 with several major changes and improvements. App release that improves performance, provides several new options.
  • and make connections with local people..
  • That means this app is perfect for finding new restaurants..
  • You also have the chance to meet new people and become friends..
  • Perfect for finding all of the local hot spots..

Overall Satisfactionc99
Highly recommend for everyone to download HeyLets.
Amazing new tool of the future.
Great recommendations from locals.
better than FourSquare.
It's great getting to share my favorite places.
It's a wonderful new way to explore your city.
It serves up recommendations based on my tastes and preferences.
Fun & Engagingc91
Although it is much easier to navigate than yelp.
I'm finding awesome places in Charlotte that I never knew existed.
Awesome New App.
I Will Never Be Bored Again.
It's so much fun to use.
I'm free to browse only recommended posts by other users.
New addiction.
So useful and fun.
Really clever and useful.
An app that is helpful and exciting.
I use this app almost everyday.
Social Aspectsc100
It is something I highly recommend to every social media user.
You also have the chance to meet new people and become friends.
The best new social app ever.
And share experiences with friends and people who have similar interests.
Ease of Usec100
Although it is much easier to navigate than yelp.
and easy to use design on sharing your moments with the world.
Amazingly easy.
Great graphics and easy to use app.
Positive and easy ways to explore.

I use this app almost everyday. found in 1 reviews
and it makes thinking of new adventure ideas quick and easy. found in 9 reviews
It's great for exploring new places in whatever city you're in. found in 12 reviews
Dive bars to hiking trails to fine dining - you're set. found in 4 reviews
An incredible app that merges the social experience with discovering new places. found in 9 reviews
Reviews by real people. found in 2 reviews
How refreshing to have an app to find places to eat. found in 11 reviews
Must have app for travelers and people looking for something new. found in 7 reviews
Very user friendly and highly addictive. found in 15 reviews
It is literally like having a travel guide. found in 10 reviews
Awesome app that helps you explore your city and share your experiences. found in 7 reviews
Perfect for finding new things to do in a city you're familiar with. found in 16 reviews
Such a perfect tour guide for spots you don’t know. found in 6 reviews
Great way to find unique and cool places wherever you are. found in 20 reviews
3 stars cuz of spam emails. found in 1 reviews
Can't update profile. found in 1 reviews
but lots of errors. found in 1 reviews
They make you sign up to see it. found in 1 reviews
Sounds fun but keeps crashing. found in 1 reviews
Full of fake reviews. found in 2 reviews

The HeyLets - Social Guide to Capture and Discover Great Moments and Adventures is now available as a free download on Apple Store for both iPhone and iPad owners.The application is supporting English language. It weighs in at only 16.6 MB to download. It is highly advisable to have the latest app version installed so that you don`t miss out on the fresh new features and improvements. The current app version 1.0.16 has been released on 2014-10-09. For ensuring consistency with the device you should take into account the following app compatibility information: Requires iOS 7.0 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. This app is optimized for iPhone 5.
Bottom Line: For more information about HeyLets - Social Guide to Capture and Discover Great Moments and Adventures check developer HeyLets`s website : http://www.heylets.com

Your very own guide to what s hip, happening and worth trying, written by those have tried it." Cosmopolitan Magazine Discover local food, bars, events, or almost any activity with the HeyLets community. Capture experiences when ...
I uses this app on a daily basis                 Like this app
Hey Lets is lots of fun I love capturing places people have never seen before                 Innovative
Intuitive addicting and most of all its all based on positivity This app is great Users posts their most memorable experiences and share these awesome moments with the Heylets community This app is definitely a winner                 HeyLets is great
This app is an perfect example of finding great places and reviews as well as meeting new places Its so fun to be able to find only positive reviews and add on your wishlist Also be able to share on your social media I 100 recommend this app Great user experience great idea and lots of fun                 Reviews couldnt be more fun
Love seeing all the new places to go and experience Its a nice way to browse the local area for things to do        Great App To Discover New Places
I feel like this app meets in the middle between Yelp and Instagram Its better than yelp because its a social network You know where the opinions are coming from Once you find people to follow that are like you and whos opinion you trust you can check their feed for other places to check out Im in Nashville and there are constantly new places popping up so its nice to get trustworthy opinions                 Great new app
I like that everything is short sweet it makes using the app while youre out and about a lot easier and less cumbersome than some other apps And theres tons of categories to browse through too           Not a bad little app
A great app if youre new to an area or city Its a nice way to keep track of places you need to visit with your wish list and its always fun to dream of other places you may want to go as well outside of your city A great app for the dazzling explorer                 Instagram and Yelp in One
This app is great for getting out there and trying some new things locally Pictures are fun and it is all user submitted                 Finally something new
I love this app This is a great way to find the coolest spots in your city Its easy to understand and has a great layout I really appreciate the ability to see reviews by experts with a great reputation so you know what to expect from the places you havent visited yet Im so thankful for the wishlist too Im the type of person who sees a place Id love to check out but then forget about it so Im glad I have a folder I can go to when Im the mood to try a new spot                 The Future for Finding
I am so sick of reading about whats wrong with restaurants and places Have always thought that positivity was cool and I like seeing places that make people smile Im a big fan of the HeyLets App                 Really like this App
I love that this app is usergenerated people upload their photos and positive experiences at local restaurants and businesses Its easy to use I love finding new places to discover close by and during trips              Best townie reccomendations
Although there are not quite enough influencers yet I see great potential for this app and think it will blow up here in a month or so People need to download it to share their experiences at places they have been and loved to help build the database It can only get better and better from here              Will be Great
Such a great idea Combines so many features that follow the thought process of anyone looking for something cool to do or a good place to eat Definitely want to watch this get big because it would help circulate experiences from oh wow that looks fun to a hey Come check this out usertouser experience                 LOVE this app
Basically a combination of those two apps with little innovation Based off preexisting users and having to follow them     Knock off instagramyelp
Welcome to inspirational reviews with all positive swag on the go My experience with Hey Lets has been uplifting and adventures The ability to review great times without the negative complaints makes me only review with this app I have discovered so many great places with the help of all the HEY Community A                 Social Liaison
This app is amazingly user friendly and a great way to find new places to explore Open up the app and there will always be a new adventure waiting for you The app is also very user friendly and allows you to make a wish list of places you want to go so you never have to worry about documenting it elsewhere Every place that I have visited on HeyLets that was recommended by others was nothing short of phenomenal If youre an explorer this is the app for you Push the download button and get ready for some adventurous fun                 HeyLets
Love sharing things I already share on social media I like the wish list feature to keep track of experiences and places I want to visit The pictures uploaded from other users are high resolution and its an aesthetically pleasing app                 Great new app
I live in San Diego County and this app really helps me when I go out because theres so many places to go in this area that its hard to know where the best and most fun things are Like if Im ever craving thai food I can find the best and closest spots in an instant even if Im an hour from home I also really like that its user driven because they usually only post positive experiences which makes picking something fun to do much easier Its like Yelp without having to weed through the bad or lengthy reviews                 Yelp but Better
This is a great app to use whether youre visiting a new city or youre a local in your own city I have been able to visit so many great places and have so many memorable experiences with my friends using this app because the other users post the true unknown gems in my city Its also fun because I can share some of my favorite places that other people dont know about yet and keep a wishlist of places Id like to visit in the future and the app even lets you know when youre nearby a wishlisted location Its preferential to Instagram for me because I can post more experiencerelated content on HeyLets compared to anywhere else And as a sidenote its always cool to follow other people in other locations and see what they love the most about their city or where theyre visiting at the time Love it                 Everyone needs this app
I love this app I am an avid instagramer yelper and Twitterer This combines all three I am having trouble putting my phone down I have also realized how many cool things Ive done and been a part of looking forward to documenting many more upcoming trips and adventures                 ADDICTING
This new up coming app is soon to be a staple on everyones phone I love how many categories there arefrom cuisines to parks to live music and entertainment it has it all Its all encompassing so theres no need for multiple review type apps Theyre all about positivity so every experience you find should be a great one Its fun and easy to use and Im excited for it to grow There are some minor glitches but nothing that doesnt make it not worth it              A soon to be staple on your phone
I love how I can find something to do in Chicago its so easy with Heylets This app gives you just enough kool things that you are always finding an activity to do Much better than Yelp or anything else like that bs                 Heylets is amazing
I just want to find fun things to do things no one ever talks about much but how can I do that if it keeps crashing     WONT STOP CRASHING
Cant event open app It keeps crashing Support doesnt even reply I really liked the concept of the app though Its a shame they wont fix bugs in a timely manner     Keeps crashing
Beautiful UI nice recommendations Its also getting more personalized and smarter                 Best social local app
I love this app I have been in Chicago for two years but I know there is a lot of the city I havent seen HeyLets users acquainted with the city provides places for me to try with great reviews                 Great for people who have just moved to a new place
This app is everything Yelp isnt Instead of scrolling through 20 angry reviews left by snotty customers to find a place to eat tonight you get to see all the positive exciting stuff people in your social media circle are doing Its an easy way to explore the city around you without having to do a ton of research This user generated data makes it easier to find what you want to and avoid all the timewasters I cant say enough good things about this app Great idea intuitive design locally based for me at least and Im pretty confident when I say this is a real winner                 Everything Youve Always Wanted
If youre traveling or new in the city this app is a great way to discover the gems that place has to offer by locals that have experienced it already Say goodbye to googling fun things to do around town this app locates what is nearest to you while catering to your specific interests and likes                 Say goodbye to tedious research
This is really a great hybrid of Instagram yelp and foursquare all in one Gives you a great source to tap into when youre in an unfamiliar area or trying to find new areas in your town It gives more personality than yelp does so you can trust reviews a bit more And the style of the whole app is very dynamic and appealing with the thin horizontal photo format Definitely recommend                 Really clever and useful
People share pictures and short descriptions of local food and attractions Nothing too lengthy which is actually really nice                 Fun way to find fun
Amazing app                 Awesome
I love this App I have been on it for about 2 months and its glitch free hang free for starters I love the fact that I can find cool places to visit in my area and when I travel out of state which I can wishlist Its sorta like an experience guide When I am close to those places I am notified I also love that I can also share my own experiences and talk about it I am happy when people wishlist my experience too it kinda feels like I am making a mark on the world exposing people to experiences giving them ideas on where to visit I have always taken pictures of places I visit food I eat etc So using hey lets is something Im happy doing Bottom line HEYlets is AMAZING                 Best to discover cool places
Awesome app really gets you places that are awesome                 Eddie Ruiz
Finally a user generated review site with the best places to visit and nothing but positive reviews I have been waiting for something beyond Yelp and all the crummy negative and LONG reviews and now I have it I have lived in the Bay Area my whole life but still find gems that I havent explored through HeyLets I have found parks places to shop eat dance and even the special little things only locals know like the hidden troll in the Bay Bridge And as a new mum to a toddler its nice to find cool kid friendly places to explore Loving it Good job guys                 Its ALL good and so are the reviews
Ive discovered so many great places from this app and it has inspired me to go out and explore DFW more and share my experience definitely a great app and idea                 Great app
I really enjoy writing and reading the reviews Theyre short sassy and give me just what I need Ive found a number of gems that I definitely want to try now                 Fun App
This app is great if you go to new city and you dont know what to do or even exploring your own city or if you need ideas for things to do with friends or to take somebody on a date This app has help me find lots of cool things to do on short notice when I am in a new city or even when plans get canceled and I want to find something else to do                 Great Ideas
An app like no other HeyLets tells you the best of the BEST of the best in a city and it makes Maps Yelp and Google completely unnecessary Not only does it include a link that will Uber you directly to your location but it includes a map link in case you choose to make the drivewalk yourself Never again feel lost or bored or unsure of what to do in a city because as opposed to other apps HeyLets only tells you about the good stuff and helps you get there easily Whether you are a local who is bored and looking for something awesome to do or a tourist looking for some fun some culture some entertainment HeyLets will guide you to your ideal destination I highly recommend it Au revoir boredom                 HeyLets is amazing
Ive been using HeyLets for about a month now and Im having fun with it Its a mix of Twitter and Yelp maybe features of a few others which is great It forces you to be concise and intentional about what you are sharing I do enjoy that the activitiesplaces posted are only ones that someone else recommends Keeps it simple Ive found a ton of new spots in Houston that I have wish listed So many great shared experiences I really like that the HeyLets app will ping alert you when you are near a location you have on your list to visit Im looking forward to more improvements in the app This first month has been great fun Try the app out              New twist on finding great activities
Ive never used another review site besides Yelp but its a great way to search through categories and neighborhoods Good suggestions when youre planning a date night or need a new lunch spot I also like that its your history to the places youve been                 Theres other alternatives to Yelp
I really liked this app but it just keeps crashing upon opening it Gave two stars instead of one because I did like it when I could use it Please fix this Please        HeyLetsCrash
HeyLets is a great app for finding not only hidden gems locally but also for traveling to a different city When you first download the app youre given a list of interests to choose from to taylor the experiences that show up on your feed What I really love about the app is it doesnt just show you restaurantscoffee houses but you can find anything from hikes to amazing views to extreme sports to name a view A truly wonderful app                 Great for local AND travel
I just downloaded this app and was interested in being an ambassador but it keeps crashing on me I wrote a post and was 99 complete and it crashed It seems interesting but cant stay on long enough to figure it out Hopefully this will be fixed soon              Crashing problem
Ive had the app for a few weeks now and have already found places that I didnt know were in my city Love the Twitter like short reviews super easy to swipe through and find something new Posting and reviewing is super easy Cant wait to see what I find in the future when I travel to other cities Great app                 Great app for finding hidden local gems
HeyLets shows you where people in your town are going They are sharing their positive experiences and giving you ideas for next adventure Go explore                 Fun for exploring
I love how this app offers variety of activities and places to eat and to explore Its expanded and I feel is only going to get bigger                 Awesome
I love this app Its like Yelp but even more fun Love exploring the city and posting my experiences Also its rad to see other places people have posted about              Loving it so far
Im no stranger to the phrase So what do you wanna do Heylets has been the answer to my prayers This app has shown me a who new side to the city I thought I knew so well Ideal for date night or planning your weekend                 The perfect positive answer to Yelp
I love what Hey Lets offers The only reason I didnt give it five stars is because it needs to be populated more Explore new places to go eat play and shop Discover through reviews and some incredible pictures The food pictures make you drool Cant wait to get friends and family on here so I can find more great places to visit              Great App To Discover New Things

HeyLets - Social Guide to Capture and Discover Great Moments and Adventures Food & DrinkHeyLets - Social Guide to Capture and Discover Great Moments and Adventures Food & DrinkHeyLets - Social Guide to Capture and Discover Great Moments and Adventures Food & DrinkHeyLets - Social Guide to Capture and Discover Great Moments and Adventures Food & DrinkHeyLets - Social Guide to Capture and Discover Great Moments and Adventures Food & DrinkHeyLets - Social Guide to Capture and Discover Great Moments and Adventures Food & DrinkHeyLets - Social Guide to Capture and Discover Great Moments and Adventures Food & DrinkHeyLets - Social Guide to Capture and Discover Great Moments and Adventures Food & Drink

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