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Groupon, Inc. , the publisher behind many iOS app (Groupon POS ,Groupon POS ,Groupon Merchants ,Groupon Asia - Deals, Coupons & Shopping ,Snap by Groupon ,Breadcrumb Pro), brings Groupon with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. Groupon app has been update to version 2.0.2 with several major changes and improvements. App release that improves performance, provides several new options.
  • Great way to find amazing deals and discover new places and services..
  • The scan card feature was a time saver too..
  • Been very pleased so far and the app is super user friendly..
  • This is the best app ever for bargain shoppers like me..
  • Enjoy some amazing deals from time to time..

Overall Satisfactionc94
I love Groupon & have gotten some awesome deals.
I love Groupon but dissapointed that the app isn't working.
Enjoy some amazing deals from time to time.
Honestly they don't have amazing deals.
I love using groupon to try new restaurants & activities.
I am deleting the app and never using Groupon again.
I love not having to print them out and carry them around.
I love saving money and learning to stretch my $.
I love this app better than living social I come here for everything.
Going Downhill Fast - Try Living Social.
I love the variety of deals that I can find through Groupon.
Not a big variety of deals that are appealing.
This is the best money saving app around.
Fun & Engagingc94
Very detailed awesome deals its just an amazing lifesaver.
But it look like it has awesome deals though.
I'm addicted to Groupon -and the app is soooo easy.
Use groupon all the time and lovin having the mobile version.
I can no longer use Groupon since the last update.
I've done so many amazing fun things because of groupon.
Totally addicted to the getaways and the goods.
I've gotten so many awesome deals with this app it's unbelievable.
I never knew all the fun activities available in my area.
I'm obsessed with shopping on this app- so easy and addictive.
I look forward to checking the new deals everyday.
I always check groupon everyday for unbeatable prices on just about everything.
Saves time to look on computer.
I check Groupon every day and have found some great deals.
I have found many useful deals featured and specifically searched for.
Thought there would be more useful deals.
What's better than a FREE site that offers useful coupons.
No useful coupons.
The people in customer service are always helpful & friendly.
Family Friendlyc97
Has become an invaluable resource for my family and I.
It's also great for purchasing gifts for friends and family in other cities.
Value for Moneyc83
Wish they didn't make this because it's easy to spend money.
My only complaint -- too easy to spend money.
I have discovered new points of interest without spending alot.
Great way to try new things without spending all your money.
Repeat Valuec84
And they make it way too easy to purchase things.
Just way too easy to get on here and spend money.
Duh that's the poison and Groupon makes it too easy.
Just makes it too easy to get groupons on the go.
although it makes it a little too easy to buy fabulous deals.
A little too easy to buy things on here.
Social Aspectsc72
I love this app better than living social I come here for everything.
Like their customer service and deals better than living social.
Going Downhill Fast - Try Living Social.
Ease of Usec81
Seriously easy to purchase whatever you need from groupon.
Latest update displays errors when trying to purchase Groupons.
well laid out and easy to make purchases on great deals.
It's too easy to make purchases in error now.
They were easy to redeem and saved me a lot of $$.
I bought a $1000 groupon which was a nightmare to redeem.
Wish they didn't make this because it's easy to spend money.
It is just too easy to get great deals on my phone with Groupon.
Easy to navigate and super convenient to make purchases.
functional and pretty simple app with amazing interface.
And they make it way too easy to purchase things.
What's with all the technical difficulties lately.
What's up with the " technical difficulties.
Security & Privacyc84
Dangerous to my bank account bc I'm always buying something.
Watch your bank account because of too many great deals.
but nothing back to my bank account.
It seems to function very well for my groupon account.
You definitely want and need to get a Groupon account.
Updates & Supportc91
Great customer service and excellent experiences all around.
This is like living in a world of awesome deals and great customer service.

Excellent deals everyday there are new great bargains. found in 95 reviews
Great customer service and excellent experiences all around. found in 289 reviews
Thanks for making Christmas shopping easy this year. found in 115 reviews
Very useful app for getting great deals around town and on products. found in 118 reviews
I'm addicted to Groupon -and the app is soooo easy. found in 641 reviews
Keep the deals coming & excellent customer service & I'll always be a customer. found in 95 reviews
Love Groupons & always look forward to what is offered. found in 263 reviews
Always different deals from food to entertainment to great gift ideas. found in 98 reviews
I have found soooo many great buys on groupon. found in 89 reviews
I loveeeeeee groupons great discounts great service best app. found in 274 reviews
This is my favorite shopping app in the entire world. found in 92 reviews
I love Groupon & have gotten some awesome deals. found in 6097 reviews
Awesome experience and great way to try new places at discounted rates. found in 1389 reviews
It's great for gifts and there is something for everyone. found in 217 reviews
Great company + great products + great savings = FANTASTIC VALUES. found in 295 reviews
Money saver for anything from clothes to facial treatments. found in 184 reviews
Excellent Coupons = Great savings on things I buy anyways. found in 390 reviews
that have been great outlets for date nights with my boyfriend. found in 195 reviews
Ive gotten so many I think I have a groupon addiction. found in 124 reviews
Life saver with great values and awesome places to experience. found in 82 reviews
Problem with the q&a; cant ask questions through the app. found in 74 reviews
Please add a " wish list " or "shopping cart" option. found in 107 reviews
Needs the shopping cart option for iOS8. found in 49 reviews
Great marketing strategy for the companies. found in 10 reviews
Just wish they'd let you purchase more than one item at a time. found in 24 reviews
Although I would like to see improvements with the search engine. found in 14 reviews
I have never had a problem redeeming with a merchant. found in 28 reviews
Many sales are missed because I cannot post questions. found in 23 reviews
the mobile version does not seem to let you buy multiple items. found in 33 reviews
Only complaint is that it needs more cities. found in 15 reviews
I hate that the " add to cart " option disappeared from the app. found in 53 reviews
This app is wonderful except there is no shopping cart feature. found in 252 reviews
Wish it had more cities but overall interface is excellent. found in 110 reviews
Would be even better with Passbook support. found in 18 reviews
I love that I don't have to print out the coupons. found in 510 reviews
Easy to use and no need to print certificates go use them. found in 508 reviews
Love the deals but Groupon needs to update locations of sellers. found in 26 reviews
Not too crazy on the return policy though. found in 53 reviews
Needs the pass code function. found in 15 reviews
Cannot add items to your card and cannot ask questions. found in 20 reviews
This causes multiple shipping charges. found in 17 reviews
Needs more cities and offers. found in 15 reviews
This swipe to buy instantly is terrible. found in 18 reviews
Every shopping website needs a shopping cart option. found in 49 reviews
Let the freaks that want deals on gross sex toys. found in 28 reviews
Doesn't recognize my current location. found in 25 reviews
Where if you were able to add items to cart. found in 20 reviews
Pass code lock feature doesn't work on iPhone 5 anymore. found in 15 reviews
I wish the site could post more than one item per day. found in 24 reviews
but the shopping cart feature is no longer there on my phone. found in 252 reviews
No passbook support Get on board Groupon. found in 18 reviews
No shopping cart to buy multiple items. found in 33 reviews
Shows all deals as being " Sold Out " all of a sudden. found in 55 reviews
Groupon needs to restrict companies more from over-exaggerating. found in 26 reviews
App constantly using location services. found in 35 reviews
Buy Now Button is horrible. found in 30 reviews
This new update with the swipe down is a HORRIBLE idea. found in 16 reviews
Need to fix the search engine. found in 14 reviews

The Groupon is now available as a free download on Apple Store for both iPhone and iPad owners.The application is supporting English language. It weighs in at only 10MB to download. It is highly advisable to have the latest app version installed so that you don`t miss out on the fresh new features and improvements. The current app version 2.0.2 has been released on 2014-11-25. The Apple Store includes a very useful feature that will check if your device and iOS version are both compatible with the app. Most iPhone and iPad are compatible. Here is the app`s compatibility information: Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iPhone OS 3.1 or later.
Bottom Line: For more information about Groupon check developer Groupon, Inc.`s website :

Groupon features unbeatable deals each day on the best stuff to do in cities across the U.S. With our iPhone app you can buy deals, access your purchased Groupons, find the ones that are nearby, ...
Love trying new area massage manipedi places getaways or restaurants at reasonable prices                 Absolutely love
The best shooping discount people can affort ever Best prices just hope they have everything too one day such great brands              Best shopping app ever
I once found a Groupon that essentially allowed me to get an Open Water scuba diving certification for more than half off It was a GREAT investment for sure and for a great price                 Great deals what more do you need
Thanks                 AWESOME APP
Can never go wrong with good discounts from groupon Have used it for Brazillian waxes a gift for my nephew and car washes                 Love it
Groupon you need an 18 or older category Im not interested in scrolling across all the raunchy sex toys and lingerie I dont want to see it and its annoying enough to leave groupon This has gotten so out of hand Groupon categorize the sex crap by itself Its become a free porno     I love Groupon but
Thats all that needs to be said V                 Awesome
A very nice way to get deals on nightlife and explore new restaurants                 Great for exploring
Plus Pass is a Plus Makes it even easier and faster to spend money                 Great quick easy
Love Groupon and the app Lots of great deals and the app is so easy to use                 Love It
Ive only purchased a few items and Ive had no trouble So far so good                 Great shopping
I love groupon but its either good or bad I cant expect to get great quality if Im paying dollar store prices The app is easy to navigate and they always have great deals              What do you expect
All in all a great app My only complaint here is that when I am looking on the map at a specific deal I can not return to the list Have to FC the app reopen and find where I left off Other than that no problems        Maps be stuck
Great deals for great prices Fast and quick No hassles                 Great deals
Its amazing for date night ideas Thanks Groupon                 Who doesnt love Groupon
Freaking ridiculous If ur not using it I dont know whats wrong with u Just awesome                 LOVE
To use Apple Pay in Groupon The integration is perfect and easy to use I really wish passport was integrated as well so that when I walk into an establishment with my Groupon it would be up on my unlock screen without having to fish around for it in the Groupon app That would make this app              Apple Pay a Plus Next Passport integration
Love love love this ap                 The best
I love this app its so helpful                 I recommend this app
I love Groupon I try to use it for everything                 Great Money Saver
I really like the items and discounts on Groupon My only complaint is if Groupon can add a Wishlist or Favorite feature to its app and or website because I see a lot of stuff I want to get but not ready to purchase yet I think you would get more sales by adding these features           Love Groupon
Easy to use and works great                 Great app
Excellent offers and outstanding customer service Easy to use app We use Groupon at home when we travelalways works perfectly                 One of my favorite apps
I go on Groupon almost everyday and love the pricing and the events I do something almost every week because of this app and love it                 LOVE IT
Easy and convenient Only issue is that Im afraid that I might click buy by accident They should add an extra click to purchase           Great
Easy to use app deals are what they claim to be                 Easy to use good deals
Love it                 Bueno
I love groupon and look forward to the many trips I will take because of its awesome offers However I would LOVE if there was a bookmark option Theres so many trips I want to make sure I can easily find the ones I was considering thanks              PLEASE ADD BOOKMARKS
I use this a lot to try out businesses I might otherwise skip over Like the guarantee and periodic sales Good customer service and basic but interesting descriptions                 Easy
Have had a good experience every time and saved money                 Love Groupon
I love this app                 Easy way to plan a sick vacation
The customer service is great and very easy to talk to The best thing to online shopping                 Love It
Just wish you could post questions on your phone              Loving the deals
This is the first place I look before making any purchase                 Fantastic
Always great deals Keeps you coming back for more Love how they offer promo codes to receive additional off              Love it
Onestar review for useless update summary     One star
I started using Groupon recently and its surprising how many useful deals you can find for 2585 off                 Groupon
So easy to use Savings at your fingertips Excellent support too                 Loving it
Cant get enough of groupon                 Love love love it
I can even get the app open after this most recent update     Update renders the app useless
Totally recommend Grouponalways something for everyonebe it goodsconcerts or dinning                 Something for everyone
I love Groupon and the app just makes it so much easier                 Love this app
This is a great app and an excellent way to shop The service is awesome and faster than I had imagined                 Groupon is Good
I use Groupon often Occasionally there are issues with companies listed on Groupon In every case the customer service representative resolved my issue quickly and courteously                 Great customer service
I love Groupon and have my whole house addicted There are some very good deals I personally love the goods section I would give it five stars if I could add things to a cart on the app or mobile website I always have to drag out the laptop and make my purchases on the traditional computer website just to add multiple items to my cart so I can get free shipping and lots of goodies Please I beg you to try and make an add to cart option for the app and mobile websites Maybe Im doing something wrong and there is that option but Ive looked everywhere and cant find it PLEASE MAKE AN ADD TO CART OPTION PLEASE        I love Groupon BUT
I have not used it in a wile but I got a good deal today that I can use                 Nice deals
Use it to do everything in Central Florida now shop on here so easy to do things I want without spending a lot an even did couple birthday event through them awesome                 Love it
I love the groupon website and this app is great as well I have yet to experience problems                 Great app for great website
The biggest reason I havent given this 5 stars is that I find there are times when I go into the app from my email from Groupon and it doesnt know to go to the item I had clicked on in the email I did however update right before writing this so hopefully that is something they have addressed I do enjoy using this and especially like it when I need it for coupons tickets or other items that can remain on the app itself It is easy to use and to make changes during the purchase process I have found that I can create a reminder for myself if I have a Groupon that may have a time limit or expiration date and that way I havent had any times when I havent been able to use all of the deals I have purchased Wasnt sure I would like this app but I do a lot              I like it
I order things as gifts Great photo gifts great jewelry etc There have been a few concerts that were a good deal too I dont eat out much but the restaurant deals look good Just try it its fun and it saves money                 Groupon is great

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