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Com2us USA, Inc. , the publisher behind many iOS games (아쿠의 퍼즐패밀리 for Kakao ,블레이드 러쉬 for Kakao ,Com2uS Hub ,Mr.Extravagant ,Brave Heroes ,Kingdom Tactics), brings GolfStar™ with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. GolfStar™ games has been update to version 1.1.0 with several major changes and improvements. Games release that improves performance, provides several new options.
  • Really enjoyable golf game with solid graphics and realistic physics..
  • Amazing arcade style golfing game with fast paced action..
  • almost as good as ea sports king of the course..
  • You will have many hours of entertainment with this game..
  • It also helps hand eye coordination..

Overall Satisfactionc93
They are still one of the best golf apps on the market.
This would be one of the best golf games apps.
this is a amazing game I really enjoyed it.
I would recommend this game to anyone who likes competitive challenging sports games.
I would not recommend this game unless the bugs are worked out.
This a game for golf lovers and those that have never played.
One of my favorite games to play on the iPhone recommended for everyone.
Was my favorite game until the last update.
Definitely the best iPhone golf game I've played.
Great game Great concept Fun mechanics Amazing graphics.
A wonderful game that just lets you pass the time.
Fun & Engagingc91
Awesome game everyone should download and play it.
Awesome game but just closes randomly every 2 or 3 holes.
A very addictive game with great graphics.
Very fun game with beautiful aesthetics and nice gameplay.
Great fun and challenging game to tune golf skills and thought.
Awesome graphics easy to play simply love the game.
Confusing game play but awesome graphics.
Super fun game that is amazing to play with friends.
Great game very addicting hard to put down once you start playing it.
Have loads of fun playing it and the graphic updates are great.
Really fun love playin great game I gotta play everyday.
If they would fix the crash problems I would play everyday.
Awesome game very addicting play every day I highly recommend it.
Its ok could be more accurate but i play every day.
Ya should put cheaper items everything cost a lot.
Value for Moneyc67
To compete at higher levels be prepared to spend money for upgrades.
but they want u to spend money on EVERYTHING.
Takes a while to level up without spending real money.
but without spending real world money you'll be golfing without tees.
Too many in app purchases to cotinue playing though.
Could be fun if there weren't as many in app purchases.
Replay Valuec87
Great fun and challenging game to tune golf skills and thought.
Still hard to master much like the real game.
Good challenges and not too tough to advance in skill levels.
Excellent graphics and challenging detailed courses.
Game is highly addictive and never gets old.
You will have many hours of entertainment with this game.
I look forward to higher levels.
Smooth gameplay with plenty of replay value.
Social Aspectsc87
A very fun game to play with friends and also other golf minded people.
experience the first real time multi player mobile golf game.
Wish it was easier to play against friends head to head though.
Fun when play in multi player mode with my friend.
Production Valuesc86
Game play is enjoyable without in app purchases.
Difficult to understand set up but game play very good.
Awesome graphics easy to play simply love the game.
Confusing game play but awesome graphics.
Fairly realistic graphics and gameplay for the golf fanatic.
Excellent graphics and rather realistic game play.
Nice graphics just would like different sound effects.
Ease of Usec83
Great game with good graphics and easy controls.
The putting is easy to master compared to other golf games.
Easy to get the hang of and very little problems.
Fun game pretty simple to catch ahold of once you learn.
Woo hoo what awsome game play simple and fun.
It's a simple golf game and the graphics are cool.
If you're looking for a simple golf game to play.
This game keeps the season going alittle longer.
The game keeps closing randomly during career mode.
Update: Connection issues can definitely get in the way of gameplay.
Starting today 12/31 game freezes on notice screen.
Updates & Supportc32
Only drawback is slow to act customer service.

12/28/2013 Most interesting game I have ever played. found in 35 reviews
Very nice smooth graphics and wish it has more challenging courses. found in 24 reviews
This is hands down the best mobile golf game on the market. found in 55 reviews
Great game with good graphics and easy controls. found in 133 reviews
Fairly realistic graphics and gameplay for the golf fanatic. found in 216 reviews
They are still one of the best golf apps on the market. found in 3153 reviews
Awesome game everyone should download and play it. found in 2032 reviews
The tournaments are fun to play especially with people from all over the world. found in 17 reviews
I have to think course management and actually read the greens. found in 15 reviews
Awesome game love golfing great time passer while at work. found in 31 reviews
Avid golfer that just discovered this game. found in 17 reviews
this is a amazing game I really enjoyed it. found in 203 reviews
Very realistic and gameplay is consistent and true. found in 523 reviews
Super fun game that is amazing to play with friends. found in 200 reviews
Definite for golfers or those interested in a golf game. found in 149 reviews
Addicted to golf so this is nice for the rainy days. found in 32 reviews
One of the most decent golf game I've seen in a while. found in 20 reviews
Great time waster and solid golf experience to boot. found in 32 reviews
I really enjoy playing this game because it is fun for all skill levels. found in 379 reviews
The online matches are a great way to kill time and gain experience points. found in 200 reviews
but it seems like they were just having some server issues. found in 17 reviews
Don't like the connection issues but the update may have helped. found in 55 reviews
Wish the hearts would accumulate faster but not a huge problem. found in 16 reviews
it can be quite frustrating at times but also exhilarating at others. found in 21 reviews
Will drain your battery but a great way to waste time. found in 77 reviews
Hate waiting for these stupid hearts. found in 16 reviews
Only wish you could play more than 3 holes per round. found in 303 reviews
Does the game constantly ask to reconnect to the server. found in 17 reviews
Great fun but too many in app purchases make it hard to excel. found in 27 reviews
the game crashes constantly before I start a round. found in 21 reviews
Great game except for needing hearts to play that's lame. found in 42 reviews
If this game crashes one more time it's deleted. found in 87 reviews
Really fun and enjoy it put it takes to long to load. found in 65 reviews
Great way to waste time with some great graphics. found in 78 reviews
Good game but can't play offline in any mode whatsoever. found in 36 reviews
I really wish they would allow us to put spin on the ball. found in 27 reviews
Great game but too many advertisements for the microtransactions. found in 16 reviews
Can't stand the crash and the long load times. found in 26 reviews
Not a bad game addictive and fun. found in 113 reviews
Fun game ruined by the pay to play feature. found in 58 reviews
It is downright absurd how EVERYTHING costs money. found in 24 reviews
Better hope you don't need customer service though. found in 19 reviews
It is almost impossible to finish a round without getting disconnected. found in 24 reviews
Can't even play a hole anymore without getting kicked off. found in 26 reviews
They screw me over with an unintended real money purchase. found in 135 reviews
Can't play more than 3 or 4 holes without crashing. found in 22 reviews
Game is good except it keeps losing Internet connection. found in 68 reviews
I'm disappointed that this game is keep crashing every time I play. found in 32 reviews
I can barely get to a round let alone play one. found in 34 reviews
Game crashes the instant it tries to launch. found in 87 reviews
Worked great on my iPad mini until last update. found in 37 reviews
Takes way to long to load game. found in 65 reviews
Long load times because of ads. found in 26 reviews
Ever since the last update the game crashes before loading. found in 21 reviews
Could be fun if there weren't as many in app purchases. found in 27 reviews
First it tells me can't connect to server check network connection. found in 33 reviews
Consistent invalid player status won't let me play anymore. found in 60 reviews

The GolfStar™ is now available as a free download on Apple Store for both iPhone and iPad owners.The application is available in multiple languages: English, Chinese, French, German, Japanese, Korean. It weighs in at a hefty 419 MB, so make sure you have plenty of free space on your iOS device. It is highly advisable to have the latest app version installed so that you don`t miss out on the fresh new features and improvements. The current app version 1.1.0 has been released on 2014-11-25. The Apple Store includes a very useful feature that will check if your device and iOS version are both compatible with the app. Most iPhone and iPad are compatible. Here is the app`s compatibility information: Compatible with iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPhone 5, iPod touch (3rd generation), iPod touch (4th generation), iPod touch (5th generation) and iPad. Requires iOS 4.3 or later. This app is optimized for iPhone 5.
More Info: Find more info about GolfStar™ in Com2us USA, Inc.`s Official Website :

The most realistic golf game of all time, right in your hands Introducing GolfStar , the greatest golf game you ll ever play, featuring realistic graphics, a multitude of pro golf techniques, and powered by physics-based ...
This game is one of the better golf games Ive played on iPhone The graphics are great and the courses are realistic The controls are similar to other golf games and easy to understand The only complaint I have is there arent enough courses to choose from                 Great game
Great game well designed                 Perfection
Fun to play                 Great game
But needs more 999 specials lol                 Great Game
Best golf game on iPad                 Excellent
Love the game so far Best golf game on iPad and iPhone                 Love the game
Whenever I open the app it starts to load and then it goes straight to a blue screen HELP I really love this game                 Blue Screen
Great game                 Players
Fun game                 Addicting
Really enjoying the game so far Easy to learn                 Lots of fun
I do love playing watching reading about golf I also have a very short tolerance of app gamesuntil I started playing GolfStar Yes the graphics are stunning and the play action is smooth a bit demanding but quite true to the game of golf Absolutely the best golf app available                 Love of golf
Just started playing and I love this game the AI competition is great beatable but not easy keeps you really interested love this game                 SUPER GAME
This game is the best one yet                 Golf star
This is a game that will keep you playing it over and over What a fun way to relax and relive stress this golf game helps me to focus What is a great game to play tell your friends to get it today                 Golf Star
Great gamelots of fun                 Golf star
Been playing for a few weeks now and its pretty addictive Takes a while to master where shots are going to go but any good game SHOULD be hard to master                 Great golf game
This game is better than any console game                 Best golf game ever
Fun but also a challenging game that forces you to work your way up You will not get bored along the way as there are added elements of learning new skills customizing your character and purchasing gear along the way to becoming a pro The one element that could improve is the necessity for strong internet connectivity in order for the game to work appropriately Overall great game              Great game
This game is ridicoulsy addicting                 Awsome
1 awesome game love it cant stop playing                 Golf
Fun              Golf star
Very complex and a whole lot of fun I look forward to playing it every single day Lets get some hotter outfits for the girl golfers p                 By far my favorite iOS game EVERRR
I like the interface more than WGT Its easier to learn however a 5 star rating would require more consistency in the putting game Without purchasing the putting guides good luck              Excellent golf SIM fantasy style
So far I really enjoy this game                 Fun Game
Overall a good game it would be a little more fun without the pop ups                 Fun game
Great game but I updated the iOS and the game has not worked sense              Great game but upgrade iPhone
Fun game but at every turn they are wanting money           Good game Cost too much
Game is really fun                 Golf game
I love it                 Great game
Hard and fun More courses and less holes to play to win round and prizes              Fun
Great gamevery addictive Takes a lot of effort to advance even with in app purchasesbut worth it Maybe work on the crashing problem              Golf star season 3
The game crashes again and again     Crash
This game has gotten much better with the updates It takes a long time to progress and work your way up but its very addicting at the same time                 Best golf game on in the App Store
Enjoy playing                 Fun game
Love this game                
Play this everyday                 Best game Ive ever played
After update yours and my iPads 9version my golf star is freezing When I play and try to get on the hive please help suetrains                 Freezing
Fun                 Fun
Blue screen on death appears moments after first load screen     i0S 91
This game is stellar Very few glitches and a sound challenge on all modes Well done                 Outstanding
Fun game              Ok
This game is amazing Very realistic I recommend it to everyone who likes to play golf                 Excellent Game
this is a very challenging game I really enjoy playing                 golf star
Great Game the most realistic golf game Ive ever played                 Great Game
downloaded game never would open always froze     wouldnt work
Hope I dont run out of hearts                 Fun
Great game              Golf
This is a pretty cool golf game and really great graphics for an ipad The gameplay is very easy and there are good tutorials Plus if you get it and write a review you get extra stars                 Cool graphics
Love the gametotally addicted Love the way you can customize everything                 Total fun
Awesome game                 Best game

GolfStar™ Games Training Mode Competition ModeGolfStar™ Games Training Mode Competition ModeGolfStar™ Games Training Mode Competition ModeGolfStar™ Games Training Mode Competition ModeGolfStar™ Games Training Mode Competition ModeGolfStar™ Games Training Mode Competition ModeGolfStar™ Games Training Mode Competition ModeGolfStar™ Games Training Mode Competition ModeGolfStar™ Games Training Mode Competition ModeGolfStar™ Games Training Mode Competition ModeGolfStar™ Games Training Mode Competition ModeGolfStar™ Games Training Mode Competition Mode

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