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Kairosoft Co.,Ltd
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Description - Game Dev Story Lite

Kairosoft Co.,Ltd , the publisher behind many iOS games (Grand Prix Story Lite ,Pocket Stables ,Pocket League Story Lite ,World Cruise Story Lite ,The Pyraplex ,The Sushi Spinnery), brings Game Dev Story Lite with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. Game Dev Story Lite games has been update to version 1.0.0 with several major changes and improvements. Games release that improves performance, provides several new options.
  • Amazing game recommend..

Overall Satisfactionc87
Amazing game recommend.
This is the best iphone game I have ever played.
Love it best game ever invented.
Fun & Engagingc95
Keep on making fun and addictive apps kairosoft.
Fun free ap.
I got sooooo addicted to this game.
Updates & Supportc80
Even though it's the lite version.
Release an ad supported free version.

A welcome surprise. found in 1 reviews
as I was drifting off to sleep. found in 1 reviews
All Kairosoft games need IPad versions. found in 3 reviews
Love it best game ever invented. found in 1 reviews
the game now lets you switch between english and japanese. found in 1 reviews
This game is so cute. found in 1 reviews
Settled down with it before going to sleep. found in 1 reviews
Put it on sale for 99 cents and I will buy it. found in 1 reviews
5/5 for the demo. found in 1 reviews
This game is very addicting and entertaining. found in 1 reviews
Release an ad supported free version. found in 1 reviews
6. found in 1 reviews
It hooked me more than angry birds and cut the rope combined. found in 1 reviews
You are the best retro simulation game makers ever. found in 1 reviews
New Faces 5
So I got full ver while it's on sale. found in 5 reviews
CALL OF DUTY. found in 1 reviews
but it costs way to much. found in 3 reviews
But kinda slow and frustrating. found in 1 reviews
Fun game but too expensive. found in 2 reviews
Fun for a day but then it's boring. found in 1 reviews
I dont find it interesting whatsoever. found in 1 reviews
but I'm 14 and I don't have a job. found in 1 reviews
Fun game but not worth the cash. found in 1 reviews
I like this game except. found in 1 reviews
and I still don't think it's worth the. found in 1 reviews
99 if they release the iPad HD version. found in 1 reviews
PLEASE LOWER THE PRICE. found in 1 reviews
which it obviously doesn't. found in 1 reviews
I'll stick with this free version until I see some great update. found in 1 reviews
I wish the app was free for a day. found in 1 reviews
untill it will get iphone 5 display support. found in 1 reviews
NEEDS AN HD REMAKE. found in 1 reviews
The game piece of trash waychums is better. found in 1 reviews
Bad rip off. found in 1 reviews
Keep up the idiotic pricing. found in 1 reviews

If you are iPhone and iPad owner,you now can download Game Dev Story Lite for free from Apple Store. The application is supporting different languages: English, Japanese. It weighs in at only 6.5 MB to download. It is highly advisable to have the latest app version installed so that you don`t miss out on the fresh new features and improvements. The current app version 1.0.0 has been released on 2014-11-27. For ensuring consistency with the device you should take into account the following app compatibility information: Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad.Requires iOS 3.1 or later
Bottom Line: For more information about Game Dev Story Lite check developer Kairosoft Co.,Ltd`s website :

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There is a game called game dev tycoon for the computer its ten times better than this and its only 8 dollars get it now you dont need a very good computer to play              Game dev tycoon
lol got the app because of Vsauce                
It is REALLY fun but it is too expensive and also needs more stuff in the game if the price was 1 the game would sell better                 Best Game Ever
I love this game but its so short I finished it in like an hour Since its only 99 and very addicting Im going to get the full version Its defiantly worth it But why are the other full version games like 399 Please make them 99 and maybe Ill get them Thank you                 BEST GAME EVER
This takes forever to download and is really annoying     Download Time
Thank you Vsause 3                 Thanks
BEST GAME EVER MADE but I just wish it was longer                 I wish it was longer
This is a great game and I love it But I played through the entire game in about 30 minutes Please change this NOW           Too short
I love this game I play it everyday even though the game only last an hour I enjoy it keep it up peeps and get this everyone                 Love it best game ever invented
I had this game along time ago it is awesome But gets very hard                 Epic
Funny because the knock off is actually game dev tycoon game dev story has been out since 2010 and its actually older in pc version                 To Perks perks
For itouch 5 and lower price        Optimize
love                 love it
Keeps crashing on me after picking my name     Crap
This is by far the best game I have ever played just the demo too                 Amazing
I love all of the Kairosoft games but I just wish more of them were free or many just like a dollar or so cheaper I dont mean to criticize but I would download all of your games if they were free of cheaper Can I ask a favor too I would really love it if you could make World Cruise Story and Dream House Days into iPod and iPad games too              Just wish they were cheaper
I love this game so much I think it might be worth it to buy it because in the lite version you only get to play until year 3 which is here before you know it Its really a lot of fun and doesnt require you to play in real time                 3
But its too expensive                 Great
Hard to get money at first Easy to play an really fun More could be added to it though Once youve unlocked most of the games its kind of boring cause theres not much to do                 Great
To the idiot saying this is a copy and gave it a bad rating Game Dev Tycoon copied this To the idiot giving this a bad rating for the download time Its your internet I downloaded this in seconds                
It looks like it should be on a Nokia phone from 2004        Ehh
Its pretty bad in graphics I dont like the gameplay Could be better Also the guy who thougt this was a rip off it came out before GameDevTycoon           Not very good
You need more time for the world I know the demo is limited but instead of 3 years it should be more like 6 years or so              Good but
I got this to see how it is Sadly it feels almost like downloading this is more worth your time as the snippet of the full game is so large it doesnt matter I feel mixed as its size hypes potential buyers up 610           Yknow Im wondering
Very fun and addicting especially because making video games I am going to buy the full version very soon                 Amazing game recommend
I saw this as Game Dev Tycoon on my friends computer today buy the actual game its funner     Baaaad Rip off
Really enjoyed this demo A great way to get accustomed to the full game You can wiki this game for help and tips              Very good
It was a Vsauce game of the week                 Hi
This is a knock off of game dev tycoon which is better btw Its horrible now 15 All games a game dev tycoon reference     Hate it a knock off
It cost to much and the lite version is to short at least give us 3 years           Issues
The games is Awesome but update for the iPhone 5 screen please                 Really Cool i love it but pelase iPhone 5 screen
Obviously a copy of GameDevTycoon and doesnt understand how games work nearly as much as the game its trying to imitate I made a Mysterypuzzle game and it said it was a bad combination What kind of mystery game doesnt have puzzles The game also works more like a demo than a Lite version and even then it doesnt give much of a tutorial I didnt know how to find new types if games until half way through the game Overall a terrible game and an obvious rip off of a much better one that had much more effort put into it Do not buy the full version just get GameDevTycoon on your computer     Bad rip off
Thank you                 Thanks Vsause 3
Great game demo Seems to have a lot going for it But where is the iPad version I would really like to se a hd iPad version that you purchase and has both a retina iPhonePod and a HD iPad version included in one purchase would definitely buy if this was available              Good but iPad please
I LOVE THIS GAME                 We are a turtles dream in space
Just update with mor stuff                 Awesome
Its one of my favors I played to end game several time and I still want to play it again and again                 One of my favors
This game is fantastic in every way                 Epic
It gives you a great amount of time to learn about the game and how it works Buying full version                 Awesome Lite Version
I do agree that the price of the full game should be slightly cheaper but in all this is a great game And notify dragon born this game was released earlier than game dev tycoon and if Im not wrong this is what dev tycoon was based off of                 Great game
320 230 1 10                 Fun
Dont get me wrong this is a fun game but the lite version is WAAAAYYY too short I mean how am I supposed to great a bestselling video game franchise like Call of Duty or Halo when I get 3 years With a 4 person development team at the max Do you think Activision or EA work like that No They have hundreds maybe even thousands of people work on the next Call of Duty or Battlefield So yeah very fun but not enough time to create a good game but the full version is too expensive Please update it and reduce the price for like a month or two           Fun but limited
Almost like this game on PC                 Game dev tycoon
I have to say I love the game but it is way to short I finished it in less than a day           Kinda good
The whole game is amazing But needs to go down to 99 cents It would sell better and you could be on top charts if you lower the price        Great
This game is a sad wanna be game dev tycoon which is a great game as it is boring and just plain stupid     Waste of time
You guys are truly the best I have a game company called Bethesda and Im working on my first game You are the best by far 100 A on this game                 You are the best retro simulation game makers ever
This is literally the best game ever No frustration adds or hard work Only problem is Im 1 buck short so I cant buy the full version WHY CANT YOU SELL IT FOR 299 PLEASE                 LOVE IT
I really like this game I am thinking that I will buy the full version                 Great game
I like it a lot but i wish it was longer i was developing a game until it told me to pay the last salary for my workers which didnt matter since it meant its over i wish it could have 5 or 10 or between those years instead of 3 also game critics are hard to please                 Make it longer

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