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Glu Games Inc
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Requires iOS 7.0 or la

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Glu Games Inc , the publisher behind many iOS games (Deer Hunter 3D FREE ,Deer Hunter: African Safari FREE ,Family Guy Time Warped HD ,Infected™ ,Family Guy Time Warped ,The Lord of the Rings: Middle-earth Defense for iPad), brings Deer Hunter 2016 with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. Deer Hunter 2016 games has been update to version 1.0.0 with several major changes and improvements. Games release that improves performance, provides several new options.


If you are iPhone and iPad owner,you now can download Deer Hunter 2016 for free from Apple Store. The application is supporting different languages: English, Chinese, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Russian, Simplified Chinese, Spanish, Thai, Traditional Chinese. It weighs in at only 97.4 MB to download. The new Deer Hunter 2016 app version 1.0.0 has been updated on 2015-09-15. The Apple Store includes a very useful feature that will check if your device and iOS version are both compatible with the app. Most iPhone and iPad are compatible. Here is the app`s compatibility information: Requires iOS 7.0 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.
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From the creators of Deer Hunter 2014 Return to the wild and hunt across the globe in the world s greatest hunting experience. HUNT AROUND THE WORLD Pursue trophies in unique and beautiful locations that span the ...
I dont know if its just my brother and my phone or what but on the second try when you get to shot by yourself and u hit next most of the screen goes black U can see the sides and where is was next and when u hit next nothing happens Idk how to fix it     It wont let me play
The game great but I cant play it Ever since the last update my region three will not redownload So please fix this              Its okay
I really became addicted                 Amazing
Its cute isnt it                 Kawaii Desu Ne
Cool game                 Nice
I was a big fan of deer hunter until 2016 version of course everything is about money and after region 3 you have to purchase a AR for 450 gold which you have about half of that come that region I dont believe in In app purchase     Must pay eventually
Super good game actualization                 Deer hunter 2016
I rate this game no stars I have to say I was enjoying the game even though some of the graphics werent as good as the 2014 version The lions look a little like the lion in the Wizard of Oz And some of the others arent much better But at some point early in the games progression I could no longer advance without spending money to buy a weapon I had hoped the incessant advertising would satisfy the developers Regretfully I was wrong Ive deleted the game Not interested     Money Hunter 2016
So fun No problems yet                 Fun
Played previous versions that worked wonderfully Downloaded this one and the first Alaskan hunt wont load It stays on an all black screen stating next weapon upgrades the amount I will win for the hunt etc Deleted the game redownloaded it same problem Even restarted my phone just to check Still same problem Deleted it again This time I gave it a few weeks to see if it was a bug and I have the same problem Very disappointed in this game     Disappointed
Good when not crashing                 Awesome
It doesnt even let me play the game when I press next nothing happens     Doesnt let me play
Best game ever and las version                 Deer hunter 2016
Very cool game to play but charges a lot to your wallet So far its been good playing this                 Deer Hunter 2016
Awesome                 Deer hunter 2016
There are 4 regions in this game Each region has 3 or 4 rifles shotguns and assault rifles to buy 1 of those costs the earnable money unsurprisingly the worst The other guns all cost gold And even though the game says it recommends new upgrades it means buy this or you will have no chance of beating this level ever Want a reliable and useful gun Oh Im sorry that will be an in app purchase Also if you think you can dodge those in apps each add gives 5 gold and most guns cost 500103857584069484858594846757 gold So good luck with that     A cycle of stupidity
This game is fun however it is apparent that you want people to pay extra for the weapons upgrades and such to get through the levels making it nearly impossible to have a weapon carry over into the next region Getting a little ridiculous           Game
I cant put it down So addictive to play with all the new animals to hunt                 Love it
Deer hunter 2016 has choppy graphics and isnt as fun to play as 2014 Very disappointed in the upgrade        Poor performance
First of all this game is highly addicting I loved it But its so frustrating the amount of times it freezes and crashes Please fix this           Addicting but flawed
Ive been playing the Deer Hunter games since they came out and I must say there is not a better hunting game out there This is a game just as good as a game on Xbox or Play Station People complain about the energy in this game but it really is not a problem if you play the trophy missions and level up with the right strategy I recommend this game to the highest extent possible                 Amazing Hunting Experience
I am wondering why Gluu does not develop a shooting game that connects multiple players together to finish certain tasks just like Counter Strike                 Research Assistant
I recently downloaded the game and I finished the tutorial without any problem But now when I go to play the actual game it wont even load It just freezes and wont go any further I thought waiting for it would help but after two days of waiting and nothing happening its getting ridiculous Dont buy it unless youre ready to be disappointed     Terrible
Doesnt work i cant even load the second hunt its just a black screen     Help
Great game                 Awesomeness
2015 games was better better graphics and far less expensive Watch out for the View Offers to get free gold its a scam No gold is ever provided Game is almost impossible to advance without spending vast amounts of           Okay but expensive
Fun fun                
Something is wrong I just got the game and it wont load I love these games but whats wrong with mine     HELP
This app at first was exciting addicting and then I found out that Tanzania was the last region and I am very disappointed There should be more regions     Not pleased
Good game              2k15
Awesome loooooooove it                 88
I love this game I recommend this game for hunting people                 Omgi love this game
Hangs while loading Oh well     Doesnt load
I love this game been playing it for a while and noticed one thing It chrashes ALL the time for me please let me know how to fix this              Great game but crashes
Good game                 Good game
Awesome game great graphics and way better than 2015                 Deer hunter2016
Good app              Hunting game
It only works part of the time I can play one hunt and then it will not work no buttons will work nothing I have to close the game completely to get it working again How do you expect me to spend my time and money on this game if it wont work Before you blame my phone its a brand new iPhone with all current updates     This game is crap
So I got done with that first tutorial level and now whenever I try to play the next level and press next its just a black screen and I cant continue     I cant play
Excelente juego                 Super juego
Add more levels after region 4 because there is nothing to do after you complete it Also add more guns you can buy with the hunter bucks rather than just 1 gun you use the entire region Overall decent game just needs a little more              Add more levels and guns
Worked fine with an occasional short freeze for about a week but is currently unplayable due to freezing and crashes This version has no way to accumulate cash through hunts like the 2014 version did ie Killing trophy hunts with the wrong shot several times before taking the right shot and makes itself pretty boring if you try to play without purchasing cash or gold Fun to kill 10 minutes if it doesnt crash           Freezes a lot
I enjoy this game very much              Addictive game
Fun and easy to use                 Deer Hunter 2016
I love this game because its really awesome I love killing the animals One time a wolf jumped up at me and I killed it                 Awesome
The App has issues connecting with its own server despite great high speed wifi Changing weapons issue slower graphics etc its free so who am I to complain however compared to other free apps its not so hot     Issues

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