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Sergii Skorokhod , the publisher behind many iOS app (Database for The Elder Scrolls Online™ ,Database for Hearthstone™ ,Database for "Rift" ,Database for Call of Duty: GHOSTS ™ ,Database for Battlefield 4™ ,База знаний для ArcheAge™), brings Database for The Elder Scrolls Online™ with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. Database for The Elder Scrolls Online™ app has been update to version 1.0 with several major changes and improvements. App release that improves performance, provides several new options.


Massive amounts of info in this app. found in 1 reviews
full info for each item and recipe stats recipe ingredients etc. found in 1 reviews
featured by apple in new amp. found in 1 reviews
rss news about the game. found in 1 reviews
It is what I have been looking for since Beta days. found in 1 reviews
Decided to give a good ol review. found in 1 reviews
and what class is best suited for my style of play. found in 1 reviews
re everything you need for a good game. found in 1 reviews
ipad supported x2028. found in 1 reviews
This is a very good app with a lot of content. found in 1 reviews
Good start but needs a few final touches. found in 1 reviews
but the items database is woefully inadequate and therefore completely useless. found in 1 reviews
We'll put together app but the information provided is very basic. found in 1 reviews
This app is missing A LOT of information. found in 1 reviews
If the app fixed these problems along with a couple bugs. found in 1 reviews
Will update my review if these things get added. found in 1 reviews
even has some simple guides however there are some missing items. found in 1 reviews
such as crashing when opening the mages guild skill line. found in 1 reviews
Items and recipes severely lacking. found in 1 reviews
It is broken down by class. found in 1 reviews
A little inaccurate but good info. found in 1 reviews
Needs tons of work. found in 1 reviews
this app would be a 5. found in 1 reviews
If this were a little more presentable and formatted correctly. found in 1 reviews
Don't buy this app it wouldn't be worth it if it was free. found in 1 reviews

If you are iPhone and iPad owner,you now can download Database for The Elder Scrolls Online™ for $1.99 from Apple Store. The application is designed for use in English language. It weighs in at only 14.1 MB to download. The new Database for The Elder Scrolls Online™ app version 1.0 has been updated on 2014-04-08. The Apple Store includes a very useful feature that will check if your device and iOS version are both compatible with the app. Most iPhone and iPad are compatible. Here is the app`s compatibility information: Requires iOS 7.0 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. This app is optimized for iPhone 5.
More Info: Find more info about Database for The Elder Scrolls Online™ in Sergii Skorokhod`s Official Website :

It s an ultimate solution for any player to the new MMORPG The Elder Scrolls Online . There re everything you need for a good game. App completely works OFFLINE. Features: Books Guides Items Recipes ...
Nice concept but the items database is woefully inadequate and therefore completely useless Maps dont zoom even in landscape map icons cant be selected from the map itself they need to be highlighted from the icon name so this key feature is almost useless Other information such as class descriptions are basically outofdate and incomplete screen grabs from various websites Basically I was hoping this app would be like having a browser open in a second window for reference It is about 20 of that functionality so 25 hence two stars        Database incomplete maps dont zoom
I love the idea of the app but its incomplete and needs to be updated I bought it for the builds library which is no help Its missing so much info I recommend going elsewhere to get build info and save yourself 2 They definitely dont deserve your money Unless they complete This database not likely though     Great idea Horrible app
You buy the game for 199 which in itself isnt that good of a price But it seems fine because you get access to everything they advertise right Wrong They then make you pay an extra 199 to get full access Without this extra 2 dollars you cant use many of the main things that they advertise Builds Maps Skyshards etc I dont know I just thought that was kinda uncool But if you buy the entire app it is really cool So its up to you           Kinda Misleading
If the Build Calculator was updated regularly this would be a five star app But it isnt and hasnt ever been updated Not worth the money     Update the build calculator
Bought the app mainly for the skill calculator for 200 Come to find out that the app has a pay wall which you have to pay another 200 to unlock the skill builder library skyshard locations alchemy info and treasure map info No where in the description did it mention that certain content would be locked behind a pay wall        False advertisement
Love the way this app is set up but it needs a lot of updates its missing lots n lots of info that easy to get in game keep up the good work           Keep updating plz
Out of date information and not that EZ to navigate the pages     Not worth the money
This app has everything you need for ESO and is very helpful while playing                 Good
You pay 2 for them to lie and give you nothing then it prompts you to upgrade 2 what I just paid that no you didnt pay again to see skyshards and anything actually important then u pay up again What do you get GARBAGE incomplete skyshard list which fails to link descriptions to map which doesnt have anywhere near all the shards on anyway Spend 4 bucks then delete and use google anyway FAIL     Oh FFS GARBAGE
There is info I this app but none of it is of any use Recipes without ingredients Etc Useless     nousefulinformation
This is a great app but needs an update bad 5 stars with an update              Great app NEEDS UPDATE
Apart from the fact that I had to pay another 2 in order to get the features I thought were included the app doesnt have proper values in skills any kind of tutorial or legend for symbols in the guides or alchemy guide Waste of money Just use google        Not what I expected
I paid and its saying I didnt     Dont buy
This allows me to play ESO on my desktop while accessing needed info on my iPhone simultaneously Definitely a must have                 Awesome app for ESO
This app WAS good until I updated it and when I try to look at the class and race selection it crashes              Great but needs fix
This could have been an amazing app Unfortunately it has failed miserably First off everyone is right you have to pay multiple times to unlock features Secondly and most importantly the app has not been updated and ridiculously out of date Do not buy        I had such hope
I just payed for this app to set up my build before the release on the PS4 and just my luck after spending two dollars I have to pay yet another two dollars What a catch     Your moneys worth
This app is great for deciding what skills to aim for when building a character However I couldnt give it a 4 or a 5 because of the lack of explanation around scale to damage and effects with the skill builder If it had a scale for each skill or skill tree this app would be a 4 This app also links to a wiki data base for all the tips If this were a little more presentable and formatted correctly along with the scaling this app would be a 5 Im sure with the ever changing nature of TESO its hard to keep up to date Over all worth 99 if youre really into TESO           Almost There
I wish I had I was ready to pay 2 for the app I was even ready to pay the ridiculously offensive 2 fee to unlock any of the apps features So here I am 4 poorer and Ive got the worst app Ive ever owned I am a sad Argonian     Please people read the reviews
so much better now                 wow
I think this could be a great app thats worth all the money if it went through a major update almost all the skill lines are wrong as far as levels required and you cant see how many skill points are truly necessary because you cant record skill points used on skills that arent on your hotbar Also the locations of items on the map could be way more organized in my opinion I also think the sky shards locations could be more organized If the app fixed these problems along with a couple bugs such as crashing when opening the mages guild skill line it would definitely be worth the money        Has a lot of potential
I cant review most of the features in this app because once youre in the app it requires an inapp purchase to unlock most features Waste of money and the bandwidth it took to download this app If I pay for an app I dont expect to have to pay a second time to get basic features     You have to pay twice to get features
Zoom able maps are a nice touch but skill menus are cluttered and outdated and some things need to be zoom able that arent Online databases or addons may be a better choice        So close but no
Glad to see this app updated and its now useful Thanks              Its been updated
Recipes and ingredients are not updated making them totally useless To be fair I dont know when the major overhaul in the game came but it was around the last update to this app No glyph guide that tells you which runes to use no alchemy guide that shows what flowers are needed for a specific potion No guide to the added thief and justice system and probably more I need to buy other apps that show these important skills This is as of May 15 2015           After glancethings I noticed that werent good
Dont buy this app it wouldnt be worth it if it was free     LAME
I wouldnt have wasted my money on this half of an app if I had     Always read the reviews
It is a quality app for skills info and the guides section works quite well I would like to see more recipe integration when checking glyphs and such Solid app otherwise              Love the app mostly
The item maps recipe and other guideslists are decent The app itself costs 199 although some of the most useful features such as build guideshelp and sky shards are locked behind ANOTHER 199 One annoyance I found is that builds do not auto save The button to exit a skill tree is in the same spot to exit the build editor Ive had to restart the whole process dozens of times to get half my build organized Overall a decent app for offline browsing and looking at skills and morphs Edit It crashes if you attempt to open the mages guild line Item lists repeat the same set item dozens of times Ie it shows 12 Axes of the song of Lamae as 12 options in the menu they have duplicate stats Maps show a great variety of items and a wealth of info however cannot be zoomed in the slightest ammount     Honest review
The app requires you to spend a total of 4 to unlock all of the features Then you will discover that it isnt anywhere complete or updated Total fraud in the description Save your money and disappointment     This app is crap
App seems to be put together well but requires additional payments to acquire access to all the information I disliked the idea I paid to download it and charged for everything else too I recommend not purchasing the app and just using the online wikia     Poor app
However for maps and build librarys youll need to spend another 199 Seems a little meh           Has value
With all the new possibilities that 16 has brought Real character creationtheory crafting is in order This app was great at that A little inaccurate but good info This desperately needs updated for 16           Update
I just got the app thinking having some of the features useful Well seems I was wrong Treasure maps skyshards alchemy and the ability to save builds all come at another 199 So if you like buying and app to also buy the useful in app features then please feel free to buy this one and let them double dip in your pockets     Worthy purchase
This app is completely useless youd be better off on a wiki page the lack of detail in the guide will make you gawk at the nerve the creators have to call this a tool After buying the app you still will need to buy the premium unlock all the features that dont work     Garbage app
Thanks for nothing     No
This is the worst app Ive EVER bought Completely useless information Nothing is updated None of the info even makes sense I cant believe I actually spent two dollars on this garbage     DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY ON THIS APP
Dont buy this app Info is incomplete missing or wrong The idea behind the app is great but very poorly executed In order to get what the app brags about having you have to upgrade it for additional 199 Dont waste your money I gave it one only cause its the lowest rating available     I want a refund
I pay 199 for an app that isnt even complete The information is spare and half of it is missing Then after paying 199 for the app you have to pay an extra 199 for premium which gives you very little extra Dont waste your money     Really
Probably my most used app other than social networking apps its definately worth the 4 dollars              Great
I just bought this app and it wont even download     Terrible
Recipes are not updated same as builds Boo     Not updated with Game
The developer has more than likely abandoned this app The last update was in April and its August now not to mention there are a ton of unfinished item strings within the app This app had so much potential but it seems the developer decided to stop updating it and take our money and run Oh I almost forgot in order to usesee the build libraries skyshards treasure maps and alchemy ingredients you have to pay another 199 for premium Soyeahcomplete waste of money I would use the 4 dollars instead to buy a hooker or something You will get a better deal with that than this I promise you     Dont Buy
I should have read more reviews before purchasing this Most of the features advertised in the photos and the app description are not available in the standard paid version of the app A second separate purchase is required to unlock the premium app Even though the standard version of the app already requires you to pay the premium price you have to pay it a second time to unlock most of the app The app also has not been updated since April 2015 which means that a significant amount of information in the app is incorrect and irrelevant for anyone who has played this game since the console release in June 2015 Buy this app and you will be frustrated you paid 398 to receive incorrect information regarding recipes skyshard locations treasure locations etc     False Advertising
It would be nice if the skill calculator had updated skill lines and descriptions ESO came out with a huge update 37 or just about then Giving the game a complete over haul And 2 weeks out this app has still to be updated Make certain to check the current version update before buying If it isnt 321 or later do not buy until it has a current update     Out of date for elder scrolls on lines as of 16
Great for any ESO player minor glitch atm crashes if u access mage guild skills in build section otherwise worth the 4                 Great app
I bought the app so I could see the skyshard locations and found out that I actually have to UPGRADE TO PREMIUM to receive those which is another 199 dont buy this app just look up whatever you wanted to on the Internet     This app is actually 4
Just got the app and When I seen it said skyshard locations I was hoping to have a map to look at rather than being given directions        App needs a lot of work
Total garbage How could I have missed everyone elses reviews Believe themthis is junk     Garbage
This app is for beginners ONLY I wouldnt recommend you spend cash on this app Easier to google the info you want rather than trying to find it in here     Not worth the money

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