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OOO Gameprom , the publisher behind many iOS games (Magnetar: Space Fighter ,Da Vinci Pinball ,Mafia Pinball ,Halloween Pinball ,Pinball HD for iPhone ,Pinball HD Collection), brings Crimsonworld with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. Crimsonworld games has been update to version 1.1 with several major changes and improvements. Games release that improves performance, provides several new options.


If you are iPhone and iPad owner,you now can download Crimsonworld for free from Apple Store. The application is designed for use in English language. It weighs in at only 15.7 MB to download. It is highly advisable to have the latest app version installed so that you don`t miss out on the fresh new features and improvements. The current app version 1.1 has been released on 2014-11-26. For ensuring consistency with the device you should take into account the following app compatibility information: Requires iOS 3.0 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.
More Info: Find more info about Crimsonworld in OOO Gameprom`s Official Website :

One hero. Tons of monsters. And weapons. A LOT OF WEAPONS. Are you ready for pure, non-stop action without any other stupid stuff? This is CRIMSONWORLD HD. Doom-style bloody mess, with a top-down view. FEATURES Perks ...
If you liked Crimsonland you will love this game Its almost exactly the same except for the controls obviously Regardless its a great top down shooter with the allimportant endless survival mode Thanks to FAAD I found this game and was able to get it for free                 Crimsonland for the iPhone
Didnt know was available for iPod wow man this game is ty its worth every cent its fun to fight against the hordes of zombies                 Wow
Get this awesome app called shopkick and put Lemur2953 as ur promo code and get 300 points                 Get the app shopkick
It needs obstacles enough said I dont get why people think the graphics are bad I couldnt really care if they were Domedomedome              Dome
First one biaches first one woooohooooooo yes baby hell yeees what now doggy dog yo what now hahahahahaha first oh yeees baby baby baby oooooh ooooooh ooooooh yes                 Oh yeah
Please Please Please Please Please Please make a version for the Mac I will pay I dont want to have to buy parallels just to play crimsonland And now with the app store for Mac it will be easy Please develop it                 Awesome
YES                 FIRST
Not worth the time to download and trying     Stupid
The camera is pushed so far in and the enemies are so fast that death comes unfairly In the game this is based on the wide view gives you plenty of time to deal with enemies strategically using crowd control Here enemies run from just offscreen to sap your energy without warning The most egregious sin is the omission of online scoring via Game Center or Openfeint Im not sure how Gameprom expects this game to compete        Zoom it out please
This is a good games but if you want something with better graphics I would prefer minigore                 Good game
This game is clearly just a ripoff from existing game called Crimsonland Theyve even cloned the perks UI and everything The worst thing is that the game is not as well executed than the original The only thing Im glad about is that I got it while they offered it free DO NOT BUY     Crimsonland ripoff
But you forgot about iTouch users Please fix Thanks              Nice
The game is pretty good A few glitches but overall a good game                 Second D Nice game
This is a sweet topdown shooter with exceptional detail Great muzzle flash and shell casing effects Realistically reasonable bullet damage properties and excellent overall graphics The weapons powerups and perks are freakin terrific I only wish you could choose and switch weapons I really wish you were allowed to have the ability to select a weapon loadout before going into a mission rather than having to pick up the weapons randomly But hey this game was for free and Ive got little to be upset about Many thanks to whoever put this out                 Just Like Alive4ever
Wow this one really grew on me Crisp fun gameplay with various creatures to fight forcing me to switch my offense every so often Plenty if weapons to choose from and the perks system works well enough from round to round Throw in a couple different modes to mix up the game and interesting AI system for beginners and you got a solid product Worth the 1                 Crazy addictive
Its ok but there are not 25 levels They are all the same bland and colorless Its not horrible but its nothing special either There are MANY better dual stick shooters           Meh
For those of you who havent played crinsonland PLAY IT Its much better than this rip off game for the itouch The gane is alright but u dont have enough time to react to the monsters Make the zoom wider or something Overall its ok glad it was free Would not pay for this              Could be better
For those of you that have played the pc version this is not that game It is close and the presentation is much better downright pretty truth be told however the gameplay has been changed Perks dont stay with you from one level to the next and neither do the guns so all the strategy of the original has been stripped out making for a fun random braindead hohum shooter Lastly it is stable still has a few bugs cannot enter your own name on an iPad for scoring some perks do not seem to work telekinesis and the balance seems off on how long bonuses stick around           So close and yet
The games quest mode is not really not a quest at all because there is no storyline All it is is blowing the crap out of lizards and level 23 is humanly impossible I tried that level over 100 times and I still have not beat it           Its ok
Just play gun bros That game feels more rewarding by racking up cash and playing with a buddys character        Nothing special
따라하긴 비슷하게 따라했는데 크림슨월드라니 독창성이라고 눈꼽만치도 없는 게임 재미라도 있던가 크림슨랜드를 재밌게 한 나로써 리뷰를 안 쓸래야 안 쓸수 없었다     크림슨랜드 따라한 아류게임
I played the original on the pc and this is close and just as fun IMHO Its been awhile but I dont remember perks carrying from one level to the other like everyone says I think its great for what it is and especially for 99 Its not as great as the pc no but for a ported version for you iPhoneiPod touch I think its outstanding                 I like it
You must get this game The concept is great but it could use a little better graphics Thanks to FAAD I Got it free If you play Wizard 101 my Name is Adrian Battleflame Lv38 meet me in the Fairegrounds on Saturday Jan 8 At 300 PM CT I will give free treasure cards since I already have a ton                 Best game ever
I still cant figure out the point of this game           Seccond
Poop                 Second
Great port of the pc version except the screen does not rotate on the iPod 4g PLEASE fix this and I will change my rating to the five stars this game deserves              Does not rotate
My iPod touch was off and I turned it on and apple asked for my password so then I put in and got this ge for FREE Wow im soo lucky                 WOAH
Very close to Crimsonland but not quite The good ole classic perks Has Quest Rush and Survival Like this alot Missing the Typing Shooter one though Disappointing Should have one like this Good way to put texting skills to use ALSO PLEASE FIXADD I was VERY disappointed to find that I survived longer in rush mode than survival Rush mode shouldnt be easier than survival epic fail And the Ion Cannon and other ion guns I havent seen them yet I better unlock them Or they better be added soon Lastpick To correct your review and for the heads up The perks do carry over each time you level up Regarding the telekineses perk it does work I at first did not think it did But like you said this is Not the PC game Crimsonland for telekineses you have to use your finger to touch the power up onscreen not just use the reticle to point at it           CrimsonworldGreat CrimsonlandOriginalAmazing
Im not a gamer so I set it in AI mode and let the game do the aiming and shooting for me All I have to do is steer by tilting the iPad There are a bunch of easy levels that lured me into a sense of security but then oh my the bugs started swarming Im addicted And its free too                 Simple fun

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