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73.7 MB
iPhone iPad
Requires iOS 6.0 or la

Description - Cooking Fever

Nordcurrent , the publisher behind many iOS games (Cooking Fever Cookbook ,Building the Great Wall of China ,101-in-1 Games Anthology ,Happy Chef 2 HD ,Jewels of the East India Company ,Arcade Essentials), brings Cooking Fever with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. Cooking Fever games has been update to version 1.1.2 with several major changes and improvements. Games release that improves performance, provides several new options.
  • Super fun to play did I mention addicting..
  • and different from other restaurant time management games..
  • Very fun addicting game..
  • Make sure you pay attention..
  • Amazing Game I Love Playing This Game Every Chance I Get..

Overall Satisfactionc62
Addictive game definitely makes you want to keep playing.
I really didn't want to play this game at first.
I think Cooking Fever is one of the best cooking games out there.
Amazing Game I Love Playing This Game Every Chance I Get.
no ads amazing game BUT.
I recommend this game to anyone who likes simple simulation games.
Disappointed I can't recommend this game.
I hope they make a second one or add more levels.
but also more levels are needed.
Been playing for about a week and this is one of my favorite games.
my best friend is also hooked on this game as well.
Fun & Engagingc70
This is such a awesome game compared to other cooking games.
Disappointing because otherwise this is an awesome game.
Super fun to play did I mention addicting.
It's super fun in the beginning until every upgrade requires gems.
Very fun addicting game.
Really fun game makes you want to always play it.
It's actually kind of sad because this is a really fun game.
I played the lower levels over and over to practice and get coins.
I love this game it's super fun and challenging and it's awesome.
I hope they make a second one or add more levels.
but also more levels are needed.
Great game love the fast upgrades and fast pace.
Everything cost a lot of gems to upgrade after a while.
I'm even having a hard time trying to upgrade everything.
Value for Moneyc29
It seems like a ploy to spend money on them.
It's created for you to spend real $$ in a virtual world.
It's a slow game without buying gems later on as well.
It's free but it tries to force you to make in app purchases.
Replay Valuec50
I played the lower levels over and over to practice and get coins.
I love this game it's super fun and challenging and it's awesome.
It is hard when you get to higher levels.
My first iPad - like the game - very addictive and challenging - fun.
Production Valuesc55
The graphics are great.
Many options to choose from and awesome graphics.
Awesome graphics and it can be a challenge.
and a great touch interface.
Ads not Intrusivec34
Updates & Supportc51
but the game doesn't sync.
It's a ton of fun and has great customer service.
Oh also customer service lol.
No reply from customer service about any resolution.

Super additive game and very fun to play. found in 4 reviews
it's a strategy game and you manage stuff. found in 4 reviews
This game Involves a lot of multi tasking. found in 8 reviews
I think this is a perfect game for all ages. found in 6 reviews
Fun and engaging however too small on my iPhone 6. found in 3 reviews
I like this game it's a good time killer. found in 21 reviews
This is a really addicting game that helps pass time. found in 5 reviews
I think Cooking Fever is one of the best cooking games out there. found in 70 reviews
Very cool and dope game it got my full attention. found in 3 reviews
Very nice game to play when wasting time. found in 8 reviews
It passes the time very well and it keeps you entertained. found in 7 reviews
This is such a awesome game compared to other cooking games. found in 182 reviews
but then there's no way to progress without spending money. found in 95 reviews
but you will have to spend real money to move forward. found in 102 reviews
I refuse to spend more than a couple dollars on an app. found in 29 reviews
but it needs ridiculous amount of gems to do the upgrades. found in 25 reviews
Just wish that it was easier to earn gems without buying. found in 48 reviews
Fun but too hard to get gems and progress throughout the boards. found in 276 reviews
but they make it virtually impossible to play without buying gems. found in 79 reviews
I can't get this many gems without buying them. found in 136 reviews
Also the update to open Paradise Island is lonnnnnnng overdue. found in 76 reviews
it isn't good enough for me pay real money to keep going. found in 23 reviews
WORST currency system I've ever encountered in games. found in 12 reviews
Love this game but it really is too hard to earn gems. found in 482 reviews
Gems are almost impossible to get unless you want to spend money. found in 345 reviews
but just as everyone else has mentioned: the gem issue. found in 23 reviews
I will eventually have to stop playing because I refuse to pay. found in 25 reviews
but the gem situation cost the game two stars. found in 42 reviews
Overall it's a nice game except it keeps taking my diamonds. found in 26 reviews
It's impossible to move past the bakery without gems. found in 74 reviews
It needs to have more ways to earn gems and less expensive upgrades. found in 482 reviews
And the slot machine is an absolute rip off. found in 73 reviews
loved this game until you had to use gems to upgrade things. found in 477 reviews
I understand them trying to make money but they're really greedy. found in 213 reviews
I refuse to spend money on gems and so do most people. found in 102 reviews
This is dishonest business--ffs just add some ways to earn gems. found in 488 reviews
The game becomes frustrating and expensive after the first restaurant. found in 85 reviews
There's supposedly an island with lots of new restaurants. found in 93 reviews
Rolling for gems in the casino is a joke. found in 166 reviews
But it's ridiculous how many gems it costs to upgrade. found in 136 reviews
And the invite friends to get free gems is NOT WORKING. found in 92 reviews
It is impossible to continue the game without spending money. found in 95 reviews
No way to earn gems after first restaurant. found in 482 reviews
They pretty much force you to buy gem to keep playing. found in 176 reviews
It's almost impossible to get gems from the slot machine. found in 276 reviews
No one wants to spend REAL money on stupid apps. found in 213 reviews
but the developers should include more ways to earn gems. found in 482 reviews

If you are iPhone and iPad owner,you now can download Cooking Fever for free from Apple Store. The application is available in multiple languages: English, French, German, Italian, Russian, Spanish. It weighs in at only 73.7 MB to download. It is highly advisable to have the latest app version installed so that you don`t miss out on the fresh new features and improvements. The current app version 1.1.2 has been released on 2014-08-21. The Apple Store includes a very useful feature that will check if your device and iOS version are both compatible with the app. Most iPhone and iPad are compatible. Here is the app`s compatibility information: Requires iOS 6.0 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. This app is optimized for iPhone 5.
Bottom Line: For more information about Cooking Fever check developer Nordcurrent`s website :

Cook delicious meals and desserts from all over the world in this FREE addictive time-management game With a choice of 5 unique locations, from Desserts and Fast Food to Oyster Bar and Oriental Restaurant, you ...
This game is fun exciting Its even better if youre truly into cooking You earn money easily gain access to next levels quickly I cant wait to see what else this game has in store for me                 Cool Game
So far I have loved this game I hope I will continue to enjoy it when it gets difficult                 Amazing
The game is fun and challenging BUT very annoying when the customers leave as soon as they approach the counter Is there a set time limit on certain levels Its frustrating           Need a quick fix
Once I started I couldnt put it down I had to serve all the customers It was fun took my mind of work Haha                 Addictive
Enjoyable and I didnt think I would take to it                 Fun to play and fast paced
Addicting game nicee                 Love the challenge
The game itself is fun but the requirements of lots of gems that you have to pay for to get is quite a let down Very disappointing     Too expensive
This game is highly addictive                 Very fun game
I love this app its the best app ever thank u for making this app                 Best cooking app ever
This game is great for when you have not much to do like car rides empty days And is just fun in general I do recommend it              Super fun
Its really good                 Awesome
Great game and quality Just wish it wasnt so inaccurate when I drop and pick up things              Really addictive
Five staaars                 Nice
Its fun until you hit a wall because you cant go any further unless you buy another restaurant with these Gems they give you The problem is that almost everything requires you to use Gems and they give you very little opportunity to earn them Which means you have to spend real money No thanks Ill be moving on to another cooking game     Fun until
I love this game its just a fast little matching game                 Cooking queen
I love this game and have played all levels Gems are a pain but if you play the casino you might get more Updates are VERY slow causing you to lose interest quickly              Fun game but
Love this game wont be disappointed by the concept of the game BUT gems are way to difficult to earn wouldnt be so bad if EVERYTHING didnt require gems and as you level up then instead of just coins it becomes coins and gems to upgrade anything Could easily be a 5 star game Ease up on requiring gems for everything or make it easier to earn them        Fun but gets expensive
I hate this game in the settings there is a reset button that brings you back to the begging I pressed on it a no my upgrades bakery Chinese restaurant 40 levels of fast food court and everything was gone I hate this game do not download it     Hate it
This game is really fun its the best cooking game ever                 So fun
It a really good game                 Czhlcfjncxdgkkl
Supper challenging and at the same time fun Reminds me of dinner dash                 Great game
You dont even HAVE TO spend money to keep playing Yeah it wouldnt hurt because itll make it easier but most cooking games once you get to a certain point you have to pay to play NOT THIS ONE GREAT GAME Very diverse with restaurants                 Awesome game
This game is fun and addicting                 Fun
My plan was to just download it and try it out 12 hour later Im still playin Pretty fun                 Addicting
So fun so good                 Funfunfunfu fu funfunfunfun
If you choose to play realize that it will cost lots of to play at a reasonable pace Everything costs lots of gems and the game only has the capability of providing 2 a day and 7 per level up The cheapest upgrades are 5 and go up to 50 The other hundreds per restaurant will come from your pocket unless you want to take two months per level Also customer service is lousy Ive reported an error which cheats you out of income from your restaurants three times with no response Player beware To add to this the game was accidentally deleted in an upgrade and they wanted RECEIPTS to restore my 600 plus gems and almost 4 million coins        Fun but
I like this app a lot it keeps you busy when youre bored and is super fun I always find myself trying to beat my last score The only thing is that it is a little difficult to tap the hamburgers and hot dogs because my iPhone screen is so small Other then that super fun game              Silver Rating
Fun game              Awesome game
Dont play the game its addicting                 Fun game
I have reached level 159 and gotten 3 stars on every single level without spending a dime The trick is to at least open the game once a day I do this when I wake up and check my normal internet stuff once youve logged in every day for a week you get 3 gems each day This racks up fast Also once youve racked up 20000 coins or so play the slots at 500 coins and youre bound to win 15 gems Play each level to win 3 stars and youll level up quickly and with each level youll earn 7 gems My problem now is that the game isnt updated frequently enough so I have over 100 gems and 300000 coins ready to buy upgrades for the next restaurant Very addictive game                 No money required
Wish we didnt have to use gems for as much though would like to upgrade my deep fryer                 AWESOME
This game is very fun and addictive and I love it so much                 Love it
I bought 60 gems it has not registered yet     FIX IT
I love the game but you have to wait forever for updates I finish a level in a week and then have to wait months for the next level makes me want to delete it              Have to wait forever for updates
I got this game because I work third shift and needed something to occupy my time on my nights off I am completely addicted to this game The only thing that I would change is the cost of the new restaurants Although it isnt real money it takes too long to get enough gems to move on to a different level                 Addicted
It is a a really entertain game                 Good
This game is highly addictive and becomes more challenging with each level I got it about 5 minutes ago and I love it                 Two thumbs up
I like it a lot its very fast as well                 Awesome
I like runners match 3 and word games I feel like I shouldnt like this game and I dont even know why I got it but I have been having so much fun with it I couldnt even look my wife in the eye when I told her I liked this game but I am still playing it Its fun Play it              I shouldnt like this game
Recommend           Cool
The game is a fair game              Its a fair game
Awesome              Cooking
This was fun              Cool
Its so retarted who would ever want to play this game     HATE IT
Fun game but hate how hard it is to get gems Maybe with every achievement you get a certain number of gems              Fun but need gems
Fun game             
Cooking fun                 Love it
Love the game              Awesome game

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