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64.1 MB
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Requires iOS 4.3 or la

Description - Cookie Jam

SGN , the publisher behind many iOS games (F.A.S.T. -- Fleet Air Superiority Tactics! ,Train of Thought ,Dress Up! Sporty Girl! ,Dress Up! Holidays! ,Jigsaw Mansion 2 HD ,Ion Racer), brings Cookie Jam with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. Cookie Jam games has been update to version 1.0 with several major changes and improvements. Games release that improves performance, provides several new options.
  • The game is challenging with cute graphics..
  • It's nice mind numbing fun..
  • A really fun match 3 with a little different touch..
  • It's lots of fun and a time passer..
  • Good strategy game..

Overall Satisfactionc73
I love playing this game because it's interesting and makes you analyze.
I love playing this game but don't anymore.
It's become one of my favorite games on my iPad.
This was my favorite game until the update.
So far I like this game better then candy crush.
You must download amazing game super fun and addictive.
Wonderful game with attainable goals.
I would recommend this game to all my friends.
I used to love Candy Crush.
I have gotten so many people hooked on this game.
Fun & Engagingc84
Having fun playing this game with minimal problems.
Awesome game just want to keep playing and playing.
This game is so fun and addicting like everyone says.
You must download amazing game super fun and addictive.
Love this cute game with the French Teddy Bear.
Fun cute game but it keeps crashing.
Fun and challenging to work your way thru the levels.
It's a very fun game for strategy and luck.
Loads of fun watch out Candy Crush I'm enjoying this game.
now I play it everyday on my phone.
Play it everyday before bed.
Value for Moneyc59
Anyone complaining about having to spend money to get through levels is crazy.
we can't get past level 125 and refuse to spend money.
So far I've not been asked to spend money.
Replay Valuec85
need more level to play when you can add new level.
Fun and challenging to work your way thru the levels.
This match 3 is fun & even challenging at times.
Production Valuesc72
Fun game and I actually like the sound effects.
The game is challenging with cute graphics.
Well this game keeps me haveing a good break at work.
Ads not Intrusivec46
Updates & Supportc18

My only criticism is that the narrator pronounced " c'est bon " wrong. found in 14 reviews
Addictive cookie baking game. found in 4 reviews
It's much better than candy crush or any other puzzle game. found in 10 reviews
Finally a game that's fun and entertaining. found in 13 reviews
Fun and challenging to work your way thru the levels. found in 44 reviews
I love it best time killer in could have found. found in 18 reviews
Awesome game just want to keep playing and playing. found in 130 reviews
Bright colors and some tricks to make you think. found in 4 reviews
easy enough to make it fun and relaxing. found in 6 reviews
Another awesome addicting candy game. found in 4 reviews
I'm absolutely obsessed with this game. found in 5 reviews
It's a very fun game for strategy and luck. found in 38 reviews
Great for passing time and as a substitute for the other one. found in 4 reviews
New twist on the match three game. found in 4 reviews
I have gotten so many people hooked on this game. found in 6 reviews
Changes enough to keep you interested. found in 5 reviews
fast paced and easy to learn. found in 7 reviews
The cookies look so yummy I want to eat them. found in 6 reviews
This cookie game is my new addiction. found in 10 reviews
It's 4am and I've been up all night playing this game. found in 3 reviews
but since I've updated to iOS 8 it freezes up on me. found in 15 reviews
glitches and closes the app every time I complete a level. found in 16 reviews
Love the game but very irritating that it won't connect to Facebook. found in 18 reviews
Game keeps crashing during play though. found in 52 reviews
The game freezes while playing or freezes while opening. found in 65 reviews
however it freezes at level 94 and won't connect to FB. found in 48 reviews
there is no way to earn coins to move to the next episode. found in 101 reviews
Love it but it freezes too much. found in 7 reviews
sometimes the " play game " button doesn't show up. found in 25 reviews
but I got the game yesterday and I can't connect with Facebook. found in 15 reviews
However very frustrating having no way to earn coins. found in 89 reviews
Every time I try to connect to Facebook to receive/send lives. found in 200 reviews
Over the last few days during play it freezes. found in 11 reviews
I'm on level 34 and seems like I can't play anymore. found in 12 reviews
I love this game except the last week it keeps freezing. found in 21 reviews
except since I upgraded to iOS 8 it doesn't let me play. found in 15 reviews
It crashes every time I play but I like the game. found in 31 reviews
Frustrating when you have to spend money just to keep playing. found in 62 reviews
the game crashes at the "loading map" screen. found in 29 reviews
Every time I open the game the play button never loads. found in 15 reviews
Another lost life and power up due to the app crashing. found in 69 reviews
after the update I am not able to connect to fb. found in 48 reviews
you are forced to start over. found in 69 reviews
Fun game but constant badgering to allow to post on Facebook. found in 36 reviews
It also won't allow me to connect to Facebook whenever I try. found in 200 reviews
but there are no instructions on how to earn them. found in 101 reviews
SO it's a $$$ sucker if you have to PAY To advance. found in 35 reviews
3 times and it will not pass on to the next level. found in 59 reviews
I can't play this game because it's constantly freezing on me. found in 61 reviews
but only two stars until there's a bonus or way to earn. found in 89 reviews
Won't pay to unlock and won't connect you to my Facebook. found in 44 reviews
Once you reach higher levels the app is nearly impossible to complete. found in 32 reviews
This game crashes after EVERY land you finish. found in 29 reviews
The update didn't help-I still can't play past level 30. found in 31 reviews
The game keeps freezing in the middle of a game. found in 52 reviews
impossible to beat without some booster. found in 40 reviews
and I haven't been able to connect to my Facebook friends. found in 45 reviews
Love this game until it started freezing every time I play it. found in 31 reviews

If you are iPhone and iPad owner,you now can download Cookie Jam for free from Apple Store. The application is supporting different languages: English, Czech, Dutch, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Simplified Chinese, Spanish, Swedish, Traditional Chinese, Turkish. It weighs in at only 64.1 MB to download. The new Cookie Jam app version 1.0 has been updated on 2014-02-26. For ensuring consistency with the device you should take into account the following app compatibility information: Requires iOS 4.3 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. This app is optimized for iPhone 5.
Bottom Line: For more information about Cookie Jam check developer SGN`s website :

Crunch your cookies before they crumble Sprinkled with a deliciously sweet twist, this match-3 game is equal parts fun and challenging. Hop in your traveling bakery to set sail on this new puzzle adventure and ...
Fun game love the French guys voice                 Love Cookies
Very fun and difficult sometimes I enjoy this game so much Me and my boyfriend play it a lot send each other lives Fun game                 Addicting game
This game is a lot of fun                 Blast
I used to enjoy playing this game until for whatever reason the game decided to punish me for beating the levels The game would push me back 5 to 10 levels after I tried so hard to beat them I would have to beat the levels multiple times to advance and I still get pushed back when I come back to the game Not worth playing     Frustrating
My kids love it We get a kick playing it Helps my 5yr old learn matching shapes and grouping Love the French as well                 Cute game
This is not just any matching game like other candy games it is challenging but fun The music is original and has not gotten old yet Im at level 188 No free power ups or coins the best I can tell after beginning but I have gotten this far without I found the levels got more fun as I moved forward Update now at level 340 still fun Some levels are challenging then a few levels will be a little easier I found that a nice balance My only issue is the FB connect pop up when opening as I do not have FB                 Fun game
Gracias                 Saluditos
This is a fun variation on theme of Candy Crush It KILLS my battery life though taking battery from 100 to under 20 in about 20 to 30 minutes of play When I look at the battery statistics in the new iOS 9 Cookie Jam shows up as using the most battery even though I only played a few levels              Fun game but KILLS battery life
LatelyI experienced of letting me go back to 62 although I finished it several times     Cookie Jam
Its a good game keeps you busy and lots of fun                 Fun game
cookie Jam is unable to download please fix     unable to download
Addicting but love it                 Love the game
As the title implies this is not a serious and innovative game On the contrary this is basically Candy Crush with a quirky but enjoy French bakery skin Although less polished than its model Cookie Jam proves to be a fun little distraction           Fun Candy Crush Reskin
Fun game The ginger men creep me out for some reason though Lol                 Fun
This game is wonderful and so much level                 Hi
Its entertaining and almost addictive                 I love it
Plays great Some levels more difficult than others but keeps you engaged for sure                 Awesome game
Can play for hours Very entertaining                 Great game
Great game very challenging                 Lots of fun
Very challenging                
This game is great Some of it is easy and some is a little harder but keep trying and you can beat it                 Great game
This game can be addictive as Candy Crush                 Cookie Jam
ʘʘ                 Cookie jam told me to
It makes my brain think                 Love it
Super addicting Would be better if it didnt speak French                 Love it
Love this game for quick play when bored                 Time passer
Just downloaded game yesterday I love it                 Cookie Jam
Awesomely fun                 Cookie
Good puzzles and good lasting time Like this one a lot                 Really good
I had to give this three stars Your prices are out rages Its a very very fun game but I cannot afford to buy anything On it           Cookie jam
Wicked fun to play              Fun to play
I love this game Definitely challenging                 Addictive and fun
Wonderful app fun game                 Good app
Like the game need to give more free stuff                 Cookie jam
Wonderful game                 Cookie Jam
Great game to play Wish had more lives per game              Great app
Im disappointed as of late because the App developer is using sneaky tactics Actually all out lies to attempt to encourage me to play even more often than I do And seriously I play this game using all of my lives MANY times EVERY day So My daughter also plays and she is several hundred levels below me One day I get a Cookie Jam notification that tells me that my daughter has passed me Im like wow Youve been a lot to catch up like that She laughed and said nope still in the 200s a couple weeks later two days ago I get a notification to let me know she is up to me And today Another one Funny thing They must not realize that these two players live in the same house and that we know where each other is in the game Anyways I do NOT appreciate the pressure they are trying to apply for me to play more I couldnt possibly do so unless I quit my job and stopped cooking meals for the kids or maybe stop showering and cleaning the house Or should I stop sleeping Other than that I love love love the game Many levels are very challenging However one can beat the super hard ones in a few days VS Candy Crush which is often so ridiculous that it can take a month of constant play to beat a level           Best game ever BUT
This game is so much fun My children also loves to play it also I have nothing bad about this game its dope                 Cookie Jam
I love this game Its so cute with all the cookielicious goodies and very entertaining Unlike some other similar games Im looking at you Candy Crush its possible to actually beat the harder levels eventually Itd be nice if you could earn some of the power ups but its still possible to progress without using them if youre patient and keep trying                 Yummy
Great game very addictive                 Great Game
I luckily dont have such an addiction that Id spend my real money just to play But it really is fun I keep track of when my lives come back to keep playing Lol                 Super addictive
A lot of fun You guys mix the puzzles up quite nicely Good variety                 Cookie crush
I love this game Its really cutesy and a lot of fun Its a different twist on matching games I love that its challenging at times ThankYou for a great game I give you a five star rating and five thumbs up                 I love love love Cookie Jam
Love cookie jam                 Love
Love this game Fun and addicting                 Cest Bon
Stupid game Theres a reason its not on everyones mouth I play these type of puzzle games all the time but I have to keep wasting all my lives on one challenge Its frustrating pointless and happens all to frequent Deleted     Stupid
Dont waste your time It forces you to pay money if you want to play        Money scheme game
I love this game and Im super addicted                 Awesome game
Another fun game                 Love it
My favorite by far Totally addicted to this game                 Ccb

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