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Chillingo Ltd , the publisher behind many iOS games (Piyo Blocks 2 HD ,Cut the Rope HD ,Great Adventures ,WackyLands Boss ,Civilizations Wars HD ,Monster Mayhem), brings Catapult King with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. Catapult King games has been update to version 1.1 with several major changes and improvements. Games release that improves performance, provides several new options.
  • Fun good time passer..
  • The 3D element makes it even more fun and more challenging..
  • This game is great my hole family loves it..
  • Really enjoy playing this game more than once..
  • Really enjoy knocking those little guys off there blocks lololol..

Overall Satisfactionc94
This app is boss add more level and magic.
This game has awesome graphics and is way better than angry birds.
Has to be one of the best free games available.
Great game I think much better than angry bird fantastic graphics.
This is one of the best games i've played from the ap store.
Thank you for creating this amazing game.
This game has amazing graphics and is incredibly addictive.
My three year old loves this game oh and me too.
Fun & Engagingc94
This app is boss add more level and magic.
Awesome game very addictive need more levels soon.
Game is better and way more fun than Angry Birds.
Super fun game packed with amazing gameplay and graphics 5/5.
Really enjoy playing this game more than once.
Really loved playing this game until the last update.
Very fun game my son and I both love this game.
What a fun and challenging game the graphics are terrific fun fun fun.
Family Friendlyc90
A lot of fun and entertaining levels for kids and adults.
This is a good game for the whole family.
This game is great my hole family loves it.
The grand kids will enjoy it.
Replay Valuec89
Game could use more updates for more levels fore frequently.
Bad game can't see how it was app of week.
This app is boss add more level and magic.
What a fun and challenging game the graphics are terrific fun fun fun.
My grandson and I have hours of fun on this app.
fun & entertaining challenging at times high quality graphics very creative.
The replay value is actually pretty high.
The simple pleasures of catapult physics bring hours of enjoyment.
Production Valuesc94
The graphics are great and there are seeming endless ways to play.
Excellent 3D graphics and very challenging to get the gold crowns.
The sound effects are worth the download.
u2022The music and sound effects are completely terrible and strange.
Love this game play it all the time.
engaging game play.
Great animation and very realistic feel.
and the sound effects are hilarious.
Takes a bit to get used to 3D interface.
Ease of Usec97
The simple pleasures of catapult physics bring hours of enjoyment.
Simple pleasures very enjoyable.
It's simple yet challenging and addictive.
Simple yet challenging.
intuitive and FUN.
The different goals in each level add even more longevity.
After most recent update it crashes after each level.
Since update it now crashes after first if new levels.
Updates & Supportc83
try this 3d version that runs amazingly smooth.
Reminds me of a 3D version of Siege Hero.

Has to be one of the best free games available. found in 46 reviews
Best game app I've come across in a while:-. found in 9 reviews
Super fun game packed with amazing gameplay and graphics 5/5. found in 48 reviews
The replay value is actually pretty high. found in 4 reviews
It gives me loads of fun and challenges. found in 12 reviews
This game puts a smile on my face. found in 3 reviews
Great fun for all ages with classic catapult fun. found in 19 reviews
It's also a great stress release. found in 10 reviews
A lot of fun and entertaining levels for kids and adults. found in 17 reviews
What a fun and challenging game the graphics are terrific fun fun fun. found in 34 reviews
This is a silly and very entertaining game. found in 14 reviews
Once you get the hang of it it's a blast. found in 9 reviews
My grandson and I have hours of fun on this app. found in 27 reviews
This is so much fun and the graphics look amazing on the new iPad. found in 4 reviews
Great for passing time entertaining. found in 5 reviews
This game has awesome graphics and is way better than angry birds. found in 236 reviews
My 2 year old daughter loves this game to. found in 13 reviews
Very nice game with great graphic and lovely story. found in 10 reviews
Awesome game very addictive need more levels soon. found in 220 reviews
Very fun game my son and I both love this game. found in 45 reviews
Challenging but not too hard. found in 4 reviews
Remove Facebook Connect. found in 1 reviews
Hope they add more levels. found in 3 reviews
Great game but not paying twice. found in 1 reviews
you can't miss. found in 2 reviews
There's no annoying ads after each completed level or turn. found in 2 reviews
Please update for iphone 5 screen. found in 1 reviews
I deleted it after a couple levels. found in 2 reviews
but gets boring quick. found in 2 reviews
it always crashes on the loading screen. found in 2 reviews
but it is the same idea only less fun. found in 3 reviews
However the menu system is horrible. found in 2 reviews
this game would be perfect. found in 2 reviews
is the inability to return to previous levels. found in 3 reviews
Perhaps useful to waste five minutes here and there. found in 9 reviews
New Update Keeps Crashing. found in 2 reviews
Live the game untill level 92. found in 1 reviews
Thousand times better than Angry Birds Just needs more levels. found in 306 reviews
Fun but short and easy. found in 2 reviews
Crashes every time you finish a segment. found in 2 reviews
Glad I waited until it was free. found in 2 reviews
I think a game can't miss. found in 2 reviews
Do not download this game or any other from Chillingo. found in 4 reviews
then crashes as soon as you try to play it:. found in 2 reviews
Can u PLEASE fix the crash. found in 2 reviews
This is the WORST GAME I HAVE EVER PLAYED. found in 3 reviews
New update won't load on iPhone 4S. found in 2 reviews
Most recent update crashes when u play the first new level. found in 10 reviews
it just goes back to the home screen and crashes. found in 4 reviews

The Catapult King is now available as a free download on Apple Store for both iPhone and iPad owners.The application is supporting English language. It weighs in at only 43.9 MB to download. It is highly advisable to have the latest app version installed so that you don`t miss out on the fresh new features and improvements. The current app version 1.1 has been released on 2014-11-27. The Apple Store includes a very useful feature that will check if your device and iOS version are both compatible with the app. Most iPhone and iPad are compatible. Here is the app`s compatibility information: Compatible with iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPod touch (3rd generation), iPod touch (4th generation) and iPad.Requires iOS 3.2 or later
Bottom Line: For more information about Catapult King check developer Chillingo Ltd`s website :

Become the catapult Take down forts, castles and even a fire-breathing dragon in Catapult King the King of castle crushers Rescue the princess and defeat the enemy in this beautiful, 3D fantasy adventure. Universal build, works ...
how about some new levels Ive collected all jewels coins badges and gold crowns twice through End of the game states New levels coming soon Last update was in 2012 I think new levels are way overdue Lets go already                 My Favorite Game So
Love the game and have been playing off and on for more then a year is there going to be a Catapult 2 Im really hoping so Give me some more stuff to blow up and destroy D              Catapult 2
I love this game It is so much fun I recommend this game to everyone                 Great
My family and I enjoyed playing this gameWe cant wait for the new update                 Awesome game
Try it for yourself                 Not bad
This game is really fun                 Never gets old
Best game I played so far                 Great game
Awesome love the game so fun more levels or catapult king 2 best game ever love it                 Awesome catapult king 2
Love this game I really like how you can replay a level and build magic points even after youve beaten the level                 Catapult King
Thank you for creating this amazing game                 I love it
Great game love the graphics I love the fireworks and the earthquake balls you should really get the app its awesome I love how you get to shoot the little nights down off the big structure                 Catapult king
Best game ever Great physics hours of gameplayAwesome                 Awesome
Ive waited a long time for an update thank you for the new power ups Keep the levels and updates coming                 Awesome game
Some people say its a ripoff of Angry Birds but in 3D I say not even close This game is already 2 years old and I still play it Love Love Love this game Hoping there will be a sequel or even more levels added This game rocks Thank you Chillingo                 By far one the very few best games on IOS
I love this game its cool                 Louis
This game is the only game that entertains me This game keeps me busy and I love how difficult it gets                 Its a must
Fun fun fun                 Awesome
This is an awesome and fun game Please add more                 Fun but old
New update Its Been a while I need more levels come on           Update
This game is addictive to the extreme                 Catapult King is Awesome
Its a kind of another angry birds game with 1st person perspective view Not bad to try it              Not bad
Fantastic Im so glad I finally have more levels I almost had to attend catapult king rehab for withdrawals Create more to satisfy my addiction Please                 Catapult king
This game is just amazing The graphics and mood of the game are just perfect You can destroy everything with metal wooden or even magical catapult balls I highly recommend this game to users who dont have it You will surely get addicted Applause for the creators of this master piece                 MASTER PIECE
I have beat this game 3 times over and I will keep loading it I Never signed in with fb before and you get more fabulous magic ways of blowing things up so would recommend using fbit does not keep asking you to post I find that super annoying When you run out of magic go back to easier levels to fill up again 12 and 47 I think are easy ones                 Recommend no probs iPhone 4s6
Another update grabberyou should change your name to CACHINGO     PAY To PLAY
Go ahead ask me why I love this game go ahead ASK I have no idea but I doI have to threaten myself to get me To stop playing and thats no easy task because Im no Pushover Woogly44                 Catapult King
I used to play Angry Birds in its various forms when it first came out But there is something even more fun than that Catapult King Thank you and keep up the good work This is one of those games where I could play through the levels too fast So keep the improvements and levels coming                 Lots and lots of fun
My favorite game to while away stolen moments and work out my frustrations by knocking stuff down They update regularly wonderful But the last update added annoying pop up ads for other apps not cool folks I paid for the program not for the advertising              Love it but disappointed
I had this game about a year ago I beat the whole game 3 stars each level got it back and new updates This game is so fun for people of all ages and blows away angry birds                 Amazing
When are we gonna get a Catapult King 2 Played this game for years and wil never delete but so anxious to have another D                 Best game ever
i will like to upgrade this game to continue to other level                 Amazing game
I love this game but hadnt played for awhile was actually waiting for new levels but when I went into the app again it made me start all over but I had already rescued the princess That bites                 Repeat
Awesome 3D landscapes and a very smooth physics engine for the game play It would be nice to have some sort of elevation indicator so that you can make repeatable distance shots Even the ancient catapults had a system to mark and repeat elevation adjustments                 Chillingo Nailed It
3D very well designed game If you enjoy the genre like Angry Birds you really should give this game a try 1st person perspective easy to learn harder to master but not so much that it frustrates you into quitting The controls are spot on and top notch The graphics are cartoonish and well designed This is a game a I would have paid for after trying a lite version and Im a cheapskate Lol Seriously give it a download and a try Its a well designed and thought out game that is engaging and quite enjoyable Probably the most played game on my iPad make kindness your modus operandi change your world Annie Lennox                 THIS GAME BLOWS AWAY ANGRY BIRDS
Awesome                 Catapult kings
I love this Game Its hilarious Im already addicted                 FunFunFun
I am always happy when I see an update arrive for this game It has been consistently fun for years Keep up the great work                 Consistently fun
Excellent game that had recently added more levels thank you Really incredible to continue to get free new levels after so many years Works wonderfully on iPhone 6 Much more dynamic and fun than Angry Birds IMO Would love to see more levels come yet to the game even if they need to charge for them                 Great game
This game is quite addicting Its fairly challenging at times as well The graphics are amazing The sound is decent too Worth the 99                 Great fun Worth 99
I have had this game for a few years and had leveled high but it completely swiped my game while I was playing Its now got me at level 1 again     No longer a happy camper
W the exception of caricatures vantage points its super similar to angry birds              Fun
This game is amazing it has so many levels and I dont think Im ever gonna beat it                 YOLO Awesome
My kids and I have to secretly myself love this game Why is it taking so long for the creators to make new levels Its been a few months We have beaten the game and now trying to wait patiently for the new levels that are so called coming soon              Where is the new UPDATE
Very addictive this is my second time playingMore addictive than Candy Crushnow there are more levels cant wait to get started                 Love it
Love this game Just finished all levels and wondering when the developer will add more Still love it though                 More levels pretty please
Amazing graphics unique play interestingly different Way way more levels please More frequent updates with new levels 15 levels every 23months is just not competitive More updates please Seriously best game but would love hours of new game play please please Would pay 499 for more                 Luv this app
Where are the updates to new levels Its taking way to long This is the best app Ive played The way I see it Its your duty to your fans                 Updates
A great game really fun          
The app now displays irritating bubble ads I think chilingo is headed down hill One used to be able to expect a certain level of quality from their apps Not so much anymore     Why are ads showing up in an app for which I paid
this game HAS ads and its a paid app also it crashes right after the loading screen but thats probably just my device but the ads have to be gone     update and fix

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