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King.com Limited , the publisher behind many iOS games (Blossom Blast Saga: Match & Link Flowers to Grow! ,Candy Crush Saga ® ,Pet Rescue Saga ,Candy Crush Soda Saga ,Bubble Witch Saga ,Diamond Digger Saga), brings Bubble Witch Saga with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. Bubble Witch Saga games has been update to version 1.0.4 with several major changes and improvements. Games release that improves performance, provides several new options.
  • Mindless fun can be had with this one..
  • I enjoy playing this game and I like the sound effects :..
  • Eh a good time killer while waiting for candy crush..
  • A great stress reliever I could play all day..
  • Great puzzle game that makes you about your every move..

Overall Satisfactionc79
Love playing this game and passing the hard levels.
I've been playing this game since day one with no issues.
This is actually probably one of my favorite games I have ever played.
It's a shame seeing how this was one of my favorite games.
I have loved this game since I first started playing it.
I used to love it more than now.
Just a wonderful game to play.
Love this game just wish I could get more than five lives.
Would recommend this game highly.
I do not recommend this game to anyone.
Rather frustrating at times.
Fun & Engagingc80
Very addictive and challenging-can't put it down.
Very addictive game--the only problem.
Awesome game never thought I'd be addicted to a game.
A perfect example of greed ruining a potentially awesome game.
I agree with others in that it is a fun and challenging game.
It was fun and challenging until I couldn't pass the level.
Very fun game to play its educational too.
It's super fun and helps pass time when boredom kicks in.
For the game itself 5 stars.
loads of fun and a different type of a game.
This game is totally addictive and FUN.
I truly enjoy this game and I play everyday.
Play everyday sometimes a couple times.
I play the new game every day on my ipad2.
I play this game every day.
Value for Moneyc39
Decide in advance whether you want to spend money to play.
to pass sum of the levels without buying power ups.
Only get 35 to play without having more friends playing.
Replay Valuec79
I agree with others in that it is a fun and challenging game.
It was fun and challenging until I couldn't pass the level.
however charges to assist in certain levels are too pricey.
Four stars only because higher levels require Facebook or extra gold.
Very addictive and challenging -can't put it down.
Social Aspectsc55
Amazing to play with friends or alone.
Good to play with friends.
I can not play with friends anymore.
Production Valuesc62
Also love the new graphics and sounds.
The new graphics make me dizzy.
Like game dislike additional charges during game for extras.
Used the aim feature and scroll up 3x during game.
I enjoy playing this game and I like the sound effects :.
and I love the popping sound effects.
Love the beautiful graphics and "spooky" background music.
Beautiful graphics and a really fun game.
Ease of Usec80
This is a super simple game to play.
What a great and simple game.
This challenging game keeps me playing as I want to succeed.
Please fix problem so game will load.
Ads not Intrusivec19
Updates & Supportc43
I went to King's customer service web page.
Where's customer service.

I've been playing Bubble Witch Saga forever and I love it. found in 2685 reviews
this is our favorite game it is good for all ages. found in 13 reviews
will take your mind of things also great time waster. found in 29 reviews
Addictive challenging and a good time passer. found in 22 reviews
It's super fun and helps pass time when boredom kicks in. found in 51 reviews
Cool music and challenging levels that test your strategy. found in 20 reviews
Can't connect to FB now and shooting bubbles is really slow. found in 75 reviews
Game crashes upon opening and in the middle of the game. found in 40 reviews
It goes to the Orange screen and then crashes. found in 21 reviews
The add ons are ridiculously expensive & I refuse to buy them. found in 55 reviews
Game keeps crashing won't even get past the orange loading screen. found in 12 reviews
There is no way to communicate to get friends to help you. found in 150 reviews
Please update after last update I can't play anymore. found in 24 reviews
Like others the game won't open - only the King screen. found in 85 reviews
Fun game except the levels are to difficult. found in 20 reviews
I refuse to spend any money buying extra bubbles or spells. found in 18 reviews
I has gotten so difficult it is not fun anymore. found in 21 reviews
Not fond of it always asking if you want to spend money. found in 249 reviews
because it really is a fun way to waste some time. found in 30 reviews
either I'm horrible or can't get past level 20 without spending money. found in 87 reviews
Some levels are impossible to win without purchasing the extra tools. found in 131 reviews
It is annoying being asked constantly to spend money. found in 249 reviews
I will continue to refuse to pay your fees. found in 42 reviews
I just don't like having to ask friends for help on Facebook. found in 104 reviews
Don't have Facebook and would love to move forward more easily. found in 40 reviews
Will not connect to Facebook at times even though logged in. found in 326 reviews
You can't advance with out IAP power ups. found in 96 reviews
This game won't open since the last update. found in 85 reviews
Just lost all 5 lives in 2 minutes due to crashing. found in 93 reviews
frustrating to the point where you don't want to keep playing. found in 154 reviews
So these game designers built a game that's impossible to win without cheating. found in 131 reviews
Forget about it if you don't want to bother Facebook friends. found in 110 reviews
After a certain level game is almost impossible to win. found in 126 reviews
Loved this game until update several months ago. found in 77 reviews
can only get to the higher levels by buying potions unfortunate. found in 78 reviews
Pretty much need to spend money on overpriced items. found in 249 reviews
but do not like having to ask my Facebook friends for help. found in 104 reviews
I still can't get to the next level without 3 Facebook friends helping. found in 177 reviews
You cannot beat certain levels without buying the helps. found in 85 reviews
There is no way to help accumulate coins for purchases. found in 150 reviews
I probably don't want to spend money within the game. found in 249 reviews
I haven't been able to open the game since the latest update either. found in 126 reviews
some of the levels are impossible to beat without buying the charms. found in 100 reviews
Cannot easily connect to Facebook or the App Store. found in 326 reviews

If you are iPhone and iPad owner,you now can download Bubble Witch Saga for free from Apple Store. The application is designed for use in English language. It weighs in at only 34.7 MB to download. It is highly advisable to have the latest app version installed so that you don`t miss out on the fresh new features and improvements. The current app version 1.0.4 has been released on 2014-11-24. The Apple Store includes a very useful feature that will check if your device and iOS version are both compatible with the app. Most iPhone and iPad are compatible. Here is the app`s compatibility information: Compatible with iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPod touch (3rd generation), iPod touch (4th generation) and iPad.Requires iOS 4.0 or later.
More Info: Find more info about Bubble Witch Saga in King.com Limited`s Official Website : http://bubblewitch.king.com/inc/faq.jsp

A spell-binding combination of addictive gameplay and engaging strategy - this is going to be big - Pocket Gamer Experience the world s greatest bubble game. The game that has captivated over 40 million players on ...
I really liked this game I had trouble but the tech support for this game were great They worked with me to unlock my ipad game Not sure they really know why the lock happened but I can play Love the game                 Great game until level 363
Popping good time                 Bubbles
OBSESSED                 Love
Could be better with more realistic challenges Often times hard to connect with Facebook via iPhone 6           Good
Please change the light blue bubble or daytime background color Cant see the dotted line against the background for aiming Super annoying        Change the bubble or background color
Stuck at level 205 for 3 months now its looking like Ill unstick myself by deleting the game probably saga 2 as well     bubble witch saga
This is an enjoyable game that can be challenging at times                 Fun Game
Needs an update to give back all the special bubbles back that you built up Past 2 updates wiped them out and you never gave them back It is an addictive game Would have given more stars but it seems you dont put much effort into this game anymore to make it enjoyable Ive been playing it for a long time Needs some new bonus features        Needs an update
Overall the game is fun but I app purchases are pricey 099 for one bubble Also I log in every day but have never gotten the Wish of Precision Im suppose to get Also some bubbles say 3 uses but I only ever get one Scrolls are also pricey for what you get if you click on a scroll to check what it is you automatically get it cant change it           Fun but flaws
My fav Love it                 Bubble Witch Saga
Love it when I can play it                 Awesome game but it cuts me off
Love the classic understated look to this game Yes its a cartoon but its not too cartoony whereas the sequel to this game is garish to the point of distraction                 Way better than Bubble Witch 2
Love this game but there are glitches that make it infuriatingly challenging And really Do people actually pay that much for potions and charms              Totally addictive
What did you guys do I was on level 500 now Im on 159 Where did all my progress go     WTH
Some levels are impossible to win Ill finish the game but not able to score enough stars to go to next level Ive been stuck on one level in Isles for months Otherwise love this game              Unbeatable
I love this game Unfortunately Im visually impaired and have difficulty seeing where the bubbles are headed because the background is so dark it blends in with the bubbles trajectory There hasnt been an update since 72015 I messaged the app developers and their response was for me to turn up the brightness on my display NO BUENO     Too dark
I like the game itself but it is very difficult to progress to the next level And there arent enough lives to continue playing in one sitting           Fun but too frustrating
This update caused my progress to go from level 251 to level 54 When I access the app on my computer thru Facebook instead of my cell it still has me in the other realm Craptastic going to have to wait weeks for glitch to be fixed Tried deleting and reloading app didnt help     Glitch
Love it but have a hard time passing some harder levels There is no way to win Frustrating need more ways to win              Mine50
I rated it low because of the light blue back ground When you use the blue bubbles you can hardly see Change the color        Color of back ground
I love to play this game everyday in fact but you only get 5 lives Why I believe you should get a couple more Im on level 246 or so and I die in 20 minutes Seems to me you would want me to play longer But either way I do love this game              Love it but
Love the game but dont like being stuck on levels Guess I bore easily              Fun Game
The app opens then immediately closes     Doesnt work
Most enjoyable and entertaining                 Witch Saga
Too frustrating to get through a level with tons of bubbles left over only to have only a few actually fly out of the cauldron and give essentially no help in getting just one star If I have 25 left over I should be able to have them help me reach one star not have only 6 come out and give me next to nothing        Extra bubbles dont count
I really enjoy playing but when you ahead of your friends you arent given easy options to give or receive lives Disappointing           BW Saga
Thumb numbing fun              Good stuff
Awesome game                 Whats up
Great game I love it                 Bubble witch
Fun game dont like that you have to wait 4 days to pass certain areas unless you want to spend coins or find friends to help              Waiting
I love this game and just play to relax                 Fun game
Good game but has glitches when it updates I would play longer if more lives came faster and help were available           Good game
Cant play it anymore cause it cuts off          
Its a great game but is not ok that you cant earn more special stuff or pay with coins I dont like u have to pay with real money you shouldnt have to              Ok
Bubble Witch Saga will log into your Facebook without your permission When you go to their settings to logout it resets you back to game 1 After having this happen three times I finally just deleted it from my phone Oh and to write a review this site makes you rate Bubble Witch with at least one star     Bubble Witch Saga and Facebook
Frustrated Ive been stuck for a few months on level 328 Is there anyway to beat this level Every couple of levels I get stuck for a long time months I play the bonus and eternal isles levels in the mean time Hints for level 328 I got close to one star a couple of times You dont give enough points when the bubbles fall in the cauldrons Please help        Stuck level 328
I enjoy the challenge sometimes but there are many things I dont understand and have not picked up I also have trouble with the shot being released prematurely        Puzzled
I enjoy the new perks that appear with new updates This game will not be covered with cobwebs anytime soon                 Great game that keeps getting better
This is really fun and challenging Lots of action also                 Love this game
I am learning aming and to be patience lol                 Awesome game
Cant get connected to Facebook in my settings the game doesnt show up I really like playing this game              Wanting to connect to Facebook
Its ok           Its okay
Updated this few days ago Now cant open the app at all It says loading then closes        Problems
Won a level but it didnt register and now it wont let me off that level              Bubble Witch
The music is boring and I do tend to complete a level but not get the one star necessary to move on so I have to play the same level Ive already completed a few times which is annoying           Just ok
I had 50 arcane bubbles saved up for a hard level I updated the game and they were all taken from me and replaced with a 299 sign So messed up You should credit people back with what they earned by being loyal and playing every day     Unfair
A joy to play                 Fun
Overall the game is fun to play and I really havent experienced any technical difficulties that would cause there to be an issue However the biggest problem is NOT sendinggiving the actual giftshelp that I send fellow players or they send me Its random as to what theyll receive even though I specifically sent them a life extra bubbles or coins If it werent for this problem I probably would havent given it 5stars           Need to deliver gifts
No not much to boring when no matter how hard you play you get stuck to long only play when Im wait for other games load up     No
Until this last update the game worked fine Now it doesnt even go past the loading screen QC was terrible on this update     Game Wont Open

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