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Lepeng Li , the publisher behind many iOS app (Water Me - Daily Water Tracker for iPad ,Depression Help Brainwave for iPad ,Stress Relief Self-Hypnosis ,Brainwave Tuner HD ,Buddhist Meditation Lite ,De-Stress Brainwave for iPad), brings BrainWave Tuner with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. BrainWave Tuner app has been update to version 2.0 with several major changes and improvements. App release that improves performance, provides several new options.
  • I can concentrate on my learning with playing Learning Aid 2..
  • I often play "attention increase" when i read books..
  • then try to fall asleep with headache therapy 3..

Overall Satisfactionc92
The sound quality is great.
Thank you for creating this app.
Much better sound quality.
Thanks for your updates.
This thing is the best.
Better than the previous one.
Helps me relax and I listen to it at school.
Cheap and useful.
Updates & Supportc100
I totally recommend it and will be buying the full version soon.

The sound quality is great. found in 3 reviews
the Brainwave Tuner helps me to meditate even better than before. found in 14 reviews
I totally recommend it and will be buying the full version soon. found in 2 reviews
i have purchased your app Brain Boost. found in 2 reviews
Better than the previous one. found in 1 reviews
I started using it a month ago and now I am a big fan. found in 1 reviews
white noise of rain and windshield. found in 3 reviews
i like those strange wave sounds. found in 4 reviews
So I listen to Quick mental fresher. found in 2 reviews
the headache treatment is very efficient. found in 3 reviews
I use it every night. found in 1 reviews
Noticing the loops makes it a little difficult to completely relax. found in 1 reviews
Would have rated 5 stars if it had multitasking support. found in 1 reviews
This app would be much better if the sounds were "seamless. found in 1 reviews
But if you're using it for sleep induction or meditation. found in 9 reviews
but it works to an extent. found in 1 reviews
Failure to launch. found in 1 reviews
somehow won't launch since I downloaded the newest iOS version :. found in 1 reviews
But it is still interesting. found in 1 reviews
but I sleep better. found in 1 reviews
Please improve this or give me a refund. found in 1 reviews
I don't tend to buy paid apps very often. found in 1 reviews
It just freezes on the opening screen. found in 1 reviews
Until that is fixed. found in 1 reviews
iOS 7 Fail. found in 1 reviews
Booooo that was the main reason i paid for the app. found in 1 reviews
Won't go beyond the open screen. found in 1 reviews
Company apparently isn't smart Enough to update their app. found in 1 reviews
It doesn't make you feel smarter or sleepier or more creative. found in 1 reviews
Doesn't seem to work with iOS 7. found in 1 reviews

The BrainWave Tuner is now available for $2.99 for both iPhone and iPad owners.The application is supporting English language. It weighs in at only 10MB to download. It is highly advisable to have the latest app version installed so that you don`t miss out on the fresh new features and improvements. The current app version 2.0 has been released on 2014-11-26. The Apple Store includes a very useful feature that will check if your device and iOS version are both compatible with the app. Most iPhone and iPad are compatible. Here is the app`s compatibility information: Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iPhone OS 3.1.3 or later.
More Info: Find more info about BrainWave Tuner in Lepeng Li`s Official Website :

19 + preset brainwave patterns Nominated as Best Healthcare and Fitness App in 2009 by Handango For best effect, please use with a headset (except High Frequencies Tune). You must have ...
This app is a heaven sent So fast and effective and does exactly what is says it does EVERYtime Great job on the creation of this app Make more apps youll have much support                 Fav app Use daily
App wont open after iOS7 update Hellooooooo Until that is fixed dont waste any money on this     Anybody home
I have many brain wave apps and this one is now my favorite It has all the popular tones and more but by all means add more also more background music would be great I might have all this developers app and they are all just great easy to use apps Favorite tone is the Schumann frequency for sure                 Great quality
I love this app the tones really helps to relax and sleep                 Amazing
Really cool You can give it a try                 Cool
Have not been able to load this app ever since the iOS 7 upgrade     iOS 7 Fail
This is one of my favorite apps I use this app on my mac and now on my iPad I has some great sounds that relax me                 Recomanded
Excellent app It used to take me one hour to learning and remembering new words now takes only a quarter of the time                 Learning Aid
Freezes every time I open it Company apparently isnt smart Enough to update their app     Update it
Very Beautiful Program                 Very Nice
My brain said its nice I got better sleep every night since I use it                 Coooooool
It does what it says for a very lie price Good to relax and the ambience is perfect                 Cheap and useful
Just got this Simple to use and great selection of sounds Not sure it really works yet but Ill try it out and report back If it is as helpful as I hope 5 stars for sure           Great
Doesnt seem to work with iOS 7     iOS 7
I use for focus and sleeping It works for me                 worth it
كل شيء متعلق بالدماغ فهو المسؤول الأول والأخير عن صحة الأنسان فهو مصدر الإيعازات قمت بتجربته فوجدته يعمل بشكل رائع شكرا لكل من ساهم بعمله وتطويره وشكرا لمن قام بنشره                 برنامج اكثر من رائع
Perfect for studying sleeping and feeling happier Wasnt sure if it was just a placebo effect or what but it definitely works for me I totally recommend it and will be buying the full version soon                 Love it
Very Nice interface                 It now works
Absolutely worth every penny I love this app Have had it a week and used it 3 times already with total relief Thank you so very much                 Rn
Even the light version is great and a fabulous way to become introduced to entraining your brain and increase the amount of time your mind is in the alpha waves zone and your body is relaxed with its parasympathetic nervous system engaged LOVE IT                 LOVE IT Recommend it highly
Relaxing af                 So good
It hasnt worked since I upgraded to iOS7 Wont go beyond the open screen so its unusable     Used to love it but
Simple but useful It can relax me and improve my memory I feel much easier at work and in daily trivial life                 Nice
Going to get my money back I bought this app for studying and The sounds are more of a distraction than anything else Its impossible to concentrate with waves crashing in your ears Remove the distracting nature sounds and stick to the basic binaural beats and white noise This app is too interruptive Even the white noise has stupid water waves sloshing onto a shore Cmon     Wave sounds are a serious distraction
Sometimes the tones drive my wife nuts but I find that they actually do help me to concentrate sleep etc I use it a lot and would consider other apps from this developer Nice job                 Really Works
Helps me relax and get a great nights sleep when I cannot sleep                 Awesome
The sessions are more like isochronic tones however they do provide significant results The background music or sounds is nice but lacks a variety I would like to make a request with your next update to allow these sessions play while other apps are playing in the background such as any radio apps or comparable with apps like Brainwave Studio because when I run this app and also run one of my radio apps or sound apps one of them shuts off the beats or music playing              Decent but needs background run comparable with other music apps
I LOVE this app puts me to sleep so quickly eases headaches But somehow wont launch since I downloaded the newest iOS version help              iOS 7
However after seeing the download on an iPad there are more background sounds available Can you add those to the iPhone platform in a future update              Love the iPhone version
You who likes to improve in all areas in your life will love this app The Effectiveness will blow you away Amazing app Developers please give yourself a lot of credit in creating these amazing app but also keep adding good new stuff to it Thank you so much                 Wow wow wow wow
What is going on with this app Ever since I uploaded iOS 7 the screen to change the settings timer etc has disappeared How can I use the app if I cant locate the controls to activate it        Whats going on
One of my favorite apps when studying very effective although it needs to multitask like when i need to listen to my class recording in my other app brainwave tuner stops i think it should continue since they have included a brainwave while listening              Needs to multitask
This is not bad you are worth to try Spent little money get more health                 Like it
Was awesome before but wont launch since update for iOS 7 Just getting the load screen           Failure to launch
I use this app frequently and I am never disappointed As a frequent traveler I always use this app while traveling by plane Its perfect for drowning out crying babies concentrating on getting my work done or just making it easier to catch a nap The wide variety of waves are great depending on what I need to use them for Also because I live in an apartment if my neighbors are being noisy while I am trying to sleep the Sleep Induction wave is a Godsend Soothes me to sleep while drowning out the noise Best 3 spent in a while                 Perfect way to concentraterelax
Excellent Relief                 Migraines
It works because I believe it works and is very calming Unlike most other apps it doesnt stop playing when minimized so I can combine the relaxing brain waves with my subliminal soundtracks                 Awesome
This app is very deserving of five star reviews Wonderful brain massaging sounds this app gives you and ample volume to enjoy them I have many white noise apps this is one of my favorites                 NO OVER HYPE WITH THIS APP
Do you plan on updating this app for the iOS 7 I havent been able to use it since I updated my phone to the new iOS                 Love this app
This is a can let my brain get energy applications It is very helpful for my health Use of this application my sleep has been greatly improved                 A magical applications
Used to have trouble falling asleep especially HRM work is stressful and not enough time to take Ambien This works great and I rarely need any other pill sleep aid                 Works great
Professional app My brain got well treated and trained Will continue using this app                 Good
My friend recommended this app to me I enjoy it too Let me in the good state to handle life                 Great
Love these beats For the first time I was able to instantly relax after a long day at work It was very exciting though it was not what I wished for I am still working on what I want and I know these beats will get me there                 Effective
This is such a handy multiple function tool                 Amazing
Where are all my background sounds Only three to choose from Booooo that was the main reason i paid for the app Brin all the backgrounds back please     Booooo They shouldnt have changed it
Ive been using this app for more than one year Before brainwave tuner I tried many similar brainwave technology based apps But this is the only one that remains on my iPad Many apps claim to have many powerful functionsFor me they are too complicated and garish But this app is very easy to use the interface is simple and elegant Also the most important part is it offers many different wave sounds for different needs J                 Great App
I pull this app up when I need to concentrate on something difficult Maybe its the white noise effect of blocking out distractions or maybe it actually does what it says Im satisfied either way                 Fun app and I think it works
Ive used several brainwave apps This is by far my favorite It definitely covers all the bases                 Very comprehensive
Like it very much                 Nice update

BrainWave Tuner Healthcare & Fitness Brainwave TunerBrainWave Tuner Healthcare & Fitness Brainwave TunerBrainWave Tuner Healthcare & Fitness Brainwave TunerBrainWave Tuner Healthcare & Fitness Brainwave TunerBrainWave Tuner Healthcare & Fitness Brainwave TunerBrainWave Tuner Healthcare & Fitness Brainwave TunerBrainWave Tuner Healthcare & Fitness Brainwave TunerBrainWave Tuner Healthcare & Fitness Brainwave TunerBrainWave Tuner Healthcare & Fitness Brainwave TunerBrainWave Tuner Healthcare & Fitness Brainwave TunerBrainWave Tuner Healthcare & Fitness Brainwave TunerBrainWave Tuner Healthcare & Fitness Brainwave Tuner

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