Barometer for iPhone 6 / iPad Air 2

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3.1 MB
Steffen Bauereiss
iPhone iPad
Requires iOS 8.0 or la

Description - Barometer for iPhone 6 / iPad Air 2

Steffen Bauereiss , brings Barometer for iPhone 6 / iPad Air 2 with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. Barometer for iPhone 6 / iPad Air 2 app has been update to version 1.2 with several major changes and improvements. App release that improves performance, provides several new options.


Maybe have button to turn fishing mode on or off. found in 1 reviews
Uses GPS to correct for one's height above sea level. found in 2 reviews
a great indicator of weather conditions about to occur. found in 1 reviews
Perfect format and layout. found in 1 reviews
supports 6 different pressure units. found in 1 reviews
Finally a barometer app that is genuinely useful. found in 1 reviews
altimeter for outdoor activities. found in 1 reviews
today view widget barometer. found in 1 reviews
if Notification Center function worked. found in 3 reviews
but it's still a work in progress. found in 1 reviews
but it would be nice if it converted to PSI. found in 1 reviews
Does not work on my iPhone 6. found in 1 reviews
JUNK DONT WASTE YOUR $$$$$. found in 1 reviews
PURE GARBAGE. found in 1 reviews

If you are iPhone and iPad owner,you now can download Barometer for iPhone 6 / iPad Air 2 for free from Apple Store. The application is supporting English language. It weighs in at only 3.1 MB to download. It is highly advisable to have the latest app version installed so that you don`t miss out on the fresh new features and improvements. The current app version 1.2 has been released on 2014-11-08. The Apple Store includes a very useful feature that will check if your device and iOS version are both compatible with the app. Most iPhone and iPad are compatible. Here is the app`s compatibility information: Requires iOS 8.0 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. This app is optimized for iPhone 5, iPhone 6, and iPhone 6 Plus.
Bottom Line: For more information about Barometer for iPhone 6 / iPad Air 2 check developer Steffen Bauereiss`s website :

This app uses the new barometric pressure sensor found in the iPhone 6, 6 Plus and iPad Air 2 Keep an eye on the barometric pressure and be your own weather forecast This little app uses ...
Great developer Constantly adds useable features and improvements to the app overall Been using this app since it was available with no problems Happy to purchase the Pro version Easy to use with many features If you are looking for a barometer and altimeter app with trending this is the app to get Thank you Steffen for all your efforts and a great app                 Hands down the best barometer app
Very intuitive pleasing UI accurate and a great app overall                 Excellent
This is a great app I just upgraded to Pro I actually dont care about the new Pro features Im just glad to see you make a little profit on this excellent app                 Love this App
Very nice barometer one of the most accurate I like you can choose what one you want its my go too barometer each day no problems here you have sea level pressure an actual pressure on the phone sensor but this is a good one                 Very good barometer Best in App Store
Really loving this barometer app It is fast accurate easy to use and fun to keep tabs on the changing weather Looks like the developer will be adding different barometer faces to personalize ones unique taste Best of all it is FREE and NO ADs                 Absolutely the best barometer
Thank you for this app I have tried to keep up with pressure changes through other means and it was quite frustrating This app is actually all I need I do not look at it until I feel a migraine is starting and have found I can trace it to the very minute a migraine begins Thank you so much I have shown my doctors this app and recommended it to others who have also found it useful One friend has found significant pressure changes also also affect pain with fibromyalgia I rarely spend this much time writing a review but wanted to personally tell you it has made a difference for me Now if only I could find the cure                 Proves my migraines are triggered by BP changes
The current trends and old school barometer on this app set it apart from the rest Also with no ads Having the feed in the notifications tab makes for easy access Cant imagine you would need much else                 Great app
landscape orientation would be nice though iPads are not just supersized iPhones                 very nice reference
Everything you need and more but presented in a simple UI                 Perfect
This is the best barometer app Ive found for the iPhone yet Im having trouble calibrating the pressure and the graph is choppy looking Id like to see a better looking graph Otherwise its very useful Thanks to the dev              Great start
Works well and has a clean design              Terrific
Nice simple but similar to others available One feature I really want besides ability to track in background as mentioned numerous times since tracking is useless without it is notification In other words if barametric pressure changes by x amount notify me You can obtain BP in a lot of places but to notify you of changes would make this very unique extremely useful Both of these features could be added to Pro version in my optinion or even a seperate inapp purchase I would pay 20 easy for those feature In the Pro Features it states it has a fishing barometer but cant find where it state what that does for you           It would be great if
It honestly looks just like an Applemade stock iOS app which is a compliment BTW its functional and customizable and the recent update is worth the one time 199 If you have any interest in tracking the current barometric pressure this is the app to get                 Great app
Great app I look at it all the time especially since it has an altimeter too Im always curious about such things The instructions are written a little high brow for me but its still great                 Great
45 stars in my book Im going to use this hiking Wish it had background refresh with a time setting Figure it only needs to refresh once an hour A pressure drop alert would be awesome to              Top Barometer App
Good simple barometer for checking the current pressure and trend Useful to forecast where the weather is headed in your area My suggestion is for the altitude function There is a set button by the reference barometer pressure but it wont allow to enter a custom sea level pressure to calculate the correct altitude like an altimeter does that makes this function of limited use since the only correction allowed is to enter the actual altitude manually Maybe this is a bug and needs correction              Good suggestion
Ive downloaded many barometer apps and this is my final favorite I used it for climbing in the Andes and it is quite accurate and useful to check your altitude without the need of the GPS based on a standard pressure Also very good for weather predictions                 Best barometer app
Dear Creators I always wanted a barometer app formula phone which is useful and accurate but all the apps I tried have been a disappointment including this one I am a pilot and accuracy is the key for me This app has some issues and the results fluctuate a lot and the fluctuations arent even minor the range from 50 feet to 250 feet and that too changing every second Pleas get this sorted out     Inaccurate readings
I was confused by station pressure vs sea level pressure at first and had to google it This app is easy to use and the chip in the iPhone 6 is incredibly accurate                 Excellent barometer
Im an airline pilot and always interested in the weather This app has a beautiful yet simple GUI and works exactly as you might think The welcome pro features added some details for a weather geek like me I look forward to future upgrades to this app as the developer makes his improvements                 Elegantly Designed
Does exactly what it says Very good functionality even without purchases Shows altitude as well Overall a nicely polished app                 Good app
I am really loving this app its very polished and easy to use Glad I found it I wish it could keep track of the pressure and graph it on the trend screen other than when you open the app however                 Very nice
Thanks for this update It is working fine on my iPad Air 2 and I love it                 Nice app
As promised I bought the upgrade for the fishing feature Thanks again                 Thanks for the fishing face
please provide an alert feature so I can see sharp changes in barometric pressure That way I can pop a cold and sinus pill to prevent my inevitable sinus headaches Thx              Good barometer but
This is accurate simple and straightforward I love it                 Simply Good
Easy to use the trend feature is awesome tried several other apps but this one was the keeper                 Best of the best
This is a nice app Good UI has the option to measure in any unit you want It has a clean look and a fluid feel                 Nice app
Finally a barometer app that is genuinely useful for weather Uses GPS to correct for ones height above sea level A mark is used as a reference point just like an analog barometer In addition the trend is indicated by the slow movement of the needle in the direction of the barometric trend when you open the app Just well thought through and elegant Well done                 Great
App has a simple clean interface that instantly shows you what you want to see Very well laid out                 Perfect
Nice barometric function Trending and maxmin display could be more intuitive Others have also mentioned those functions are not very useful without the ability to collect data in the background Would like to see an altimeter display like the barometric display as a large dial or at least with large fullscreen digits that you could see when the phone is on the dash while driving           Useful
Does all you need it to beautifully and consistently Detects changes in elevation as small as around a couple feet And no motherlovin ads 5 stars Dude earned it                 Awesome
This does not work with the iPad Air as this model does not have the pressure sensor You find this out after you buy it     Baro
Update to old review Since its paid update get more features there is one i request Dual barometer hands one for one reading and second hand for the other reading It doesnt make sence having two faces and one hand because sea level and station work on two different levels This is worth its weight to pay for It works functions like my regular barometer on wall as to compare digital and analog Pay for the Pro version You wont be disappointed Iphone appropriate Iphone 6 plus Need more faces or a way to combine photo albums photos as background that would be cool This is must buy a must have Medically it helps me see the weather come so i can medicate based on preasures Very very accurate Thank you keep up good work                 Excellent excellent barometer
Shows a basic barometer in all the different conversions Uses the internal barometer which is cool                 I like it
Clean and simple interface Calculates altimeter setting using GPS Would be cool to have option to grab nearest airport altimeter setting to calculate altitude                 Great app
Lots of nice features and the Long press is a great new addon                 Nice Barometer App
UPDATE 720 Another update and still no option for background refreshing The developer should just eliminate the trend function as it has no real benefit without background refreshing of the app UPDATE 531 The app has been updated again yet still no addition of background app refreshtruly boggles the mind This is the best barometer app in the App Store Im still waiting for the developer to incorporate app background refreshing they mentioned it was being worked on in previous releases so I have to knock a star off for that as it hasnt been implemented for a while now A barometer app without background refreshing means you arent going to get true pressure trends to look at it will only record a pressure on the trend graph when you have the app in the foreground Seems like a simple enough fix as I have tons of other apps that have app background refreshing enabled and my battery life is still solid So I hope that change will be made as it would then be a 5star app           Getting there
Great job                 Simpler nice Thanks
What a cool app Works great and is very accurate Checked it against a local airport altimeter setting and it was spot on Thanks for making it                 Great app love it
I would love to be able to launch the application from a callback url so I can trigger it on a schedule with Launch Control Pro Background logging would also be nice I want to track my localized barometric pressure so I can compare it with sleep and health data              Great Simple
Easy to use and accurate                 Great
This app does nothing     Waste of time
this app is perfect great design and does the job great job keep it up                 this app is amazing
It would be helpful if there were a second TREND marker one to mark high pressure and one to mark low              Trend markers
Simple to set and easy to use Great program and looking forward to enhancements Thanks to the author                 Great find
I love this app It has user interface It gives you the info you want and allows some nice custom measurements Setting references being a Mechanical Engineer I love this stuff                 Very Sleek
This is a great app for me info needed without being too complicated to use Just updated and love the new feature I have been tracking my migraines against size of barometric changes so the trending is important to me It would get 5 stars if it could be set to periodically collect pressure without having to open the app              Wonderfully Useful
Perfect visual design and functionality Works as it should Thank you                 Great app
Works great Accurate and easy to use I use this for my outdoor education programs to predict weather and it is fantastic                 Awesome app

Barometer for iPhone 6 / iPad Air 2 WeatherBarometer for iPhone 6 / iPad Air 2 WeatherBarometer for iPhone 6 / iPad Air 2 WeatherBarometer for iPhone 6 / iPad Air 2 WeatherBarometer for iPhone 6 / iPad Air 2 WeatherBarometer for iPhone 6 / iPad Air 2 WeatherBarometer for iPhone 6 / iPad Air 2 Weather

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