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Pangea Software, Inc. , the publisher behind many iOS games (Enigmo ,Billy Frontier ,Chalkboard Pinball ,Quarters!! ,The Finger! ,Enigmo 2), brings Air Wings™ with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. Air Wings™ games has been update to version 3.1.4 with several major changes and improvements. Games release that improves performance, provides several new options.
  • Very fun and entertaining game to play with friends..
  • Cro-Mag and Intergalactic are the best multiplayer games..
  • so I've been playing this game for almost 2 years now..
  • Super fun app very addicting very worth getting works smooth..
  • This is the BEST flying game /multiplayer duel on iOS..

Overall Satisfactionc84
Cro-Mag and Intergalactic are the best multiplayer games.
Airwings has always been one of my favorite games of all time.
This was one of my favorite games until the version 3.
Should add team death match and more planes I.
And it needs more planes.
Otherwise it's an amazing game.
it would be an amazing game.
This is the best airplane multiplayer I have ever played.
And it's still the best game in the app store.
Likely the most satisfying flight sim /combat experience ever written.
Two there should be more players per game.
Fun & Engagingc89
Awesome game and even more awesomer playing with friends and family.
Awesome Game /App Stinks.
Should add team death match and more planes I.
And it needs more planes.
Super fun app very addicting very worth getting works smooth.
Very fun game just wish it had more than just multiplayer.
It's super fun and addicting and I play with my girlfriend.
Great hand eye coordination practice for kids & tons of fun.
but eventually that gets boring.
Two there should be more players per game.
This game Never gets old I could play this game for hours.
My 8yr old son and I play this game almost every night.
Great game I love it and I played every day.
I've played every day for the past 5 months.
Value for Moneyc40
Replay Valuec82
I hope they continue to add more levels and planes.
but eventually that gets boring.
Easy to play - tough to master.
Love the new levels - keep 'em coming.
I had And still have no interest in the new levels.
This game Never gets old I could play this game for hours.
There is so much replay value with the multiplayer.
It's fun and challenging.
Social Aspectsc78
Cro-Mag and Intergalactic are the best multiplayer games.
The multiplayer mode really brings it to a whole new level.
Until there is a single player mode it's not worth playing.
Very fun and entertaining game to play with friends.
That does not work at all if you want to play with friends.
The head to head is fun to play with friends.
More people need to play so the rest of us can whip some butt.
Great social game.
Production Valuesc82
Game play is phenomenal with many environments and aircraft.
Excellent game with great graphics.
Great graphics and smooth controls.
On top of the awesome game play Best update yet.
Ease of Usec83
Wings are a awesome game fun to fly and easy to control.
Difficult to control /navigate on my iphone.
Easy to play - tough to master.
Awesome simple flight sim.
Sometimes it takes forever to find a match.
but when I try to find match ups through Game Centre.
Updates & Supportc55
Super fun game and great customer service.
Fixed by great customer service.

Extremely addicting dogfighting game. found in 3 reviews
Cud'os to Pangea staff for their fine workmanship on this game. found in 3 reviews
This Is by far the funniest game I've seen on here. found in 4 reviews
Likely the most satisfying flight sim /combat experience ever written. found in 11 reviews
Best iPad /iPhone Game Ever. found in 5 reviews
You may end up spending more time there than you think. found in 2 reviews
I'm not much of an action game player. found in 4 reviews
This is the best airplane multiplayer I have ever played. found in 15 reviews
rubber bands. found in 9 reviews
This game is the best game in the world I love it. found in 5 reviews
Best PvP Flight Game With Fair IAPP Purchases. found in 11 reviews
this game is online multiplayer so depending on Internet connection. found in 10 reviews
But they should really give us a team death match option. found in 9 reviews
There is so much replay value with the multiplayer. found in 5 reviews
great developer support. found in 4 reviews
First best dog fight game since the original Atari 2600 game. found in 5 reviews
online multiplayer battle game flying paper planes around. found in 3 reviews
My 8yr old son and I play this game almost every night. found in 2 reviews
And back are the days of good old fashioned aerial combat. found in 6 reviews
Good game and graphics but can't play multiplayer mode. found in 12 reviews
Game gets boring after awhile hopefully next update had more choices of weapons. found in 2 reviews
Connection issues that can favor players etc. found in 10 reviews
Awesome concept but it really needs a single player campaign mode. found in 7 reviews
Wish I could play just the computer some times. found in 4 reviews
it needs more content like a campaign. found in 1 reviews
Can't seem to find opponents even after 5 mins wait. found in 2 reviews
Until there is a single player mode it's not worth playing. found in 55 reviews
This game looks like loads of fun but requires multi player. found in 2 reviews
Game crashes /resets a lot when searching for other players online. found in 12 reviews
Cool game concept except its extremely rare that online play works. found in 8 reviews
The current version crashes if you look at it wrong. found in 1 reviews
Gets boring after awhile if you're just doing training. found in 12 reviews
but after IOS 7 the multiplayer option does not work. found in 5 reviews
Great idea for a game but multiplayer needs better options. found in 2 reviews
Cool game but needs a single player option. found in 4 reviews
Takes long time but then tells me failed to find players. found in 20 reviews
but anytime I try connecting with a friend the game crashes. found in 12 reviews
Constant connection issues other games do not have. found in 10 reviews
Even if I can't figure out how to upgrade. found in 25 reviews
The kite and paper clips make this game impossible to play. found in 9 reviews
but when I try to find match ups through Game Centre. found in 20 reviews
With every update this game gets worse. found in 8 reviews
sudden - all the things the gyroscope control prevents you from doing. found in 7 reviews
This app crashes when I try to play multiplayer please update. found in 12 reviews
Crashes when I try to play online. found in 13 reviews

If you are iPhone and iPad owner,you now can download Air Wings™ for free from Apple Store. The application is supporting English language. It weighs in at only 26.2 MB to download. The new Air Wings™ app version 3.1.4 has been updated on 2014-11-25. For ensuring consistency with the device you should take into account the following app compatibility information: Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad.Requires iOS 5.0 or later.
More Info: Find more info about Air Wings™ in Pangea Software, Inc.`s Official Website :

Online Multiplayer Battles with Voice Chat AirPlay compatible Game Center leaderboards. Universal Binary for all iPods, iPhones, and iPads running iOS 5 or later. Air Wings is a flying battle game where you pilot a ...
Its so much fun                 Superfine
I really enjoyed playing this game about a year ago but when I tried to pick it up again I cant complete a match without getting disconnected        Good game bugs
Of the 1000000 games on the App store this one is still my favorite Awesome multiplayer game plain and simple                 Best game ever
Pangea has retired the cumulative high scores and the best battle scores for Air Wings Very confused and disappointed in this decision     High scores retired
Yeah well this reminds me of Crimson Skies a lot flying a plane around shooting other people to death with pencils and rubber bands D The only thing I can really say is I cant find the record button                 Incredibly fun and easy
Amazing                 Amazing
I absolutely love this game So fun                 Amazing
Nice game loved it play and rate more                 Why not
i love this game but inverted controls I have to get used to can you make an option to change it                 Good game but controls
I really enjoy this game                 Love this game
Cool but slow Loding              Gg
No matter how many times I click on recalibrate I can never move my plane Im tilting the iPad but nothing happens Ive tried changing the settings but nothing works Too bad it seemed fun     Doesnt work
There are too many players who use cheats Believe it or not there are some cheats built into the game and the app developer uses them as blackmail to leave feedback and tag in social media New users get cheats to be competitive Unreal If I had known that I would have saved my money     Cheats
This game is pure amazing Its really cool and I love it But one thing is missing When you do multiplayer its free for all so you guys should make teams Other than that this game is amazing If you are someone reading my review and thinking about getting this game you need to sign into Game Center in order to do multiplayer There is single player but its basically toutorial I dont know how to spell it but you know what I mean Basically learning the controls is what I mean Thanks for reading bros                 AMAZING
You guys need to give out some free planes or something by getting certain amount of points Good game over all just needs more free stuff not everyone likes buying stuff           Good Game
Awesome                 Awesome
Tons of fun and never gets boring because this game is forefront on online game play with audio chat cant get any Better A                 Awesome game
For a free game I just found not bad at all                 Good
Runs smoothly and overall a great game                 Love it
One of first app I downloaded and 4 years I still think its the best game                 First App still the best
This game is really fun if you pay for planes And usually there is 4060 people online so you wont have any problems finding a match But they should include more planes for newbies So I give this game a five star rating                 Awesome
Ive had this game for a long time and I have enjoyed every single moment Ive had playing this game with my friends Only reason Im giving this fourstars is because of the fact you only get one plane you have to buy the others Still the gameplay is spectacular              Great game
Its really cool i love it                 Its the best game ever and im one of the first ones to try it
Gets better if you can spend a couple for some plane choices Joining a game is sometimes hit or miss might be people coming and going might be a glitch in the server hard to tell                 Fun game
This is one of the best flying games out there Some have been playing for a few years it takes a little while to get your air wings but once you start to get it you wont want to put it down Many planes to choose from many levels to battle in Worth every penny for plane packs Get some buddys together and you can talk on mic while you learn to shoot each other down                 Stick with this game
It is a great game love it                 Airplanes are rossome
Giving it 5 stars bc the controls are simple and the live interaction is great                 Fun fun
Awesome game                 Awesome
Good game but unbalanced                 Good
This game has crazy potential Theres just nothing to work for Needs unlocksachievements to be any kind of fun As it is right now you pick from two crappy planes and fly them Thats it No unlocks for beating people no upgrades for progress earned Give us something to work for guys        Ehhh
Fun could def use a major update for multiplayer              Its pretty fun
I really like Air Wings and I liked it so much that I decided to buy the everything pack I bought it thinking that if I didnt like it that I would be able to restore my purchases when I pressed the button that said Restore Purchases Then I didnt want the upgrade anymore and I tried to restore my purchase It turns out that it didnt work and I lost 10              Really Fun
Its awaome                 Awesome
Fun game to play I wish there were missions when I cant get some one to play multiplayer Also multiplayer crashes The sound also doesnt mute when the mute button is on Also the sound doesnt play through Bluetooth And one last thing it doesnt play through Apple TV using airplay           Fun But
Very good game                 Good
Why do you have to invite a friend                 Amazing game but
Really fun game when youre flying a straight up match Problem is there are a lot of players whove hacked the game or flying a sleigh The only way to win is out fly them and hope they crash shooting them does no good This is BS        CLEAN IT UP
Air to air combat with realistic physics A lot of time went into Perfecting this game Too bad Apple could care less if a Game Center works properly Still worth a try especially since its free                 Very good dogfighting game
Would like to see default aircraft instead of having to choose my favorite again And Please beef up the server Keep getting disconnected Fix those 2 things 5 s              Very cool game but needs a couple tweaks
This game is very good                 Air wings
Sweeeet game                 Fun af
It is very fun and entertaining                 Fun
A very good game over all but you cant really win against the people who pay online Also when I am chasing a plane or just turning my gyroscope gets of           Dec
This game is the best multiplayer game i ever played even bttr than fun run                 Love it
Best game for iPad mini I have been playing it for 2 years now wife always yells at me that I dont listen to her while I am on this game                 Best game ever
This Game is really good at first it seems bad but then it gets fun and easy to play                 Tbh
Excelente juego                 Solo buenos

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