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15.6 MB
Requires iOS 4.0 or la

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Concrete Software, Inc. , the publisher behind many iOS games (Weight Loss Tracker ,Pocket Ants HD ,Fast Food Calorie Counter Classic ,Track Your Weight ,Unit Converter Pro ,PDF Word Excel File Viewer), brings Aces Solitaire Pack 2 HD with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. Aces Solitaire Pack 2 HD games has been update to version 1.0.5 with several major changes and improvements. Games release that improves performance, provides several new options.


If you are iPad owner,you now can download Aces Solitaire Pack 2 HD for free from Apple Store. The application is supporting English language. It weighs in at only 15.6 MB to download. The new Aces Solitaire Pack 2 HD app version 1.0.5 has been updated on 2014-11-26. For ensuring consistency with the device you should take into account the following app compatibility information: Requires iOS 4.0 or later. Compatible with iPad.
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The best-selling Aces line brings together 25 of the most popular solitaire games, including Klondike, Free Cell, Spider, and Pyramid Golf Aces Solitaire Pack 2 is loaded with features like statistics tracking, online leaderboards, and ...
This is one of my favorite solitaire apps Thanks                 Excellent
Very fun games Something for all ages Well put together with no glitches Addictive A lot of choices and challenges to keep you interested Thank you                 Great games
I love having so many games to choose from in one app In addition you can set the games up the way you wanteither playing by the stated rules or setting up your own I wish some of my other game apps would allow this type of customization                 Fabulous Fun
Not bad as Solitaire games go the ads dont really bother me theyre not intrusive and its lots of fun when you win All in all good game                 Good Game
Now it crashes after every game     Was good before new iOS
Great game                 Pretty Awesome
Great play before heading to bed                 fun to play
This game is the best                 I Love This Game
Crashes after ad with iOS update              Love it
SOLITARILY GREAT GRAPHICS SIZE LOVE IT                 Aces solitaire pack 2HD
The game restart button only takes you back one move which is never enough besides you want to Restart the Game which you can never do So if you start the game wrong too bad that game will not be able to be replayed if you reach a dead end Which I do not like        Dead end no restarting the game if mess up
There is a variety of solitaire type games and they are fun Some are easier than others It will also go step by step if you dont how to play a game                 Fun and helpful
Kind of impossible to play to win when sometimes in a two deck game there are only seven aces     Forty thieves
Love the graphics                 Cool
Enjoy playing Do not like all the ads but understand why                 Nanat
The game is grey But I am super annoyed at the ads audio running in the background EXTREMELY ANNOYING I have to play with sound turned off     Ads continue running
I love this app                 Best solitaire App
App crashes after a few plays Have tried to delete and restart the app and also shut down my iPad and restart Nothing worked I played these games for a couple years and really enjoyed them but now I cant even play one game     App issue
Ads ads ads        Too many flickering ads
Good selections              Solitaire
Do you have hours alone Play these games and you will rarely know you are alone Engaging fun challenging           Addicting
People are playing this for hours because its very rare to win a hand Other than that its not a bad app           Very few wins allowed
Just recently upgraded to iOS7 and the game close each time you hit CONTINUE when the ads come up Since this is a known problem for several months now why dont they fix it It was a very good app before this new iOS release     App crashes after every game
I like to player 2suited spider but miss that there is no hint button Also after winning my first game it wouldnt let me play again but stayed on the main menu I dont know if this is a bug or a way to get me to rate the game but either way it is frustrating           No hint button
Good app Ads are not an issue                 Klondike
I love this game I play it all the time Graphics and sound are cool beans              Great
I like all the features                 Great game
I have this game on my nook tablet I really enjoyed it since it has numerous versions of solitaire in one app that are not in most solitaire apps which is why I downloaded it to my iPad On my IPad each time I finish a game and go to redeal it starts to redeal and after about 10 cards it kicks me completely out of the app back to my IPad home pageit has only redealed 4 times out of about 50 or 60 games played I have never had any issues on my nook but this a newer version If the issue with redeal can be fixed I will love this app once again           Issue with app
This seems to be a great solitaire pack The ads are not at all intrusive they are not big enough where I constantly touch them by mistake and annoyingly open a safari window mid game Honestly its free and the ads are tiny I had to actively look for them in my game before saying all of this Oh and the tutorials are helpful Revision Ok so the full page ones after winning a game are big But it is SO HARD to push the little x in the corner or the continue bar My view still stands                 Beggars really shouldnt be choosers
This is the last game I play at bedtime but it takes me at least two hours to put it down Its like a drug I love it                 Awesome
great game to many add but then what do you want for free           jeffnkathy
Great game Has different gamesall in one app Love it                 Solitaire 25
Thanks for a great game                 Love it
This game is wonderful very entertaining                 GREAT GREAT GAME
Only one word for this gameBEST I have been playing weekly for months and it is STILLa Number 1 BEST gamenever seem to be tiring of it Best is BEST Period                 WONDERFUL
First of all if you turn off your wifi while youre playing the ads and continue button dont come up so that eliminates the crashes and odd closures Just a solution I found while playing around with it Many of the card games are pretty good but a lot of them have no possible way to win but you dont know that unless you spend a few minutes studying the board Waste of time if you only have a few minute break to play        Some good some waste of time
Very good action with great graphics Would be even better with ability to restart a game from the beginning                 Great game
Loved this game until iOS7 Now it is very unstable Must restart the app after each game I contacted the company but they apparently dont care about their customers because they never replied        Needs an upgrade
Well designed solitaire games to keep anybody happily occupied                 Enjoyable solitaire games
This offers a multitude of games all well described It seems to offer all the choices of timesstyles and many other bells and whistles VERY ENTERTAINING Keeps you busy for days                 LOADED WITH ANIMATION
Love it                 Great stuff
Since the last IOS update the game crashes every time I click on New Game Very annoying Can you fix this please All in all I always come back to this one when the others get boring Good game to play before going to bed              Love this app but
When I go to play again by hitting the button it goes off the screen Forget your game Im tired of getting kicked out each time I try to play again Apparently you have had this problem foe some time and have done nothing about it I QUIT     Aces solitaire
First off I love the games and animations But this last update is messed up When exiting the ads the audio will continue to play as you start your new game FIX THIS BUG I dont think I can play it this way and there are many other solitaire games from which to choose        Background Ads
I love all these games but every time I go to play a game again it crashes and I have to start the app up again           Issue with crashing
Particularly like the animations and layout              Great fun
I love this game pack however since I updated my ipad to iOS 7 the game crashes Is there a fix in the works              Trouble since iOS 7 update
Very well done No glitches and plenty of variety so you dont get bored                 So much fun
Fun interesting games New ones old ones Enjoying them              The
Works great on my IPhone but crashes continually on my iPad          

Aces Solitaire Pack 2 HD Games Aces Solitaire Solitaire PackAces Solitaire Pack 2 HD Games Aces Solitaire Solitaire PackAces Solitaire Pack 2 HD Games Aces Solitaire Solitaire PackAces Solitaire Pack 2 HD Games Aces Solitaire Solitaire Pack

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