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AccuWeather, Inc. , the publisher behind many iOS app ( WeatherMD™ ,AccuWeather Platinum for iPad , School Closing Outlookâ„¢ , Quick™ ,AccuWeather Free for iPad ,YourCaster), brings AccuWeather with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. AccuWeather app has been update to version 5.0.2 with several major changes and improvements. App release that improves performance, provides several new options.
  • Looks great and still offers a lot of detailed information..
  • The app works excellent and delivers real time weather information..
  • Down to the minute forecast along with Doppler radar..
  • I'm a weather geek and this app gives great info..
  • The live radar is great for people who work outside..

Overall Satisfactionc38
Best weather app out there blows the weather channel away.
It went from the best weather app out there to the very worst.
Much better than the weather channel app and the apple weather.
Love the 15 day forecast & the fact my favorites can be added.
The app constantly freezes when scrolling between hourly or 15 day forecast.
Fun & Engagingc75
Awesome weather app lots of info and nice background pictures love it.
Such an awesome weather app highly recommend it to everyone.
I am deleting this unreliable weather ap and trying something else.
This is a great app use it all the time.
Great app use it all the time AAA+++.
Awesome and accurate very dependable.
It's pretty awesome and accurate.
It gives me up to date weather and is very user friendly.
and I cannot get up to date weather very often.
I really find the app the most useful weather app around.
I am deleting this unreliable weather ap and trying something else.
It gives more useful information in a condensed format.
Helps me plan for allergies & migraines/ headache that are weather related.
From my experience #Accuweather has been the most accurate and up to date.
A complete app that delivers everything I need to know of coming weather.
Love the Minutecast - that's been very accurate and helpful.
Great app I use it everyday instead of Apple's default app.
Production Valuesc29
I didn't like the old interface.
Like the new graphics and seems to work better.
Radar animation is hard to make sense of.
The new user interface optimized for iOS7 is a dream.
Beautiful graphics and details just a link away.
Ease of Usec36
The older version was slow and less intuitive.
New format is a bit less intuitive.
Kind of counter intuitive.
interactive elements highlighted throughout the app in blue for easy navigation.
Slick and easy navigation with loads of information on multiple locations.
better graphics and makes a simple weather application very interesting.
Simple Weather Information.
This app is simple and accurate that's why it's rated 5 stars.
I love this app coz it's simple and accurate.
Ads not Intrusivec26
Updates & Supportc10
yes it has several design differences compared to the old version.

This is more detailed and more accurate the other weather aps. found in 27 reviews
Has excellent information and keeps me informed about weather and forecasts. found in 23 reviews
Certainly more accurate and informative than the weather app on the iPhone. found in 38 reviews
Forest grove weather watcher. found in 28 reviews
Thanks for offering the best Wx app. found in 77 reviews
Reasonably Accurate Frequently updated
Always spot on and predictive towards planning my outdoor activities. found in 29 reviews
So much more accurate than other weather apps - real feel and hourly estimates so helpful. found in 25 reviews
interactive elements highlighted throughout the app in blue for easy navigation. found in 20 reviews
Much better than the weather program that came with the phone. found in 38 reviews
I use it several times a day especially when storms are approaching. found in 25 reviews
Very dependable assessments and easy to read display. found in 51 reviews
Live the real feel feature and find it really accurate. found in 22 reviews
most data is accurate with the exception of the heat index. found in 26 reviews
Always depend on this app for daily weather plus warnings for approaching storms. found in 46 reviews
Comprehensive weather app that shows all pertinent data on one screen. found in 27 reviews
Highly recommended. found in 17 reviews
Im a big weather nut by far the best free one. found in 16 reviews
Helps me plan for allergies & migraines/ headache that are weather related. found in 50 reviews
Works great for planning my day with my little boy. found in 102 reviews
great visuals and gives me all the info I need to plan my days accordingly. found in 29 reviews
Not sure what happened but I don't like the new version of AccuWeather. found in 20 reviews
Cannot change home location from where I work. found in 146 reviews
Too much scrolling where tapping would be just fine. found in 545 reviews
Please add percent chance of rain to forecast summary. found in 110 reviews
Needs percent chance of precipitation and could also refresh more often. found in 68 reviews
if it's not broken why did you mess with it. found in 42 reviews
No new info but takes longer to load and change between cities. found in 23 reviews
Nice app and map idea but map crashes everytime. found in 16 reviews
The large ads at the top of the
It would be great to have push alerts for severe weather. found in 13 reviews
Information is accurate but radar needs a little work. found in 17 reviews
Sometimes the radar doesn't reflect the true conditions. found in 48 reviews
The weather maps load much faster than the previous version. found in 20 reviews
Regularly receiving " download error - try again"
new one are annoying. found in 28 reviews
But the video ads when you switch pages completely ruin it. found in 74 reviews
They just need to get rid of those annoying ads. found in 32 reviews
The map started to crash after iOS 4. found in 71 reviews
Can't say I'm a huge fan of the new interface but its ok. found in 31 reviews
Wish it still include percent chance of rain in the hourly forecast. found in 119 reviews
Nice layout…wish there was an option to pay to remove ads. found in 135 reviews
App needs fixed. found in 40 reviews
doesn't display the time for the hourly forecasts. found in 591 reviews
Updated version is terrible and daily info is hard to find. found in 93 reviews
Update to the new release still flawed on iPhone 5. found in 117 reviews
I updated app and it disappeared from my home screen. found in 113 reviews
Still unable to remove unused locations from the list. found in 135 reviews
Weather map cannot determine my location and interface is confusing. found in 181 reviews
Can't figure why my home location is now NYC. found in 146 reviews
Now it is the worst weather app I have ever used. found in 203 reviews
Inaccurate weather data and faulty RealFeel temperature. found in 145 reviews
App doesn't refresh with the current location and time. found in 217 reviews
Please go back to the old version or add more colors so it's easier to read. found in 349 reviews
Still can't find % chance of rain -- thought that was a new feature. found in 119 reviews
My suggestion to AccuWeather would be to re -release version 5. found in 101 reviews
Can view severe alerts and doesn't show current conditions clearly. found in 206 reviews
Return to old format or forfeit a loyal follower. found in 102 reviews
This recent update is AWFUL & AccuWeather will be deleted immediately. found in 99 reviews
The radar maps also take FOREVER to load the animations. found in 481 reviews
I've had to go back to the weather channel app until these issues resolve. found in 1641 reviews
Even current temperature takes 10-15 seconds to load. found in 240 reviews

The AccuWeather is now available as a free download on Apple Store for both iPhone and iPad owners.The application is designed for use in English language. It weighs in at only 8.3 MB to download. It is highly advisable to have the latest app version installed so that you don`t miss out on the fresh new features and improvements. The current app version 5.0.2 has been released on 2014-11-24. For ensuring consistency with the device you should take into account the following app compatibility information: Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iOS 4.0 or later.
Bottom Line: For more information about AccuWeather check developer AccuWeather, Inc.`s website :

Get the most localized and accurate weather information from anywhere at any time with the newly redesigned AccuWeather application for iPhone With GPS technology and new, interactive Google maps, the application makes it possible for ...
Love the app load and refresh take forever           Derby city
This is my Go to for all things weather related It gives me my weather forecast at a glance pretty accurately                 Awesome
This app has all the information that Is needed for daily weather watchers                 Love it
Usually pretty accurate but dont get taken in by any 100 fanbwoysgirls On occasions the forecast is totally wrong Also projecting for 15 days is an illusion to make the app look biiiig considering even by the hour things will change Merely provides a raft of cosmetic data which serves no true purpose when a concise outlook summary would do The layout on my smartphone is challenging An option to sort order of data would help Sometimes youd like to reach specific info at a snap rather than forced to trawl           Great data mostly Still badly presented
Very accurate especially the countdown until the rain comes                 Weather App
It is dumping rain right now and it says clear skys and 0 of precipitation     Hilarious
Pretty accurate where I live              Accurate Weather
This app has real time weather and is super accurate                 Perfect timing
It works well particularly for outdoorsy stuff The accuracy of the underlying forecasts is occasionally an issue              Solid
This is my goto weather app Its more accurate than the National Weather Serviceat least in Southern Oregon              Good app
It is everything I need in a weather app and more Its nice to have when wanting to plan a trip on the bike The sunrise and sunset time are also a nice touch during hunting season                 Everything I need and more
Love this app                 Great App
Awesome and accurate Better than weathercom app                 Great app
So accurate                 Love
Seems accurate rain predictor is mostly correct              So far so good
Feeds my weather addiction                 Great app
All I can say is other apps dont compare to the accuracy and coolness of this one I highly recommend this app if you travel or just want accuracy in daily forecast The interface is great too I love it Get it                 Best weather app
Predictions have always been on target in my vicinity                 Great app
My favorite weather app Opens quickly prioritizes my current location and its easy to save favorite locations Theres a lot of information on one page                 Easy to use
Super je                 Ok
Since accuweathers forecasts arent always accurate I always usually check the map to see if the storm is going to hit my area I USED to do that by zooming in on the map until it becomes useful NOW when I try to do that it goes right back to useless no matter how hard I try Its as though they want the app to be useless or they wouldnt have bothered to add something that deliberately causes the user to loose functionality I wish I could give zero stars for this slap in the face     They made the map utterly useless
This updated app is very eye appealing and quickly gives me all the weather info I need including the satellite map I cant live without it                 All the Information I want
For a weather app your forecast is fairly accurate                 2 Thumbs Up
Very accurate                 Great
I love this app it has everything u need about weather and in details I love the minute forecast to the hourly and extended daily the humidity level everything its a success                 Cant start my day without it
Whooooooo                 Great app
I use this app every day before work I recommend this to everyone                 The best weather app out there
Best weather app out there                 Pretty great all around
Best weather app                 Very well done
I travel a lot and rely heavily on this application and it has been as reliable as an other weather forecaster                 Love this app
I use this app all the time                 Nice app
This is a must have for the most accurate and up to date weather possible Has yet to let me down Highly recommended                 Accurate
I like the accuracy of this app                 Awesome weather app
Amazed at how accurate this weather app is Very handy if your work or play is weather contingent                 Good Weather App
Great weather app Time predictions are very close                 Awesome app
Its easy to use Love the falling rain Easy to find what I want to check on              Really like this app
I live in Oklahoma I shouldnt need today anything else this app has not let me down yet                 Love this app
Great app I love the extended forecast                 Bev
Accuweather is by far the most accurate and reliable weather app I have come across My only complaint is that it takes a considerable amount of time relatively speaking for new data to load upon refresh                 Very solid app but a little slow
Very good site Accurate and Clear with Data                 Weather
This app is no more accurate than any other weather app They must have someone constantly monitoring radar and updating the app The constant changes to the app does give me a good chuckle           No magic ball here
One of my most used apps Love it Easy to use easy to see and gives me what I need to know when I need to know it                 This is a goto app for me
Love the new updates Especially the outdoor fitness part                 Spring chick
This is my go to weather application The information is detailed and accurate Functional design and easy to use                 My top weather app
Buen trabajo Muy efectivo y preciso                 Exelente
I really like all the features this app has to offer Super easy to navigate too                 Love
I like it because of the radar and weather forecast I ride a Harley a lot and it sure is nice to see if Im going to get a wet ride or not Also it will tell u when the rain starts which is nice                 Great weather App
This is my go to app for weather conditions the special weather alerts are appreciated                 AccuWeather
It is a great app Dont like having to scroll to view the map though                 A favorite

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