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8tracks Inc. , brings 8tracks Radio with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. 8tracks Radio app has been update to version 1.95 with several major changes and improvements. App release that improves performance, provides several new options.
  • 8tracks is now genuinely one of the best music apps out there..
  • Awesome playlists and a wonderful way to discover new artists and genres..
  • Perfect app the discover new bands or listen to golden oldies..
  • I use this app when going to bed or napping..
  • I love the sleep timer and unlimited possibilities for playlists..

Overall Satisfactionc92
8tracks is now genuinely one of the best music apps out there.
easy to use and I think it's the best way to listen to music.
It's way better than Pandora because the playlists are more specific.
I absolutely love 8 tracks and this app is awesome.
This makes 8 tracks just another frustrating app.
8tracks is the best place to find playlists to set the mood.
Best Radio app out there in the entire app store.
and people on this app put together some truly amazing playlists.
So much more options and 100 times better than Pandora.
Fun & Engagingc92
Best way to listen to music on the Internet.
Comes in the clutch with awesome music current and past.
I had pandora on my phone and was listening to it all the time.
and the fact that I'm able to discover new music all the time.
I'm obsessed with all the mashups love this app.
Soooo much music to choose from you will never get bored.
I love that it's not the same songs over and over like pandora.
It legitimately has a playlist for everything.
i use this app all day everyday bcos its just perfect.
This has been my favorite app all year-- I use it almost every day.
Social Aspectsc100
cutting grass or just hanging out with friends.
hanging out with friends.
It has inspired me to develop my own social media website.
Social media for music.
Ads not Intrusivec78
And "no audio ads " is just completely disingenuous.
Updates & Supportc68
just pplz make an iPad version and a "listen to later" option.
NEED TO make an iPad app.

Love this app gives you way more music variety then pandora. found in 11 reviews
Great app for finding music to fit your mood or situation. found in 17 reviews
I would definitely recommend it to anyone wanting to explore new music. found in 16 reviews
8tracks is my favorite way to discover music and this app is great. found in 25 reviews
It's so amazing like goodbye pandora & every other music app. found in 23 reviews
8tracks has definitely replaced pandora and is very unique. found in 13 reviews
Best Radio app out there in the entire app store. found in 44 reviews
It's way better than Pandora because the playlists are more specific. found in 510 reviews
This is the most convenient music application i've found yet. found in 10 reviews
In my opinion this is the best music app on the market right now. found in 11 reviews
8tracks is by far my favorite app-I use it every single day. found in 12 reviews
Being able to choose different genres and themes together is awesome. found in 22 reviews
It's a good alternative to pandora or I heart radio. found in 10 reviews
8tracks was already the best Internet radio/playlist music generator. found in 24 reviews
So much more options and 100 times better than Pandora. found in 22 reviews
it allows you to make your playlists and listen to other people's. found in 10 reviews
Seriously has music for whatever mood you're in or to set the mood. found in 47 reviews
Great app for listening to and finding life changing music. found in 10 reviews
This is like Pandora on steroids. found in 8 reviews
Without a doubt 8 tracks is the best music app I have ever downloaded and kept. found in 8 reviews
add any tags to my home and can't view my profile. found in 6 reviews
The video ads are really annoying. found in 10 reviews
No annoying ads like on Pandora. found in 16 reviews
I would like to see landscape view for the iPad. found in 6 reviews
I hate how you cannot make tracks from your mobile device. found in 5 reviews
I would love it even more if there was support for iPad. found in 4 reviews
I have to re log in and it's really annoying. found in 23 reviews
And "no audio ads " is just completely disingenuous. found in 23 reviews
you only get two skips per setlist. found in 12 reviews
using the search function causes the app to crash immediately. found in 10 reviews
It also constantly skips over tracks or entire playlists. found in 3 reviews
Please try to fix these things. found in 6 reviews
Love all the music just wish I could skip more songs in a playlist. found in 26 reviews
Hopefully there will be an update to fix these things. found in 5 reviews
Including the fact that you cant skip that many. found in 5 reviews
But I just wish you could make mixes on your phone. found in 63 reviews
Great app but needs to fix bugs. found in 3 reviews
Parser error or something like that. found in 9 reviews
but recently it stopped playing any and all playlists. found in 6 reviews
keeps crashing and wont play songs. found in 9 reviews
home screen won't load. found in 20 reviews
Or I can't play playlists that I've never listened to before. found in 10 reviews
the app immediately crashes when you go to play music. found in 21 reviews
Every time I open the app and go to play a playlist. found in 10 reviews
but when I opened the app I was logged out. found in 10 reviews
PLEASE allow me to PAY to remove the ads. found in 23 reviews
8tracks said they would never run audio or video ads. found in 10 reviews
I have a problem with going back to liked playlists. found in 37 reviews
This app has worked fine until the random parser error. found in 9 reviews
I love this app but lately it hasnt been working. found in 7 reviews
No internet connection. found in 10 reviews

The 8tracks Radio is now available as a free download on Apple Store for both iPhone and iPad owners.The application is designed for use in English language. It weighs in at only 4.8 MB to download. The new 8tracks Radio app version 1.95 has been updated on 2014-11-24. The Apple Store includes a very useful feature that will check if your device and iOS version are both compatible with the app. Most iPhone and iPad are compatible. Here is the app`s compatibility information: Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, iPad, and ix.Mac.MarketingName. Requires iOS 4.0 or later.
More Info: Find more info about 8tracks Radio in 8tracks Inc.`s Official Website : http://8tracks.com/iphone

8tracks is handcrafted internet radio, a network of mixes made by people who know and love music. Get the 8tracks iPhone app and you ll have access to hundreds of thousands of mixes on the ...
Just found the playlist of my life                 Thanks
i love the app but i updated and i am no longer able to get the songs i find directly into sound cloud which was a huge bummer and ive stopped using the app as much because of that        bring back sound cloud
This app has tons of great playlists for any fandom and even the rarest of Ships It can really get you into the right mood for writing a fanfic or drawing fanart The best of all is definitely their adorable emails they send you which have great recommendations Its way better than any other music app                 Great for that OTP feel
I really like this app in fact Im using it right now in the background The only problem is when I open up the app again after having not completed the playlist I was listening to it starts over Could you come up with a way that you can save where you are in your playlist so it doesnt completely restart                 Nice but
8tracks has been crashing a lot lately This needs to be addressed and fixed immediately              crashing
Ive listened to 4 playlists 1215 songs each since Ive downloaded the app only disliked 1 song This app is amazing 10x better than Pandora Beats                 AWESOME TRACKS
Omg best app for music ever its amazing and has everything I search for 3                 Amazing
Ive been using 8tracks for a while now Its been a great way to discover new music and theres always something out there to go with what Im writing However popular tags and trending playlists have been my go to for when I want something different especially since you cant see platinumgoldgem ratings on cover art via the app like you can the websiteand now those features are gone Unless theyre returned Ill probably go back to Spotify or Pandora        Longtime user losing interest
Ive had this app for a long time but one thing thats been bothering me is that in the home page the tags that I follow arent there anymore This bothers me and well it bothers a few others too I think you should fix that           I love this app but
I have been plus member for over five years and the helpful improvements make this app better each time Yes there are a few clichés but its worth every penny If you love creating sharing playlists this app is a hands down winner                 Exceptional Music Playlist Creation
Honestly Ive had this app forever and I wouldnt have it any other way Keep doing what youre doing                 Love it
With the most recent version update I can again hear playlists wait random errors and music stopping Thank you                 It works
This is the best app I have in my IPhone It gives me great experiences listening and discovering music The creators have done and amazing job with it Thanks for this app                 Favorite app
One thing I wish 8tracks could do is let us put in multiple tags at once not just choosing other tags after youve chosen one Otherwise its awesome Love the sleep timer              Awesome
Songs wont play when I move out of the app to do something else This is especially annoying when I want to look up a recipe on my iPad and the music Im listening to cuts off        I want my music
Had a few downsides to it before but now that you got rid of soundcloud you ruined the entire thing     Awful
some of the playlists arent the best but ive found so much great music on this app also wish i could make playlists on my phone love love LOVE this app though                 my favorite music app
i receive emails with the cutest messages and playlists picked out for me i love this app so much no complaints                 i absolutely love 8tracks
This app is great for listening to music which is of course the most important thing but I honestly hate staff recommendations and ESPECIALLY the playlists you make for me that I CANT DELETE I dont like anything you pick out for me and would appreciate at least being able to turn it off Thank you              Pretty good a few personal problems
ii triied to log iin and for 2ome rea2on iit wont let me iit alway2 2ay2 2omethiing liike hahaha no 2orry yeah other than that iit2 an amaziing app           logiin problem2
Ive always loved 8tracks for finding new and interesting music however as soon as I find a playlist I like it seems to disappear Its not in my listen later search likes or listening history I highly doubt that the creator would randomly decide to take it down              Good App but a few issues
Fantastic app however since my music is nearly only on my phone and I cant edit my playlists on my phone this app is useless to me              Stararcher
So I just downloaded this app however when I try to sign up it tell me to prove that I am not a robot but does not tell me how I tried signing up with my google account but to no avail     Prove Youre Not a Robot
Not a fan of the recent updates The loss of soundcloud was a major bust ON THE OTHER HAND THOUGH this 8tracks staff is adorable The little friendly comments you put in your update summaries and app is adorable I love them They make this app special              Adorable staff but the updates
I find a great tag combo with best playlists but now I cant add the tag combo to my home screen anymore Please bring the personal fav tags back        What happened
SoundCloud was my favourite part of 8tracks and now its gone     Soundcloud
As a long time listener and playlist creator the removal of soundcloud is really disappointing I still get lots of my tracks from there but now I have to download and reupload them to add them to my mixes Which seems a little shady The new interface is buggy and hard to navigate as well     Dissatisfied with the new update
so like it doesnt let me log in or even make a new one please fix           Ehh
Ive been using 8tracks for a while and really enjoyed it but now the search mechanic really isnt working and I feel like I have so much less freedom with it I also much like a lot of the others here am not a fan of the home page thats just a bunch of playlists I probably wont listen to rather than the tab that it used to be of recommended playlists I would say that is something it would be really helpful to bring back as well as an easier search Im trying to search tags that I know for a fact go together and it wont even allow the word I love 8tracks I do but the updates just have made me more and more frustrated with it           Ehh
8Tracks has really been going downhill lately Ads the loss of soundcloud and now this new layout on the app I loved having a list of my most searched tags and now I have crappy playlists recommended by 8tracks I love you guys but you dont really get my taste in music like you think you do Bring the list of most searched tags back and get rid of those ridiculous recommended playlists How about leaving them on that Recommended Playlists tab instead        Longtime Fan Losing the Love
Kind of a bummer that the Soundcloud feature is being removed but eh cant be helped i think otherwise why would it be Ive been on 8tracks since 2013 and its always been easily accessible and simple to use and is a great place to expand your taste in music Keep it up              hothothothothot
I wish the app still had the tags b cause from there I could go straight to what I liked listening to Now its a big hassle to find the playlists I wantthis used to be a five star app but        I dont like the new update and layout
The best music app hands down cant go back to pandora if I tried the best selection of playlist to match my mood be able to discover new music along the way Although I do wish to share some tunes with my twitter friends to listen still be able to scroll through the timeline such as soundcloud sharing only difference is soundcloud doesnt have the same variety as 8tracks just an idea for future updates I absolutely love this app will continue to support Thank you for your magic                 Im inlove
They used to have a list of my main tag and tag combo searches on the home page now its just suggestions I dont like their suggestions and wish they would change it back so I can easily access my favorite tags           Changed it for the worse
Only music app I use have had for years Only improvement I would like is to be able to play through your favorite tracks when u dont feel like skipping through playlists              Must Have App
Loved this app but why did yall take away the popular playlists page I hate recommended playlists Fix this pls this is one of my fav apps           Never disappoints
App is great I use it on a daily basis but please put my most searched tags back on the home page Now all I see are crappy recommended playlists Put the recommended playlists in its own tab or something Also add a function to sort by upload date I want to be able to listen to the newest playlists relevance trending most liked etc It would make the app better           Why the unnecessary changes
Ive only had this app for about 30 minutes and Im already really frustrated with it I got the app for only one reason to follow a friend and listen to their playlists Unfortunately the user search doesnt seem to work No matter what I put in the search bar the same three users are the only search results I cant find ANYONE else Im really disappointed considering the desktop site isnt all that bad Really wish I wasnt having this problem     UUUGGGHHH
Am a fan of 8tracks but I fail to understand the motivation for removing Sonos support You removed one of my primary means to listen at home              Like it but why remove Sonos
Its a good app but I dont like the new home page What happened to the tags              Really nice app
I input the required information username email and password and it tells me to insure Im not a bot How the hell am I supposed to do that Theres no other boxes to fill out Would give 0 stars cos I cant even use it     Cant even sign up
This is a really good app Only two suggestions 1 When Im listening to playlists in my likes section could it not switch to recommended playlists randomly Ill go through recommended playlists when I want too 2 I know this would probably be harder but itd be really cool if you could make playlists on mobile I dont have the means to make one using a computer most of the time                 Fave
Can you please add the feature where on your favorited songs you can see what playlist you liked them from I want to remember what playlists had which songs thanks              Really Good but
I really do love this app and I use it all the time its great for discovering new artist and branching out to find new taste in music It dose have some issues but not a lot I would recommend this app to anyone And one thing I personally like about the app is theres not a lot of ads              Great app
I wish it had better quality audio its great for music discovery though              One Nitpick
it lacks a rewind function I always want to rewind a song who doesnt                 Great but
After pausing the app if I go to resume from the quick menu rather than opening the app it plays an add over the music How does this even happen Giving a leeway so that people dont see video ads if theyve seen one in the past 5 minutes or if theyve only paused the music for a minute would improve the quality of the experience and stop me from not even bothering with the app half the time anymore     Ads after pausing
Well dont upgrade unless you want to listen to those annoying adds every other song This is bs why is everything in this corp gettin worse and worse for the consumer it aint right     Any other similar app
This app wouldnt let me sign up To sign up using Facebook it kept telling me it needed to access my friends but every time I hit okay it just popped up So I tried signing up the old fashioned way with user name email password It kept telling me to prove I am not a robot but didnt offer me a way to do it Tried signing up on regular web page instead Still kept telling me to prove I am not a robot Deleted     Not a robot
Its hard to create a playlist with my iPhone I go on the website like they recommend but every time it says sorry this webpage does not exist Guess Ill have to find a new app then           Eh

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